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Her night with her boyfriend ! Fantasy, mfm , culkhold,

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I dont consider myself a culkhold, I just love my hotwife and had this fantasy for years. All three of us know about it, and hopefully its only a matter of time until........... We finally made it happen. The 3 of us are slipping away for a night together. And it couldn't have been any better for everyone!

We met our friend Jim in at a downtown hotel. My wife Jill and I have already checked into a double room with 2 queen size beds. The difference tonight is that my wife is going to be the "girlfriend" of our friend Jim, and I am just the extra guy along for the ride. We have this all arranged before this evening, And being that Jim is one of the few people that Jill has always been very attracted to , as well as Jim's huge attraction to my beautiful wife, him knowing her since before we were married...its not that far fetched to play out this scenario and have fun with it ! Jim is a play friend of ours and also the only man that we have enough trust with to have sex with bareback, no condoms and to the best of my knowledge, the only man to cum inside my wife after 35 + years of marriage. ( at least as far as I know....but thats another fantasy for another day!! )

After arriving and getting our things put away in the room, we all go out for a late supper. Jim gets to drive our jeep and Jill is in the front with him, again, being the extra friend, I am sitting in the back by myself. Its spring time and the weather is warm so Jill has on a sexy dress and us guys are dressed casual. We arrive at the restaurant and the two of them are holding hands as they walk to the restaurant door. We ask to be in a booth, off to the side, which is perfect. Jim and Jill sit on one side of the booth while I sit on the other side across from them. I watch intently as the two of them casually flirt with each other ,almost like school kids out on a date. Being in a booth, I notice that Jim's hand slips occasionally down to his side, I think he might be rubbing Jills leg under the table.

After supper, we try and find someplace to go that has some dancing, and as luck would have it, there is a band playing in a lounge just down the street from the Hotel. We grab a table and once again, I am sitting across from the two lovers. All night long I have been watching them holding hands, laughing and flirting , even stealing the odd little kiss and I am loving every second of it!!.I can certainly see them enjoying themselves as well, Jim was timid and shy, but has opened up over the evening and Jill especially as she is actually embracing this "fantasy escape" and is feeling "single and available" for the evening !!

A song starts to play and Jim and Jill head up to the dance floor for a slow song. I sit at the table watching them. They both look so good together on the dance floor. Arms wrapped around each other as they closely dance...I see Jim's hands sliding down across Jills ass, giving it gentle squeeze and holding her tight. She does love her ass getting attention. Holding each other tight, I wonder if he is getting hard and if she can feel him growing as they dance so close together!! After a couple more dances, slow and then faster, they return to the table. Both smiling from ear to ear. We have another drink and quietly chat. I can see his hand on her thigh as they sit across from me. At least I think its only on her thigh..... Damn it makes me so hot seeing her enjoying the evening, and his company!

Another slow song comes on and I ask Jill to dance with me. Once on the dance floor, it feels so good to have her in my arms. "I love you so much" I say to her. " Are you enjoying your freedom tonight with your "boyfriend"? " I ask. "mmmmm's different, but I'm enjoying it" She replies. "good " I Reply...." its a fantasy of mine....but its all about you too!!... I want you to have the time of your life tonight!!! Hold nothing're single and with a hot guy....take him!!! Hes more then happy to be all yours tonight!!! " I say. She then tells me " I told him that this dress is all I have on panties....just the dress." "mmmmm, I bet that drives him crazy" I say. ( as my mind starts to wander thinking what his hand was doing at dinner and here at the bar while they were sitting across from me....Oh my !! ) "He told me he was getting hard thinking about it when we were slow dancing after I told .....mayyyybe" She replied. " well...he is yours all tonight....just the two of you, I'll be alone in the other bed, its all about the two of you...all night long. Take him as long as you want....he's is all yours til we head home tomorrow. Just know I'll be laying there , stroking my cock, listening to you both ....all night long....and that I love you more then anything in the world!!!. I lean in and kiss her gently. " be a bad girl baby" I whisper into her ear. The song ends and we head back to the table.

"Well guys' I say, "Its 10 o'clock and I think I'm gonna call it a night. You guys stay and enjoy the show, and finish your drinks." "I'll see you both in the morning...Have fun you two....and try not to wake me up when you come back to the room!!!" I smile and say as I get up and head back to the room. We all know full well I'll be anxiously waiting to them to return to the room for some fun between the two of them!!

I quickly head up to our room, I already arranged to take the bed next to the wall, giving Jill and Jim the middle of the room bed. It is perfect because the dim light from outside coming through the curtains will give me just enough light to see them as they are in the other bed. I also arrange the clock on the bedside table to be facing their bed....its fairly brights and adds a bit more light towards their bed. I rush to get ready and slip into bed. I have no idea how long they will be or how soon they will arrive, but I want to be in bed, lights off, and waiting for the "show" when they arrive.

