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Interesting night part1

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I'm a 30 something, I live between two small cities in central NY. My area is pretty quiet but, 50 miles either way is another story. I'm on my own tonight, and headed to the west to visit a bar/nightclub that is suppose to be a hotspot for 40,50, and 60 somethings to party and have adult fun. I drive in the parking lot a hour later and sit and watch the crowd, older singles and couple dressed pretty nice heading in the door. Two big black guys guard the door, I'm wondering if young single males are welcome. Well i'm here I'm going in I hope. I walk up say hi they open the door and I'm in. It's a long walk down the bar and every couple at the bar check me out as I walk by. Wow there are lots of older women in here that are not affraid to show some cleavage....big cleavage. I now know how girls feel when they walk by a group of guys. The bar is full, really full, packed tight. I walk all the way down and around the corner of the bar, still packed this ought to be fun getting a drink. I stand for what seem like 15 minutes and can't get the bartenders attension. In this place you need a set of boobs to get a drink....I'm thinking. A women pushes up by me for a drink pushes her tits aganist my arm and her arm goes around my waste. sweety are you waiting for a drink, let me help...she calls the bartender by name....they talk shit back and forth..and I get my first drink.....on the house no less. Her name is Sam, she says if you need anything else I'm at the table back there...if you want you can sit with us...they are all my friends..and early in the night they don't bite....when ever your ready sweety. They are not a bad looking group of 50ish women, dressed in full war paint, short skirt, and tits hanging out. they all smile and wink....this could be my backup plan if nothing else happens. I walk back up the bar looking around for a seat, a women ..again in her 50 pats the stool and tells me to sit. I go to sit and she stops me...she say lets swap stools sit on the other side of answer is ok. She is 5'7-5'8 about 150 lbs ...pretty....she has a silky striped wrap skirt and heels. She sits with he leg crossed, skit above her knee with the front wrap hanging on the other the split is running down her crossed leg. Sitting on this side I can see her boobs and bra as the top wrap falls away. She may be a little tipsy it's hard to tell....she talks with her hands ...and within 10 minutes she touch my arm every chance she gets. She is really playing it up...everytime she talks she leans forward towards me so I can hear her....everytime her top falls open...everytime she watches me to see if I look....and I do...and when I look up she is smiling. We chat for maybe 30 minutes and a guy walks up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders....she introduces him as her husband....I figure he is a little older than her. He tells her to move over so he can get into the bar....he pushes her towards me.....she scooches the stool towards she is right against me. Damn she smells nice her breath smells like whiskey....she's drinking Makers on the rocks.....i tell her that is a favorite of mine to.....that gets me a hug and a hand on my leg. She is flirting bigtime....I ask her not to get me in trouble with her husband.....she says...i'm in control of him...but I love being submissive.

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