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Goddess Retreat and Spa Just imagine

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I had the most incredible experience at a wonderful woman?s spa called Goddess Retreat and Spa. I feel like I?ve come more in touch with the emotional/sexual side of myself than I?ve ever been. I?d like to share my experiences there.

Let?s see?.bags packed, mail stopped, pets taken care of, laundry done and tickets in my purse! I was so ready and excited to have a few days off from work and have the opportunity to visit the spa my friend had told me about.

Security at the airport was a breeze and the flight went quickly. As I made my way down to baggage claim, I was greeted by a beautiful, sexy woman named Lisa. We got my bag and proceeded to the garage parking lot. She explained that we had about an hour drive to the spa. We visited during the drive about, well, lots of everyday things. The closer we got, the more anticipatory I felt. I was excited but a little nervous.

The scenery changed as we left the city and headed up the mountain. It was beautiful?.green and lush. Finally we turned onto a long driveway lined with trees. After approximately 5 minutes of a beautiful winding drive we came upon an incredible lodge?beautifully maintained, serene and inviting.

Lisa dropped me off at the front and told me my bags would be in my room by the time I got there. I was warmly greeted at the front desk by the owners, Serena and Mark. They had such a spiritual and peaceful aura about them. When they smiled, their whole face lit up. They were both very sexy as well. I knew that I had made the right choice in coming to their spa.

After checking in, they gave me my room key and Serena walked me to my room. At my door, she hugged me and thanked me for coming and said if I needed anything, just let her or a staff member know and it would be immediately taken care of.

I was overwhelmed when I entered the room. As promised, my bags had not only been delivered, but were unpacked as well. I knew I wouldn?t need too many clothes?yoga, lounging and some dresses for dinner.

But what overwhelmed me was the room. It was stunning. Peaceful, romantic, beautifully decorated in shades gold and burgundy. There was a beautiful bed as the focal point, a dresser and a chaise lounge for reading and napping, etc. The window overlooked a beautiful courtyard. I could see women doing yoga, meditation and just relaxing.

And the bathroom! It was so beautiful, with a big shower, Jacuzzi tub, and a big vanity. It was luxurious and so beautiful. The towels were big and fluffy. The amenities were top notch.

I changed into a yellow terry hoodie and pants. I was meeting my counselor shortly to go over my schedule for my time there.

My counselor, Lori came to get me and I followed her downstairs. We went over the schedule and set up all my spa treatments. I am so looking forward to everything, especially the massages!

I had a couple of hours to explore before getting ready for dinner. I wandered outside into the courtyard. I spotted an empty chaise and headed toward it. As soon as I lay down, I was approached by a woman bearing a tray of drinks. I chose a light Asian tea infused with cucumber, lime and ginger. It was delicious!

I rested my head back and closed my eyes?I could feel the tension from work and life beginning to dissipate.

Another woman approached me and asked if I would like a neck and head massage while I relaxed. Of course! Mmmmm?.she lightly massaged my neck and head for about 15 minutes. It was wonderful!

Before I knew it, I needed to get ready for dinner. Dinner was fancy and I was looking forward to dressing up. I showered and put my makeup on and selected one of my favorite dresses. I headed towards the restaurant and met another woman in the hall. We walked together and I asked her if she was enjoying herself. She looked rested and ?..satiated? I asked her what her favorite part was. She replied that it was the massages. I asked why. She said the therapist massaged her body and soul in ways that she didn?t think possible. Now I was really looking forward to my massages. I had scheduled 2 per day.

Dinner was fun, lively and simply delicious. Fresh, healthy food, all beautifully presented. All the women looked beautiful. Serena and Mark visited each table, inquiring as to how we were doing. Everyone was happy! Their love for each other is so evident. I bet they make great love together judging from the way they touched each other and looked at each other.

After dinner, I went back to my room. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that candles were lit, my bed was turned back, soft music was playing and a tray with exquisite chocolates were on the nightstand. There was a soft knock on the door. Julie, a staff member was there and said she would help me get ready for bed. I?m thinking I could do it myself, but hey?I?m up for new experiences.

She got this amazingly soft fluffy robe from the closet. Next, she unzipped my dress and hung it up. I wasn?t wearing any panties and felt a little self-conscious standing there with just my bra on. Then she unhooked my bra and took it off. She looked me up and down, gently cupped my breasts and said I had beautiful breasts and nipples. OMG! I?ve never been touched like that by a woman and didn?t know what to say. I do know that a shiver went through my clit and my nipples got instantly hard.

