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Grocery Store Adventure

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As Jeanie walked up the steps to the upstairs of her house, she could hear, through the slightly cracked door of her son?s room, an almost hushed conversation between her son and his best friend. The two boys were seniors in high school and had been the type of boys that were active and good students so there were never any worries or misgivings about what the two of them did.

She heard her son say to his friend, ?Do you ever feel awkward taking showers with the other boys after gym class??

?Sometimes I do but it depends on who is in the showers when I get in. I try to get in and out first so I do not have to be there any longer than possible,? was the chuckled response.

Jeanie stifled a small laugh and stood outside the door to hear more of the conversation. She never realized that her son or her son?s friends would be so self-conscious. The two boys were always very confident and never seemed to be intimidated by much of anything other than a girl flirting with them in front of her and her husband if he happened to be with her when it occurred. Jeanie crept a little bit closer to hear the conversation better.

Her son added quickly to the conversation with, ?I know what you mean. I am sort of the same way. I try to get in there quickly before Jerry gets in. The good thing is he is sort of slow in getting it together in getting a shower and usually the last one out of the locker room.?

Jeanie recognized a name of Jerry but was not sure if this was the same Jerry that worked for their small grocery store. Though the town was a small one in a very rural part of the state, she was sure that there had to be more than one named Jerry in her son?s senior class. The Jerry that they had hired needed a job to help with his family. He was a good student and a great athlete. Her and her husband had always tried to hire the kids that needed money from the high school and Jerry was one that was one of poorest in the school district.

She heard her son say in an awkward tone, ?I know. I do not like being in the shower with Jerry at all. Have you ever seen the size of his penis??

?Geez yes and that thing is scary. I feel like a little boy when he is in the shower and definitely one of the reasons that I want to get in and out quickly.?

Jeanie was stunned to hear about the boys talking about the size of another boy?s penis and feeling inadequate. She knew that both of these boys had nice cocks just by seeing them in their bathing suits. She thought to herself that this Jerry must be something outside of her imagination. She knew that when she was in high school, girls would talk in the locker room about the lack of having boobs but Jeanie did not have that issue at all. She was tall and had a perfect set of 34 C tits that she was proud to show off in the locker room. She recalled the many times that her male teachers would steal a peek and made her feel sexy. This memory and the talk of a big dick senior boy in high school definitely was having an effect on her so she moved away from the door to not let herself be caught.

Jeanie quietly left her son?s doorway and stealthily walked down the hallway to her bedroom. She noticed that she was a little bit excited by the conversation and had to know if this Jerry was the same boy that they had hired. She walked into her spare walk in closet to find the box of photographs and what not that she was saving for her son once he left home. She opened the box and scanned the yearbook of her son?s classmates. She found the picture of only one Jerry in her son?s class and it was the same sandy blond haired boy with a smile that would melt the little girls? hearts in the high school. Jeanie could only smile to herself and realize that she knew a very deep secret of this boy that perhaps no other female might know.

Her husband, Mike, came home that night from the store to dinner prepared and her family ate with the usual chit chat about the day.

?How was did the store do today??

?How was school??

?Were you able to find the perfume that you wanted when you went to Euclid?? and so forth as the dinner played out.

When it was time for bed, Mike was peering through some invoices as he sat propped up against the headboard of their king size bed. Jeanie was in the master bathroom taking longer than usual to come to bed but Mike did not care because he was a little behind on paperwork and this time was relaxing but when Jeanie came out of the master bath, he dropped the invoices.

Jeanie was standing at the foot of the bed with a deep green lacey teddy that was see through. The teddy was the style of a high V in the front that was slotted open on the sides above her slim hips and came together over her smooth tummy and wrapped her beautifully shaped tits. He could see her pink nipples clearly and they were as alert as her blue eyes. She asked him, ?Do you remember this and what happened when I wore it for the only time??

?Jesus Jeanie, I do remember that night and you look even hotter tonight than that night,? was all Mike could say but his memory of that night was as vivid as the image that was before his eyes now. His cock came immediately to life due to memory burn and the visual of his wife?s incredible effort in maintaining the body of a thirty year old on a late forty year old frame.

