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Good Girl goes into Full Swing, Anal, MMF

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It had been a while since I had fucked her ? sometimes the frustration would send me off to view images within my own mind. I imagined slapping her face fucking her deep & hard smacking harder as I thrust myself inside her. I liked looking down at that pretty face of hers especially when I was so deep inside her. I hesitated at times, not sure how hard I should slap her. She would tense up sometimes lifting her hands to her face. This only made me smack that pretty face harder & harder.

I didn?t lick her pussy or finger her at all ? nothing, she got zero foreplay- for making me go this long without having the right to fuck her! My mind filled with thoughts of her but I resisted calling her, no text no email, nothing. I needed to show her that I was in control even though she had such a sweet full lipped tight pussy. Ugh the thought of smacking her filled my mind. The more I tried to get rid of her the more images consumed my thoughts. What was she doing? Where was she working at? Was she fucking someone else? No, she was too proper to just go fuck anyone. She was my little slut, I still had no idea what exactly I did to get that sweet latina ass to give Me the time of day but she had, oh had she ever. I told her that ass was mine and no one else?s? I still recall that day, there I was, BSB fucking that tight never penetrated lil asshole. Aaah, that thought alone made Me want to call her now and remind her that not only was her pussy owned by me but I owned that lil hole of hers too. I had to attend a meeting ? the boy scouts and advocates fussing over allowing gays into the organization. How could I sit through listening to the reasons and rational of this heated debate without revisiting that night she surprised me with not only another body but of one that was in male form. There I was watching her hand grip around my cock her lips slightly open as if she was about to wrap them around the base but instead she moved her wrist slightly to place my dick infront of his face, he was quick to open his mouth. Uuuugh, the sensation, I admit felt so damn good. His jaws were strong his desire to suck my dick was even stronger. I was in control as I watched her take it from his mouth and put it in hers. My lil slut giving me what I wanted. I wanted more but I was still a bit taken back that this was even happening. I had asked her many times to bring another girl into the scene with us. I mentioned to her that I wanted to watch a girl on girl action. I did say I wanted to watch her eat pussy. Yet here she was bringing in a man and not only was he eager to suck my dick but willing to do whatever she asked of him. She was subtle and at times difficult, too damn literal and would misunderstand my texts and soon we were in a negative spin. Tonight, she made up for all that. She teased before about having someone else show up or be there when I arrived but this nite was not her teasing. My lil slut wanted to please me and I knew she brought him in for my pleasure not hers. She was still a good girl wanting to lose control albeit while being in control! Haja!. Maybe I should allow her more freedom? Maybe even give her a prepaid credit card so she could set up the scenes and all I had to do was show up and be pleasured. There we were naked and in bed at the Valley ? she was enough, even though at times I made her feel as though I needed a variety. I wanted a variety but with her as part of every scene. Here I was, the Big Shot Banker in her eyes and although I had truly arrived, I still had some insecurities. I was unable to convey them to her. I also had some fantasies that I was unsure once spoken, how she would react. She had been married to a very controlling over confident sex maniac. She had told me a story of a time when he flogged and whipped her so much she was covered in welts and still he made her get dressed and attend his dinner meeting. So at times, rather than to do what I really wanted to do, which was smack the fuck out of her, slap