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Hired Help

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First time playtime

My wife Laurie had been looking out the apartment window for several months watching a very attractive couple wander around with very few if any clothes on, fucking, masturbating, showering.

One day I got out of the shower to find her staring intently down at their window, and rubbing her pussy, she didn’t stop as I walked up, and I noticed the neighbors were fucking athletically and that had gotten her really turned on.

I asked if she wanted to join them, and she said “I’ve been thinking about that, but I’ve never been with another woman”. That’s where the idea started.

After an amazing fuck session that morning, we talked a bit more about it, and she told me not to send her over there, because she would for certain fuck the husband’s balls empty.

A few more days passed with some amazing fucking going on in both apartments, we got to watch from time to time and Laurie was seriously enjoying getting railed by me.

I trolled around looking for someone to break the ice and break her in with another woman and settled on the idea of a professional girl. I found her in Naomi, when I called she was easy to get setup with and she asked what I wanted. I told her “I’ll be there, but it’s all about her, just make love to her and have fun”.

When the night came for the tryst, Laurie didn’t know the details, but I had her walking around the house naked all day, masturbating and being sexually tormented all day, I wouldn’t let her cum. We started making out right after the sun went down and I’m sure she was thinking “at least I’m going to get fucked and cum”. Little did she know the surprise that was on the way.

The doorbell rang and Laurie dashed for the bathroom, I went and opened the door. There stood Naomi, looking fantastic. She let me know right away that she is a lesbian and if I want to play with her there are some rules. I said “that’s fine, but you’re not here to play with me”

I went to go get Laurie out of the bathroom. She came out in her bra and panties, and I introduced Naomi, and Naomi said “why don’t you two start making out, I want to watch”.

I put Laurie on the floor in front of the couch, and started kissing her, Naomi was 6 inches away giving encouragement to both of us. Then she began touching Laurie, breast’s, butt, legs, finally she pressed two fingers into her pussy and remarked “She’s dripping wet!” and then began finger banging Laurie with intensity. Laurie came almost immediately, Naomi pushed me to the side and told Laurie “My Turn”, began kissing her deeply and took Laurie’s bra off. Naomi Sat back and told Laurie to strip her. Laurie had a face full of lust and desire for this first woman. She quickly peeled Naomi’s clothes off, three her bra across the room and peeled her panties off.

Naomi pushed her back on the couch, pushed her legs apart, and started with her fingers again, while kissing Laurie, I adjusted the couch so it was laying flat and they had more room to play. Within minutes Laurie was coming again. I would go and sneak a kiss from her while Naomi was eating her pussy and fingering her, telling that she looked beautiful.

After a while Laurie needed a break, when she got up to go to the bathroom, Naomi went to the patio for a cigarette, I asked her if she was having a good time, she laughed and said “I’m a professional, I’m always having a good time. And Laurie reacts very well, but I’m going to get home tonight smelling like pussy and my lover isn’t going to be happy with me.”

Laurie came out of the bathroom, gave me a big kiss, pushed me out of the way and made a beeline for Naomi, this time she was the aggressor. She spun Naomi around, pulled her back into her breasts, took Naomi by the neck and began kissing her neck and ears and her neck under her hair, there was no saying “no” at this point, then she reached her hand around and started to work Naomi’s pussy like she had done it a thousand times. She flipping Naomi around pushed her down on the couch and planted her face on Naomi’s pussy and began to work on her like a full time job. After about 10 minutes Naomi exploded in a gorgeous orgasm. They were both surprised. Naomi told her “I’ve never cum with a client”. They were both covered in pussy juice and breathing hard after that.

Naomi asked Laurie if there was anything else she wanted, and she said “yes, I want you to suck his cock”. Naomi said “of course”, she got me to stand up and she got on her knees and started with my cock in her mouth and after a couple of strokes she looked a Laurie and said “did you think you weren’t going to participate? Eat my pussy while I do this!” It was an order, not a request. Naomi sucked on my cock while my beautiful wife ate her pussy.

As I started to get closer I told Naomi that I was almost there, she redoubled her efforts and I rewarded here with a giant mouthful of cum, which she promptly bent over and fed to my wife, and then told her “get up and clean him off”.

That was how we got started in the lifestyle….

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