?Well baby, I made that night so special for you because you wanted it. I would not have done it for anything in the world. But you had asked me so many times and assured me that if I put on a show with another woman for you that you would be forever grateful and your fantasies would be complete. You know that I have done everything that I could for you sexually. It took so much courage for me to pick up that woman in the bar when we went to the convention in Chicago.?

?I know honey. You were awesome and it was just sheer luck that it happened. I am not sure that it would not have happened without you being as aggressive as you were and our providing plenty of alcohol for her. I loved that night but watching you being eaten out by her and you licking her pussy till she came was almost too much for me to handle?, Mike replied with a huge grin on his face and his hand stroking his cock beneath the covers.

Jeanie noticed the motion of the blanket moving up and down, she said, ?Hmmm, seems that night is making your cock grow again. You would love me sucking that dick of yours right now wouldn?t you??

?Oh baby, I would love to feel that hot mouth of yours on me right now while you are in that Teddy.?

?I bet you would baby but I am not ready to do that. I want to show you something,? was her response as she lazily moved up the bed like a cat. As she pulled herself up onto the pillows beside her husband, she pulled back the covers to expose her husband?s 8? thick cock. She admired the size of it and it had served her well. ?Mikey baby, you know I love your cock. It has always made me feel awesome. But tonight, I want to talk about something.? As she said this, she reached into the drawer of her night stand to pull out the senior class yearbook photos of her son. Mike watched the green Teddy disappear into the crack of her ass and could only admire how her ass was shaped with long cheeks that were muscled shaped as she turned away from him.

As she opened the yearbook to the right page,?Do you see this boy here in our son?s class??

?Sure Jeanie that is Jerry who works for us at the store. Nice kid and a hard worker but what about him,? he questioned?

?Have you ever talked to him very much? You know about what his plans are or whether he will go to college or does he have a girlfriend??

?Hell Jeanie, I have talked to him a little bit but nothing all that personal. He is sort of quiet but I doubt that he does much as far as a girlfriend since he has no car that I know of or even money for that matter,? was Mike?s response. ?What is your point?? Mike was a little distracted by the course of the conversation since he had a hard on and his wife was dressed to be fucked.

?Baby, do not get so irritated. I can see that cock of yours is about to explode but I want to chit chat a bit. I found out something about Jerry today and that is why I was asking the things about him that I did,? she said with her demure smile as she looked into her husband?s eyes.

She knew that he would not resist that look. She was a perfect practitioner in getting or holding his attention and even more so when he was turned on. As she continued to smile and look into his eyes, she reached down for his rigid cock and began to stroke it ever slowly. This only made him lean back deeper into the headboard and move his hips slowly to match her rhythm.

?Oh my heavens Jeanie, you truly know how to jack me off.?

?Hmm, you like this baby. Your poor cock is getting so hard and maybe I should suck it a little bit for you.?

?Please baby, I need it badly.?

?Really baby, you need it badly?? she asked as she picked up the pace and kissed him lightly on the lips. ?You want to fuck your pretty wife?s mouth?? she said smoothly in his ear. He only could nod but as he nodded she asked him, ?Honey, would you make a fantasy come true for me now that I have for you?? as she began to jack him off quicker and rub his sac with her other hand.

?Shit Jeanie, I want to cum so badly. What do you want me to do to make you happy??

?Okay baby, I am not going suck your hard cock till we talk this through. I will continue to jack you off but I want to be free to talk, agree,? she asked?

?Sure sweetie, I am here to make you happy,? is all he could get out of his mouth.

?My fantasy is to watch you with another guy. You wanted to see me with another woman and I did it. Now it is your turn to do it for me. I am truly excited about seeing this and since this afternoon, I did not realize that I wanted it.?

?What the hell Jeanie! I cannot do that I am not gay or anything of that nature!? Mike complained in a whiny manner.

?Well you had no problem with me being with a woman and I am not gay either. It was your fantasy and I did what you wanted. It is your turn do make me happy and you will if you are truly the man that loves me,? was her stance.

?Where do you expect me to find a guy in the first place? You mean you want to see him sucking my cock in front of you? What do you expect of me??

