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Husband Gifting Ceremony

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This is for hotwife couples.

Renee and Brad Get Married


Jim, Renee, and Brad and Rose who will officiate.

Friends Photographer/videographer/audiographer?

Cold champagne and glasses

Copies of vows on cards for each person.

Two rings.

Location: Hotel Suite with separate bedroom. The bedroom will be prepared by Jim and Brad. This is an act of brotherhood between the men and helps sanctify Brad?s marriage to Renee:

chocolate water scented oils lubricant turn down the bed music meaningful to Renee and player ready to turn on If Renee wants anything ?more comfortable? to wear later, Jim will provide that and lay it on the bed attractively.

Soft lights

This is a semi-formal occasion in the evening. Renee wears a nice dress, white, nothing slutty (at least on the outside), low heels or flats, a flower headpiece. If she wants a veil she can have that. Other decoration can include a flower lei or a flower wrist piece or bouquet. Men wear boutonnières on their jackets. Rose has a corsage.

Renee waits outside the suite such as in another room or in the lobby. Brad, Rose and the guests arrive in the sitting room. When ready, Jim leaves to return with Renee.

Brad and Rose take their places facing the front door. Witnesses stand to either side of path between door and Rose and Brad (the aisle). Music turned down. Jim and Renee enter from the hall. She is on Jim?s arm. Together they approach Rose and stand before her. Brad takes his place next to Renee. All three face Rose. It is a conventional matrimonial arrangement except Jim remains with the party. Two candles burn nearby.


Good evening. Love between two people is a beautiful thing and has inspired the universe since the beginning of time. As we mature has humans we realize that love between two people can be love between three people and that is what we celebrate here. We friends are gathered here tonight to proclaim Renee and Jim?s freedom as sexual beings, each with rights and responsibilities whose deep love and respect allows them to bring into their marriage Brad whom they both admire, trust, and love; who Jim wants to be in Renee?s life; and who Renee wants to have in her life. Jim wants good things for Renee and Brad is a good man. By the same token, Brad admires and respects both Jim and Renee and further respects their marriage and their devotion to each other. He wants good things for both of them and each of them and Jim and Renee are good people. Brad and Jim and Renee desire to take this affection and respect and trust and freedom to the next level and allow Renee and Brad to become a couple, to share adventure and passion and to create energy and goodness that compliments Jim and Renee?s marriage. Our ceremony here today is to acknowledge and celebrate the new relationship between Renee and Brad and Jim and specifically for Jim to make a formal gift of his loving wife and her boundless sexuality to Brad as a friend and a lover and for Brad to receive Renee into his arms and into his heart. Brad will join Jim and Renee?s marriage in a new and higher form of matrimony.

This evening will be the beginning of a wonderful journey, a journey of exploration and light and commitment that will bring joy and pleasure to Renee as she embraces and loves and grows in the arms of Brad, and joy and pleasure to Brad as he embraces and loves and grows in the arms of Renee. It will also be the continuation of amazing journey of love and discovery between Jim and Renee in their marriage. Both Jim and Brad love Renee and Renee loves both Jim and Brad. One plus two is far more than simply three.

Let us begin.

Jim and Renee, will you join hands?

Jim will read his vows.


Renee, I love, honor and respect you as my wife and my friend and my lover and as a free sexual being with rights and responsibilities, capable of keeping me first in your heart as I keep you first in my heart. I pledge to respect your rights and privacy and boundaries as Brad?s friend and lover and wife at the same time that you and I are lovers and husband and wife. I acknowledge and celebrate this freedom as a tribute to the strength of our marriage and of our love for each other as well as my respect and trust in Brad. What you enjoy with Brad will only enhance the joy we have together. I pledge to keep you first in my heart. May your womb bring forth fruit.

Brad, I pledge to respect you and Renee as lovers and as husband and wife at the same time that Renee and I are husband and wife lovers. From this day forward we are brothers bound with the love of a beautiful woman. May your seed fall upon the fertile earth of Renee?s womb and may fruit spring forth.

Rose Renee will read her vows.


Jim, you are first in my heart as I know I am first in your heart. I am joyful that you love and respect me as a free and sexual being with rights and responsibilities and love me enough to bring Brad into my life as my husband and lover. As he comes into my life, he will come into yours as well. I consent freely and willingly to be this gift from you to Brad, without reservation, and will honor you by being a giving and passionate lover and wife to Brad, to satisfy his sexual, emotional, and intellectual needs and to fulfill his fantasies and desires responsibly. What I enjoy with Brad will only enhance the joy I share with you. I look forward to sharing with you my memories of passion with Brad and learning from you how I can bring that energy and passion home to you. I pledge to always remain first in your heart.


