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Having Sex With Another Mans Wife

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I have sex with married women, and I do so fairly often! But please don't get the wrong impression: I am NOT some Casanova, or a Lothario. I do NOT believe in helping a woman cheat on her husband, and I do NOT condone unfaithfulness. No, when I have sex with a married woman, it is with the full knowledge and approval, and often times at the URGING of her husband. The husband is nearly always present while I have sex with his wife, and often times he joins in to make it a threesome. It is a role I have found I enjoy immensely, and to my delight and amazement, I seem to be quite popular as an "extra man." I am not quite sure why (though I have some ideas), but I am grateful for my good fortune!

So when I was contacted by a husband back in October, asking for me to pleasure his wife, it was not something terribly unusual for me, but as always, it was still quite flattering! As we communicated (initially via email), he revealed that he was in his 40's, but that his wife was only only in her 20's. I was a little taken aback... being in the neighborhood of 50 myself, the wives I am invited to "entertain" are generally in their 30's and 40's, sometimes even older, and I enjoy that very much. But to find that there was a possibility that I might have a sexual encounter with a woman of 28 years was actually a little intimidating... would I be able to keep up with her, would I be able to satisfy her? But I was also excited... it would be a pleasure to be with a young woman, though I generally appreciate older women, because what they lack in youth, they more than make up for in experience and skill! But still, a young woman can be fun now and then.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical as to whether this would actually pan-out, often times these trysts do NOT come to pass, and with one so young, I thought that once they learned my age and saw that I didn't have 6-pack abs, they would lose interest! But we exchanged a number of email messages, I provided them with several photos of me, and then I spoke to the wife twice on the phone (she had a lovely voice, and a very sweet personality.) So finally, after a few days of communications, they asked if I could come join them on Saturday night, that same week. Damn, I was starting to believe that this would actually happen! When they sent me a text message with their address, four hours before we were supposed to meet, I was convinced! This WAS going to occur!

I prepared for this encounter as I always do, showering and shaving, brushing my teeth and using mouthwash, trimming my nails, etc... generally, trying to avoid having anything about me that would offend either the husband or the wife he was sharing with me. Normally when I make arrangements to be with a couple, I ask for a photo or two, just so I have an idea of who I am about to meet, but I think when I learned of this wife's age, I was too afraid to ask for much, because I didn't want to risk ruining this possibility. So as I drove to their home, about 30 minutes away, I was pondering how she might look. Not that I am particular, I find beauty in ALL women, and to me, true beauty is more about the kind of person they are on the INSIDE, and based on past experiences, I expected her to be attractive, but likely well-padded and perhaps somewhat plain. I knew she was the mother of four, so I was not expecting her to look like a fashion model, lol! To me, the important thing is that both she and her husband were open to the idea of another man sharing sexual pleasures with her.

With the help of my GPS, I found their street, and though I had trouble seeing the addresses, I parked and got out of the car, trying to be sure which house was the right one. As I looked about, the front door on one of the houses opened, and an attractive man called my name. I approached him and shook his hand in greeting, and he invited me inside the house. As I stepped through their front door, I saw a woman sitting on the sofa in the front room... and I was dumbfounded! Could this REALLY be the woman I was being invited to have sex with? She was gorgeous! I had been told she was 28, but frankly she could have passed for even younger. Her body, while not extremely thin, was nicely shaped with just the PERFECT amount of curves, she had light skin, and lovely, straight, long dirty-blonde hair, and her face was a vision of beauty! She was wearing jersey shorts and a tank top, and while I could see the outline of thong panties beneath her shorts, it was quite clear that there was nothing but HER beneath the tank. As she stood from the sofa, we were introduced in person for the first time, I said her name, and told her exactly what I feeling at that moment... that I would never have dreamed that she would be SUCH a beautiful woman! She smiled and giggled a bit, and actually blushed slightly at my compliment. We were just inches apart, and though I fought to maintain eye contact, I couldn't help but notice how lovely her breasts looked, straining against the thin fabric of her tank, the shape not only of her nipples but also of her areolae clearly visible. She was a tall woman, nearly 6 foot and just 3 inches shorter than me. I gave her a hug and kissed the side of her neck, and it felt wonderful to feel her soft, supple body against me. Oh, this was going to be FUN!

We were in the living room, just a few feet from the front door, and being a warm evening, they had the door open and only the screen door closed. Though I am not at all shy, I was a little concerned about how they might feel about what might happen right there where anyone walking by could hear and even see, if they looked closely. But they seemed unconcerned.

