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Helping A Friend

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My longtime buddy has been in the process of getting a divorce after a long marriage. I would go see him and we would talk about how bummed out he was, but there was nothing he could do. I felt really bad for him. I guess the saying is true, ?nice guys finish last?.

I thought it would be a fun to have him over to our house for a summer night BBQ. Of course, my wife was happy to have my buddy over. We got some steaks and beers and enjoyed a nice dinner on the deck. The summer night was cool and clear with the stars shinning. We lit some torches and drank well into the evening.

Of course the talked turn to my friend?s situation. I could tell she felt bad for him. With the beers getting the best of me I joked, ?when is the last time you?. Ya know??. ?Too long?, he laughed. My wife just smiled and quickly changed the subject. It was pretty late and we were all pretty drunk. I told my friend that there was no way he was driving home. We got some pillows and blankets and set him up in the basement. At one point my wife bent over to pick something off the floor and I caught my buddy sneaking a peek at her incredible chest. As my wife and I said goodnight to him and walked up the stairs, a plan started to form in my dirty mind!

We got to our room and my wife jumped into the shower to rise off. I opened the curtain a bit so I could watch her wash her long sexy legs. ?What are you doing?, she asked. ?Nothing? I replied. ?I know you?, she said as she stepped out. I handed her a towel and told her how bad I felt for my buddy. ?I have an idea?, I whispered in her ear, ?Why don?t you go down there and cheer him up??. ?NO WAY!?, she laughed.

I couldn?t resist and told her how I would love to watch her suck another guys cock. I was kissing her neck and whispered, ?I saw him check out your boobs. You could go down and say I wanted you to cheer him up?. She thought about it for a second and asked where I would be during the whole thing. I could watch from the window outside the basement. There would be no way he could see me and she would know I was there in case she felt uncomfortable.

?I am going to regret this?, she said as she pulled on her robe. ?A handjob, that?s it!?. I kissed her and said she could do whatever she wanted, but had to save some energy for me. I snuck down the stairs and out the front door. I waited outside the dark window waiting for the show to start. My cock was already throbbing. The window was open just enough that maybe I would get to hear some of the action as well.

The lights started to brighten just a little. ?Hello?, my friend said. My wife turned the corner wearing her soft red robe. It is pretty short too. I was hoping she was totally naked under it. ?Is everything O.K.?. My friend looked taken back by the surprise visitor. ?My husband told me to come down here and cheer you up?. With that she loosened the ties on her robe and dropped it to the floor. I could have cum right there! She was completely naked.

My friend started to stammer. ?Shhhhhh?, my wife reassured him. ?Just relax and let me make you feel better?. She took his hand and pulled him close. They started kissing and his hands slowly moved up and down her back. They finally came to rest on her wonderful ass. I could see that his cock was swelling in his shorts. Her hands slowly moved down to his hips. They moved into his waistband and slowly pulled his shorts off. His cock was fully erect and I knew he was in very good hands. Damn, I am a good friend!

She pushed him down on the couch and took his manhood into her hands. Slowly she worked them up and down his shaft. ?Does that feel good??, she cooed. By the look on his face, I knew he was enjoying it. Slowly, she took his cock in her mouth. I know that she gives the best blowjobs. I was excited to watch her work his cock. My hand found my way into my pants and I stroked my cock and I watched my sexy wife, on all fours, swallowing my friend?s cock.

Since she knew that I was watching her, she started rubbing her pussy with her finger. The muffled sounds of her moans added to the excitement. She seemed to really enjoy sucking him. I imagined that I was behind her fucking her pussy while his cock slid over her lips. Her fingers moved faster as she worked him. Was she putting on a show for me or really enjoying having a new lover in her mouth? After a few minutes, I got my answer.

I could see that my buddy had forgotten all about his problems and I was so turned on watching my sexy wife working her magic. She stood up in front of him to give him a better look at her prefect chest. Then she straddled him so he could take her hard nipples into his mouth. My stomach was in knots as a watched his hard cock brush against her pussy. He was raising his hips hoping to get a chance to experience the ultimate pleasure inside my wife, but she seemed more interested in playfully teasing him, taking him the gates of pleasure but not letting him in.

Her head lay back as he sucked her tits. I knew she was totally comfortable with the situation. Her hand moved down to his cock and she slowly guided it into her wet pussy. I thought that I would explode right there as I watched her slide up and down his hardness. The heavy breathing and moans of pleasure were overwhelming! He squeezed her hips tightly and matched her thrusts. I could tell it would not be long before she would force him to succumb to her.

?Oh?. I?? ohhhhh?, he moaned. ?It?s O.K.?, she reassured him again. ?You can cum if you want?. ?Do you wanna cum for me? Do you want to cum inside me?? That was all he needed to hear and he began to cum deep inside my wife?s pussy. ?That?s it?, she coached. ?MMMMMM fill me up?.. Ohhhh, yes?.. ohhhhh that feels amazing!? She rode him hard until he has completely emptied himself inside her. As the pace slowed, she laughed and asked him if he felt better. He pulled her close and told her that she was amazing?.. Incredible?.Wonderful?.. I was so turned on and proud that my wife let herself get caught up in the moment. It was a show I would never forget.

She gave him a hug and wrapped her robe around her. ?Sleep tight?, she said as she turned the lights off and headed back up stairs. I collected myself and quietly came back in the house. I could hear the shower running in our bathroom. I peeked in to see my wife rinsing off from her adventure. ?Well, is that what you wanted to see? I think he feels better?. ?That was WILD?, I said. ?It was so hot?.even hotter knowing that you were enjoying it?.

We climbed into bed and the visions of our adventure were racing through my mind. She rolled over and began kissing my neck and chest. As her head disappeared under the covers she whispered?.. ?Your turn??.?

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