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How things went sideways, but had fun while it lasted

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There is much that went on before this, however, thought I’d start here. Now dates and names have been changed to protect the guilty…

I was in the Navy when I married her, had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I said I DO, the ride was on. Towards the end of my Navy Career, I was stationed at North Island CA. We were living at Navy Housing Silver Strand, nice houses, though it was a Peyton Place back in the day. Anyhow, with my job as the LPO of the shops I was kept really busy, so my spouse was getting bored. She asked if she could go out with one of her girlfriends, I saw no problem in it, they were going over to National City to dance etc. (heavy on the etc. I found later). I put the kids to bed, sat up watching TV, on a Fri Nite, and it was getting pretty late, then about 2am she came in the door, giving me a kiss and headed to the bathroom for a bath. I thought this was a bit unusual, so when she came out, we went to bed, then I asked her why so late. She explained that they went to a few clubs (no longer there) and partied with friends and time got away from her. The whole story did not go over, so I told her to tell me what REALLY happened. She broke down crying, asking me not to throw her out, any of us that have been through it know the whole scene. What happened they went to a place called the ‘Anchor Club’ over by the Westerner in Nasty City. The two of them hooked up with a few guys and followed them over to their apartment for more drinking and dancing. It seems she found a guy from her home town, they drank and did some weed, they started making out and one thing lead to another, they got naked, laying on someone’s bed. She said that nothing happened, and he only fingered her. To check it out, I put my cock in her, started pushing in and cum came out rather freely. Well, this proved she had fucked him, and I was pissed for a while. But after a few days of getting laid daily, she and I had a meeting about things. Like many guys I got aroused at the thought of her fucking others and then coming home. So, her g/f and her went out partying and such, she had her first DP on one of these dates, that was a nite she was really late getting home. One time we got a baby sitter for the kids, we went out to see where she hung out. We went to several places, the last one being the Anchor Club, she introduced me to the barkeep, then she wandered off to the pool tables while I watched to see what would happen, when she got over there guys would come over to her, kiss her (yup frenchie) I saw hands grab her tits and ass. After a while she came over and introduced me to one of her friends that she had the threesome with, he was all hands on with her. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him again with me there, she said no, not this time. So after a while, getting late, we started back to the house, taking the silver strand to get there. As we were leaving she saw a topless place, wanting me to stop in so she could see what was going on. We went in and sat at a table got a couple beers and watched the dancers. After a few mins one of my shipmates came over to me and we got to talking, he said it was the best club in the area, he also said his wife was one of the dancers. This piqued my mind and started asking questions, while we were talking she came over to her hub, I introduced her to my wife, and those two took off to another table talking. He also told me that the club was owned by the wife of another sailor in a sister sqdn., as well as about half the dancers were wives of sailors. When we got home she was asking questions about the club etc. then she asked me if she could be a dancer. I said OK, our neighbor watched the kids while we went back a few nites later, she was wearing bikini underwear and bra under jeans and a long shirt, she did a set and the guys were throwing money at her, she let them put it in her bikini bottom, some even got a bit of finger in her. Anyhow, the owner took her to the back, they worked up a deal to work, though there was some paperwork that had to be done to keep the club legal. This began a new life for her and me, she danced a few times a week, I’d be home most of the time, and when she came home she smelled like weed and cum. I just shook my head. At this point I know a bunch of you are saying that I should have divorced her. The thought crossed my mind, she notified me that if I did divorce her, she would ensure I got the kids and I could kiss my career goodbye, I only had 5 years to retirement. So, I just resigned to enjoy all the fucking and such. Sure we would have couples over and singles and I just went with the ride. One day I came home from work, she was not there, but one of the other wives was taking care of the kids, she left after I got in. A couple hours later she came in, no doubt she had partied hardy, hair and clothes a mess. It seems that she and the next-door wife went downtown Coronado, and they picked up some jet jockeys that lived there and partied all afternoon with them. As time passed she wanted to go to Los Angeles for a weekend with her g/f (ya, really?) I let her go, she left on a Friday afternoon, showing back home Sunday evening. I asked if she had fun? She was aglow saying YES, after the 20 questions thing, she finally told me she met a few guys at the club she worked, they invited her to LA to do a movie. Grinning ear to ear she handed me the videotape, and we watched it, there was no denying she loved to fuck, in the movie, she did about 5 or 6 guys, she also had her first interracial fuck with two black guys. Good ole Forbidden Factor. This went on for about a year, she was fucking lots of guys, she had a reputation in Nasty City. After a short cruise, my knee went out, I wound up in Balboa and the docs looked at my knees and back, they cut a lot of the Cartlidge out of my knees, then I had a massive problem with PTSD, before I went in the Navy I spent 7 years in the Army, two tours in Nam, so my brain was messed up, only to find out years later that not only PTSD was kicking my life but I was exposed both tours with Agent Orange. I was medicaled out of the Navy, with high disability. So we came back to Texas, one thing I could say about my ex, she could never be a rancher, she couldn’t keep her calves together and had the roundest heels in 4 counties.. I tolerated her antics until the kids were gone, I did the paperwork and divorced her.

Now I have only seen her a couple times since the divorce, I have no desire to see her again. I will probably write some more stories about her from time to time. Hahahahah… Since the divorce 20 years past, I’ve not re-married, I’ve had girlfriends, some were swingers, as I became, some not and those relationships were not long lasting, grin.. go figure… Before the divorce there were many stories, she even did a black gangbang and was just pleased as punch about it… Maybe I’ll find another woman that loves sex, however loves me a tad more. Just call me Old Boots

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