her face and flog her good & hard, I hesitated not wanting to run her off. How could those thoughts even cross my mind? I had already semi forced fucked her in the ass and she still kissed me with a sweet passion. I probably should realize that sometimes she battles thoughts and insecurities herself and probably so little has to do with Me. She obviously enjoyed fucking me from the very beginning. I remember how hard my cock became when I touched the true wetness between her legs. She was really wet. She moved sensual and she truly seemed to be enjoying herself. I liked that she was into it, yes she liked getting fucked by The BSB. All I needed to do was realize that it didn?t matter why she was opening her legs to me, as long as I still had access that was all I needed to concern myself with. So there she was speaking about someone showing up? and before I could say a word ? the door opens up and there is a 6 ft or so man standing there, I can?t recall if he was naked already on arriving or when he took his clothes off but I can remember that the variety I wanted but never really spoke it to her, was now inside my mouth, hard and throbbing! She moved it towards my face, ?suck it? then batted those brown eyes, those naturally long eye lashes. Even though she was no longer in her youthful yrs of 20?s or 30?s she still had that young girl look of wonder and awe in her big doe eyes. She didn?t sound demanding nor was being a bitch, she said it in such a playful way but regardless of how she said, ?suck it? there I was sucking on his dick. She pulled it out of my mouth after just a few strokes then started to kiss my mouth, ugh this sexy lil slut, how did she go from being under Me, as I fucked her, taking her ass her asking me to be gentle and now here she was, watching me wrap my lips around another cock! I was not prepared for this night to really happen but there I was making it work. I wanted to smack her face and take the flogger to her back and spread her ass cheeks and ask this man, we will call ?Stan? to fuck her lil tight hole but I didn?t. Instead I told her to ride his hard cock. Watching her pussy lips wrap around him as he moved in and out of her was a sight. I should have taken a flogger to her back or spanked her ass hard while she was riding him but instead I just watched in awe. Here she was my lil slut, the girl that never ever sucked cock before until she was married ? and now here she was sucking two cocks and getting fuckd by two as well. Aaah, I had not spoken to her about all I wanted to do and being it was our first encounter, I just let the basic happen. I let him fck her a while. She motioned for me to lay on the bed as she climbed on top straddling me and riding me? Stan was licking her from behind ? I should have commanded him to lick my balls and make his way down to stick his tongue in my ass. (next time, next time) Yes, I will be sure to have her slip my dick out just long enough to get his strong jaws to suck her juices off then re-lube and reinsert. I can almost still imagine the sensation of when he sucked the head of my cock, the moment he placed it into his mouth. My lil slut was watching, smiled and gave me that shy but naughty look. She cupped my balls as Stan was sucking my cock. There we were fucking her taking turns but not at the same time. DP? Could my lil slut handle DP? I will soon find out. First I want to watch her take it hard and deep. While he slams into her pussy I want to be smacking her face telling her to suck my dick. Then I?ll switch positions and stick my dick inside her already swollen pussy and tell her to ?suck it? I?ll make her suck it even though I know that is not what she enjoys doing. She didn?t like getting her ass fucked either but I made her do it. Yes, I want to watch as he penetrates her fresh smacked face. Meanwhile as I penetrate her from behind I will take the flogger to her back or maybe ask Stan to do it for Me. Well although between she and I we had never discussed boundaries, I was glad we had not because had she asked if I would want to have a man?s hardcock in my mouth, chances are I would have answered ?No?