I actually waited a little bit, and was starting to doze off a little when I heard them come into the room. They are being fairly quiet....I could hear Jill giggling a little. It got quiet and I think they were kissing each other near the bathroom . Without turning on the light...Jill came into the room, I guess Jim went into the bathroom to ready himself for bed., He came out and I seen Jill go into the bathroom next. I see Jim in the semi darkness, striping off his clothes, I see his hard on pop out of his underwear when he removes them...."well hes certainly ready" I think to myself as he gets into the bed next to me. " you awake" I hear him whisper. "uh huh" I whisper back to him. "good" he whispers back. Jill then comes out of the bathroom, naked and walks around the far side of the bed and gets in.

I am laying on my left side, watching as I see Jim sit up and lean over to Jill. I can hear them kissing passionately. I can also in the dim light see his arm as his hand is roaming across Jills body. I know he's anxious to get between her legs...And I just know she is very wet and welcoming for him!! I can feel my cock growing as I listen to them "making out" just 3 feet away from me in the bed across from me. I watch as Jim flips the covers off the bed, all of them landing on the floor at the foot of the bed as he slides his hands all over her body. I watch as he slides down, sucking on her nipples. I can hear Jill's whimpering moan as he sucks first one and then the other, all the while his fingers are rubbing her very wet clit. I cant really see it well....but as Jim sits back a little, I can see Jills hand stroking Jims very hard cock! My hand is stroking my very hard cock as well as I watch!!!

I watch as Jim continues to slide down Jills body....I watch as he moves into position between her legs....using his hands to lift her legs high in the air....he dives in and starts to lick her wet pussy. I can see Jill reaching up to rub her nipples as her back arches slightly, I can hear her moan louder as Jim finds the right spot....sucking her clit out so it is standing firm and hard to his warm lips. My hand is working my own cock under the blankets as I lay there listening and watching through the dimly lite room.I'm stroking it long and hard as I lay there. I can see her body start to shake and vibrate.....her whimpering moans getting a bit louder. He has found the right spot and is making her Cum for the first time......and I'm certain it will be the first of many orgasms she will be having tonight!!

Jim is licking her like crazy.....It seems like it is lasting for hours but its really only been about 5-10 minutes of his licking and sucking on her. He finally raises his head....licking his way back up her body and then moving to lay by her side, nearest to my side of their bed.

I know what will happen next, and it does....Jill has sat up, and moved herself so she is now laying is a 69 type position to Jim...leaning over his left leg...she reaches out to start stroking his hard cock...I can see her in the dim light and I watch as she lowers her head to start to lick his shaft. Ohhhh I know that feeling sooo well....and Jim is now going to feel it! Jills hand is gently jerking the base of Jim's cock as her mouth takes in the head and upper shaft. Her hand and mouth are working as one as she jerks and sucks him sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. I hear Jim moan loudly as she goes to work on him.....and I know he is loving every second of her hot mouth!!When she starts sucking a hard cock, it just feels amazing!!!!

I can see one of Jill's legs up in the air, and while she is working on Jim's cock, I can also see that he is working on her as well. I can hear a faint buzzing and I think he is using one of her vibrators on her clit while she is sucking him. She loves having her clit and pussy teased with her vibe and I know Jim is enjoying doing it to her!!!

I'm stroking my cock hard...wishing it was me in her hot mouth....but am sooo glad she is enjoying Jim tonight....It may have been a long time fantasy to give my wife to another man for the entire night...but I know she is loving all the attention he has shown her...and also the excitement of her being solely with another man other then me!!! One on one....they belong to each other tonight!!! And I am just laying there stroking my hard cock loving every second of being the "peeking tom " in the next bed too!!!

"Oh FUUUUCK , that feels soooo goood" I hear Jim moan. I can see Jill as she picks up the pace a bit....sucking him a bit harder and faster...I can hear her slurping sounds as she sucks on his very hard cock...and Jim's moans continue on.....and on ! He may be moaning a bit louder to tease me a bit, but I think its mostly what Jill is doing to him! I know how well Jill can suck a cock when she's into it...and she certainly seems to be into it right now!!!

"Fuck ,you're gonna make me cum if you keep doing that " Jim moans!! Jill lifts her head off his cock, " you better not....I need you in me!!" I hear her say. With that , she moves back up the bed....I see them passionately kissing again... as Jim moves his body so he is between her legs. With one hand pushing her leg up, I can just make out his other hand on his cock, guiding it to her Pussy. " Oh you are sooo wet !" I hear Jim moan as he slips between her lips. I hear Jill whimper lightly as he slides into her...I see Jim's hips moving back and forth as he slowly is giving her all of himself. Both of his hands are on either side of Jill now....Faster and faster.....I watch as he builds up speed.....

