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Home early from deployment, FFM, Fun with the wife and ?

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I couldn't wait for tonight to come, my wife of 13 years and her little fuck bunny, as my wife liked to call her, were going to be giving me another show, like they have been doing for months. Just going to tease me by web-cam until I would cum watching them fuck each other. Little did they know I had something in store for them tonight.

As usual the kids would be at a sleep over somewhere and the house would appear to be empty,except for the moans of passion that would soon be coming from the bedroom. Just after work my wife would take the kids to a friends and then pick up her little fuck bunny, as not to raise any questions of a strange car from the neighbors and take her back to our house. They would eat a light dinner while drinking wine and teasing me by text message, I couldn't wait.

My wife is about 5'7" and since I've been deployed for the past 6 months has lost a lot of weight making her incredibly hot, with D cup breasts, slim waist and about 34 inch hips, perfect for grabbing and slamming my cock into her from behind. Her little fuck bunny is a little smaller with large B breasts small waist and tiny hips, I liked to say I would break her in half. Being the great teaser that I taught my wife wouldn't let me see LFB's face on the web cam or tell me her name, all I knew was she had a great body and brown hair with red highlights.

As the night progressed I was getting the teasing of a lifetime, "If you were here right now you would have 2 mouths on your cock", "wish you were her eating our pussies", "I'm going to lick your wife to orgasm and you can't do anything about it". Tonight was going to be really fun.

After the teasing they got the camera set up, always the same couldn't see LFB's face. My wife slowly started to take of her clothes facing her friend, slowly peeling off her skirt and panties showing me her incredible ass.

After she was naked she started on LFB, kissing her neck as she removed her shirt. She didn't have a bra on tonight, was wondering if they got started somewhere else. Slowly kissing her way down her body unbuttoning pants and sliding them and panties off at the same time. I had a great view of my wife's sweet pussy as she started to lick LFB's bald lips. I knew as soon as her friend came the camera would be paused so they could switch positions.

I had to act fast as my wife was becoming an expert. I slowly start to open the closet door as both of the girls were busy enjoying each other. I stripped in the closet and slowly started to make my way into full view stroking my hard cock. In person the show was even better. LFB noticed me first and sat straight up, my wife turned around visibly scared, that soon passed as she shrieked with glee.

"When did you get home" she said as she advanced on me. Throwing herself on me wrapping her legs around my waist as she passionately kissed me. She slowly slid down my body and impaled herself on my waiting dick. Man she was tight, I guess the working out she did made other things smaller as well. I carefully walked over to the bed and placed her on her back. Disengaging from our kiss I started to fuck her with slow meaningful strokes. Almost immediately she stated to cum, I barely hung on without cumming myself.

When she had calmed down from her orgasm LFB said "I need to cum like that" at the same time lifting her leg over my wife and planting her engorged pussy on my wife's face. She then said "Hi my name is Joy" and with that grabbed my neck and kissed me passionately. Moaning in my mouth from my wife, she stopped kissing me and told me to lean back a little. After a did she went down to lick my wife's clit and every couple of strokes she would lick the top of my hard cock. My wife started cumming again from all the attention Joy was showing her, causing Joy to really grind her pussy against my wife's face. Joy said she was about to explode, I said I wasn't far behind her. Joy started yelping and said she was cumming, this put me over the edge and my first spurt went deep into my wife's tight cunt. Then Joy grabbed my cock and deep throated me as I continued to cum in her throat. As soon as I was all cleaned up she went right back to the wife's pussy to clean that up next. When she was done she rolled of my wife and I kissed my wife tasting Joy's delicious pussy on her lips for the first time.

My wife kissed me back aggressively groping for my tool, as she found it she noticed I was still hard and asked if I like everything that was happening tonight. I said I loved it and I Love her more than anything. She started stroking my dick again slowly. She slowly started to move down my body kissing and licking my nipples down my stomach then finally taking my dick in her mouth. She took me all the way in for a brief second then took it out of her mouth and said "Joy why don't you sit on his face for a while." Joy straddled my face and I got to taste first had the second best pussy ever. As I started into that incredible pussy Joy leaned down to share my cock with my wife, damn was that magical. After a couple minutes of eating Joy's pussy she was really starting to moan.