Here we were, doing a threesome for the first time and I was getting my cock sucked by another man Well, I didn't last long and shot my load into Stan?s mouth and he swallowed most of it down and then leaned forward and kissed my lil slut. We lay there after he had gone, no words spoken just both of us there in silence but I know in my mind I was screaming ?more!?

So? we ended up losing touch with ?Stan? is what she had said, something about her cell messing up and now the contact info for him was lost. She met him while she sunbathed nude. A normal unsuspecting day and somehow they got to chitchatting and as she tells it, once she heard him say he was Bi sexual ? it was then she knew he would be perfect for our first encounter with another. How she came to that realization, is beyond Me. It did work though and many times I relived that night still wanting more. So after not seeing her for a while, I decided to stop with the foolish pride and reach out to her. Today was a good day, she not only responded but was open to me getting a room. The same room we had our threesome in. She looked good and I felt better after seeing her warm smile. I took my pants then shirt off and the rest then lay on the bed, she undressed and lay her body close to mine, ugh that felt so good. It had been a while so my senses were still taking a bit to react. Taking in her scent of vanilla, with a hint of fresh showered clean hair. ?Mmm baby? I wanted to enter her quick. Soon, I was spreading her legs pulling her closer to the edge of the bed as I was standing stroking myself putting some jojoba oil on as I looked down our eyes both filled with anticipation. I missed her and at the same time could feel myself wanting to take that out on her. I wanted to smack her thighs to make her spread her legs even wider but she always spread them for me, I liked how limber she was.. she could spread her legs all the way back to where I could see both her lil holes. I didn?t give her foreplay because after all she made me do without. I could have picked up the phone and demanded she just show up so I could fuck her but a part of Me wanted her to beg me to come fuck her. Here I was again filled with urges to smack & fuck her and here she was today so willing so eager to have me do it. Earlier: She had texted me that she was running a little late. She followed that text with something about calling a friend to join us ? truth was I had on many occasions imagined her being fucked but I was not sure any of my real friends deserved her. I had one friend that she knew of and his name? he had seen her before and I knew that if I asked her to, she would suck or fuck him at my command. I was aware that she didn?t want to fuck just anyone but the novelty of me asking her to do it was the turn on the act was just to show she was my lil slut. She said she liked bold and direct men. Ha, little did she know when I first met her how bold I would be, insecurities or not, I would turn her into my lil slut and here she was ? legs spread and so wet like the very first time? waiting, looking at me with those eyes just looking and squirming about anticipating when I would enter her. I leaned in ugh it had been too long that I felt I may cum too fast so I stroked it a bit longer but soon enough I placed a pillow under her ass and went in ? deep in with one stroke oh that felt so good ?awe my babey? stroke by stroke I felt her gripping me and moving to allow me deeper and deeper inside. Yes, she missed me fucking her. ?oh daddy? She was most expressive when I was fuckn her and sometimes the words she spoke surprised me but then again she was vulnerable when I was inside her. I let her know how pretty her face was to me. She gave me that look ? it said smack me please. ?Please, do it, I deserve it, I know I do, just do it, smack me? she whispered. I am in control not you, you lil slut! I didn?t smack her then but instead reached for the flogger? the red thick flogger she brought with her. She kept in just laying there on her bed or attached to a big white Teddy bear. Today she brought it and placed it on my side of the bed. Yes, that?s exactly what I like, my lil slut to be prepared. Maybe I should give her an allowance even though I pay her rent and her car * That gives me access but if I gave her a credit card or an allowance, we could call it ?fun money? whatever the name, I would remain BSB. She could arrange scenes with a little more to play with? I would revisit that thought ? for now all I wanted to do was fuck her and reclaim what I once owned. The more I penetrated her the more I could feel her body start to get closer to that orgasm. ?Go ahead babey do it, do it, cum for me? Just as she was about to cum ? there was a knock on the door. Damn it, I only had a few hours today, I had to attend another meeting and one I could not miss. I was about to pull out but she gripped me with her pussy and wrapped her legs tight around me then held onto my ass real tight, ?No, No, do not stop fucking Me, please, please just, ughm just oh daddy just ugh ugh ohhhh, she was just finishing cumming as she yelled out ?open, come in!?

