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Jamaican vacation

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It feels like we waited forever for this vacation, truth is it has only been 6 months since our honeymoon. We really need this. The resort is beautiful. They have everything here. The beach, what can I say about the beach, it is breathtaking. It is our second day here, we have had breakfast and now we are heading to the beach. It is already about 80 degrees out, the sky is blue, not a cloud in sight. The sand is warm, soft and perfect. We grab our towels and set out in search of the perfect spot.

We decide on a spot off the side of the beach bar. It seems quiet and almost secluded. My wife is wearing a new bikini and it looks great on her. She puts our things down and sorts things out. She sets out her Ipod and speakers, which I bought her for Christmas. The music sounds great. As she gets things ready I get us a drink. I return to find my wife topless and looking for the suntan lotion. I set down the drinks and help her. I find the lotion and she finds a comfortable spot on her back in the lounge chair. I really love this, I am going to rub the lotion on her slowly, very slowly and enjoy doing ever part of her body.

I start rubbing lotion on her feet and work up to her legs. As I am rubbing her thighs I notice the bartender and beach worker watching me. This is great. As I move up her legs I make sure I rub the lotion under her bikini bottoms, slowly, carefully just slipping my fingertips under the bikini. I then move up to her belly again slipping my fingers into the waist of her bottoms. My wife is so relaxed; she loves when I pamper her like this. She don?t know we are being watched and I don?t want her to know just yet. I like that the 2 Jamaican workers are watching me and I don?t want to startle them into moving away. As I rub the lotion onto her breasts I take extra time on her nipples. The workers still watch. I slowly pinch her right nipple and she opens her eyes to see what I am doing. She sees the workers watching us and closes her eyes again letting them know she don?t mind that they are watching. I take her left nipple between my finger and thumb and slowly twist it and she lets out a small moan. This is so hot. They are watching, I know they are, she knows they are and they know we both are aware of their presence. I rub the lotion higher up to her neck, squeezing slightly as I do.

She loves it. One of the things I love about my wife is how she responds to my touch. It is amazing. The workers are starting to go about their business. I am disappointed but realize they are at work, but it was fun having them watch.

I finish putting the lotion on my wife and we lay there enjoying the beautiful day.

We go in the water to cool off and return to our seats. Our drinks are gone but I decide to rub more lotion on my wife before I get us another. As I begin rubbing the lotion on my wife?s stomach I notice the bartender heading our way with drinks for us. He must have been watching us, and he picked a great time to come over now while I am lotioning up my wife. As he greets us he sets our drinks down and picks up our empty glasses. As he is doing that I focus my attention on my wife?s breasts. He stays there talking to me as I do it. I take her nipples and turn them under my fingers. Her nipples are hard and her body is already responding. She arches her back and lets out a soft moan. The bartender, Dave is watching and trying to focus on what he was trying to talk about. Asking us where we are from and so forth. I can tell he is turned on as he is having trouble staying on the subject. We are enjoying this.

My wife and I can communicate without even talking. The bar is getting busier and he has to head back to help the other bartender. That was fun. We see him looking over as much as he can while he works. I ask my wife if she thinks we might try to get to know him better and she is definitely interested. He is like someone we fantasize about.

Tall, muscular and dark, very dark. Even if it doesn?t happen, just the thought will bring some hot activity in our bedroom.

We decide to go to lunch around noon. We leave our towels so we can come back to this spot. I think this will be our spot for most of the week.

We return to our room to get ready for lunch. My wife is turned on by our show on the beach. She wants me and shows me how turned on she is by taking out the toys we brought along on our vacation. My wife really enjoys having anal sex. It was something she was never really into but during our hot fantasies she expressed the desire to be double penetrated, both anal and pussy, and both in her pussy at the same time. It was slow going at first, getting her ready starting out small using a small butt plug which was a little difficult for her at first. I eased it into her tight little ass so gently the first time. It was a little while before we used it again but it was her idea and she loved it this time. I fucked her pussy with different size dildos and she absolutely exploded. It was such a turn on for me, when I stuck my cock into her pussy I could feel the butt plug in her ass and we had the best orgasm together. We used it a few times more and finally she was begging for me to use small dildos eventually getting her to the point she is ready to have a rather large cock both in her ass and cunt at the same time. It was a lot of fun for both of us.

I remember the night before we left for Jamaica. We were talking about the possibilities of having sex with two other men.

