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Hunting Season

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It was the Saturday before deer hunting season opened. I invited my childhood best friend up to prepare for hunting season. We have been best friends since we were preschool age. We went through all those awkward events in life together that associated with growing up. While both of us have had a strong sex drive since our puberty years, we have always been manly men! We are so close that it was easy for me to agree to let him have his way with my wife when he inquired. But on this fine autumn weekend day, we had business to attend to. There were tree stands to repair, rifles to clean and sight in, and scouting to do.

Frank pulled into the driveway about 8 am and he immediately made a beeline for the front door. My wife met him at the door with a big hug and kiss. She sent him down to me at the barn, where I had all of our hunting gear laid out. Joe walked up to me shook my hand and gave me a friendly embrace. After a few minutes of catching up, I informed him of our work plan for the day. I had two rifles broken down on the work bench and I went back to cleaning gun parts, while Frank began taking the tree stands apart to replace some rotten wood components.

The conversation turned to stupid things we did as kids. During our reminiscing, Frank brought up the subject of our old tree house. The stash of porn magazines that we kept stowed away up there dominated this topic. It was our shrine to our pursuit of the death of our virginity! Frank reminded me that we used to masturbate while viewing our porn. He laughed when he remembered a time when we were both whacking off and his sister poked her head up through the floor hatch and caught us. We had convinced her that we were both peeing! Frank also remembered our pro wrestling phase. His recollection was that he always dominated our home made cage matches. I disagreed, I always won. At least that?s the way I remembered. As I contested Frank?s memory, he slipped up behind me and quickly had me in a full nelson headlock. As I struggled to break free, I protested the sneak attack. I bent forward at the waist in attempt to throw him over my head and he wrapped his legs around my hips and locked his feet around my thighs. Amidst the struggle, I felt a hard-on in the small of my back. It startled me that Frank had an erection while we were goofing off but I tried to ignore it. As I struggled, I lost my balance and down to the ground we went. I continued to squirm as Frank had me pinned prone on the ground. A few times during our wrestling, I felt Frank?s erection pressing against my ass. I began to become curious over his intent. To test my suspicion, I pulled my knees up toward my chest, raising my butt into the air. Sure enough, Frank altered his position and pressed his erection even harder against my ass.

I had never thought of such things before. Hell, we have been close since childhood and now in our forties, this is happening. Frank had been divorced about ten years and hadn?t had much luck in his pursuit of a girlfriend. Letting him fuck my wife Jane every once in a while was the only loving he had received in years. I figured he was just horny for any contact at this point. Frank began to grind his member against my ass. I began to get turned on by his intentions. After a few minutes, I began to rock back against his hard on. Frank took this as a signal and released his neck hold on me. He rolled me over and continued to straddle me. I avoided looking him in the face, but I didn?t try to get away either. Frank leaned forward and fell across me. I felt his breath on my neck. His hips started to rock back and forth again. This time his erection was grinding across my awakened member. Frank abruptly rose up and motioned toward the barn loft ladder. He scampered up the ladder and I like a trusting puppy followed him up to the hay loft. Frank met me face to face. He embraced me and then did the unexpected once again. Frank reached out with both hands and pulled my head toward him. He kissed me. At first it was just a lip kiss, but then as his excitement rose, he plunged his tongue into my mouth. I gave a little resistance, but then there I was making out with him. Frank walked me backwards as we continued kissing. He pressed me back and I fell into the hay. As we kissed, Frank?s hands began to wander. A shock flew through me as I felt Frank grip my cock through my jeans.

I felt my jean snap release and heard the distinctive sound of my zipper retreating. A second later, I felt the flesh of his hand upon the flesh of my cock. Frank stroked me gently and slowly. I surrendered. I quit thinking. I accepted. Frank untied my work boots and slid my jeans down my legs until they left my feet. My boxers followed. I figured I would help, so I pulled my tee shirt over my head and tossed them to the side. Frank stood in front of me as I lay on the hay. He slowly undressed. When he removed his pants, I could see the tent pole pressing against his boxers. There was a distinctive wet spot at the point of contact between his cock and his boxers. When he dropped his boxer shorts, his member sprung forth. Hard and straight his circumcised member pulsed before me. Frank dropped on top of me and resumed his passionate kissing. I could feel his hard cock sliding along side of my member. I wrapped my legs around him as he slid back and forth on top of me. When Frank suddenly stopped and rose up, a million things ran through my mind. As he repositioned himself at my head, I could feel my heart pounding. Right in front of my eyes was a large pink throbbing penis. Frank took his cock in hand and pressed the head of it against my lips. I parted my lips and allowed Frank to push his cock inside. It felt so smooth and warm. I let my tongue explore it. I could sense a little taste of saltiness on my tongue. Frank pressed in until I started to gag and he withdrew slightly. His pubic hair brushed against my nose. It had a musty sexual aroma. I began to attempt to satisfy him with my mouth and tongue. I thought about the feelings I enjoyed with oral sex and I tried to duplicate these things. Frank rotated around and before I could comprehend what was happening, we were in a 69. I felt Frank?s breath on my cock. His tongue played with me and then my cock was absorbed into a warm wet place, deeper and deeper until all of my cock was in Frank?s mouth. As I enjoyed this taboo pleasure, Frank continued to push beyond all of my previous limitations. He pulled my knees forward and I felt his tongue upon my rectum. Around and around and then his tongue plunged inside me. Lightning shot through my body when Frank inserted his finger into my ass. He pressed my prostate and I felt a flow of liquid pour out of my cock. Frank slurped it down. I took this probing as a suggestion, so I pushed my finger into Frank?s ass. I explored until I found his prostate. I pressed my finger against it and his milk poured into my mouth. It was creamy but liquid. It had a salty smooth flavor. I admit, I kind of enjoyed it, so I kept pressing his button until it went dry. Frank rose again and repositioned himself straddling me. He took my cock in his hand and pressed it against his rectum. He lowered himself until I felt my cock pop inside his hole. Frank lowered his ass upon my pelvis and all of my cock was inside him. It was hot against my cock and after a few rises and falls of his ass; there was a sense of slick wetness against my cock. Frank began to rhythmically rise and fall. I began to thrust against him as he dropped and pull away as he rose. My cock began to throb and I felt a buildup of pressure inside. I held my breath. My head launched forward. I moaned. My cock launched forth a salvo of cum inside Frank?s ass. Frank collapsed on top of me with my cock still inside him. I felt my erection slowly fade and my cock began to withdraw from his ass. Frank lifted up on all fours and cum dripped on my cock from his ass. Frank crawled forward and I found myself once again, face to cock. I knew what to do this time. I took his cock in my mouth and I sucked and licked, in and out, until I felt Frank tense. Four gobs of cum shot into my mouth. It was warm thick and salty. Frank lay down beside me and we faded off to sleep.

