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Getting down on the farm

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Getting down on the farm:

We have been in the lifestyle for several years now, but had been in a bit of a dry spell. The town we live in is very close minded, and it was very difficult to find other couples who were interested in sharing. We found it discouraging, but we kept on looking.

Chris is a very attractive 28 year old woman. At 5?4? and 105 pounds she is a small woman, but has a fiery attitude. That is one of the things that I love about her so much. As for me, well at 37 year old time is starting to catch up to me a little. Don?t get me wrong, I am not in bad shape, but I am not the muscle bound guy either.

We had joined a swinger?s site and learned of a party at a barn. It is a full play, clothing optional, just come and have fun type of place. The first party we went to we decided that we were just going to meet some people and take the time to see what it was all about. Let?s face it, every situation is different, and we are not the types to normally just jump right in. We met many wonderful people that evening.

A few weeks later we received an email about another party that was planned for the farm. We were really looking forward to going. We had no expectations. We had become friends with the hosts, and stayed in pretty close contact with them. The night arrived. The theme of the party was ?an intimate encounter?. It was suggested that the ladies were some sexy lingerie. Chris put on her tight short skirt and tube top. She was looking extremely sexy. I honestly couldn?t wait to show her off.

We arrived at the farm and were quickly greeted by many of the couples we had met at the previous party. Many of the guys were commenting and complimenting me on how Chris looked. We made the rounds and said hello to everyone. It was a very laid back environment. Everyone was just chatting and relaxing. About 45 minutes after we arrived we saw a couple who we had not seen before walk into the barn. She was very attractive, and he was in good shape. We asked the hosts who they were. As it turned out they were friends of the hosts. They had known them for years. Keri and Todd were new to the lifestyle. In fact this was the first event they had ever attended and they had not even gotten their feet wet yet. The host introduced us to them. We said our hellos, and continued to enjoy the party.

By midnight most of the women were either topless of completely nude. What guy isn?t going to enjoy that show? For some reason both my eyes and Chris?s seemed to wander to Keri and Todd very often. We did not want to seem pushy knowing it was their first event.

We were standing outside by the truck when they approached us. We asked what they thought of the event. Now please bear in mind that most of the people at the event were in their 40s. Todd and Keri were between Chris and my ages. By this time, Keri had lost her top in a game of pool. As we stood out by the truck, I could not help but admire her larger yet firm tits. Keri moved next to Chris and they started talking. Todd and I struck up a conversation as well. Soon we were all laughing and having fun. Suddenly Chris looked at Keri and told her there was something she had wanted to do all night. Keri asked her what is was. Suddenly Chris bent over and took Keri?s nipple into her mouth and started sucking and licking it. This stopped Todd and I dead in our tracks. We just stood there and watched as my wife sucked and licked Keri?s nipples until they were hard as stones. As she stopped I noticed a flush look on Keri?s face. Without saying a word she grabbed Chris and kissed her deeply. As they were kissing Keri?s hands began to work their way to Chris?s tits. She slid her hand under Chris?s top and began to massage them. She slowly lifted Chris?s shirt over her head exposing her soft large nipples. Keri wasted no time in sucking each nipple one by one into her warm wanting mouth. Chris was enjoying this very much. It has been a while since she had felt the soft lips of another woman. Todd and I just sat back and enjoyed the show. They continued in this fashion for quite a while. Suddenly, without warning, Chris slid Keri?s shorts to the ground and pushed her against the front of the truck. Chris ran her tongue down Keri?s body until she got to her warm, already wet pussy. Chris wasted no time in beginning to lick Keri to orgasm after orgasm. One orgasm was so strong that Keri knocked over the 3 drinks that were on the hood of the truck. I do not know what was wetter, the hood of the truck or Keri?s pussy. By this time, I had removed Chris?s skirt exposing her tight ass to everyone who was fortunate enough to be outside. As Chris was enjoying licking and sucking on Keri?s pussy, I told Todd if he wanted to feel Chris he was welcome to. He wasted no time in running his hands down her back, over her ass, and running his fingers into her wet slit. This sent Chris into an instant orgasm which only made her suck on Keri?s clit harder. Soon both ladies were cumming hard.

