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Happy Birthday To Me

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NOTE: Written by me from my wife’s perspective. It includes references to past encounters with our friend Tony, images of sexual couplings she’s expressed her fondness for, as well as thoughts and images I hope she’ll show interest in for future play dates after she reads it.

My shock and initial defensive scowl when seeing someone, anyone pop through the back door into the kitchen so quickly melded into a full faced grin at the recognition of our friend and lover suddenly and unexpectantly appearing in my home. Then, as he pulled me into his arms and we exchanged the kind of deep, passionate, frenzied kiss of lovers reunited after too long an absence I, felt my body melt into him and my pussy was suddenly on fire. No, every nerve ending in my body was on fire and my pussy, well, I shuddered, and my pussy gushed under my denim skirt as I trembled through one of the as an intense orgasm as I’ve ever experienced. As images of his strong, naked body with well defined, ripped muscles that flexed and rolled as he drove his hard, thick cock deep into my wanton body over and over again and so many other things I knew we’d soon be enjoying together with my husband zipped through my sex craved brain at the speed of a bullet train racing through the Italian Alps, my body tensed again and I felt streams of hot, slick juices flowing down my bare legs like a river. OK, so it wasn’t a river, but it was surely a wet stream made more intense by the cool air against my skin.

With one arm wrapped around his neck desperately tight lest the moment vanish into the realization it was a vivid, but momentary daydream while cupping his face in my other hand as our tongues danced together seductively and sensually. Never one to be left out of my decadent, playfulness for long, I felt Rick press against my side and his lips were nuzzling my cheek while Tony and I continued out fervent kiss. Releasing Tony’s face from my gentle cradle, I slid my fingers up against Rick’s cheek and gently nudged his head forward until our faces made a small, cheek to cheek triangle. With only a small twist of my head, my moist lips slid across Tony’s and onto Ricks full, succulent lips without ever breaking contact. I hungrily sought out my husband’s tongue even more desperately than I’d sucked Tony’s oral probe deep into my wanton mouth.

Tony pulled me to his body tightly and I twisted my face back and forth kissing each of my lovers over and over until we melded into a single, hot, three-way kiss so intimate there was no distinguishing between whose lips or tongues belonged to whom. Both their hot, wet tongues pressed into my hungry mouth and I lashed back at them with mine relishing a kiss that was both so hungry and raw it seemed the intensity of the emotion might tear us limb from limb yet, at the same time, so soft and warm and sensual, the intimacy was so special it caused a tear to run down my cheek.

While we breathlessly explored each other’s lips and tongues, Rick pressed his chest against our sides even tighter and encircled both of us with his arms. He reached under my short skirt to cup my bare, pantiless ass then, seemed to think better of his actions. I was a bit confused when he released his sensual grip on my fleshy cheek until I felt and heard the zipper being pulled down in the back. Even with our bodies pressed together, with a firm tug I felt the material jerked down my legs and it pooled around my feet. The cool air on my skin and the thought of being so exposed to the incredibly sexy men who continued their lust filled kisses caused me to moan into their mouths and my pussy flooded anew.

Again, I felt Rick’s warm hand as his fingers dug firmly into my round, fleshy globe. He must have similarly gripped Tonys muscular ass because, when he pressed my pelvis forward, I felt Tony’s pelvis surge forward as well. Suddenly, the bulge straining against the rough denim of his jeans pushed firmly against my pubs and I felt his straining cock throbbing against my naked flesh. Tony slid his hands down my back until he pushed Rick’s hand away and gripped both globes of my butt in his hands allowing him to pull me against his pulsing phallus even tighter. Tony held me in place as he ground his rock-hard dick against my tingling clit and, at the same time Rick, ground his still clothed cock against my hip. The three of us moaned and cooed into each other’s mouths as the need burning with us grew even hotter.