My wife was very turned on. I gave her an enema which was very hot for me. Inserting the nozzle into her anus and slowly emptying the contents into her. Just the thought of it drives me crazy. When we are done I take her into the bedroom and bend her over the edge of our bed. I lube up and stick one of our larger toys into her ass while I fuck her pussy. She had the most explosive orgasms. I took the dildo out of her ass and double penetrated her pussy with my cock and one of our other toys. She is so wet. I take my finger and start rubbing her asshole. I stick the tip into her and she goes crazy. I put my finger deeper and deeper until it is all the way in. I can feel the cocks in her pussy and it feels great. Her ass is so tight I can?t believe she just had a nice size dildo in it. I slip in a second finger and she screams out in pleasure, we both cum like it is never going to end. Let?s say it was a long fun night, which we are already beginning to re-enact.

I fuck my wife good using the toys and my cock, taking turns letting her feel the differences in sizes and textures in both her pussy and her ass. Each time I bring her to orgasm I switch up. I fuck her in every position we can think of. She loves riding her toy and having me fuck her ass from behind. My cock is so hard and deep in her ass. I reach around her play with her nipples. I take her hands and place them on her tits keeping my hands over her hands . I guide her fingers to pinch her nipples, I help her twist her nipples between our fingers. I help her pull on her nipples. She has many orgasms one after the other like this. The she comes so hard I think the whole resort can hear us, not that we care. I want to cum in her ass but I resist and pull out and cum all over her ass. I rub it in and on her pussy. Her clit is so sensitive that it sends her into another orgasm before we crash onto the bed. We lay in bed for a while, as our breathing becomes normal again.

We shower and go to the grill for lunch. My wife is glowing. We have had so much hot sex lately, just being away from Everything and everyone at home is such a turn on. I know having all these Jamaicans men around is driving my wife crazy.

I watch her check out each of the male hotel staff we meet. It is like window shopping and I love seeing my wife so excited about the merchandise she is seeing. I hope she gets to sample at least a few before we head home.

After lunch we return to our spot. The beach is more crowded now but our spot is the most secluded here. As my wife removes her bikini top the second man from earlier, the beach worker approaches with 2 clean towels. He offers them to us and starts a conversation with us. I pick up the lotion and as he is still talking start putting the lotion on my wife?s legs.

He stays talking to us about various activities the resort has to offer. I rub up my wife?s thighs and let my fingers brush up against her pussy. Jeff according to his name tag, the beach guy watches. He appears comfortable watching me touch my wife. He doesn?t keep trying to talk he just watches. I have an idea, I stop rubbing the lotion and say that I am suddenly so thirsty. Jeff offers to get us some drinks but I tell him I have it but if he could finish rubbing the lotion on my wife for me I would really appreciate it. He only hesitates for a moment before agreeing to finish taking care of my wife for me. I thank him and head towards the bar. I don?t go far, I turn and watch. Jeff takes the lotion and pours a good amount into his hands. He rubs his hands together and then places both of his hands on my wife?s belly. He gently rubs lotion in circles on her belly, she takes his hands and guides them to her breasts. Jeff catches on quickly and works the lotion into my wife?s tits. He grazes her nipples and she arches her back pressing her nipples into his hands. He begins playing with my wife?s nipples. I am excited for her. I know she is really enjoying this. I approach the bar and notice Dave is still working. I ask Dave for a favor.

As I approach without drinks Jeff stops rubbing. I tell him I think he missed a spot. He apologizes and continues to rub my wife?s tits playing with her hard nipples and I know he is enjoying himself. I notice a shadow moving toward us and as I look up Dave is approaching with drinks for us. The delivery of the drinks was the favor I asked for. This is such a turn on. Dave and I standing over my wife as Jeff rubs lotion on and plays with her tits. Both men are turned on, the problem is they are still at work and we are still on the beach. A little innocent play is ok but I know my wife definitely wants more soon, as do I. I ask both Dave and Jeff if they want to come by our room for a drink after work and they agree. They both get off of work at 8 and can be showered changed and at our room by 9. We lay on the beach the rest of the afternoon thinking about what the night will bring. Dave brings us drinks often and Jeff stops by making sure every time we get out of the water we have fresh towels.

