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Hello Neighbor! (unexpected encounter, new neighbor asks to borrow a cup of sugar, and then)

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I am deep in a restful slumber, tired from a long day. As it is still early evening, the fading light of the sunset is streaming in the window through the curtains which are willowing slightly in the gentle breeze. There is a knock at the door. I heard it at first, but it wasn't enough to completely rouse me from my rest. And a second rapping, a little more hurried than the first, and somewhat louder. This time I woke enough to realize what I was hearing. Tossing back the sheets and sitting upright on the edge of the bed, I rub my eyes, wondering who it could be. I stumble to the door, grabbing a glass of ice water from the table along the way to quench my thirst.

Slowly, I open the door, and there she stands, long hair framing her pretty face, the white lace sundress clinging to her skin with a thin layer of sweat. "I'm sorry to bother you..." she says, "but I live next door, just moved in, and was wondering... if I could borrow some sugar?"

"Sure," I reply, "come on in." I turn and move to the kitchen to fetch the sugar. "You look a little parched, would you care for a drink? Ice water, tea, or something a little stronger?"

"That would be very nice, thank you so much... Stronger would be great!"

I put some ice in a couple of glasses and poured some whiskey, the amber color cascading over the cubes. Walking back to the living room, I hand her the whiskey and take a sip of my own, feeling the soothing burn make its way down my throat.

"Please, have a seat, relax a little..."

I have to admit, watching her graceful form move to my couch, with the white lace riding slightly up her lithe thighs, stirred a desire in my loins.

She says "I just moved in yesterday, and saw you working in your yard, and well... I decided that I had to meet you." Moving her glass to her soft, full lips, she tilted her head back and downed her whiskey in a gulp. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she placed her other hand on my thigh and slid it up to my hip.

I placed my glass on the coffee table and moved towards her.

I place my hands on the back of her neck and pull her to me. Softly and gently I kiss her full lips, taking the lower lip between mine and nibbling gently with my teeth and licking her lips with my tongue.

As I move to her neck with a long lick, a little whimper escapes her lips...

Pushing her head down and moving her hair to the side, I nibble on her ear and the back of her neck. Sliding my hand inside the front of her low-cut neckline, I cup my hand under her breast, squeezing the curve of it.

I gently kiss my way to her cheek, across her lips again to the other side of her neck, and make my way to the shoulder and down her arm, licking and nibbling all the way, tasting the sweet saltiness of her sweat.

At her fingers I take each, one by one, in my mouth, caressing them with my tongue, and lick back up the inside of her arm. Reaching her upper chest, I work my way down to the valley between her large but firm breasts...

Aaaahh... the dress is in the way...

"Let's take this to the bedroom..."

We rise from the couch and she follows me down the hall to my bed.

I reach under the hem of her dress and slide my hands up her hips, the dress riding up my forearms. I can feel the warmth already radiating from between her legs as my hand brushes against her mound, and there is some wetness.

I slowly raise the dress up, and she raises her arms to allow the dress to come up and over her head... With no bra on, she stands there in front of me in just her panties. I stand back a little to admire the vision of her beauty in the dim light. I approach her again, kneeling before her, and kiss her stomach, making my way down to her hips. Caressing her sides and the sides of her ample breasts with my strong hands, I kiss and nibble my way back up her stomach to lick the underneath of them. I turn her around so that her back is to me and lightly brush my fingers from her neck down her spine to the top of her buttocks, cupping each one in my hands.

Then I lick down her back, down the line of the spine, to the small of her back, just between her cheeks and continue down the back of her thigh.

Moving around in front of her, I gently lay her back on the bed and kiss her tender again, tickling her teeth with my tongue, licking her soft lips and taking each one between my lips, nibbling. Licking down her chin and her neck, down her chest to her breasts, licking over the curve of each one, moving around the areolas in gradually smaller concentric circles, careful not to touch the nipples just yet.

Her little moans and gasps of breath are getting more frequent and a little stronger with each passing minute.

I move down the already familiar territory of her stomach, pausing at her belly button to circle it briefly. Continuing down her lower stomach to her hips, stroking my tongue across her hips and down her thighs. Licking all the way to her ankles and back up the inside of the thighs... moving up to the area around her vulva, licking and kissing gently, circling all around it. Placing my hands under her thighs, I push them back, raising her hips to meet my mouth. I start at the back of her thighs just behind her knees, and trace my tongue down towards her ass, pausing for a moment to circle around her vulva, then continue up the other thigh and back down. Reaching her ass I circle her asshole, but not touching it. Moving up one side of her pussy to reach her clit, I flutter my tongue around it then back down the other side to the perineum between her asshole and her golden heaven. Flickering my tongue back and forth there, I ever so lightly float my tongue between her pussy lips, stopping just short of the clit and flutter there for a bit and circle it.

The moans and little groans and whimpers by now are punctuated periodically by gasps of "Please don't stop" and "Please suck my clit".