My head rocked back pulling my lips from theirs so forcefully I heard a loud popping smack just as a bolt of electricity shot through every cell of my being. OHHHhhhhhFUUUUCK! I cried out as another intense orgasm ripped through me with such force, the contraction of my muscles caused me to jerk violently. If they hadn’t been holding me so tightly, I would have surly crumpled to the floor in a convulsing puddle of cum, cum that was spraying from my spasming center and flowing in streams down both legs. I don’t know how long they held me there, but every time Tony gently rolled his hips causing his straining phallus to rub across my engorged clit, I trembled and spasmed through yet another orgasm as I floated in clouds of pleasure.

When the intensity finally subsided and I began to come back to some level of consciousness of my surroundings, the blurry image of their faces sharpened until I was looking into Rick’s deep blue eyes that were filled with love and wonder. Happy Birthday Marla! he said as his face beamed with a full-faced grin. “WOW” I mouthed more than said.

Suddenly I felt desperate to get to the treasure of Tony’s toned, naked body and I was ripping at his shirt until I was able to grip the bottom in both hands and pull it over his head exposing his toned chest and muscular pecks. While he loves to lick and suck and tease my sensitive nipples, he says he doesn’t get anything out of attention to his turgid points, but in that moment, I didn’t care. Apparently, he was my birthday present, and I felt an unusual surge of determination to enjoy my gift to its fullest. I felt more empowered and probably just a bit more selfish than I usually allowed myself to be and decided I was in control and on this day, I’d get everything I wanted, the way I wanted it most.

I gripped the material in one hand with Tony’s arms raised high and held both his hands tightly in mine. The neck of the shirt was still covering his face so he couldn’t see what I was doing when I dropped my head and covered one of his dark brown circles with my hot wet mouth. I reveled in the feeling of his turgid, pointy spike as I rolled my tongue over it and sucked it into my hungry mouth. While I lavished oral attention on his right nipple, I rolled the left one in my fingers and, just as I bit down hard on the one, I dug my thumbnail into the other one sharply.

OHHHHHHFUCK! he screamed out as he tried to twist away. That only caused me to bite the already rigid point even harder as I giggled under my breath.

“I thought you didn’t have any feeling in them” I giggled as I released him from his pain and dropped the shirt into the floor before pushing back in for yet another deep, but more playful kiss.

“THAT HURT” he exclaimed again as our lips parted.

It was totally out of character, and I surprised myself when I hissed, “My birthday gift, my choice. I get to use it, and maybe abuse it a little as I wish today. TODAY,” I emphasized, “You two will just have to deal with it.”

“Just remember, payback is a bitch” he grinned back at me as he pulled me in for another long, tongue probing kiss.

“The only payback today is the payback you owe me for keeping this away from me for so long” I replied seductively as I fumbled with his belt and zipper until they were loose while trying frantically to rub his gorgeous, thick, pulsing, and hopefully by then, dripping cock through his jeans.

I pressed my palms to the warm skin of his side just above his hips, pushed them inside the waistband to allow me to smooth them down his legs as I sunk to the floor on my knees. The waistband of his shorts hung on the flared head and pulled the shaft down with them until it popped free, bouncing upward and slapping me in the face. With my hands still entangled in the pile of fabric at his feet, I managed to find the tip of his magnificent manhood and sucked him deep into my mouth. He’s thicker and longer than Rick and so I had to fight my gag reflex as I pushed my lips down the length of his thick, veiny shaft until my nose nestled against his smooth pubs. A shudder of pleasure shook my body and I moaned lustfully and loudly around his invading sword as an unexpected orgasm ripped through me. It had indeed been far too long since I’d been filled by this magnificent tool of pleasure.

Rick is the only man I’ve lost myself in so deeply that I often cum from sucking his cock or even just sucking on his sensitive nipples, but Tony is very special to both of us. I know I have the freedom to totally lose myself in him in those too rare moments we can be together without any fear of Rick being upset or jealous. I’m confident and comforted in the knowledge, Rick revels in my pleasure as much as I revel in his. What we share together in moments like this only deepens our love and the lust we feel for each other.