" Oh, oh.....ohhhhh" I hear Jill moaning as he starts fucking her..... The hand on my cock is matching the speed of Jim pounding Jill's pussy. It feels soo good...and I know the two of them are certainly feeling good too!! I watch Jill's body shaking as she's hit with an orgasm....her moans confirm it!! Jim slows down, I watch as he leans up....moving one hand onto his cock, I know what he's doing.....driving her crazy!! A little trick I have told him about to tease her!! He's pulled back out of her....only the head of his cock inside of Jill now....I know he's popping it in and out of her....but going back in....she only gets the head....sliding completely out of her...only to give her just the head again..over and over again. I hear Jill give that moaning little giggle she does when she's teased. " oh , you're so bad" I hear her moan......" uh huh" I hear Jim reply. as he continues to give her only the head of his cock.

I watch my hot wife....starting to buck under him....her hands reaching up, trying to pull him deep inside of her...but he resists....only letting her have the head!! Jill's body is shaking....I know she's having another rolling orgasm.... All of a sudden, I see Jim drive his cock deep inside of her, giving all of himself to her! "ohhhhh" is all I hear Jill moaning as she wraps her arms around his body, pulling him close to her! Jim's ass is rising and falling fast as he continues to drive deep into her....He's giving her all of his hard cock and working it fast! The two of them are totally into each other....and I'm loving every second of it!!! I hear Jim moaning, " I getting close....I'm gonna cum...." I Hear Jill moaning......" Cum for me....Cum for me Jim!!!" . Jill rarely is vocal, and hearing her begging for Jim to fill her pussy full of cum is too much for me, I start to explode, cum shooting out of my hard cock. It's too much for Jim too....I him moaning" I'm cumming....I cumming!! " I watch as he pushes hard into Jill's body. I know he's filling her up nicely with his hot juice !!

I lay there listening, I can hear them kissing each other. Jim is still firmly buried deep inside of her. After a while, I see Jim roll off of she gets up , wobbly legs , to run to the bathroom to freshen up. She returns and Jim goes in to the bathroom himself.... I hear " I love you " from Jill..... " I love you too baby" I reply. Jim then returns, I hear them cuddling together....I slowly drift off to sleep, knowing my wife has had a very fun evening with our special friend.

About 4 am , I am woken to the sound of squeaking...and moaning......I turn my head towards the other bed....there they are, at it again!!! Through the dim light, I can see Jill on her hands and knees, Jim is behind her doggie style and he's really working it!! Jill is moaning...." oh yes....yes " I hear her moan. " Damn, Jill's taking advantage of her "boyfriend" while she can" I think to myself. I think I missed most of it , because after a few minutes of grunting and moaning, I see Jim tighten up.....I know he's unloaded once again deep into my wife!!! I watch them collapse on the bed, cuddling with each other once again. I'm a little disappointed that I missed most of the fun....but that is ok......I love the fact that Jill is comfortable enough to do whatever she wants and ENJOYS IT!!!. Twice in one night both of them getting off.....WOW!!!! My mind will run wild for days imagining what I didn't see and I love it !!!!

I drift back off to sleep with a smile on my face. Thinking I cant wait til we do this again.....But I'll join Jim for a tag team next time around...I know how much Jill enjoys being sucked and fucked at the SAME time and that's has to happen soon!! But as for what happened tonight.....Just the two of them playing....well...I'm sure that will happen again too!!! Maybe someday just the two of them go away for an evening overnight...Damn that would be hot. I'm sure Jim would be more then happen to drive me crazy telling me all the things they did alone together without me tagging along!!

I wake up to the two of them getting dressed "Damn..." I think, did I miss a third round!! "Come on sleepy head" Jill says. " We are heading down for breakfast". I can tell from her cheerfulness that's she's in a good mood this morning

I quickly get up and the three of us head down to the restaurant for Breakfast. Once again, they are sitting together with me opposite them, "did you guys sleep well last night" I ask. "what sleep I got, I was up half the night" Jim smiles and comments. "yes you were" Jill remarks back !!! I smile because I know exactly what them both mean. We all finish breakfast, and Jim says, " well, I'm out of here, thanks for the fun night, I can't wait to do it again!! " He hugs Jill tightly, and they have a lingering kiss and then he heads out the door.

Jill and I head back up to the room, once inside, she turns to me and kisses me deeply. " I think you had some fun last night" I smile and say " A lot more fun then I thought I would " she says back to me , as she reaches down to rub my cock through my pants... " I love the thought of you letting loose and being a bad girl" I whisper " Check out time isn't til 11....its only 8:30, lets go back to bed" she says as she wraps her arms around me. "mmmmmm ok baby " I whisper...

Lets just say that we needed the extra time before we checked out..........

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