We sat and chatted for quite some time, as we enjoyed some drinks and light conversation. Her husband quickly steered the conversation towards sex, as he was clearly anxious for me to begin pleasuring his beautiful young wife, but I didn't want to rush things, I didn't want to rush HER! I like to think that part of the reason I am popular in my role as the extra man, especially when I am asked to do repeat performances, is that I take my time, that I do NOT simply have a wham-bam-thank-you-maam experience, but that I take it slow, and make the woman feel like the center of the universe for the time I am with her. And while I wanted to see this woman naked, I wanted to suckle at her breasts and taste her pussy, I wanted to feel her warm, moist vagina envelop my erect penis, I knew that with a good technique, that would all come in time, and that drawing out the experience would just heighten her arousal! The good news is that she WAS clearly getting aroused! She was nervous and giggling, and fidgeting a bit, and every time I would say something nice about her, she would blush a little... she was giddy! So as the three of us spoke, I kept my full attention on her, even when I was speaking with the husband. I took opportunities to touch her knee a few times, and her skin was so warm and soft. I made appreciative comments about her beauty, about her lovely face and hair, about her breasts (but not at all crudely), and when she stood to get her husband a fresh glass of wine from the kitchen, I openly admired the curve of her ass! I like to think that I know just the right thing to say to a woman, to show an appreciation for her physical attributes, but without sounding crude or crass... I appreciate a woman's body as though I am admiring a fine work of art, noting the subtle nuances and the obvious features with somewhat poetic language!

We had been chatting (and flirting) for about half an hour, and she seemed ready to get more intimate, and her husband played into it perfectly. As I made another appreciative comment about her breasts, her husband spoke up and suggested that she let me have a better look at them by removing her top. She seemed a little embarrassed, but she stood up with the clear intent to comply with his request, even though the front door was still open. I stood with her, moving my hands toward her, and before making contact I stopped, looking directly into her eyes, and asked "May I?" She giggled again, and said "I've never done THIS before, but sure!" I lightly grabbed the bottom edge of her tank top, my fingers brushing against the skin of her stomach, and as she put her hands in the air to accommodate me, I pulled the top up and over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up, still in plain view of any neighbor who might have been lucky enough to be wandering by at that moment. She shook her hair out to make it lay nicely again, and I struggled to remain focused on her face... though I could see her breasts jiggling in my peripheral vision. She was smiling at me, and I was smiling back, and after a few seconds I told her "Do you realize how hard it is to maintain eye contact with you when your breasts are exposed like that?" She laughed out loud, a wonderful laugh, I kissed her... not on the lips, because I hadn't checked if that was okay beforehand, but on her left temple, as I wrapped my arms around her bare back and pulled her against me. Feeling her naked breasts pressed against my silk shirt was wonderful, and I could feel her arousal as indicated by her erect nipples. I pulled away from her slightly so that her tits were again in my field of vision, and sliding my hands around to her front side, cupping them, I bent over slightly, moving my face towards her left breast, and I again asked "May I?"

She giggled and said "Yes, please!" So I kissed her areola, then quickly flicked the tip of my tongue across the nipple. She let out a little gasp, and the gooseflesh on her breast told me that I was getting the reaction I had hoped for. I put my lips on her breast and began to suck, while teasing her other breast with my fingers. I sucked lightly at first, teasing gently with the tip of my tongue, then sucking a bit harder! Then I got my NEXT surprise of the evening, as I sucked more firmly on the nipple and got a sweet and tangy taste... she was lactating!! Damn, it just kept getting better!!! I commented on that, saying "'re lactating, aren't you?", with a delighted tone to my voice. She seemed embarrassed, but said "Yes". Her husband said "Oh, we should have warned you." I just said, "No problem, it's a wonderful surprise! I love breast milk," which made her giggle again. I sucked at both breasts, trying not to get TOO focused on those lovely features and the fact that they were producing milk (though not in great quantities, just a bit). I asked if I could remove my shirt (I wanted to feel her breasts against my bare chest), and she said of course, so I took it off and pulled her against me... it felt SOOOO nice!