I awoke to the feeling I was being watched. I looked over at the loft ladder and saw Jane looking in. Hell, we were busted! No need to jump up, no need to make excuses. Frank had opened his eyes and had the same shocked look on his face as I had. Jane stepped off the ladder and walked closer to us. She announced, I have always suspected that you two were sweet on each other! The she shocked us by saying, Damn, I am sorry I missed this! Frank and I started to get up and dress, but Jane said, stay there, don?t move! So we stayed put. Jane continued, even when we started dating in high school, all of my friends said you two were gay, but I didn?t completely believe them. I knew there was a strong bond there, especially when you asked me to fuck Frank. I am intrigued by this. I want to see it. I think I have the upper hand here, so you both will do as I say. Do you agree? We both nodded yes.

Jane perched herself upon a bale of hay. She was wearing a short button front cotton dress. From my view I could see that she was braless and sitting with her legs parted, I could see her pink cotton panties. Jane started to speak. Let me be honest. I came out here an hour ago. You guys were missing, but I heard you in the loft. Jane looked at me and said, I climbed the ladder in time to see you sucking Frank?s cock. Jane stood up and raised her dress. She tugged her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She tossed her panties over to me. She said, as you can see, it really did something to me. Looking at the panties, I could see and feel the glowing wetness in the crotch. Jane demanded that we make our cocks hard again, so both of us began to stroke them. Jane watched attentively. When our cocks had hardened acceptably for Jane she walked over. Jane lowered herself over Frank?s face. She said, lick my ass the way you licked my husband?s ass. Frank complied. Jane arose and looked at me. She said it is your turn. Jane dropped her ass onto my lips and I started exploring.

Now Jane at age forty is a knock out tanned brunette. She is a petite 120 lbs. C cup breasts with chocolate brown nipples. She keeps her pubes trimmed into a narrow patch. Her vagina is a beautiful mix of pink and chocolate colors and is tight and talented. Jane is usually a conservative country girl with occasional walks on the wild side. She is as comfortable at Sunday school as she is with her legs up in the air. For the most part we have the typical American marriage with the exception of our open views of sex. We decided a long time ago that sex should not be an issue. While neither of us are puritans, we haven?t gone crazy with extra marital sex either. In fact, with the exception of Frank, she hasn?t played much at all. I did catch her in the throes of passion with my young Spanish farm hand once. Jane had been weeding the garden and had her dress hiked up over her hips so she could squat and weed. Hector was working in the next row. Jane knew that Hector was stealing peaks at her. She was taunting him by bending over and raising her dress. Apparently, the constant glimpses of Jane?s panties were too much to handle, so Hector went to the tree line to relieve his hard on. Jane watched him and knew what he was doing, so she approached him, dropped her panties and pressed them into his face. Jane had told me she raised her dress and bent over. She said that is all it took. Hector in her words, fucked the hell out of her. She was proud to tell that story to me.

Jane sat on my face forever as I licked her ass. When she was satisfied, Jane got up and sat back on her hay bale. She instructed me to fuck Frank again. Frank got on all fours and I approached him from the rear. My cock went inside easier this time. I began to plow Frank?s ass as Jane walked over for a better view. Jane became a cheerleader as she watched. I was about to cum and she stopped me. Jane threw her dress over her head and stood naked in front of Frank and me. She instructed Frank to roll over. Jane straddled Frank?s cock and lowered herself upon it. She leaned forward and told me to get behind her. Jane reached around and grabbed my cock. She guided it to the lips of her ass. I pressed forward and my cock eased inside her. Frank and I began to attempt to establish a rhythm. It was awkward at first, but we worked it out. Hearing Jane moan and Frank?s breathing in quick shallow breaths let me know that the time was near. I began to deep stroke Jane in her ass. My body quivered as I held back the growing urge to cum. Frank grunted out loud as Jane let out a loud whimper. I lost it. My cock spewed into Jane?s perfect ass. Frank let out one last grunt and he relaxed. We fell into the hay and lay there for a long while silent and pondering the event that just happened.

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