She held the robe open for me to put it on. After slipping both arms into the robe, she circled around to my front and loosely tied the sash. She went into the bathroom and said to follow her. I did. She had me sit on a stool while she removed my makeup and cleansed my face. Wow?I could get used to this every night!

Then she turned on the shower, removed my robe and had me get in. She also removed her clothes and stepped in the shower with me. She took the hand held shower head, soap that smelled heavenly, a cloth and washed my body. My nipples were hard and I got so turned on. I surrendered to her touch?.hands gliding all over my body. She even washed my pussy. I almost came!

After rinsing me off, she toweled me dry. Then she proceeded to rub lotion all over my body. She didn?t make small talk and neither did I. I was enjoying being pampered and listening to the music. After she finished, she helped me put the robe back on and headed to the bedroom. She asked if there was anything else I needed. I said no, and thanked her for everything! She said pleasant dreams and left. I went to the chaise and relaxed. After a little bit, I was tired, so I went to bed and slept deeply all night.

At 7am there was a knock at my door. I was sound asleep and was a little disoriented. It was Julie again. She said good morning and offered to help me get ready. I wasn?t sure what she could do, however I said ok. She brushed my hair, moisturized my face, and when I was brushing my teeth, went to the bedroom and laid out my clothes. After I finished, I went to the bedroom and she was waiting for me. She held my bra in her hands and told me to turn around. She put the cups over my breasts making sure they were in properly and hooked it in the back. I have to admit I liked it. She helped me put my yoga top on and then the bottoms.

Breakfast was light?yogurt, toast, cereal, smoothies etc?set in buffet style.

My first activity after breakfast was yoga. I?m not very good but I enjoyed being outside and experiencing it.

After yoga, we had free time. I went to the library, found a book to read, and lounged in the courtyard reading.

My first massage was next. I headed to the spa and saw Serena. She gave me a hug and asked if everything was going ok. I said everything so far was incredible. I told her I was headed for my first massage. She got a twinkle in her eye and said enjoy!

I was greeted at the entrance of the spa by my therapist. She took me to the locker room and had me change into another big fluffy robe. Then we went to the room where I was having my massage. There was a big tub in addition to the massage table. The music was surprisingly seductive. There were candles everywhere. I want to find out what the scent is that the rooms are infused with; the aroma was incredible. She helped me out of the robe and into the tub. She took off her robe as well. Her body was beautiful. She had me recline back and took a large sponge and washed my whole body. She even gently washed my pussy. OMG?.another first! Plus, my nipples turned to pebbles when the sponge rubbed over them.

After the bath, she dried me off and had me lie face down on the massage table. I nestled my face in the cradle and waited for her to start. She put the aroma oils in her hands and rubbed them together under my face. I breathed in deeply, and exhaled slowly. Very sensuous.

She started with my upper back, massaging up and down with long smooth strokes. She asked if the pressure was ok. It was perfect. She?d go from my neck down my back and up my sides. Her hands brushed my side boob and I felt a shiver go through my clit. It was a heavenly massage. She then moved to my feet?is there anything better than having your feet massaged? Ok, well maybe there is, but this felt so good. She moved up and massaged my legs. She turned my left knee out, bending my foot in and massaged my upper thigh from the inside out. It was very sensual and I know I was very wet. I wondered what she thought about my dripping wet pussy. She continued massaging my thigh and calf for awhile, then changed sides and bent my right knee out. She massaged my right thigh like the left. I was in a state of bliss.

It just kept getting better and better. Her hands would go up my rear and down my thigh on both sides. After a little bit, her hands were moving closer to the center. A few times she oh so lightly passed over my ass and pussy. I was moaning a little and very turned on. I?m sure my rear was moving a bit too.

Then it happened?.her finger lightly went from the top of my crack, down over my ass and back up. She did that a few times. Eventually her fingers went lower and lower, finally massaging my pussy lips. It was incredible. She massaged my pussy lips, sliding a finger in and out of my wet pussy. I was dripping with my juices. I was so close to cumming but wanted it to last so I tried not to. But I couldn?t hold back. An orgasm rippled through me. She kept massaging but moved one hand to my ass and massaged me there in addition to my pussy. I felt another orgasm building and wow?.it was intense?.she slipped one finger in my ass and one in my pussy while also rubbing my clit. After that orgasm, she moved her hands back up my back to my neck and finished with my arms.

