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Goodness Something to Enjoy

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Tessa and I went to Boston for the weekend to enjoy some free time. We checked into a beautiful hotel Friday night and decided to stay close, having dinner in the hotel dining place. It was very dimly lit, nice tables with an adjoining bar that had live music playing that evening. We ate dinner and decided to go over to the bar for some drinks. After enjoying some music for a bit, we decided to dance to a slow song in the dark mood lightly of the lounge. It was very nice as I had loosened up as had Tessa. As we twirled about the dance floor, I just surveyed the room and noticed some guys watching us. They seem to be the young business type. One of them was very good looking and staring right Tessa's ass because I know he wasn't looking at me.

We finished the song and I decided I would hit the bathroom to see if anything would happen while I was gone. Well later on, Tessa would tell me she too had seen the guy staring at her and had this devilish grin as she looked back at him. I took a little longer getting back to the table, but there was no one there when I got back except Tessa. She told me the guy came over after I left and immediately introduced him to her. Coyly, she said they had made small talk for a little bit before he decided to return to his friends. My little nymph than set me up real nice for what was to happen next.

After having a couple more drinks, we went up to the room and she immediately pinned me against the door and ripped down my pants and started sucking my cock. Who was I to argue as she engulfed me? Before long, I could feel the saliva running down to my balls about to explode. I came with a rush into her mouth, a true geyser I haven't felt in a long time because of the excitement of her ripping down my pants. Tessa came up and shared her cum with a kiss with wild passion. After a little bit, she stared right into my eyes and said, "SShhhhhh".

She took me over to the chair near the bed and proceeded to undress. Then she got into one of her sexy outfits packed with her heels on. Thigh high black stockings, black heels, black thong, and her studded shelf bra. Only she didn't have them exposed right now. Tessa came over to me and said are you ready and just about that time there was a knock at the door. She looked at me with that devilish grin and moved over to the door. As she let him in, he looked straight at me. Tessa said to him, "He is going to just watch while we play". With that, the guy from the lounge turned his complete attention to Tessa's body and began kissing her deeply.

He was younger than us, I guessed about early 30's. His hands roamed from her back to her lovely ass, squeezing her pelvis into his no doubt hardening cock. Tessa moaned through his kisses which meant he was good and making her wet. He surprised her by cupping her ass cheeks and picking her up into his arms as they remained locked in embracing lips. Tessa instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. As he laid her on the bed breaking their kiss, he went straight for her pussy. Pulling her thong to the side and sticking his tongue deep into her wet slit. Her head went back as the sensation just blew her away. Tessa's hand went to his head as she tossed her head side to side. His tongue licked up her entire pussy and then he clamped down on her clit sending some no doubt chills through her body. In no time this expert was making Tessa moan to her first climax. As I watched, she moaned, "AAAAAHHHHHhhh Fuck! That feeeeeeelllssss SSSSoooooooo GGGooooooddddd! Fuck me" I loved this totally spontaneous surprise happening right before me. Tessa had sucked me dry and then immediately went into her nymphomaniac performing mode with this hot stud from the lounge. I was instantly hard again the moment they started. Seeing her dress before me, fully anticipating it being just us, then to be wide eyed watching her seduce this hot guy in our hotel room to begin our weekend of fun. It was incredible.

After her climax, he rose up and removed his clothes. He was in great shape, chiseled abs, nice chest, and little hair not too much, sexy. When he took down his pants, I could see the outline of something very big. When he slowly removed his boxer briefs, this huge cock appeared hard as a rock. Tessa's first words were, "Put that right in here", motioning to her mouth. He lay down with his head toward the pillows and Tessa climbed on in a 69 with him. His tongue went right back to that cunt to start all over again while Tessa looked at me as she took her first lick of his big meat. She just closed her eyes and took him down as far as she could take him. Tessa got about 7 inches of that monster into her mouth and when she raised up it was covered in her saliva. It was a very pleasant surprise to have uncovered such a gem the first night in Boston for her enjoyment. She went to town on his cock, sucking, licking, and stroking his big throbbing cock. I knew what she wanted was that first load of his deep down her throat to taste his liquid sweetness. Tessa moved her hair out of the way so I would have clear visibility to the whole show and she put one on just for me as I sat their mesmerized by her sex goddess talents. Her hand started stroking him more intently; she wanted to milk him quickly because I knew she wanted that meat deep inside her pussy soon. He was moaning all over her slit as she devoured and worked his cock.