The thought made me aware of Rick’s absence, so with my mouth filled with Tony’s pulsing meat, the flared head literally in my throat, I cut my eyes as best as I could in hopes of finding him. My heart swelled with love when I found his loving eyes looking back at me; watching me lost in my lust and passion. The warmth in his face conveyed his complete love as well as his lust and desire for me. He’d rid himself of his clothes and stood there slowly stroking his own throbbing rod while watching. Just as I focused on the bulbous crown slowly disappearing and reappearing again in the grip of his stroking fist, a huge, clear dollop of salty-sweet pre-cum formed in the flared slit and streamed down almost to his knees before the glistening strand broke and fell to the floor with an audible splat. Reassured all was right in the world, I turned my attentions back to the Adonis standing in front of me and his throbbing sword lodged balls deep in my hungry mouth and throat.

I gripped his shaft in one hand, his pendulous balls in the other and pressed my forehead and nose into the soft, warm flesh of his stomach. An impassioned, guttural groan vibrated around his invading shaft, and I relished the feeling of him filling my mouth. I rose on my knees in front of him and gripped his steely glutes allowing me to pull and push his body in a rocking motion until he was gently fucking my wanton mouth. While I hungrily devoured his pulsing meat, every few strokes I’d push him away until only the pliable knob was still between my pursed lips and use them to milk more of his salty-sweet fluid onto my tongue. Just as the pressure was rapidly becoming too much for him, Rick stepped closer and pressed the slick tip of his cock to the side of my lips and I instinctively released Tony’s pulsing member from my lips and devoured Rick’s.

The size difference between them isn’t huge, but the difference in feel and fullness is at times stark. Rick’s cock is the average 5.5 inches long when erect and a good inch wide with what I think is the perfectly shaped head that flares wide with deep, distinct “ears”. When he fucks me with long, hard, fast strokes pulling out until only the tip parts my engorged labia, the “ears” pull over my G-Spot so hard it sometimes feels like he’s pulling that rough, spongy patch from my body only to slam back into me, driving his cock and every sensitive cell of my pussy someplace deep in my being; deeper than it seems his length could manage. I love sucking him because, unlike Tony and some other men in my past, I can pump my head up and down on his length as hard and as fast as I desire with little concern for gagging. We’ve recently discovered he can, and we both love for him to hold my head tightly and fuck my mouth at least as fervently as he ever fucks my pussy. As to the contrast I mentioned at the start of this paragraph, Tony’s thick rod is probably a full 7 inches long and I’d guess, half again as wide as Rick’s shaft. The crown is beautifully shaped as well and about the same size as Rick’s which means, the flare doesn’t expand wider than the shaft. When Rick enters me, his wide helmet is the thickest part of him. For Tony, the crown of his cock is like the tip of a wedge, preparing the way for the thickness to follow. Both have nice thick veins that I love to feel rub over my lips and tongue and, when lost in lust when he’s fucking me hard and fast, the added girth spreads my opening wider and fills me in ways Rick’s doesn’t. Also, with age and health issues, Rick’s cock is always softer and smoother which I especially love to feel on my lips and tongue. In contrast, Tony’s hard, pulsing, throbbing man meat gets steely hard, and it feels like a battering ram covered in soft, warm skin when he plows my wanton pussy. Both men and both cocks are awesome on their own, but he thought of having both of them at the same time focused and intent on my pleasure never fails to put a huge smile on my face and makes my pussy drip.

After pumping up and down the length of Rick’s cock a few hard and fast strokes as I reveled in the taste and texture of my lover, I pulled back to admire the sexy image of both my men standing in front of me. With one of their cocks in each hand, my eyes danced in my head at the image of two hard, throbbing cocks, straining in my hands, slick with my saliva and oozing a near continuous flow of that crystal clear, slaty-sweet nectar I find as intoxicating as any alcohol I’ve ever consumed.