The ladies regained their composure and we all stood there for a few minutes talking. I looked at Todd and asked him if he minded if I touched Keri. He told me that was fine with him. I walked up to her and began to kiss her neck. She melted like butter on a hot summer day. I picked her up and told Todd he might want to grab Chris. We carried the ladies to the back side of the barn where there were 2 large poll vault mats. I laid Keri down and Todd laid Chris right next to her. I began kissing Keri running my lips all over her body. I figured that my wife had gotten a taste of this lovely woman, I would like one too. I asked her if she was ok with all of this, knowing that she and Todd had never done anything like this before. She softly whispered in my ear to please not stop. I looked at Todd to gain his approval. Well I was too late. His mouth was already buried in my wife?s pussy. I could tell he was enjoying the taste of her. I followed suite and began to lick and suck Keri. As I inserted first one then 2 fingers her body began to buck and shake. She suddenly flooded the mat as cum gushed out of her pussy. I continued to suck on her swollen clit and run my fingers deep into her waiting pussy. She continued to cum. I watched as her sweet necture ran under her sexy ass and towards my wife, who was still being eaten out by Todd. Todd suddenly stopped, looked at me and asked how the hell I did that. He had never gotten her to gush before. I told him I would tell him later. As Keri came down from the body shakes she sat up, grabbed my shorts and pulled them off of me. She took my dick into her mouth and began to suck and lick like she had been deprived for years. She stopped only long enough to push me down on the mat and climb on top of me. She continued to suck my rock hard cock for what seemed like forever. I didn?t care how long she was sucking my dick, all I know is she was very good at it. I was so caught up in the moment that I did not even notice that Chris had climbed on top of Todd and had his dick buried deep into her pussy. She was riding and grinding him as hard as she could.

Keri looked at me as we watched her husband fucking my wife. She looked me in the eyes and simply said ?I want you to fuck me?. That was all in invitation I needed. I laid her down and began to slide my swollen dick up and down her still soaking wet slit. With one thrust I slid every inch of my prick hard dick deep into her wet warm pussy. I began pumping slowly, in then pulling almost all of the way out. She instantly came again. I picked up the tempo s bit and began to fuck her harder and faster. Slamming my dick as deep into her as I possibly could. I looked over just in time to see Todd roll my wife over and climb on top of her and begin to fuck her in the same way I was fucking his wife. Keri grabbed my ass, pulling me deep inside her as she let out yet another moan and another flood of her cum. She rolled me over so I was lying right next to my wife and Keri mounted me. Chris and I began to kiss eachothers as were both being fucked by this wonderful couple. Suddenly Todd began to breathe hard and I knew he was about to cum. I quickly asked if he should pull out. I told him no, it was safe. Chris loved to have her pussy filled. He pumped her full and collapsed off the side of her. Keri was continuing to ride my dick. Chris gave me a kiss then began to lick Keri?s nipples. I told them I had an idea. I had Keri turn around to ride me reverse cowgirl style and told Chris to lick Keri?s clit as she fucked me. In this position, it did not take long before I was getting ready to cum. It did not help that Chris would take turns between licking Keri?s swollen clit and sucking on my now tightening ball. I asked Todd the same question, should I pull out. No was all he said. Suddenly I could feel myself about to explode in this sexy woman who I had just met that night. I asked if she was ready. She told me to fill her. Soon I was pumping load after load of hot sticky cum deep into her pussy. She continued to slide up and down my dick allowing my cum to drain out of her into my wife?s waiting mouth. She rode me until I was completely spent. My dick slid out of her. She turned over and both Keri and Chris licked me clean.

I am so looking forward to the next party on the farm.

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