My wife said she wanted a ride and climbed on. I love the feeling of her pussy gripping my pole. As my wife rode me I could tell that the girls were kissing and playing with each others nipples. I felt Joy's hand rubbing my wife's clit as she rode me. Soon my wife was getting very vocal, Joy said she wanted to cum with her so I push 2 fingers in her tight pussy and zeroed in on her clit. They almost came together but my wife was first followed quickly by Joy. When my wife had calmed down she said switch, which surprised me. Joy almost jumped off my face and my wife really did jump on it, saying "EAT ME". That is all I needed, so I buried my tongue deep inside her, trying to get her to cum again quickly. Joy got over the top of my cock and slowly lowered herself on to it. She was really tight, only sinking down on it about a quarter of the way. She went back up and tried again only going about half way. My wife noticed this and grabbed my unit pulled it from her pussy and coated it with her saliva. Joy tried a third time and got it almost all the way in, moaning as she pushed herself down on it. As she went back up my wife latched onto her clit and sucked hard. The next time down Joy took it all the way, and almost at once started to squirt all over me and my wife's face. My wife said "just for that you know have to give me another orgasm". Joy just laughed and said "Ok".

Joy hopped off of me and laid back saying "I'll lick that pussy until you tell me to stop". My wife sat down on her face and slowly started to play with Joy's red pussy. Joy said be nice I'm very sensitive. I got between Joy's legs and my wife started to kiss me grabbing my dick and stroking me slowly. She nibble my ear and said "lets see if we can get her to do that again." She put my dick at the opening of Joy's pussy and said "Fuck her hard!"

All I heard from Joy was a muffled protest as I could tell my wife was Pushing her pussy against Joy's mouth with almost all her might. My wife split Joy's red lips with my cock and said "In you go" at the same time getting closer for a nice view. There was very little resistance as my well lubricated cock went back in Joy's tight pussy.

As soon as I was all the way in I pulled back and started to hammer away. Slapping my balls against her ass I fucked her hard. With each stroke Joy would squeal with pleasure. After about a minute Joy was vocalizing her orgasm and once again squirting all over me. As soon as Joy was done she begged "please no more please it is starting to hurt."

"Don't think you are done with me" my wife retorted.

"Ok just don't touch me anymore" Joy pleaded.

"Good now eat my pussy till I squirt on your face" as she once again drove her pussy into Joy's face. I moved behind my wife to get a close up of her pussy being eaten. I could see Joy's tongue licking my wife's lips so tenderly, teasing her clit and then she buried her tongue deep into her love tunnel. My wife was breathing very deeply grinding her beautiful pussy against Joy's face. Joy started to tease her clit again and my wife started to make her way to the edge. Joy then rubbed her tongue along my wife's asshole and my wife pushed back at her and moaned deeply. That's when I had an idea. I got behind my wife and inched my way forward, Joy noticed me and I think she had the same idea by her devilish grin. Joy reached up and started to stroke me, to make sure I was lubed up enough. Joy pulled me forward and put in dick against my wife's ass. Then she said "In you..." and my wife pushed back causing my dick to go half way into her ass. I pulled back slightly then my wife pushed back even harder and buried my dick in her ass. My wife looked down at Joy and said "your not done!". With that Joy latched on to her clit. I started to fuck my wife's ass, building to an awesome orgasm. Joy was licking her clit with wild abandon, and my wife was practically screaming. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer so I went for it with long powerful strokes. I told my wife I was going to cum in her ass.

"Cum in my ass babe, and EAT ME!" was the last thing that was coherent out of my wife's mouth as I started to cum which must have triggered her orgasm. I could feel my legs getting sprayed with cum as Joy continued to suck on my wife's clit, finally releasing it as my wife collapsed on top of her totally spent. I pulled out of her ass and my wife rolled off Joy. Both me and Joy went up and kissed her as she drifted off to sleep. My wife whispered "I'm so glad your home." I kissed her and she cuddled up next to me and was out in seconds. Joy was on the other side of my wife, I think she was asleep before my wife.

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