I tugged both of their cocks causing them to shuffle a step closer to me and each other forming the perfect coupling with them shoulder to shoulder, their dripping dicks pointing to me as the third leg of our little sex triangle. I squeezed both of them gently which caused another large dollop of my clear treat to form in both slits. Feeling a bit naughtier than usual and determined to fully enjoy the moment, I tugged until Rick’s flared crown was touching and laying on top of Tony’s and squeezed until the dollop dripped down onto Tony’s shaft just past the head before quickly rolling Rick’s underneath and squeezing the large drop in Tony’s slit onto Rick’s shaft. I giggled with glee like a schoolgirl as I pressed their hot cocks together and used the mingled slickness of their fluids to lubricate them as I rolled them over and over against each other and then pulled them closer until the tip of Tony’s dick was pressed to Rick’s pubs their shafts were pressed tightly together. I gipped them with both hands and stroked both of them back and forth as I marveled at the sight and feeling of two beautiful cocks as I pleasured myself by pleasuring them. Unable to refrain from my desire to taste them, I pulled Tony’s slick meat to my lips and hungrily sucked and licked away every drop of their mingled fluids before turning my attention to Rick and drinking every drop of his sweet nectar as well.

Just then I remembered something we’d done once before and a huge, full-faced smile filled my face. Well ok, as full-faced a smile as a woman can have when she has her lover’s cock balls deep in her wanton mouth. The picture Rick managed from that previous encounter has provided the three of us with some hot, wet, wild memories over time. As I released Rick’s crown from my lips, I pulled Tony’s cock closer until both helmets were pressed tightly together. Rick tells me I’m much more visually stimulated than most women. All I know is, holding their pulsing cocks on my hands and the image of their crowns pressed together with a stream of clear fluid dripping down both hands caused me to tighten my thighs to put even more pressure on my already throbbing clit and a small shudder coursed through me just as I lowered my mouth over both their cock heads at the same time.

What a gloriously decadent feeling to have both their crowns invading my wide-stretched lips as I rolled my tongue over and around their spongy heads and bobbed my head up and down sucking them both at the same time. Granted, I could only get the first inch, maybe two, into my mouth due to the combined girth, but the power I had over them in that moment was strangely intoxicating. While I sucked them as best as I could, I also alternately stroked up and down the lengths of their shafts and cupped, rolled and tugged at their rapidly tightening balls. Just when I was about to cum from the intensity of the pleasure I was getting from sucking them, Tony jerked away saying he had to stop or he’d cum far too soon.

Rick pulled his slick crown from my lips and took my hand to help me to my feet. As I stood, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me softly as his tongue explored the lingering taste of his and Tony’s cocks on my lips and tongue. While we kissed, I felt him grip the hem of my top and pull upwards. I raised my arms high above my head. As the fabric reached our faces, it broke our kiss and I stepped back allowing him to pull it off and he tossed it behind him leaving me totally naked as well. The cool air on my breasts caused my nipples to harden into rigid, almost painful points and my normally 2-inch wide, tan areolas to crunch into tight, deeper brown bumps. I love the tingling feeling in my nipples and areola when they tighten that way, and the added pleasure sent a quiver through me.

I placed a hand behind both their necks and pulled them to me until my full tits crushed into their chests. Our lips and tongues met at the juncture of our faces as we again shared a hot, wet, three-way kiss. I don’t really care for the image of watching two guys kiss in a movie or the increasingly common sight of men kissing in public, but the feel of both their lips and tongues mingled and probing and searching together while dancing with mine was incredibly erotic and sensual. They were both intent on kissing and sharing my mouth, unbothered at the contact with the other guy rather than seeking to kiss another guy. That subtle difference allowed us to all simply savor the moment without thought of societal norms or pressures.

Breaking our kiss, I turned, reached back, took both their hands in mine and led them up the stairs to the guest bedroom. I could feel their hungry eyes on my ass and so I put just in a bit more effort than was needed to accentuate the swaying motion of my hips as I walked up the steps in front of them.