She whispered into my ear to turn over. My skin was moist and flushed?.my nipples erect, dark and very puckered. My pussy was swollen and still so aroused. She massaged my shoulders and arms. She had me put my arms over my head and massaged down the length of my arm, underarm, side boob (my favorite) down to my waist and then back up. After doing this on both sides, she moved to my feet and massaged my feet and legs from the front.

Then she positioned herself at my side and massaged my stomach, then with one hand, massaged my breasts. She gently squeezed my nipples making them even harder. Then both hands were massaging my breasts. I was moaning again?..feeling the heat gather in my pussy and my clit swell even more. She stood at my head and massaged down my front to my pussy and back up. I could feel her breasts rub my head as she reached over me. I could feel her erect nipples. I wanted to touch her, but didn?t think it was appropriate.

Then she moved to my side again. She massaged the tops of my thighs from the inside out, brushing my so swollen pussy. I kept arching my pussy up wanting more. She finally touched my pussy, massaging the outer lips between her oiled fingers. She massaged my clit, ass and had a finger in me till I came so hard I thought I?d explode. It was such a release, that I started crying with joyful emotion. I was spent. My body was limp like a noodle! But she still wasn?t done! She moved to my head and finished my time with a face and head massage. Then she covered me with a sheet, dimmed the lights even more and told me to stay as long as I wanted or needed. I think I dosed off for about 30 minutes.

When I woke, I went back to my room to change into my clothes and went to lunch. Now I know why the women look so happy and satiated!

Lunch was excellent?..grilled chicken with a wonderful marinade, salad, rice and to die for crusty French bread.

After lunch, I was scheduled for a session with a therapist. I wasn?t sure what to expect, but it was really interesting. She asked all sorts of questions about my past and current life, how I felt about things, what kind of stress did I have. She and I talked about managing everyday stress.

A facial was next on my schedule. I knew this wasn?t going to be like the massage, but secretly hoped it would still be sensual.

This was a different therapist. She was stunning! Tall, short dark hair, exotic eyes, a gorgeous body with long legs, great ass and beautiful breasts! Her nipples were inviting me to taste. I have no idea where Serena finds these therapists! I think we all wish their beauty would rub off on us!

She had me lay on the heated and padded table with a wraparound towel on that closes with Velcro. I was naked under the towel. She covered me with a sheet as well. For the next hour she did all sorts of things to my face?all I know is it felt great! She slathered some cream on, placed hot, wet towels on my face and said she was going to massage my feet and hands. That was so nice?not sexual, just relaxing. Then she removed the sheet and began rubbing in the cream on my face, neck and upper chest. To my surprise, she pulled apart the towel so my breasts were exposed and massaged the cream into my breasts. My nipples were once again, rock hard?I could feel it all the way to my clit. Believe it or not, I actually had a small orgasm from her playing with my nipples. Amazing is all I can say.

After my facial, I rested till it was time to get ready for dinner again. This time I picked a sexy dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage?why not, I thought? I noticed that the previous evening several women were in sexy dresses.

Dinner was again fun, lively and delicious. I sat with the same women as I did the night before. We enjoyed chatting and getting to know each other. Everyone loved the massages!

That evening after I got back to my room, I wondered if Julie was going to come by. At 9pm, there was a knock and sure enough it was her. She came in and we repeated the night before. I was getting used to all this pampering by a woman. I didn?t need the shower, tonight, so instead, she just rubbed lotion all over my naked body and helped me with my robe.

She was there at 7 am again to help me get ready. This morning, I was taking a class unlike any class I?ve ever taken. It was called ?Love your Body?. I really had no idea what to expect. She turned on the shower and washed me all over. She was so gentle with my pussy and I felt so pampered. She dried me off, and rubbed lotion all over me again. She even seemed to enjoy doing it to me. Then she brushed my hair. I brushed my teeth. After all that, she held out the robe. Robe? She told me I would be getting naked in the Love Your Body class and it was easier if all we had on was robes. Oh boy?.now I?m not sure about this. Naked in front of a bunch of other women? Oh well?.I?ve had so many firsts so far?what?s one more?

