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Innocent IM on SLS turned into more

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One night while on business travel, I was checking for couples to play with on SLS. I found a nice ad from a couple who were new to swinging. Not that I am super experienced, but I am certainly not a virgin here. After seeing that they were on-line, I requested a chat.

To my surprise I met Cathy (usually the husbands are on-line screening first). I quickly found out that her husband was not home. We made some casual chat and then talked about swinging. She asked to see my pictures, which I gladly opened up (face shots, full nudes and cock close ups). She was definitely attracted; however, she did not have any pics to share, so she had to describe herself, a petite blonde, 5ft 1, 110 lbs and 32C breasts. The conversation quickly turned very hot. She told me that she had gotten completely naked and was masturbating with a dildo. Needless to say I was hard as rock. I must have really gotten her juices going, because she impulsively agreed to meet me the next night in my hotel lobby. We were really getting hot when she suddenly IM?d that she just heard her husband pull up and she signed off quickly.

I thought for sure that it was the heat of the moment thing and nothing would happen. About an hour later, I noticed ?she? was back on line. So, I hit her up again. To my surprise it was not Cathy, it was Brian, her husband. Crap! At least that was my first thought. Turns out he was very turned on and he had given her instructions to go on-line and find a couple or solo male to play with. When he got home she was horny as hell and jumped all over his cock when walked in the door. She did tell him that she had a dirty IM with someone but she didn?t say anything about meeting up with me. However, she did tell him that she had to work late tomorrow. Hmm, we both thought, what is she up to?

I gave Brian my number and we talked on the phone and worked out the details ?.

The next night I was down in my hotel lobby bar at a little before 7:00. Brian called and said she was on her way and that he was following her. He told me she was wearing a white blouse with a few buttons undone and a short red skirt. 7:00 passed and no Cathy, perhaps she was chickening out? So I waited. Brian called again to say she was sitting in her car, when he finally gave me the good news that she just got out and was heading inside. Holy shit I was excited. I could feel my cock start to twitch in anticipation of the evening.

A few minutes later I casually looked around and spotted her strutting through the lobby towards the bar. Several other men did as well, she looked hot as hell! When she entered the bar area I lifted my glass and smiled. She walked over to my table and I stood up and gave her a hug like we have known each other for years. Our conversation went well and we really connected. We started sitting a little closer together in the booth with light touching. Of course it didn?t take long for the conversation to turn sexual. By this time I had my hand on her bare thigh. Her milky white skin was smooth and soft. I decided to slide my hand up and was happy to find out she wore no panties. She was completely shaved and already wet. Drips of pussy juice had already started run down her inner thigh. Her lips were moist and her clit hard. As I slid my fingers into her moist little box she bit her lip and let out a moan. She reached down and started to rub my cock through my pants. She liked it that I was already so hard. She leaned into me and we started to kiss. Her tongues easily found mine as we enjoyed letting hands explore. Suddenly, I felt her pussy muscles tighten as she pulled back a little and then I felt the warm release of her orgasm juices. She quickly caught her breath and told me sorry I have to run to the ladies room.

I sat there with my huge boner wondering what was going to happen next, thinking this was already a great evening even if I had to jerk myself off. Brian, who was watching the whole time quickly slipped over to my table. I handed him my extra room key as we discussed on the phone. Our confusion as to whether she was going through with it was quickly resolved when Brian's phone buzzed. Cathy had just texted him that she was still at work and would be there for another hour or two and not wait up for her. JACKPOT! Brian disappeared quickly and Cathy soon reappeared. She apologized telling me that she had to clean up quickly so as not to ruin her skirt. With that I suggested we go up to my room and she quickly agreed.

With my arm around her, we made our way upstairs. We did the stereotypical hot make out session in the elevator, where I managed to rub her perfect little ass. We entered my room and we quickly embraced again. Her hot tongue quickly found mine again. My hands slid up her sides and slid over her perfectly proportioned tits. I could feel her hard nipple poking through the fabric as she ground her pussy into my crotch. I leaned down grabbed her by the back over her thighs lifting her up and carrying her over to the bed. I pulled up her skirt exposing her beautiful bald pussy. I immediately went down and start to eat my first meal of pussy tonight. I stopped long enough to pull of her skirt and slide my hand up her shirt. I love the feeling of exploring tits with my hands before seeing them in the flesh. As we kissed again I knew she was enjoying the taste of her pussy on my lips. I quickly had my hand under her bra and squeezing her nipples. I could stand the self inflicted teasing and started to remove her blouse exposing her creamy C cub breast and her rock hard nipples. I feasted on her tits while allowing my fingers to explorer her pussy once again.

She started to moan that she need a cock. I repositioned myself so that she could unbuckle and unbutton my pants, slowly pulling down the zipper and dropping my pants. My cock was so hard she had trouble pulling my boxers down. Once she did, she wasted no time in grabbing my erection and start to lick my shaft. She tongued and sucked right under the base of my big mushroom head, just how I liked it and just how I told her in our IM chat. She sucked my cock all the way to the base, I could feel my cock enter the back of her throat. I pulled off the rest of my clothes and lay down on the bed. I told her to climb on top of my cock and ride me. She stratled me and teased me. She rubbed her sweet tits all over my hard cock and fed me her nipples. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it all around her wet lips before finally sliding my dick into her.

Just then I heard the electronic click of the door lock but Cathy was too busy riding my cock to hear. Brian was able to close the door without making any noise. He slowy stepped out of the short hallway and stood there. I think he was in a bit shock and turned on at the same time. I then told Cathy to suck my cock, with that she hopped off and engulfed my dick, slurping on her own pussy juice. I pushed her head down so she could not see Brian slowly making his way towards the bed and unzipping his jeans. I then asked her if she wish she could suck her husbands dick at the same time. She maoned and bobbed her head. With that, Brian brought his hard cock close to her face and I lifed my hand.

Her head popped up with a startel and a pause. Then she smiled and grabbed Brian's dick and brought it into her mouth. I then repositioned so she could rub both our cocks together and take both heads in her mouth. After several minutes of sucking and jerking I told her to climb back on because we were both going to fuck her. She climbed up and lowered her wet pussy on to me again. Brian then moved around behind her and spit on her ass and slowy started to finger her. She started to buck up against me and came hard. Brian then started rubbing his dick around her pussy and ass, then slowy slid into her open hole. I could then feel her husband's cock start to bang into her harder and harder. We built up a good rythem and she started to come again. Brian then said he was going to blow his load and wanted it her mouth. We moved off the bed with Cathy on her knees and Brian jamming his nice 8" cock into her mouth while she kept one hand wrapped around mine. He pulled back just enough to get cum all over lips and chin with drips falling on her tits and lap. I didn't need to much more before I did the same, adding to the mess Brian just made. After a few moments of silance, she called him an asshole and asked how he knew what was going on. She then cleaned up a bit. We told her the story as sat on the bed with her hand still playing with my cock. Brian and I got hard again. I told her I wanted to try a DVP, which she agreed to. I again took the bottom and Brian entered her from behind. The feeling of both our cocks rubiing inside her tight little hole was better than I imangined. We swapped into severl more positions taking turns pounding her. This time I pulled out from my missionarry position and shot my load on her tits and stomach and Brian made a mess oon her face again.

We decide to shower and clean up. Cathy said our punishment for tricking her was we had to wash each other down after washing her. With little reluctance, we both agreed and soaped each others body's up paying close attention to getting each other's cock clean. It didn't take long before we agreed to suck each other and jerk each other off to Cathy's delite.

After dressing and saying our good bye's we vowed to play again the next time I was in town.

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