We fell into bed with me in the middle on my back and them on either side, propped on their elbows. Again, we shared a heated though, as it turned out, quick kiss as they trailed kisses down my cheeks and neck to my chest. The contrast of their skin, the heat of their bodies, the difference in their technique, and the varied pressures they used as they drew both turgid nipples into their hot, hungry mouths caused me to suck in my breath. Just as the sensual pleasure of their gentle sucking and their hot, wet tongues rolling over my now extremely sensitive nipples melted me into the mattress, their trailing fingers reached the juncture of my thighs. Without warning, Tony pushed two fingers deep into my already flowing slit and Rick pinched my throbbing clit between his finger and thumb and rubbed it between them. The sudden rush of pleasure caused me to arch my back off the bed and I screamed in ecstasy. Every muscle in my body cramped and spasmed as my body was racked by wave after wave of an orgasms so intense my vision blurred, and I lost all sense of being except for the extreme pleasure my two incredible lovers were giving me.

In the fog I thought I heard Rick say something to Tony, but I couldn’t comprehend his words until I felt both men bite down on my engorged nipples. He knows just how intense the contrast of pain and pleasure is for me in that moment when my pleasure peaks. I screamed and cried out. My body thrashed under them as I struggled for release from their combined ministrations. I begged them to stop, I threatened them with their lives if they did stop and then I felt Rick release the nipple he was biting so firmly and heard him very clearly as he said in a commanding tone, “Harder, bite it harder”.

“NOOOOOOoooo, PLEASE NOOO” I screamed in a screeching voice as I pleaded for them to stop the incredibly awful, painful, wonderfully decadent intense pleasure they were inflicting on every cell in my body.

My cries for relief fell on deaf ears. In fact, I was certain I heard an evil chuckle escape Rick’s lips just before he pulled the nipple between his lips and they both bit down so hard I feared they’d draw blood. It seemed molten lava poured from my straining points. The fire I felt in the points of my tits seemed to flow out of them and throughout every inch of my quivering body. The heat was so intense it seemed it would consume me, the pain so excruciating I felt I couldn’t live if it lasted even a second longer, and the pleasure, OHHHHHGAWD, the incredible, indescribable overwhelming pleasure that engulfed me as my lovers intensified their sensual assault as Rick rubbed my clit even faster and Tony pounded my gushing gash with his fingers was beyond my comprehension. The most erotic fantasies, the most decadent and erotic thoughts I’d allowed myself to indulge had ever hinted this level of pleasure was even possible. I heard myself moaning and whimpering as if in the distance in a dream as wave after wave of orgasms ripped through my very soul.

I don’t know how long I screamed and cried and thrashed between them as they pleasured me almost beyond what I could take. I must have lost full consciousness because I remember the haze lifting and being aware my body was bouncing back and forth on the bed. As my foggy brain became clearer, I felt Tony’s long, thick cock parting my labia and driving balls deep into my gushing pussy, filling me, stretching me in ways Rick can’t; in ways Rick loves for me to enjoy. Then another bolt of lightening flashed in my brain as Rick leaned over me, pushed his head to the juncture of mine and Tony’s body and sucked my clit into his mouth. He bathed my sensitive nub with his tongue and every time he sensed another intense orgasm was about to wash over me, he’d bite my clit and dig the nail of his thumb into my burning nipple. The combination of Tony’s thick cock driving into my quivering body while Rick licked and bit my clit was beyond my ability to adequately describe. It was pleasure, it was love, it was emotionally calming yet physically raw and violent. I pushed back and arched my hips off the bed to meet every thrust of his relentless pounding. My body twisted and writhed under them as I moaned and cried out so loudly I’m sure the neighbors could hear me. While lost in the throws of passion so intense I struggled to remain conscious, I didn’t care who heard or who knew just how much pleasure my lovers were giving me.

The pleasure was suddenly too intense for me to stand. I jerked my hips to the side causing Tony’s thrusting cock to pop free. When it did, I looked down just in time to see Rick grip Tony’s glistening shaft and pull the head to his lips. We are both very straight in that neither of us finds anything about the same gender partner appealing yet, we are both extremely orally fixated and almost addicted to the subtleties of tactile contrast. Rick says that having the cock that’s just fucked me deep in his mouth as our mingled fluids explode onto his tongue is an incredible rush and turn-on. Likewise, the touch, taste and feel of a soft, sensual woman can, at times, take me to a place no man can ever go. I watched intently as Tony’s slick, glistening shaft parted Rick’s masculine lips and disappeared and reappeared into his hungry mouth over and over. In that moment I fully understood why Rick gets so much pleasure from watching me receive and give pleasure. I could almost feel the veins of Tony’s cock against my own lips as they slid deep into Rick’s mouth, and I was certain I heard a soft, low moan vibrate in Rick’s throat from the pleasure he was enjoying from giving pleasure to Tony.

