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I wrote about my first experience being touched by another woman . . . it was at a strip club ~ some of you commented that if we paid for a private room with the girl of our choice, she would probably allow some kissing and touching. I am becoming wet just imagining what this must be like!!

I am arranging a sexual fantasy night for Hubby . . . and I would like any advice you have!! I want to take my lesbian fantasy to the next level so he can watch . . . but this time I want to be kissed, I even want her to finger my pussy, I WANT SOME SEXUAL ACTION ~ for him. So my question is can any of you give me some direction on the best way to make this happen?? In a safe environment . . . I am so eager to take this next step for both of us . . . I would like to surprise him though . . .


We went to the strip club last night!! OMG!! It was AMAZING . . . AWESOME . . . MORE THAN I EVER IMAGINED! I was dressed in a little short dress, no bra, a red, mesh thong. My dress was short enough that if I moved just right, anyone could see the thong ~ or my swollen, ready pussy . . . My breasts were bulging out of the deep, plunging neckline. It was a blue, chambray, with off white, eyelete lace trim. I wore my sexy cowgirl boots with it. I was lookin' pretty hot, if I must say so myself!! LOL . . . Hubby was lookin' GREAT too! He was my man, in charge . . .so sexy . . . we arrived, found the perfect table. We could see the main stage, 2 smaller poles and the bar. I was ready!! I immediately begain scoping out the beautiful ladies. I knew what I wanted. I wanted soft, real breasts, full curves, round ass, dark hair, dark eyes. a maternal nature . . . and I'll be damned if the 2nd girl that danced wasn't ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!! I told Hubby immediately I wanted HER. He told me I had to tip 3 dancers before I could have a private dance . . .UGGHHH!! I didn't want to wait!! I wanted her so badly!! I got my ones from him and went boldly to the center stage . . . I stroked her soft skin, told her it was my first time, and that I thought she was beautiful . . . I got nervous once I got up there! She was so sweet and gentle . . . her name is Billie, She is simply LUSCIOUS! I savoured my moment . . . slowly putting my money in her g-string. admiring her smooth skin., She whispered in my ear that she would come over to our table, as she smacked my bare ass right there in front of everyone!! I almost came right there!! She had to go to the smaller stage after that, I tipped the next dancer, then went back to her again . . . I told her Hubby's demands, and told her that I would be breaking that rule because I wanted her so badly!!

She came to the table . . . We found a corner, and I got my lap dance while Hubby watched. OMG . . . I'm sure she was just doing her job, but it was so wonderful!! She whispered wonderfully naughty things to me, told me if I wanted to see it I had to take it off, I took off her bra . . . her soft breasts swayed ini my face. She told me I could touch them, I could lick them, if she could do the same to mine. OF COURSE I answered!! I assured her she could do anything she wanted to me!! We made out right there . . . tits in mouths, fingeres in pussy, lips on lips, tounges in mouths, I was lost in her . . . I don't know how long it was!! Hubby finally had to snap me out of my sexual trance!! I was dripping wet . . . she was too . . . she kissed me full on the mouth as she left and gave me her cell phone number.

We watched a few more girls, I had another lap dance or two, but I was longing for Billie . . . I spotted her accross the bar . . . got her attention, she came to me quickly. Hubby treated me to VIP TIME with her . . . It was nothing like I have ever experienced in my life . . . WE finger fucked each other with no inhibitions, I licked her soft smooth pussy, we kissed hard, tounges thrashing in each others mouths like weapons. I told her I was a squirter . . . it made her even hotter. She wanted to see me squirt. Her fingers were frantically ramming in my slippery willing hole. then I asked her if Hubby could finger me with her. She eagerly agreed . . . I leaned back on the leather sofa, spread my leags wide, Hubby was seated in front of me, she was on the couch next to me. Hubby's huge fingers began to expertly maneuver my cunt, her soft, slender fingers slipped in with his. They were both watching my juicing pussy be pumped by each others hands, they would look at each other in lustful amazement. Once again I became lost in the pure primal sexual satisfaction of the moment. Then Hubby went to his magic spot, and I lost all sense of control!! My body began to roll, my pussy arching against their hands in desire for more, they pushed deeper together, and I came, squirting on their hands . . . .

She asked me to give her a lap dance. I obliged. I straddled her sexy body. grinding my slippery cunt on her bare thighs, She was looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, stroking my exposed breasts, her hand under my skirt slipping in my spread open slit. I asked if I could take off my dress. OH YES!!! So I peeled it off!! So there I am . . . Cowboy Boots and Red Thong ~ Grinding on my stripper and apparently SHE IS LOVING IT!!! She licked my nipples, I turned around, I was face to face with HUBBY . . . He was in heavan, I bent over for her, her fingers expertly slipped up and down my crack into my wet hole. THEN SMACK!!! and again SMACK!! OOOOHHHHH . . . . She was SMACKING MY ASS!! AND HARD!!! IT WAS SSSSOOOOO DAMN GOOD!! THEN HER FINGERS WENT IN MY PUSSY HARD, i FELL BACK ON HER, MY ARMS BACK AROUND HER HEAD, FINGERS INTERTWINED AND TANGLED IN HER BEAUTIFUL LONG HAIR, SHE WAS FINGERING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!! IT TOOK EVE3RYTHING I HAD NOT TO SCREAM!! then Hubby got my attention and told me i NEEDED TO PUT MY DRESS ON . . . Time was up . . . my legs were weak . . . she had to help me straighten out my dress, We were the last people to leave the club!!! She asked me to lunch next week!! I don't know if she's for real or not , but DAMN I HOPE SO!!!

I write erotica on another site. Here is the reference info. EXPERIENCEPROJECT Remember-My-First-Girl-On-Girl/1408899

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