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Growing up Sexually Part 5

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We had finally reached a new level as Mom watched Eric bending me over the sink and fucking me for my first time. The fact that Mom cupper Eric's balls while he shot a load in me went a long way in easing Eric's mind about sex in front of my mother. He finally realized that is was okay. Mom knew that we were two horny 17 year olds and needed to fuck our brains out...even a few times a day. And, that is just what we did! Mom knew that whenever she walked in the door we were likely catching a quicky down stairs or up in my bedroom banging out multiple orgasms. I started to feel bad that I was getting so much great sex and Mom was kind of left out. I figured she must be getting laid at some point but I really didn't see any evidence of it. She also wasn't saying to much about it either. I was starting to get a little worried. But, that was about to change. It was on a really nice Saturday afternoon and I had gone shopping. As I pulled up in front of the house I saw a familiar car in the driveway. There was a 2nd car in front but I didn't recognize it. The one I recognized was a friend of mine's father. He was a very handsome, well built black guy. He was one of the nicest men I have ever met...and of course I think he is sexy as hell. I thought maybe he had stopped by to drop something off for my friend. As I walked through the living room I could hear some talking coming from upstairs. It was Will talking and it really wasn't a conversation. It was loaded with some really sexy talk and some heavy breathing. I could only wonder what was going on when I heard a 2nd male voice. It clicked pretty quickly that my mom was upstairs with 2 men!! I could feel the moistness starting in my pussy. I stayed downstairs listening as things got a little louder and I heard my Mom having an orgasm. I crept up the stairs and peeked into her bedroom. Mom was lying on her back and Will was between her legs eating her pussy. The other man was up near Mom's head with his cock in her mouth. I was mesmerized watching the 3 of them having sex. I had read about 3 - somes but seeing it live (especially my Mom) was a whole different thing. The two men switched positions and it was at that point I got a look at Will's enormous cock! I had seen some black men in a magazine but seeing it live was totally different. It was beautiful and my juices were now running down my leg! I watched as Mom worked to get him in her mouth. She got the head in but I don't think she could go much farther. Soon she gave up on sucking on it and told Will she needed him to fuck her. I watched as Will came back around and got between Mom's legs. I watched as he guided his cock in her and from the sounds Mom was making she was obviously out of control as she took this monster in her pussy. Will's strong black ass was going up and down as he was getting deeper in Mom. Her breathing came very quickly as she launched into multiple orgasms and begging Will to give her all of his big black cock I heard will gasp as he was having a powerful orgasm and was pumping all of his cum in Mom. My eyes were glued on what was happening right in front of me. As Will finished he pulled out and crashed next to Mom as the other guy climbed between her legs. He certainly wasn't as big as Will and he slipped right into her filled pussy. He was obviously in ecstasy and didn't last very long as he added his own cum to what Will had left. As he finished and climbed off of her I could see a stream of cum running out of Mom's pussy. It was a beautiful sight. I hadn't realized that I moved forward in the door and I was not watching quite as discreetly as I thought. I heard Will say "well hello Cindy....did you like the show? I knew I was busted. "Come in here and see what your Mom just got.". My Mom spoke up "Cindy, can you get me a wash cloth?" "Oh no, said Will. I think the young lady would enjoy cleaning you up". I froze and didn't quite know what to do. Will took me by the arm and said "I think you should clean up that mess". This was new territory for me....and to clean up my Mom? Mom just gave me a little smile which was all the encouragement I needed. I went down between her legas and started liking the cum that the two men had left. I was actually really enjoying it especially when Mom began to moan. Oh My God...I'm turning her on? Mom was breathing heavy and moaning loudly. Suddenly Will came around behind me and removed my shorts and panties. By this time Mom was really squirming and I needed to be taken care of too. Will lifted my hips until I was up on my knees and I could feel the head of his cock entering my pussy. It was huge and I had never felt anything like that before. Eric was a good size but nothing compared to what was now sliding in my pussy. By this time Mom was really turned on and I could hardly stay on her pussy she was moving so much. I was starting to breath heavy from Eric's big cock all the way in me. Mom started into multiple orgasms. My face was feeling like a glazed donut from all the cum I had on it. Just as mom was screaming with her third orgasm I started to cum as well. I screamed "fuck me Will". It was at that point I realized I had all of him and I heard as he grunted he was cumming and he filled my pussy. After he finished he moved aside for the other man (found out his name was John) to take his place. His cock slipped in me effortlessly as I was well lubed from Will's load. It wasn't long before he tensed up and blew his load in my as well. We all just collapsed....really not much more to be said right now as these two lucky men just got to fuck a mother /daughter team!! I suppose it doesn't get much better than that.

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