The door opens and in walks a young guy ? slim nice build dark hair, green eyes wearing just a pair of swim trunks and sandals. He flips the sandals off and before any words are spoken he drops the trunks just to his ankles. I?m not sure if I need to stand up and shake his hand & exchange names or what? I look down at her seeking an explanation but she doesn?t say a word. I was semi soft and about to pull out of her when he walks over and kneels down behind me? I feel him start to lick my taint spot. Oh damn! My dick starts to grow inside her- the more he licks the more I grow. She pulls me closer to her our chests against one another and starts kissing Me. Deep & passionate. I feel his tongue go in my ass just as her tongue takes a hold of mine. She starts sucking my tongue and I am just in awe once again. Damn damn damn, I can?t help but think of the time. I glance over and see I have just about an hr left before I need to wash off the scent of vanilla and cum and drive to my damn meeting. Did she plan for him to come by so late? Is she going to stay here and fck this young buck while I am driving in the car to a boring ass meeting? I paid for this room and this lil slut is going to fck him on my dollar? Ok ok there I go again, with the stupid thoughts filled of insecurities and doubt. She senses something and asks if everything is ok. I know I am a man of limited words and I really do not give her much to go by. Somehow paying the rent makes it less work for me. I can afford to pay the rent, hell I can afford to buy her a condo at the nude resort and yet I hesitate and start to get these foolish emotions building up. ?I?m fine? I say those words with a very stern tone. That stops the young guy from working his tongue all over my ass & balls. He stands up and sits on the bed he looks down at her and asks if he should stay. She slowly lifts up motioning for Me to get off her now. She goes into the bathroom and starts to run the water? she comes back with a warm wet washcloth and starts to wipe me off. I can tell by the look on her face she is unsure as to what I am thinking and is feeling as though she did something wrong? ugh sometimes I can be a real downer without meaning to be. ?Sorry? she says as she starts to walk away. I look over at the guy and his trunks still wrapped down by his ankles. He looks at Me then at his shorts and starts to pull them up ? just then she walks back over to where we are and leans in and stops him. She bends down and pulls his shorts off. She says to him, ? Go get him hard for Me, please? I?m standing there not sure what to do or say but decide to just go with it ? even though I like being in control I realized at that moment when she directs it makes for a better scene. All I need to do is give a little reassurance once in awhile, after all I did initiate our first encounter when I proposed fcking her and she did say many times, that because I was bold and supportive that is what made me most appealing. So right now, I was still in control by allowing her to maneuver us all. He did just as she asked. I look down and there he is with my cock in his mouth and her gripping his hair first slowly tugging on it then she starts to grip harder and push his head down to make him move faster and faster taking my now super hard cock deeper and deeper into his throat. I feel myself about to explode in his mouth. Watching her be so dominate over him making him please me is so damn hot. She?s my lil slut and does what I tell her to do, I want to keep it that way between us but right now, I like her dominating for my pleasure.

?I need to watch him fuck you babey? I blurt out just as I pull my throbbing cock out of his mouth. She tells him to do whatever I tell him. She lays belly down ass propped on a few pillows, aaah yes, a good view for me. I?m now standing infront of her as I see him push himself inside her. He?s pumping her at a perfect pace. Not too hard not too slow just perfect for Me to watch his every stroke as it goes in and out of her full lipped pussy. ?hand me that flogger? He?s about to stop fucking her as he starts looking around for it. ?No, no don?t stop keep fucking her, just hand me the flogger it?s there just by that pillow? Soon as he hands it to Me, I take one hard solid crack on her back reaching over her back I place one hand on her ass and start flogging her repeatedly. I feel the flogger whack down on my hand. Ugh, I felt that one. Should I ease up? No, no I really do not want to. I want to flog her harder than I have ever flogger her. She?s moving her ass up and gripping onto my thighs. He starts pumping harder and harder. They are both turned on by what I am doing. I feel myself getting harder and harder. ?Ok enough, enough that way, let?s turn her over I want to hold her legs open while You fck her, get in deeper!? Turning her over on her back I am on my knees on the bed with my cock & balls near her face. I?m spreading her by the ankles, pulling her legs so far back her knees are almost touching her ears. Her clit looks so thick and fully erect. I tell him ? before You fuck her, suck on her pussy for a little while? He?s not as good as Stan was because Stan was just so quick and willing and eager to do what ever he felt like asking but doing so while in motion. This young buck needed coaxing from each act to the next. While he was bent over sucking on her clit and licking her pussy I couldn?t help but notice his lean defined back muscles then I notice his ass, looked so firm and smooth. I wondered if he had ever been owned? The thought made my dick so hard and the urge swell up inside Me. ?please, please I need to feel You inside Me? she looks up and whispers to Me. He comes up from sucking in between her legs and moves over to the side. Moving so I could enter her. ?No, no I want to watch You fck her? I hadn?t finished my sentence and he was already stroking her pussy like it was the first pussy he had ever entered. While in midstroke he reached over taking my hard cock and rubbing it. I positioned myself so he could take me again in his mouth. Everyone was moaning with enjoyment. I was too busy feeling the sensation of his mouth I had not noticed that she has slipped from being under him and was now behind him rubbing his ass and looking at me. The look in her eyes said. ?This is for you, If you want it.? I closed my eyes not allowing her to read further into what I was thinking. She was now on her knees in front of the bed sucking on him while he sucked on me.