Tessa made quick work of another who couldn't last long with her oral expertise. He was moaning, "OMG I'm going to cumm soon". She worked even more feverishly to milk him as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft, stroking him with the saliva running out of her mouth. She was truly enjoying this large meat a lot right in front of my viewing eyes. "I'mmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg UUUUUUUUUuuugggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh he groaned and exploded in her mouth. I wasn't expecting what she did next because she usually likes to swallow, but she let it all run out of the sides of her mouth so that I could see the river he was rewarding her with. She sucked and licked all of it and then cleaned him up with his cum smeared all over her face. He was breathing hard and trying to recover as he massaged her ass. He was super sensitive as she relentlessly kept sucking that big monster back to life. He was hard in a matter of minutes all over again.

Tessa turned around at that point and pointed that huge cock to her dripping entrance. I knew this would be quite the performance right now. For one, he had just cum, so it was going to be a long ride I thought before he came again. Tessa leaned down and made him taste himself all over her face. He licked, kissed, and sucked that cum lathered face of hers like an experienced lover. Their tongues were intertwined as his meat disappeared completely and slowly into her cunt. He started pumping up into her as she grinded on his pelvis. She was moaning so loud as I knew the fullness of that cock would have her cumming in no time.

Tessa released from his lips and rose up to bounce on his meat as he played with her tits. He was squeezing her nipples between his fingers and rising up to suck them into his mouth. He covered every inch of both her breasts while his monster cock slammed into Tessa repeatedly to her satisfaction. She was tossing her head side to side as he fucked her senseless or she fucked herself senseless. It was the most awesome show to watch as she came over and over. At one point, she screamed to him, "FUCK ME FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER STUD". I listened to her encourage him with her dirty mouth and that seem to do the trick to start his orgasm because within a few minutes of her relentless naughty mouth, he flooded her again to their pleasure and mine because I could see clearly the cum flowing from between his cock and her pussy lips. And she rode him all the way through his climax as I saw she was cumming again with him and that big meat sawing in and out of her snatch.

When they calm down, Tessa collapsed on his chest kissing him as he breathed hard. This cougar had wasted this younger stud with her sexual prowess. I was a proud husband watching his wife fuck the shit out of this stud. He was done. She rolled off of him and the cum was pouring out of her hole right now. He got up, cleaned up and slipped out after saying his thank you to us both.

Needless to say, I cleaned my baby up from top to bottom of that pussy hole. I even snaked my tongue into her ass where the rest of the cum had settled. My finger found its way in there and she started bucking against my hand. I rose up and slowly inserted my raging hard cock into her ass. Using the cum, pussy juice, and my spittle, she loosened up asking me to fuck her harder until I burst a huge load into her orifice. MMMmmm it felt as good as I kissed her cum covered lips. She was hot and smiling ear to ear. I asked her was it a great fuck or what and she just looked at me smiling, "I fucked him good". Music to my ears. We showered, fucked in there and I got my cock licked again as she 69'd me again on the bed. We were up very late that night as the images of what I had seen kept me harder than ever for a long time. And of course she used that dirty mouth to keep the action going well into our slumber. I awoke in the morning to my loving wife's lips wrapped around my cock right before I flipped her over to fuck that beautiful pussy again while kissing her passionately until she exploded all over me squirting from the sheer exhilaration we shared the night before.

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