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Husband Punished

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This heavenly experienced started on a recent vacation. The wife and I were getting ready for a nice dinner out. As always we had packed our collection of our favorite adult toys. Usually I am the more dominant one but tonight I was feeling a little submissive. As I watched my hot little wife get out of the shower, I called her to the bed and handed her our black leather paddle. It?s just the right thing when you are feeling a bit slutty because it leaves a nice SLUT outline on your ass. She quickly took charge and bent me over the bed. She gave me 3 really hard slaps and I knew my ass would show my SLUT marking. We got dressed and headed to dinner. Throughout dinner we both were anticipating the night that would follow. We tried to focus on other things but eventually the conversation led back to what the night would bring. I?m sure it didn?t hurt that the wine was flowing.

We couldn?t get back to the hotel fast enough. Once back we quickly undressed and my wife dropped to her knees. She took my cock into her mouth but quickly stopped. She looked at me, grabbed my cock hard with her hand and said, what is this I taste on you? Have you been fucking other little whores again? I knew what was coming and I couldn?t wait. Unapologetically I told her, yes I fucked that little slut and she loved it. This really seemed to get my wife going. She pushed me toward the bed and made sure I was bent over with my already spanked ass up in the air. She pulled my hair and told me, you know I always get the first taste of our new little sluts. Then she swung the paddle hard and I felt it land straight on my ass cheeks. The pain felt so good so I baited her more. I told her how our new little slut loved my cock. Now the wife was really into it and my ass got a series of really hard slaps. Feeling very naughty tonight I decided to continue to challenge her dominance by telling her how our new slut begged for me to cum in her pussy and how I unloaded inside her. This must have gotten my wife because now she really wanted to punish me for being a bad boy. She took out our restraints and wrapped them tightly around my wrists. She attached them to our liberator pillow. She put a blindfold on me and pushed me over the pillow. Now my ass is in the air, my hands are at my ankles, I am blindfolded and I am at her mercy.

She did not waste any time slipping on her SpareParts Sasha harness. I wish I could have seen her because I know how sexy she looks donning her cock in a red hot pair of ?panties? but being blindfolded only added to the excitement. Before I knew it, I could feel her cock pushed against my ass. Normally she starts a little slow but not tonight. She drove her cock deep into my ass. I let out a little scream and this only seemed to make her push more. I knew I was in for quite a night. She normally starts with a nice slow rhythm and gradually increases but tonight she was fucking me. She wanted to punish me for fucking our new girl before she could get her taste. I loved how good her cock felt in my ass but even more I loved how aggressively she was fucking her slut husband. I continued to antagonize her telling her how I fucked our little slut hard just like this. She didn?t like that I wasn?t obeying her so she grabbed one of our extra dildos and stuffed it into my mouth and told me to suck his cock. I knew exactly which cock this one, it?s unmistakably big and as black as black can be. As I wrapped my lips around this big black cock I worked my hips and pushed back on my wife?s dick as hard as I could. She felt so good being so deep in my ass.

But she wasn?t satisfied yet. She wanted to make sure that I never broke the rules again. She took her cock out of my ass and told me not to move. My ass is still in the air and my hands are at my ankles. I can?t imagine what she has in store for me. I am not sure if she is taking pictures of me now or not and the thought that my submissive ass with SLUT branded across it could be in a picture that she could share with the world scared and excited me. I still don?t know if she got any pictures but I do know that the huge black cock that she made me suck was now pushing against my ass. I tried to wiggle away but she grabbed me and told me that I was a bad boy and I needed to be punished. My wife was really feeling dominant tonight. She told me that my punishment was this big black cock in my ass and that I better take all of it. I was scared because this thick cock is called the Randy and barely fits in my wife?s pussy. He measures 2 and a quarter inches across, that nearly 7 inches around. As scared as I was I was also very excited to take my punishment. I never had a dick in my ass that large and I wondered if I could take it all and how it would feel. Like before she pushed this dick into me hard. His massive head stretched my tight ass and soon my ass was wrapped around the head of this amazing cock. My wife pushed him deeper into me and I let out a loud scream. She offered no break and continued to push this BBC deep into my ass reminding me that I had been bad. She told me I better take all of his big cock. Soon I had this monster cock all the way in my ass. I have never felt so slutty before.

Once he was balls deep in my ass, she untethered me and told me to turn over on my back. She warned me that I better not let him out of my ass. I knew I better listen because I don?t know what she would have done had I not. I?m on my back and this big cock is stretching me more than I ever imagined possible and the next thing I know my wife is straddling my face and tells me to get to work. I hungrily tongue fucked her pussy. I could believe how wet she was from fucking my ass. She rode my face hard. She barked orders for me not to stop and to take all of that big black dick in my ass. I pushed my hips down as hard as I could on his big dick and licked her with enthusiasm. She quickly came on my face and told me that I wasn?t done. She slide down onto my cock and started to fuck me. Her pussy was dripping wet. She fucked me harder than normal and I think she was trying to make sure that my ass was getting it deep as she was riding me deep. I told her how good she felt and that I wanted to cum. She told me I could cum but that my last portion of the punishment was to eat her cum filled pussy after I finished. Just the thought alone made me shoot my hot load deep in her. She milked every last drop out of my cock with her talented pussy and then slid herself up onto my face. She told me to make sure I got all of it. I buried my tongue deep into her and could taste my salty cum. I pushed my hips down one last time and I felt her cum on my face one last time. I?m hooked on big black cock and I can?t wait for her real lover that wants to fuck us both deep and wide.

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