Back at the room my wife is very hot already. It is only 4 and we both need a release soon. We shower and I take care of my wife as I always do washing her hair and rinsing her body for her. When I get out of the shower my wife is lying on the bed naked. Her legs are open wide and she is stroking her clit for me. I go straight to the bed and not wanting my wife to stop, go straight to work on her nipples. I pinch them, squeeze them and suck them. The harder I am on them the more she plays with her pussy. This is fantastic, I love watching her small fingers slip up and down her clit and in and out of her pussy. Finally she starts to cum and I go down and lick her pussy hard and slow sliding my fingers into her. I take her hands and put them on her nipples so I can watch her play while I am licking her. She cums so well and so many times. She tells me she needs me and I slip my hard cock into her pussy. I move her onto her side and make her cum hard. When she is done I tell her to get on her hands and knees and I fuck her from behind. She is so hot. I spank her several times and she cums so hard I let go. I fill her pussy with my cum and it feels so good. When we are done we lay there for a while not saying a word. I think about tonight and hope it really happens.

My wife tells me to pick out a dress for her to wear to dinner. I pick out a sexy black and red dress and I decide to pick out a bra and panties for her while I am at it. I know she wears a black strapless bra with this dress so I take that and a sexy black thong for her along with her high heel black shoes. She looks approvingly at what I picked out and kisses me and starts to pick up the clothes, she hands me the panties and tells me she won?t be needing these tonight.

As we head to the restaurant I am already turned on knowing that her pussy totally naked. We chose the Italian restaurant for dinner. They seat us at a nice candle lit table with rose petals on the table and sexy music playing in the background. We talk about the possibilities the night will bring and we are both getting turned on already. We finish our meal and head to the bar for a drink or two before we have to head back to our room. We decide on the outdoor bar which is already getting crowded. Most of the tables are taken so I find us a spot on a stone wall which overlooks the entire bar area. The wall is just about waist high and when my wife sits her feet do not reach the ground. The waiter comes to take our drink order. I notice my wife sizing him up and I think he notices it too. He is tall and dark and good looking definitely fits the description of someone in our threesome fantasies, not unlike the rest of the resort staff. I want to have some more fun with my wife. I begin by rubbing my wife?s knee wondering how long it will be before my wife catches on to my little game. I slowly rub up her leg more and more pushing her dress up her legs slowly a little bit at a time. My wife already knows what I am up to, I can tell by the look in her eyes and her body already reacting, just a little very subtle but I see it. She lets me hike her dress up so that her pussy is exposed. Nobody in the bar can tell but when the waiter returns he is going to see a lot more of my wife. I spot the waiter coming across the bar stopping at a few tables along the way. As he gets closer his eyes drop to my wife?s pussy. He takes another step closer waiting for my wife to quickly react and fix her dress but she doesn?t move. He is not sure what to think, especially when I start rubbing my wife?s legs higher and higher as I reach her pussy we can both see he is getting turned on. We have to slow down a little, we already have a date tonight with 2 hot men, I know my wife is not ready to try 4 men, not just yet. We tell him we have plans tonight but wonder if maybe we could get together for drinks sometime before our vacation is over. He tells us he is working the next few nights but that he would talk to us more tomorrow when he checks out his schedule better. We say good night and head back to our room it is 8:45.