Rick straightened up higher onto his knees causing Tony to rise a bit higher to continue to match the opening of Rick’s pursed lips. Sensing movement, I shifted my gaze to see Rick gripping his own pulsing cock and stroking it in time to his bobbing head allowing the length of Tony’s dick to slid between his pursed lips from tip to base. My clit burned and longed for attention so I began rubbing it rapidly as we all masturbated and sucked ever closer to what I hoped would be simultaneous release. Faster and faster Rick pumped Tonys cock between his lips just as he stroked his own cock ever more vigorously. Tony groaned loudly and announced, “cumming……OHHHFFUCK, here it comes”.

Rick lifted his face away from Tony’s groin and announced, “TITS” in a commanding if not demanding tone. Rick turned sideways and slid closer to my head and Tony quickly repositioned so he was kneeling beside me. I looked up in awe and lust as they gripped their manly poles and rapidly stroked them just above my face and lust filled eyes. Faster and faster they stroked their dripping cocks. The pained looks of focused determination contorted both their faces. The faster the stroked, the more rapidly I rubbed my burning, tingling clit until I saw a stream of hot, thick, white cream fire from Rick’s spasming cock. The stream was backed by pent up pressure and force and the first stream shot across my body and streaked the length of Tony’s straining cock. I groaned and cried out in ecstasy as I watched Tony rub the slick, white cream off his hand to coat his dick and then stroked his cock even faster using Rick’s cum for lubrication.

Rick had managed to direct the remaining streams of his release toward me and I felt the molten hot cream streak across my nose and drip down onto my lips with the last jets streaking across my heaving breasts and nipples. Just then Tony cried out and stream after stream of his hot, thick, white cum combined with Ricks as he painted my face, tits, and chest with his nectar. I was lost in continuous release and moaned and groaned as each new stream seem to burn into my skin. By then I was delirious with pleasure and needed to taste my lover’s essence. I reached up and pulled Tonys deflating phallus to my lips and milked the last drops from his spent dick onto my lips before sucking his deep into my mouth. I felt Rick shift and realized he was standing on the bed beside me. When I upward across Tony’s chiseled abs I saw the image of Rick holding the back of Tony’s head and feeding him his own spent yet still chubby phallus.

Tony and I sucked and bathed the cocks pressed between our lips until the life seemed to drain out of all of us. The guys pulled free and moved to settle in on either side of me. I was totally sated and ready to curl up between them, but found they weren’t quite finished with me. Tony first kissed my kips tenderly lifting a stream of cum off them and gently feeding it to me. While we kissed, I felt Rick licking and gently suckling at my left breast. As Tony pulled his lips free, Rick pressed his cum covered lips to mine and slowly fed me the combined fluids he’d cleaned from me. For the next several minutes my guys alternately cleaned their cream off my skin and shared it with me through soft, passion filled kisses until every drop was cleaned away. Then they settled in beside me and gently stroked their fingers over my skin as we talked softly and tried to recover.

Tony stayed the night and we made love three more times before the night was over. As the morning light softly streamed through the blinds, I was looking down on Tony’s prone body looking deeply into his eyes as I slowly rose and fell on his nice thick cock. The urgency was gone and we seemed to float together as I slowly rode him while Rick reached up to cup my swaying tits and stroked his turgid cock until we were all finally spent. As I slid off Tony’s lithe body for the last time that day, I leaned over and sucked up the small puddle of white cream from Rick’s stomach and shared one last cum filled kiss, a kiss filled with more love and passion, with more calm assurance and acceptance than I once thought possible.

“Happy Birthday” he cooed as our lips parted and we stared softly into each other’s eyes.

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