Brad, please accept this gift of my wife, Renee, [Jim places Renee?s hand into Brad?s hands] whom I love and respect and whom I hope you will love, respect, and enjoy, to be your wife. Please include her in your life as I do leaving me first in her heart and I will keep her first in my heart.


Brad, please accept me as your friend and lover and wife. I pledge to honor and respect you, to be your friend and lover, to satisfy your sexual, emotional, and intellectual needs, and fulfill your fantasies and desires responsibly, to return your love with passion, and to make you first in my heart save for Jim.

Rose Brad will read his vows.


Jim, I gratefully accept from you the gift of Renee and her love, as a token of your respect and love for Renee as a free and sexual being with rights and responsibilities. I further pledge to honor and respect Renee, to be her friend and lover and husband, to satisfy her sexual, emotional and intellectual needs, to fulfill her fantasies and desires and to return her to you, Jim as a better person and lover and wife. I will accept her into my heart and always respect her place as first in your heart as I know you will trust me to leave you first in her heart and respect your family.

Renee, please accept me as your friend and lover and husband. I take you into my heart and I pledge to respect you as a free sexual being with rights and responsibilities, to satisfy your sexual, emotional and intellectual needs and to fulfill your fantasies and desires. I further pledge to respect your place as first in Jim?s heart. What joy you and I share will only enhance the joy you share with Jim. You are free to share with Jim everything about our relationship and I know that energy and passion will only make your own love grow.


Jim, do you have the symbols of this beautiful new union?


Renee, please accept this ring along with the one I have already given you. [Gives her ring] Wear it when you and Brad are together as a symbol of my love for you and my respect for you as a free and sexual being. With this ring I declare my wish that you and Brad will make each other very happy. This ring will also remind you that I am first in your heart.

Brad, please accept this ring when you are with Renee as a symbol of my trust and respect for you and my wish that you and make each other very happy. Wear it also as a reminder of me who will remain first in Renee?s heart. You and I are now brothers.


Renee, with this ring I happily become your husband. Wear this as a symbol of our love and our union. I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. [slides ring on her finger]


Brad, with this ring I happily become your wife. Wear this as a symbol of our love and our union. I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have, I honor you. [slides ring on his finger]

[Jim pours two glasses of champagne and gives to Renee and Brad. He then steps away from the wedding party.]


Renee and Brad, the years of your lives are as a cup of wine poured out for you to drink. The gr*pes when they are pressed give forth their good juices for the wine. Under the wine press of time our lives give forth their labor and honor and love. This cup contains within it the sweet wine of happiness and hope. This same cup, at times, holds the bitter wine of sorrow and despair. One who drinks deeply of life invites the full range of experience into his or her being. This cup is symbolic of the pledges you have made to one another to share together the fullness of life. As you drink from this cup, you acknowledge that your lives, until this moment separate, have become one vessel into which all your sorrows and joys, all your hopes and fears, will be poured, and from which you will receive mutual sustenance. Many days you will sit at the same table and eat and drink together.

Drink now, and may the cup of your lives be sweet and full to overflowing.

[Brad and Renee drink]


Renee and Brad you are lovers now as well as husband and wife who are now bound by these vows and these rituals. You may kiss as you step off together on this journey of passion and respect.

I now declare this new and wonderful relationship formally established and to endure as long as you all choose. May it endure happily for many years. May its giving and passion inspire the two of you in your lives and your relationships. Congratulations.

This ceremony is concluded.

Brad and Renee will now retire to the wedding chamber which he and Jim have prepared for this wondrous occasion. They will consummate their love and begin their journey together. You are welcome to remain here in the spirit of the occasion. Brad and Renee will rejoin us after a time.

[Jim opens the door to the bedroom while Renee takes Brad?s arm and they enter followed by the photographer and Rose. Jim closes the door. The guests enjoy champagne. After photos (up to the couple how many and what kind) Rose remains. She emerges after a while]


I will declare that I have borne witness to the consummation of the marriage. At this very moment Brad and Renee are making love, the kind of love the world needs more of. Let us toast this new union and salute Brad, Renee, and Jim as a new family.

[Brad and Renee reemerge from the bedroom in the terrycloth robes provided by the hotel. They are very relaxed. With Jim they have a reception line where the guests give them all their best wishes.]

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