?You do not need to find a man and I have one in mind that I would want to see you with and he works for you right now,? she responded with a smile and showed him their son?s classmate?s photo while pointing to Jerry.

?Are you shitting me? This kid??

?Yes please honey. I will never ask again and do not want to see you with anyone else. I am very curious and you will be teaching this young man something about sex as well.?

Mike was flustered by his wife?s odd request and the hard on that he had was dead and gone. Jeanie knew that she had probably crossed the line but she felt she had the right to request. Mike turned off the light and rolled away from his wife in somewhat of a huff. Jeanie could feel the uneasiness in the room but still leaned into him and said, ?I am sorry that I upset you. I thought you were stronger than this and felt that I had fulfilled your desires and you would have no problem with mine. Guess I was wrong,? as she finished saying these words, she kissed him on the cheek and laid down on her side.

The next morning Mike had arisen early to take delivery of poultry. Everyone was sound asleep and he was not in the mood to say goodbye to Jeanie for the day so he left the house quietly and quickly. All through the day he thought about Jeanie?s request and how absurd it was for her to ask such a thing of him. What does she think I am was all he could roll around in his head. But he never had told her of a time in his life when he was a young man when he was accosted by an older gentleman.

He could still remember sitting at the corner waiting for his ride to work when an older man that was the town doctor had come up to him and started to chit chat with him about really nothing. Eventually, the doctor brought up why Mike had not come in for a physical in such a long time. He told Mike that he needed to do it once a year just like he did when he was younger even though Mike was an adult now. Mike stated that he would sometime in the near future.

On the day of his appointment, he met with the doctor and the doctor did the routine for a hernia so Mike dropped the drawers and did the perfunctory cough-cough but the doctor appeared to be taking a little more time with his cock. It seemed like he was looking at it closely and pulling on his cock a little too strongly. Mike asked, ?Everything is okay? Can I go now??

The doctor only smiled and said, ?You are fine and you need to take care of that thing as well.?

Over the next couple of days, Mike found himself asking more questions about Jerry and his life while they worked together. For whatever reason, Mike made the effort to know more about this boy that had somehow entered into his wife?s fantasy and his dilemma. Mike had learned that Jerry had hoped to go on to college and that his social life was minimal due to lack of funds. Mike also learned that Jerry?s parents were embarrassed to participate at things in school due to their poverty and his guidance counselor at school had been more of a parent to him than his own parents when it came to school functions. Mike also found out that Jerry had never been on a date with a girl as well.

During those two days of working, getting to know Jerry a little better, his situation with his wife was still frosty. They talked but Mike was still cool to his wife. She did her best to make things better and more comfortable for him but he was still feeling betrayed to some degree. Finally she just put it on the line with Mike before his leaving for work on Friday. She had told him that he needed to stop pouting. That she did what he had asked because she loved him more than herself. She did not think she was being out of line in telling him, her fantasy and now is sorry that she had. These thoughts were playing on Mike?s mind and he did feel some guilt in acting the way he had.

When Jerry arrived at work that afternoon, he noticed that Jerry had received a ride by his guidance counselor. Mike watched the two of them talking right outside the window in front of the store. The two of them seemed to be talking quickly back and forth. Jerry seemed to be leaning back a little bit in the seat and Mike could see the guidance counselor glancing up and down as he was talking to Jerry. Jerry nodded and seemed to shift his weight and as he did so, the guidance counselor reached over to touch Jerry?s hair. They both smiled and Jerry got out of the car and walked to the front of the store. Mike watched Jerry amble up to the door as the car pulled away but Mike?s eyes could not mistake the big bulge in the front of Jerry?s pants. ?What the fuck? That kid has a huge hard on??

Jerry walked in and greeted Mike warmly. Mike asked, ?Hey is everything alright? I noticed you were dropped off by your guidance counselor and the two of you were talking pretty deeply.?

Jerry just smiled and said, ?Things are fine. He just needed to see something and talk about it with me in the car before I came to work.? With that said, Jerry headed back to the stockroom area to clock in and receive the shipment of staples that had been delivered early that day.

Mike walked to his office to make a call to his wife. He wanted to make up with her and felt that he was out of line.

