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Just an ordinary night

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When u get home...I'll have dinner ready. Run u a bath after, join u but only to wash u up, ok...and tease u. Then off to bed where I'll ravish ur body, u just lay there...relax and clear ur mind of all ur work, slowly letting me in it. I ask u to roll over on to ur stomach. U feel me climb on top of u, my legs straddle ur body, bare ass pushed up tight against urs. I start with a gentle massage, light kisses on ur neck, run my nails down the middle of ur back, barely touchy u. Then back up, along ur sides, to ur arm pits, covering u with soft kisses, tickling u just enough, making u squirm just a little. U feel my soft curls dance along ur naked body. Now I know ur mind belongs to me. Turn over I say so u can watch me as I climb in between ur legs. Ur heart starts pounding with the anticipation of what u think maybe next but I will never tell. I just start massaging ur feet, work my way up each calf to ur thighs, gently pressing my tits up against ur balls while I run my hands up onto ur stomach, then chest. I see that ur cock is semi hard but I won't touch it yet. I lay me head on ur left thigh facing it...watching as it grows harder from just seeing my mouth that close to it, feeling my hot breath on it while I run my fingers, my nails up and down, along each side, still never touching it except for every once in awhile, just enough to watch it bounce up and down on ur stomach, trying to reach out, wants me but I still refuse. U try to speak out but I say shhhh, pressing my body up against u as I slide up to ur lips. I kiss u passionately, hard and long. Burying my tongue into ur mouth. U wrap ur arms around me but again I refuse u, grab both of ur hands and push them up over ur head. I whisper in ur ear that I will not hurt u, that I am in control and want only to please u tonight, u have no choice but to obey, enjoy the ride! I can feel ur heart racing, hear ur breathing become more I will let u feel me! I slowly slide back down onto ur now rock hard shaft. Rubbing my clit and pussy up against u. Ur amazed as to how wet I am, juices already covering ur shaft. U can't stand it, want to be inside me, need to cum now but realize I choose what happens next, leaving u disappointed. Again I climb in between ur legs, making u believe that the teasing will continue but u r shocked to see that instead I just take ur whole cock into ur mouth and began sucking on u and licking it. U wiggle with desire, want so bad to explode in my warm, wet mouth. But again I tell u that u can't cum yet, not until I say and return my attention back to ur cock. I lick it up and down until I find that spot right below ur tip that drives u crazy. Then I suck ur left ball into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. Now to the right one, only to be fair. Then back up to the tip, noticing u have a nice pile of precum for me to lick up. U taste wonderful, leaving me wanting more. U can feel my heart pounding, hear my heavy breathing as I again wrap my lips around ur fully extended rod! I swallow all of u, gagging just enough allowing u to feel how tight my throat is. I am slow to start and all ur attention is on me, watching me take u, in and out. U want me to go faster, need to cum so bad but as soon as I feel u building up, getting so close to that release, I back off again, leaving u desperate for me...desperate to cum. U are worried that I may not even let u finish, what will I do now, will I continue at all? U watch me, slowly moving back up to ur body, rubbing my hard nipples up ur stomach to ur chest. I smash my wet pussy down onto u again. I kiss u, prying my tongue into ur mouth as I force ur throbbing, hard cock into my tight pussy. We both began to moan with pleasure, so overwhelmed by this feeling, breathing so hard. I whisper again to u, u may not cum yet. I want u to feel me cum while u are inside me. I lean back onto u, arching my body as I take all of u, feel my ass slamming up against ur balls. U watch as I take my left hand and spread open my lips, then began with my right rubbing my clit. It won't take long and this excites u. I ride u, forcing more of u deep inside me, tits bouncing up and down. I wonder if u can hold out, last when I yell to u that I am cumming! U feel me tighten down around ur shaft, watch me squirm with pleasure as I release everything I can, still riding up and down on u. I fall upon chest drained but not completely for filled. I ask if u can handle waiting for me to cum alone again, 1 more time, challenging u to wait until I say. U don't know but don't care either, just beg me not to stop, beg me to fuck u harder, allow u to cum. I can't stand it either...need u to fill my pussy with all ur wet, sticky juices. I pressed down harder up against u, bouncing wildly up and down on ur body. I tell u that I'm going to cum again and this is all u need! U scream that u r going to cum too. I beg u to cum with me, that I need u to...Yes baby please do! Then our bodies explode, can't stand it anymore, can't hold back, can't stop. We both let out this huge moan as I squirt all over u while u blow ur large load up into me. I collapse into ur arms. I can't breathe let alone move. U can't talk. So we just lay there until soon we both fall asleep. U wake up, in the puddle of mess that we made...I say good morning baby...take my hand and place it on ur limp cock...morning sex? I ask...

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