My wife and I are so turned on, while waiting for our company it is hard not to start fucking without our guests. My wife looks for something and heads into the bathroom. 8:50 and our guests arrive, they are early, which is great. I invite them in and pour them a drink. I tell them my wife is freshening up and will be with us shortly. They ask if we would like to smoke some ganja they brought along. We step out onto the deck and light the joint. My wife comes out onto the deck, she is wearing one of my favorite outfits. It is black mesh and laces with ribbon up the sides which is not only sexy it tightens the outfit right to my wife?s slender body. She is wearing matching mesh panties and thigh highs with her black furry high heel slippers. She comes onto the deck takes the joint and takes a long toke. She positions herself with her back up against me and passes the joint to Dave. All eyes are on my wife. She looks stunning in the moonlight. Her nipples are hard up against the mesh of her outfit. I put my hands on my wife?s hips and slowly move them forward and up to her beautiful nipples. I rub them lightly and my wife reacts. I tease her nipples and both Dave and Jeff watch approvingly. We pass the joint around several times before my wife places it in the ashtray which is the cue to us all that she is ready. I pinch her nipples as Dave goes down to his knees and reaches between her legs to stroke her beautiful pussy through her mesh panties. I move my hands to my wife?s ass and allow Jeff access to her nipples. He takes no time at all to twist them between his fingers hard. My wife is ready. We move into the room and bring her over to the bed. We untie her ribbons and loosen the sides of her sexy outfit. Dave slips her panties off. We slide the outfit over her head. She is still wearing the thigh highs but they look so good nobody attempts to remove them. As we were undressing her she was rubbing Jeff?s and my cock. We were hard as rocks by now as I am sure Dave must be. We slide her up onto the bed and strip off our own clothes. I motion them up to my wife so she can feel both of their impressive cocks. She takes them into her hands and looks at these two new black cocks. Dave is big about 9? and about the same thickness as mine. He is dark skinned and his cock is even darker than the rest of him. Jeff on the other hand is much darker, and larger. He has to be 11? long. My wife?s tiny hands barely rap around it. I can see my wife is pleased as she has each man move closer up on the bed so that she can taste their sweetness. I am between my wife? legs. Her beautiful pink pussy is hot and wanting. It is so wet with anticipation. I touch her lightly and she rubs her pussy into my hands. I stick 2 fingers into her pussy and begin licking her clit. Her pussy is so wet and willing I stick a third finger into her. She is loving all this attention. She is taking turns licking and sucking Dave and Jeff?s cocks. They reach down and play with her nipples. I am licking my wife?s clit while my fingers are working inside her pussy. I am watching Dave and Jeff work her nipples. They are doing a great job driving my wife crazy. Jeff is gentle letting his hand brush her left nipple softly as Dave pulls her right nipple and squeezes it tightly between his big black fingers. Their black hands look so hot on my wife?s pink nipples. She takes Jeff?s cock into her mouth and sucks hard and he switches from being gentle to pinching her nipple harder. Dave see this and slows his hand down and slowly softly teases he nipple. My wife changes her attention back to Dave?s huge cock and takes some of the head into her mouth, as she does this Dave rewards her by pinching her nipples a little. As my wife tries to take more of his massive cock into her mouth Dave pinches a little harder. My wife becomes starved for cock. She opens her mouth as much as she can and stuffs as much of Dave?s huge cock into her mouth. She has the whole head in her mouth and Dave pinches and twists her nipple even harder. She is taking more and more of his cock into her mouth. Seeing her lips wrapped around such a huge black dick is a turn on. She is having so much fun blowing him that I invite Jeff between her legs first. I trade places with him and hold her leg up from behind her knee. Jeff rubs his stiff cock on her clit and her pussy begins searching to get him inside. She is wild. I play with her nipple that Jeff had been playing with. Just seeing Dave?s big black hands playing with her other nipple and his bigger blacker cock as she hungrily takes it in her mouth is great. She is stroking my cock and I am so hard. Jeff enters her and she cums immediately. He works his cock slowly at first working it in and out. This is incredible. This is our first interaction with 2 other men and it is hotter than I could have imagined. Jeff picks up the pace and fucks my wife into several orgasms before he pulls out and cums on my wife?s belly. I switch places with Jeff, my cock is ready to explode. Seeing my wife so horny and not wanting her to stop her efforts in sucking David?s cock I will have my turn first. We turn my wife over and put her on her hands and knees. Jeff and David position themselves in front of my wife kneeling in front of her giving her access to suck their big cocks. She sucks one and strokes the other taking turns between them both. I finger my wife?s pussy and it is perfect for fucking from behind. I rub my cock on her pussy teasing it momentarily before entering my wife?s pussy. I fuck her hard. I can?t take much more. I fuck her deep and hard pulling her hair as I do. We both cum quickly. My cock stays hard. I am just so turned on that I am still fucking hard. But my turn is over for now. We move my wife over and David lays on the bed. I help my wife mount him. This is going to be great. My wife lowers herself slowly taking the head she sucked so hard finally in her pussy. She rocks back and forth , up and down. By the time she has him half way in she has her first orgasm with him. As she cums and her pussy gets wetter she moves down harder taking his whole massive cock into her at once. She rides him hard and fast. She is cumming over and over. I kneel behind her and rub her ass kneading her ass cheeks in my big hands. Jeff places his now stiff again cock in her hand and pinches her nipple. She is exploding over and over again. Her wetness spills all over David. She has been in a constant orgasm for several minutes now and finally I see her go over the edge. Her pussy squirts all over David and sends him into orgasm. Now that we have all had an orgasm the urgency dies down, we are all still very hot and horny but now there has been some release. We continue taking turns fucking my wife in every position we can think of. She strokes us and blows us keeping our cocks hard. Finally we are all wiped out. We lay for a little while before skinny dipping in the pool right outside our room. It don?t take us long to relax and cool off. David and Jeff have to work tomorrow but they promise us another night before we leave. But that is a story for another time. Oh and by the way don?t forget about the other bartender.

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