Tracing my tongue back up her stomach I reach her breasts, and the head of my hard cock is pressing through my shorts, up against her pussy. I lick all around her breasts, each one alternately circling the nipples until finally I reach them, grazing my tongue over them, fluttering on them, and take them one by one, between my lips and suck hard. Backing off, I gently graze my teeth on them, and sweep swiftly back down her stomach to her pussy again. Moving back down to her hot wet center, I trace my tongue back between her lips and deftly thrust my tongue inside her as far as I can. At this she gasps in sharply, in a deep heaving breath. Leaving it there for a few seconds, wiggling it, and pull back out, pressing against the top side of her hole. Then sweep up and across her clit, firmly and fully, then circling again. I begin to move my tongue in a "figure 8" across her clit, and her hips begin to thrust up and down. I slowly trace my middle finger around the outside of her hot hole, getting it nice and wet, then slip it inside, moving it all around in circles. Curving my finger upwards, I gently but firmly begin to massage the G-spot, back and forth, and in circles. Then slip another finger inside to accompany it, as a violin would accompany a piano, creating sweet music inside her. Sucking on her clit, fluttering the figure 8 with my tongue seems to be doing the trick... She places her hands on the back of my head, pushing my face into her hot wetness. I slip a finger gently inside her asshole... it's easily done, since she's plenty wet already, and it is running out of her and down between her ass cheeks. Then I slip my thumb inside her pussy and rub it against the finger in her ass. At this, her back arches... and she begins to tremble... just a little at first, then continues to increase to violent convulsions. Her moans and groans get louder.

"Oh my GOOOOD..." She says, as the throes of her first orgasm shake through her body.

I move up on top of her, licking her stomach all the way up and between her breasts, up her neck and over her chin and to her mouth. She wants to taste herself on my tongue. My steel-hard cock straining through the material of my shorts, rubbing against her clit. She reaches down, grasping for the waistband of my shorts, desperate to pull them off, wanting to feel me inside her... filling her up.

I stand and she rockets to the side of the bed. In her crazed passion, she grabs at my shorts and yanks them down, springing my rod free of its constraints. Falling to her knees, she grabs the base of the cock, it's head tinted purple, engorged with my blood. Moving closer, she licks the tip and swirls her tongue around it and kisses it with her sensuous lips. While licking it down the sides, up and down the underside and top, she gently caresses my balls, cradling them in her other hand. Licking back down the underside of my cock, she reaches the sack and takes one of my large stones in her warm wet mouth, swirling her tongue all around. Licking back up to the tip, she then slides her willing lips around the head, taking it in. She pops it back out, as if it was a tootsie-roll pop. Then suddenly she engulfs the entire shaft in her mouth and I can feel the back of her throat against the head of my cock. This takes my breath away momentarily, and she gags slightly.

Withdrawing my cock from her mouth, she whispers "Please... please... fuck me... I want to feel your meat inside me, I want to swallow it with my pussy... please?"

I gently but firmly push her back onto the bed and move over her. With her legs in front of my arms, her calves over my shoulders, the head of my cock is just outside her pussy lips. With my hand, I grab my cock and rub the head against her lips, around... over her clit... between her labia.

"What is it that you want?" I ask.

"Your cock..." she replies. "You want my cock?" "Yes" she whimpers, "I want your cock" "You want my cock.... where do you want my cock?" I want her to tell me what she wants, I want to hear the wanton desire in her voice.

"In my pussy..." she says. "I want your hard cock in my cunt, I want you to fill my pussy..."

Again, I rub the head between her lips...

"Please..." she moans. "Please fuck me, fuck me now..."

Slowly, I push the head in... just a little at first, as she whimpers with lust. Back out a little, I can feel her pussy lips trying to entice the head of my cock to enter. It's almost as if her cunt is trying to pull it in more.

"Like this?" I say.

"Yes, yes.... give it to me, please!"

Then, all at once, without warning, I slam it all the way in, to the hilt, as far as it can go.

She lets out a loud gasp, and a gutteral groan that seems to come from deep inside her, as if originating from her pussy itself, making its way up through her body and out her mouth.

"Like that?"


I begin to move my hips back until just the very tip is barely inside, then slam back all the way in.

"OOOOHH MY GGOOOOD!" she screams.

Moving then, back almost all the way out again, I slam my cock back home... and then back out. The next stroke I take my time, getting all the way deep inside... I can feel the tip of my hard as a rock cock gently brush against her cervix. I continue this pattern for a few minutes, her full breasts heaving and moving with each stroke, and her moans and groans of pleasure gradually get louder and louder. She stops me, and in one swift move, wraps her legs around me, pulls me to her, and rolls the both of us over. She wants to ride me. Now that she is on top and in control, she begins to ride my cock as if she was on a bucking bronco, holding on for dear life. Rising her lean body up, and slamming back down on me, time after time, her breasts bouncing each time. I can't resist reaching up and playing with those wondrous mounds of flesh, gently twisting and pulling on the nipples. I pull her down to me, her hips still bucking in perfect rhythm with mine. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I gently lick and suck on it, and move to the other one, alternating between the two. I can feel my balls beginning to twitch and quiver, my semen beginning to boil in them.

Suddenly she freezes, and spasms, bending backwards arching her back, her perfect breasts reaching toward the sky.

"OOOHH FUUUUCK!!! I'm CUUUUMMMMMING..." Feeling her spasming pussy muscles clench and unclench around my cock is too much for me. My back arches, and I push my cock as deep inside her as I can. A loud moan escapes my lips as I begin to cum myself, my cock pulsating and throbbing deep inside her hot wet cunt. My cum rockets out, shooting and splashing against the walls of her quivering pussy as she collapses on top of me, her full breasts smashed against my chest.

We lie there for a few minutes, enjoying the moment in the post-orgasmic bliss.

Finally she rolls off, and we continue to lie there wrapped in each other's arms.

"Hi there, neighbor" she says... "My name is Cheryl".

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