Though the wife seemed to be enjoying my slow pace, the husband I think was getting a bit impatient, and he suggested she take off her shorts. She was starting to understand my style, and rather than moving to remove them herself, she just looked at me, tilted her head to one side, and smiled! Taking the cue, I slid my hands down, and tugged them downward, making sure to take the panties with them. Trying not to get distracted by the freshly shaved mound that was just inches from my face, I took the shorts and panties as she lifted each foot in turn to get them clear, and I laid them on the sofa with her top I had removed earlier. And there she stood, fully nude before me, me on my knees. I put my hands on her hips, gazing upward, past her breasts and into her eyes! She smiled, and I began to move my hands over her skin, taking in the sensual delight that was her body! As my hands explored her hips and sides, I began kissing her belly, using light, butterfly kisses, across her beautiful abdomen. Then I let my hands drop lower, and soon I was feeling the curve of her lovely buttocks! I also allowed my lips to drop lower, and was soon kissing her freshly-shaven mound, and even lightly licked the cleft just above her clitoris. Then I used my hands to encourage her to turn around, and I began kissing her ass, kissing all over, from the dimple in the small of her back, to the curve on the underside, and even gave a few teasing licks between her cheeks! Then I suggested she sit down, and she did, spreading her legs open as a clear invitation! Okay, so even SHE was getting impatient, lol! I took the cue, and with a brief stop, with my nose just a fraction of an inch from her pussy, I inhaled deeply and let out a moan, then saying "You smell so nice!" Then I began to lick her, and tease her, and spread her labia so I could apply my tongue to her clit. Her pussy was already slick with her juices, something I am not very accustomed to, since most of the older women I am with do not produce natural lubrication in the same way a younger woman does. Generally, I need to lick a woman's pussy for a while before she is wet enough for me to insert fingers, but after a few wonderful licks between these lovely labia (she had a VERY pretty pussy), I knew she was ready... and OH, did her juices taste nice! I put two fingers together and slid them into her wet hole, and as they were fully inserted, I rotated my hand around gently, so my fingers were facing upward, and I felt around inside her briefly, until I found that patch of rough flesh inside her pussy... her g-spot! I pressed my fingers against it, feeling the firm flesh yield slightly, and then I went to work on her clit with my lips and tongue! Soon, she was letting out beautiful moans as I gave her that wonderful combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulation (a technique my girlfriend had taught me just a few months earlier), and this beautiful young woman was now putty in my hands! I brought her to orgasm after orgasm, with her arching her back and gripping tightly to the couch cushions, and letting out loud moans and even an occasional scream! DAMN, she was expressive too! It just kept getting better!! After about a dozen orgasms, she was quivering and trembling and asked for a short breather! I asked her if everything was all right, and she said "Oh, YES! I just need to catch my breath!" Her husband, who had just been watching and softly uttering words of encouragement while stroking his cock, now suggested that we move to the bedroom. We all agreed, I stood from where I had been eating her pussy on the edge of the sofa, and as I turned around toward the bedroom, I realized that the front door was still open, with only a screen between all we had been doing and the rest of the world! DAMN, that was hot! These two were THAT un-self-conscious!! My only concern was that some child might have seen us, but it was late enough that any und*rage children SHOULD have been asleep in bed.

We moved to the bedroom, and at the husband's encouragement, the wife got on all fours in the middle of the bed, and I stripped naked, taking out one of the condoms I had brought, slipped it on, and knelt behind this beautiful woman. She pressed her ass up against my body, teasing me, feeling my cock against her flesh for the first time! Then her husband said to his wife, "Tell him what you want, tell him to fuck you!" And she did, saying my name and then begging me to fuck her, spreading her legs a little wider and arching her back, which caused her labia to open up very invitingly, and I could see them glistening with her juices! I put the tip of my cock against her lips, intending to tease her a bit more before fucking her, but as soon as she felt me, she pushed roughly back into me, forcing my cock between her lips and deep inside her! GOD, she was being aggressive... I loved it!! And she felt SOOOO tight, so tight that I found it hard to believe that she had given birth four times. She clearly wanted it, so I fucked her hard, grabbing her hips as I drove my cock deep inside her body! As I looked down at her beautiful back, as she was grinding her body against me, I was still in a bit of disbelief that I was having sex with this gorgeous woman!! I continued fucking her, and I even started playing with her tight little rosebud with my thumb. She reacted nicely to that, so I slid my thumb inside her ass, which seemed to bring her to an even HIGHER level of pleasure!

After pumping her vigorously for a while, she said something under her breath, which I wasn't sure I caught, so I asked her what she said. This time I heard her clearly, she had said "Please fuck my ass!" I couldn't believe my ears, she was BEGGING for anal sex! Though I am only a bit longer than average, I am fairly thick, and not always the best candidate for anal sex. I looked to the husband, and asked where he had the lube. With a big smile on his face, he just said "You won't need any lube!" He was SO clearly enjoying this! So I pulled my cock from her pussy, and seeing how wet it was from her juices, I realized he was right... that was likely all the lube I was going to need! Sliding my thumb back in her ass to loosen her up, I placed the head of my cock against her rosebud, and started to press inward, expecting to meet a fair amount of resistance... but I did not! The head of my cock slid inside her almost effortlessly, so that I was feeling her sphincter gripping me just under the head... which is a VERY nice feeling! But she wanted more. She pushed back against me, forcing my cock deeper inside her, until I was ALL the way in! And she wanted me to fuck her HARD! I generally go very gentle with anal sex, because most women can barely handle it with me, but she wanted it rough and deep! So I was pounding her hard, with long strokes, pulling my cock all the way to where my head was against her sphincter with every stroke, and she seemed to be loving every stroke! "Yes, YES, fuck my ass!" Damn, she was amazing!

We fucked for hours. We used several condoms, and I fucked her in so many different positions! I must have fucked her pussy 7 or 8 times, in doggy, missionary, side-saddle, cowgirl, and more. And I fucked her ass twice. And after the first time in her ass, she whipped the condom off me and sucked my cock!

After nearly 3 hours of fucking, I was exhausted! But she still seemed to be going strong! It was time for me to leave, but I had the feeling that the sex was going to continue long into the night!! This woman simply could NOT get enough!

She thanked me, a very sincere gesture, and her husband thanked me as well. I told them both that I would love to get together with them again, if they liked the idea as much as I did, and thanked them profusely! To have more encounters with them would be amazing!

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