I slipped on some soft, comfy slippers and off we went. We entered a room with about 10 other women and the instructor, Amanda. The room was cozy and warm. She had us all sit in a circle on a very padded floor with our robes on. She asked questions like: Do you like your body? What part do you like best? What part do you not like at all? Do you pleasure yourself? Who is able to orgasm from masturbating? That surprised me?I though all the hands would go up, but only about half did. Then she had us take off our robes. We were all a little self-conscious. After we?re all naked and trying NOT to look at each other?s bodies but doing so anyway, she passes around a basket. In the basket are quite a few vibrators. She said for us to take 2?.one clit vibrator and one rabbit vibrator. She also passed out mirrors.

Then she said that the woman on our left was our partner. The woman on my left (Joyce) was about my age, shorter and smaller in size, but with large beautiful breasts?much larger than mine. Her nipples were nice too. She had some pubic hair. I have none. We all nervously laughed and got to know our partner.

We were then told to lie on our backs. She said to close our eyes and touch all over our bodies in a loving way but we could NOT touch our pussies. Love our bodies?.each one of us is beautiful. After a bit, she had us stand up with our partner. We faced each other and complimented each other?s body. The person being complimented could not say anything but thank you. There was something beautiful about every one of us, overweight or underweight, perky boobs, saggy boobs, etc. Then she had us each say nice things about each woman?s body as a group, milling together. Love our bodies, she kept saying

Amanda then told us to lean back against the chair behind us and spread our legs and using the mirror, look at our pussy. She had us touch it all over, explaining all the names for the different parts. She had us put our fingers inside to feel all the ridges and curves inside our vagina. Then she had us look closely at our partner?s pussy. Point out the differences. My pussy has puffy outer labia, very small inner labia, and a hooded clit. My partners inner labia are much longer and when pulled apart almost look like butterfly wings. Her clit is much larger than mine. It was very pretty. I asked her if it felt weird that I was ?inspecting? her pussy. She said yes, kind of.

Then Amanda said to put a finger in our partner?s vagina?really? Yep, she answered. I want you to feel the difference between your vagina and hers. Wow?.each one of ours feels so different. We are all unique and special?.Love Our Bodies.

Now take the clit vibe, turn it on and put it on your clit. Take your time, notice where it feels the best and what kind of pressure you like. If you can and want to cum, feel free to do so. It only took me about 3 minutes to cum. Joyce had a hard time cumming and said she always did. Amanda told her to take deep breaths, move the vibe and just let go. Don?t worry if it takes an hour?we have no time constraints. Take one hand and caress your body, play with your breasts and nipples. After about 20 minutes, I could tell she was getting close. Her breathing got faster, her skin got flushed, her nipples very hard. Then after another 2-3 minutes she had a marvelous orgasm. Her legs were spread apart and I got close and watched her vagina pulsate and throb from the front to her rectum. She was very wet. She said that was the first time in a very long time that she was able to cum that way. She was crying she was so happy. It was a big release for her in more ways than one! She wasn?t the only one who was emotional?it was so cool to see the others achieve something some had never achieved?orgasm. Wow?.Love Our Bodies. Then Amanda told us we could take the rabbits back to our rooms?.it was a gift for us.

We were all starving and in our robes, went for lunch. It was a light hearted bunch that day!

That afternoon, I had yoga again. I have to admit I prefer the beauty and massage treatments much more!

After yoga, I had another massage. My therapist this time was a man. I went through the same routine getting ready and on the table. His massage was wonderful as well. Just as sensual, with a slightly stronger touch. At times I know he was hard because I could feel his cock against my arm or side etc. Knowing that he got hard by massaging me was a turn on too. I didn?t want him touching my pussy, since I?m married, but once in the ?zone? I don?t think I could have stopped him. He massaged my legs and butt, getting closer and closer to my pussy. By that time I needed to be touched there. But more importantly I needed a cock in my pussy. He wasn?t allowed to do that, nor did I want him to, but he had a nice dildo that he used in me as he massaged my clit to a strong orgasm. I sure hope the rooms are sound proof! When he massaged my breasts, he did take my nipples in his mouth and gently nibbled on them.

After the massage I went back to my room and took a nap. Julie offered to help me dress later for dinner, but I declined?.my body was on overload at that point.

During dinner, Serena and Mark sat at my table. I really enjoyed talking to them. They told us how they got the idea for a women?s spa retreat. I know I thanked them for making it a reality! Serena was dressed in a beautiful, red dress that looked awesome on her! She was glowing! Mark was dressed in linen pants and a linen shirt. He was very handsome. I so enjoyed watching them?always touching, giving each other looks that said I love you and I can?t wait to make love to you.