He picked up the phone and it rang till she answered, ?Hello.?

?Hi honey. I have to apologize to you. I know that I have been a jack ass to you. You are the sexiest and hottest woman that I have had or ever will want to have. I am so sorry and guess I will make your dream come true.?

?Really baby? You do not have to because I have accepted the fact that you are uncomfortable with what I asked you to do. Your cock is more than enough fantasy for me!?

Mike smiled inwardly because he knew she was telling him the truth, ?Why don?t you pick me up a half an hour after the store closes and we can have a drink and discuss this fantasy a bit more. I will be in my office so just come in the back door and get me.?

?Okay sugar, I might wear just a short dress with no panties on for you to make things square,? she purred.

The day went smoothly for the store the rest of the day as Mike and Jerry worked together getting things done with much idle chatter between them. When it came time to close at nine, Mike turned out the lights and asked if Jerry would like a beer and afterwards, Mike would give him a ride home.

Jerry said, ?Wow Mike, a beer would be great. I have had a couple with some of my friends but one with you would be neat.?

?Great Jerry, pick out a something you like from the cooler and bring them up to my office. I am going on in to get some paper work done.? Mike entered the office not sure what he was going to do but he knew he had to try getting something to happen with Jerry. He put a chair right across from his office chair so he could talk directly face to face to Jerry. Jerry came in the door with a six pack of Coronas and put them on the desk. Mike opened two, offered one to Jerry while beckoning him to the chair that was just set in place.

After a second round and mostly talk about school, Mike had the courage to finally say, ?Jerry, you know I like you and you have done a great job around here. Can I ask you something sort of personal about today??

Jerry looked a little confused but said, ?Sure I guess so. I do not remember anything happening here at the store that makes it personal.?

?Well,? Mike drawled, ?I noticed that the conversation between you and your guidance counselor seemed a bit different than what I would expect. It seemed like there was more to it than school I guess.?

?Hmm, I do not know what you mean. He was doing most of the talking as he always does and is always talking about the same things. That is all.?

?Really, he talks about the same things? I do not understand because it seemed like he was very into whatever was happening in the car,? Mike said curiously. ?From my point of view, it almost seemed like the two of you were talking about girls,? he added with a laugh.

?Girls! Are you kidding me? He is not interested in girls at all!? Jerry said quickly.

?How do you know that??

?If I tell you this then you must promise that you never tell anyone okay,? asked Jerry?

?Sure, we are beer buddies Jerry.?

?My guidance counselor is into boys. He is always asking me to show him my dick.?

?Are you kidding me Jerry, he does? Have you??

Jerry?s face is red now but he nods that he has done it and that was what was going on in the car today. Jerry told Mike that his guidance counselor has begged him to show him his cock in person since the day the guidance counselor accidently saw him dressing in the locker room while searching for someone that needed to come to the office.

Mike was now excited by the conversation of what had happened but also curious to see the cock that was bulging in Jerry?s pants. Mike also knew that his wife could be coming to the store in just a few minutes.

Mike gambled and said, ?Did you like showing yourself to him??

Jerry said, ?It was a little weird just pulling it out for him. He did reach over and touch it a little bit. It did feel sort of good but I was afraid and knew I had to go to work.?

Mike threw caution to the wind and asked, ?Jerry you know that I have a hot wife and most of the boys in your school would give their left nut to fuck her. But I am really curious as to what this counselor of yours is seeing. Would you mind showing me your cock??

Jeanie had pulled the car into the parking space behind the store and realized that she was perfect on her timing. She had done exactly as she said she would, she had put on a short blue dress with no panties exposing her almost perfectly shaven twat that would be accessible to Mike if he were to make a move while having a drink. She unlocked the back door which was far away from Mike?s office so there was no sound to be heard by anyone in the office. She walked quietly towards the office because she was hoping to surprise Mike by being on time. She could see the light was on through the doorway as she walked but she could hear her husband talking to someone. It sounded like Jerry?s voice but she was unsure. As she approached the door she could hear Mike talking.

?Man, I do not know Mike that is sort of weird.?

?It is okay Jerry. You were not afraid to do it today for someone. You think my wife is sexy don?t you?