This went on for several minutes until I asked to see him stick his hard cock back in her again. She stood up and said, ?wait a minute one sec? She went over to her purse and took out a pack of condoms. I had been fucking her raw and so was he so what was she doing. I took that break to look at the clock, aah damn it, just 20 minutes left and I had to get the hell out, back to being in control ugh! She also took out some tube of lube. She rubbed some of it between his ass cheeks and tossed a few opened wrappers of condoms onto the bed. She lay back down on her back and reached over to him to position him inside her again. He soon was fucking her in a hard fast motion then he would slow it down and look over at Me. Then she says.?Daddy, go stand over there so You can see all of it go inside Me?

I stood up and was standing next to the bed watching as he continued to fuck my lil owned slut. After a while he stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and rolled her over. I continued to watch as he did her doggy style. While on all fours she was backing up with excitement as his 8" cock pumped her pussy from behind. Then she reaches over to one of the condoms and starts to take one out, ?Here daddy put this on, wait first let him suck you some more? Without saying a word the young buck starts sucking down hard on my cock. Raising up and on demand he places a condom on my dick then turns around and starts fucking her again. He pauses then takes it from her pussy and presses the tip on her lil pink asshole. The sight of that pushes Me almost over the edge. She looks back at me, I know she?s asking for approval or what she should or could do. I didn't say anything but as I watched he pressed the tip of his cock against her slowly spreading her inch by inch as he?s going inside her tight lil ahole. She?s moaning muffled face into the sheets. His hard cock has gone from pressing the tip at her opening and her looking back at Me, to him now moving in and out deeper and deeper in her ass. The entire time his eyes are on her butt cheeks but then he looks up and shoots Me a quick glance then a somewhat shy smile.

I smile back as I watch his cock disappear into her ass. She?s now asking me to put my dick in her mouth, ?Please, come here make me suck it? No, I don?t have time I have to go soon. As I continue viewing her body move with the pleasure of that hard cock filling her ass.

Since we all seemed to be having a lot of new experiences and fun at the same time, I decided to try something that I had always to do. I stepped around behind him and spread some of the lube she had already put in between his ass cheeks. As he continued his stride penetrating her ass, I slipped one finger then two of my fingers entering them into his ass, he moaned and arched his head back. I told her I was going to own him too and since he never asked if he could fuck her ass, I was going to fuck his ass. I removed my fingers and pressed the head of my cock just to the fold of his ass. Ugh, I wanted to go deep and hard so without warning I just pressed firm and deep inside his tight hole. The groaning and moaning he let out made her start to press harder against him and reached over to grab his ass as she pulled him deeper into her, I could see his ass being spread by her hands and get a real good view of my dick inside him. I started to thrust harder and harder into him and just as I was about to explode inside him, I heard her say, ?Oh daddy, can I cum, please daddy can I cum!?? I couldn?t answer her because I was on the verge of exploding and cumming so good myself.

I pressed harder into him and unable to move anymore? he seemed to have kept the motion going for all of us, rocking into her and at the same time rocking back into Me. Wow, this was so hot! I knew that I was almost ready to cum his hole tightened around my cock, the feel of his firm yet smooth ass pressed into me, the idea of taking him while he fucked her in that hotpink butthole that had only been penetrated by me ? was such a turn on. I couldn?t hold it any longer, ?ugh, ugh, ohhh ohh ughmph? thrusting faster & faster into his ass I continued until I just had to release it all into him.

I grabbed his hips and plunged my cock deep into his ass and shot my hot cum into him, he let out a big sound and dived super deep down into her? She moaned and her body started to shake she had an uncontrollable orgasm. Legs quivering under him as I let my entire weight fall onto him still inside him and he inside her. She opened her eyes and caught me looking down at her. She leaned in over his neck to kiss me. She gave me a passionate kiss then kissed his neck and said ?Thank You for listening, you just may be able to be my personal lil sex slave? Then turned and looked at the clock, ?Mmm, BSB has to go now? I stood up and before I could walk towards the shower the young guy had already rushed over to the bathroom and started the shower and was standing there holding the shower curtain open for Me?

More to follow?

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