I asked them what they did during the day when the women were in classes. They said that besides the work involved in running the place, they also are massage therapists and will do a 4 hand massage to anyone wanting one. I decided at that moment I would let them know that I wanted one!

After dinner, I was exhausted! I went back to my room early. I was planning on telling Julie, that I really just wanted to go to sleep. But I needed to clean the makeup off and brush my teeth, etc. So when Julie came, I told her I was tired, but would still enjoy having her help me a bit. She understood and was adaptive to my mood. After cleaning my face and brushing my hair, she had me lie on the bed. She rubbed lotion all over me. And heaven help me, but I got aroused again. She offered me the rabbit and I took it. I put it in me and turned it on while she continued to rub lotion on my breasts. After I came, she quietly left me to my slumbers.

The next morning came and I was not ready to go home! I wanted to stay forever. But I know that?s not reality so I went about getting ready for my last day. I had yoga again in the morning. After yoga, I had my 4 hand massage that was arranged for me with Serena and Mark.

I was naked on the table on my stomach. Serena was in a brightly colored sarong, tied above her breasts. Mark was in yoga pants and was shirtless.

They started by one standing at my head and one at my feet. The reached toward each other and placed their hands on my lower back and pulled towards them. WOW?what a feeling. Then working in tandem, they massaged my back, legs, thighs and butt using the same motions. That is the most amazing thing. My pussy and ass were also massaged and I have no idea who was doing that?maybe both. I was in such a state?I didn?t think I could get more turned on than I had in my first massage, but go figure?I was. Their massage techniques were perfectly mirrored and in sync. I think I felt them lean towards each other when they were at my sides. Maybe they kissed, I really don?t know. I had both feet massaged at the same time, both hands massaged at the same time. They were so amazing together.

Then I turned over and they did my front. I know I was so relaxed from the massage, yet so turned on. I was dripping wet. I had not cum yet. But I knew I had to. Once again they stood at my head and feet and reaching out towards each other, their palms met and slowly came down to my body just above my pussy. Then their palms went flat and they pulled their hands along my body towards my shoulders and feet. And once again, their movements were perfectly mirrored and in sync.

It was the best massage I?ve ever had. I did see them lean towards each other and kiss gently and lovingly as they massaged my body. Serena?s sarong came off and she rubbed oil on her breasts and rubbed her breasts up and down my body. That was exquisite?her hard nipples and soft breasts massaging me. She is absolutely beautiful. Eventually one attended solely to my breasts and the other to my pussy. I had the longest and most intense orgasm in my life.

They had an aura of raw sexuality but it was also emotionally spiritual. The peace and sensuality that they exhibited was something that I?ve never experienced. It?s so hard to explain.

I asked them if they got aroused doing a 4 handed massage. They both said YES! I laughed and said they?d have fun that night!

I took a nap before lunch. Lunch was very tasty but the atmosphere was kind of bittersweet. I knew I was leaving later that afternoon and was going to miss the spa. I didn?t think the other women would want to keep in touch, but some did. I think I?ve made some new friends. We all experienced something about our sexuality, spirituality and emotions. That can create some strong bonds.

I went to my room to pack. Julie was there and had already packed most of my things. She asked what I was going to wear home. I said the same clothes I arrived in. I wanted to nap before I left. She asked if I wanted anything. I said I would enjoy her helping me get ready one last time. She washed me in the shower, gently rinsing me off and drying me with one of the big fluffy towels.

I laid down for a little nap and felt her untie my robe. My heart started beating faster but I didn?t move. She bent her head down and swirled her hair up and down my body. I immediately got aroused and slightly parted my legs. She took that opportunity to spread them a little more and then lowered her mouth to my pussy. She licked and sucked and pleasured me till I came twice. She pulled herself up the length of my body, stopping to lick my nipples, and then whispered in my ear that she had wanted to do that ever since she first saw me.

She got up, told me to sleep for thirty minutes. When she woke me, she brushed my hair and put make up on me. My bags were packed and I was ready to leave this incredible spa?full of fantasy, love, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality.

I saw Serena and Mark as I was leaving. I hugged them both, thanked them for an incredible spa experience and told them I would be back?..

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