?Hell yes Mike, she is awesome.?

?Okay, then,? Mike countered, ?What if I show you some pictures of her as you take it out? Is that a deal??

Jeanie was shocked that Mike was bribing Jerry with some of the pictures that he had taken of her. She thought that they were only between them. Nonetheless, she smiled as she knew what Mike was up to.

?Jesus, Mike. I have never seen a woman with tits like that. I would love to see them.?

?You are Jerry,? as Mike said this, he began to undo Jerry?s pants and Jerry did not resist. Jerry continued to shift through the several photos of Mike?s wife. As Mike pulled down Jerry?s underwear, the 10 inch cock that had to be 6 inches in girth was staring him in the face. Mike could not believe his eyes that this boy had a cock this large. Geez, Jeanie knew something about this after all and I cannot take my eyes off this cock was all he could think about.

Jeanie had heard all of this and had put her head around the corner of the doorway to see what was going on. She could see that Jerry was slightly turned away from her and standing in front of her husband. His giant cock was inches from Mike?s face and Jerry was scanning through her photos like a man dying of thirst for water.

Mike looked up and saw Jeanie?s face. She smiled at him and he gave her an imperceptible nod. Jeanie was getting what she wanted and she never thought that it would happen but so happy that Mike was going to get a cock bigger than his own.

Mike opened his mouth and took Jerry?s cock into his mouth. It filled his mouth and he struggled since he had never sucked a cock before. Jerry immediately felt the sensation of Mike?s warm mouth and began to move his hips to make himself feel more sensation. Mike was amazed that things just seem to click. Jerry had not been with anyone before but he just knew how to fuck his face and Mike was enjoying every moment.

Jerry was muttering, ?Hmmm, I cannot believe how good this feels. Please keep going and deeper.?

Mike was now sucking about half of the size of Jerry into his mouth and Jerry?s pace was beginning to be faster and harder. Mike could taste something that must have been the precum. Mike was sucking for all he was worth.

Jerry was now in his own fantasy world, ?Come on Jeanie, suck my cock. I know your husband would not mind. He loves my cock and now he wants you to have it.? As he was saying this, he was stroking the rest of the cock that was outside of Mike?s mouth with each stroke hitting Mike in the mouth.

Jeanie watched her husband being face fucked harder than she had ever received. She had her hand on her pussy and stroking her clit. Her face was red with passion and she knew she would cum all over her hand but watching her husband?s eyes bulge from strain of this kid?s big cock in his mouth was the icing on the cake.

Jeanie and Mike heard Jerry say, ?Oh my god!?

Jeanie knew what was going to happen next and watched Mike?s mouth at the edges explode with cum.

Jerry had shot a load that neither of them had ever seen and Mike was choking on cum with the cum dripping from his nose and out the corners of his mouth. Jerry kept pumping Mike?s mouth and not letting him get away since he had both his hands on the back of Mike?s head. Jeanie watched it with delight and incredulity. As a woman, she had never experienced this either and she was a little envious of her husband. Finally, Mike?s found some breath and swallowed what he could. He looked up at Jerry and could see Jerry glassy eyed.

Jeanie backed into the hallway and into the darkness. She was exhausted from her own orgasms and visuals. Jeanie had never expected this to be something in her life but she was excited to have it and thought that this needs to happen more.

Jerry being slightly embarrassed reached down for his pants while Mike was trying to clean up the mess on his face, shirt and floor. ?My god Mike, I did not know what it was like to have my cock sucked before but it was incredible. Thanks for the beer. I think I will walk home now just to clear my head.?

?Okay,? Mike said. He was still trying to get his wits about him after being fucked by a boy of that strength. ?I will see you on Monday.?

Jerry left through the back but never saw Jeanie. Jeanie entered the office and told Mike, ?Shit Mike, that was amazing. You sucked that kid?s big cock better than I could have. I have never seen so much cum in my life. Thank you for loving me as you do.?

?I do love you baby,? he said as he tried to get the rest of the cum off the front of his shirt. ?I am not sure that I need a drink now but I can tell you this, there is more to this story in the future?, and has he said this to his wife, he kissed her so she could taste the cum stained lips of his.

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