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Kammy Brings a Friend

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This story is 100% true... and happened on Monday, December 11, 2023

In October, Kammy had begun reaching out to me again, and flirting. She was still happily married, but had zero sex life. We flirted for a bit, until one day she asked if I would be willing to eat her pussy. Of course I said I would, I loved eating her pussy. I agreed, that if all she wanted was eaten, that's all that would happen. Well, Kammy made a few trips to my house on her lunch break. She would come in, take off her pants, or pull up her dress and I would eat her pussy. She wanted to cum four times, and so she did. Then she would dress, thank me and head back to work. It was a great set up. I'll fill you in on those adventures next time...

Well, in the mean time, she had mentioned a coworker, Patsy had seen me at a meeting and was interested in meeting me. She said Patsy was in a terrible, loveless marriage and soon to be divorced. Being newly single, I was interested, and Patsy and I began to communicate. Kammy, also had an agenda, she wanted to eat Patsy's pussy, even mentioning how she would love to do a threesome with me and Patsy. She had been asking me if I knew a nice woman she could eat for weeks, she loved pussy. She also loved my big cock, and had nick named it "The Beast". Watching other women take it was a turn on for Kammy too.

Well, Kammy was able to arrange it, and on December 10th, she messaged me saying that they would be at my house at 6:00 PM, the next day for a threesome. Patsy had never been with a woman, and had never been with me. She was nervous and asked if I would pick up some tequila Rose so she could calm her nerves, which I gladly did...

Monday came, and the hour approached as I waited excitedly for the two women to arrive. When they arrived, I got hugs from both, and we moved to the kitchen for some shots.. After a few shots, we headed upstairs, where Kammy and I both undressed quickly. Patsy was still clothed, so I suggested to Kammy that we should undress her together. We began undressing Patsy, and underneath those warm clothes, was a serious body, Plump ass, big tits and luscious thighs. As soon as she was undressed, Kammy ordered her onto the bed, and Patsy did as she was instructed, Kammy couldn't wait to eat her pussy. As she leaned over to eat Patsy's pussy, I got on my knees behind her and started eating Kammy's wonderful pussy. It was so hot! I then stood up, rubbed the head of my cock in Kammy's pussy and slid it in, fucking her from behind as she licked Patsy's pussy, I would lick some and fuck some, then I went around the bed and offered my cock to Patsy's mouth. She eagerly took my cock into her mouth and sucked it. She was really enjoying herself, with a big cock in her mouth and an experienced woman eating her pussy masterfully. We continued this for a bit, before switching positions, so I could have a taste of Patsy's beautiful pussy. I only ate her for a couple minutes before I wanted to slide my cock in her, which I did. Patsy's pussy was beautiful and felt great, and we fucked for a bit. But Kammy needed back in on the action, too. So, Kammy took Patsy's place on the bed, and it was now time for Patsy to lick her first pussy. I got in front of Kammy and offered my cock to her mouth, as I had done with Patsy, then leaned over so I could watch Patsy, eat her first pussy, up-close. It was amazing. and I even helped her lick it. It was an amazing evening, and it had just started.

Once Patsy had had her first tast of pussy, we all switched positions. Patsy laid on the bed with her head on the pillows, and Kammy lowered her face between her legs and began lickcing her pussy again. Kammy had also slid 4 fingers in her and was really working her pussy. Patsy was really loving it, and shuddered with an orgasm. I walked around to the foot of the bed and climbed on. I tapped Kammy on the ass, and she lifted her ass in the air to allow me access to her sweet, beautiful pussy. As she continued to lick Patsy's pussy, I slid my cock into her from behind, and I heard her moan a little, knowing how much she loved "The Beast". She was really getting what she liked, and as she continued to lick Patsy's pussy, I grabbed her by the back of the neck, holding her on place, as I plowed her pussy from the back. Her faced was jammed into Patsy's pussy, and I could hear Kammy's muffled moans every time I slammed it home. My God I was in heaven as much as her.

After Patsy came again, we moved around on the bed. Kammy ended up on her back, with her head toward the foot of the bed. I climbed on the bed between her legs, as Patsy laid next to her. I lowered my face and began to lick Kammy's delicious pussy. As I did, Kammy started to squirm a little, and then yelled, show her how to eat pussy baby. I ate that pussy so good, with Patsy's face up next to me watching intently. Kammy loved my pussy eating skills and started shuddering with a massive orgasm. Once her orgasm slowed down, I got between her legs, and started to slide my cock in, I was going slowly and teasingly when she shouted "fuck me Bob, fuck me", "give me the beast deep and hard", so I did. While I was fucking Kammy, she told Patsy to come around to the bottom of the bed and squat over her face so she could lick her, and Patsy did as instructed. Kammy was on her back, legs spread getting pounded by the beast and had a beautiful pussy on her face to lick. She came another powerful orgasm!

After Patsy and I moved off of her, I said I felt like I was losing my erection just a little. I mean, we had been at it an hour, and I had to hold back from cumming several times. When she heard this, Kammy said loudly to Patsy, get down there and suck his cock. Patsy again did exactly as instructed and began sucking my cock like a master. It was only a minute or two that I was as hard as a rock again, at which point I told her to stand up and turn around. She did, and I slid my cock in from the back, really enjoying her pussy and that beautiful ass. I had her by the hips and as I fucked her, Kammy was shouting words of encouragement to me. "Give it to her good, fuck that pussy", the she said, "now give her your load" and with Kammy's approval, I began to unload streams of hot cum into Patsy. I continued to thrust in and out unloading my hot cum in her, until my balls were drained. I then smacked her on the ass, and told her to get up on the bed so I could eat her cum filled pussy. Again, she did as instructed, got up on the bed, laid back and spread her thighs for me. I got down and started licking her cum filled pussy, her moaning and Kammy loving watching. After I made her cum one last time, eating her cream pie, we all started to clean up. We went downstairs and talked for a bit, then hugs and kisses were exchanged before they headed out to the car. What an amazing night, and we talked about more of them. Patsy was to come back Wednesday night for some alone time with me.

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