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Game of Truth or Dare

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Game of Truth or Dare It all started out simple enough, dinner at our house with friends. When Angie and Matt arrived we sat down to a simple dinner among friends. The conversation was normal and we all were having a good time. What Angie and Matt did not know about my wife Kim and I was that just a couple of weeks earlier we had our first swinging encounter. We both loved what had happened and could not wait to repeat it but neither of us had plans for this evening to take the turns that it did. After dinner we decided that Angie and Matt should spend the night so we could all start drinking and not have to worry about anyone driving home. We were all still at the dining room table and the drinks were flowing regularly. The conversation was getting a little more risqué. Angie suggested that we all should play truth or dare as a drinking game. The object was that if you got caught in a lie on a truth you had to drink or if you failed to do a dare you had to drink. Simple enough and it really sounded like a lot of fun. In the beginning there were a lot of truths and not many dares. When there was a dare it was routine enough that I really did not think much was going to happen other than a good time and a hangover in the morning. Very shortly it was Matt?s turn. He decided to ask my wife truth or dare. Kim replied that she would take a dare but to make it something interesting. I guess she was starting to feel the dinks and wanted to get things amped up a bit. Matt thought about it for what seemed like an eternity but finally got out, let me see those big tits of yours. Now I have to say my wife and I are both average people but we each have one stand out feature. Kim has very large tits 36 DD?s and I have a dick that is only 8 inches long but very thick. Kim looked at me for just a second to see if I had any reaction to Matt?s request. I just gave her a quick nod to say up to you and she stood up grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it above her head taking her bra with it. There in front of all of us sprang those big beautiful tits. The look on Matt?s face was utter shock and Angie just looked at me with a big grin as if to say now it on. Kim stayed in that position for a few seconds then pulled her shirt down. She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra and wiggled out of it. She through it over in the corner on the floor and said that since everyone had seen her tits there was no reason to keep that thing on. We all laughed and continued our game. It was now Angie?s turn. She looked straight at me and I though well here it comes but she surprised me completely. She asked Matt truth or dare and he chose dare. She immediately said, well you got to see Kim?s tits so let?s make it fair, let her see your dick. He immediately started to protest and we all started to give him shit for it. I asked him if he was afraid to show it because it got scared and crawled back inside. Angie popped up and said that she was sure after seeing Kim?s tits he was hard as a rock. With a little more coxing, Matt stood up and yanked his jeans and boxers to his knees. Angie was right; he was hard as a rock. He was nowhere near as thick as me but was a bit longer at maybe 9 inches. Matt stood there for a few seconds then turned sideways as if to present a profile view then returned his pants to the proper position. I looked a Kim and she had that same look in her eyes that I had seen for the first time two weeks ago during our first encounter swinging. The look is hard to describe but the best I can say is it says I am going to have that cock in me tonight and I am looking forward to it. Next it was Kim?s turn to pick. She immediately looked at Angie and said you are getting a dare, there will be no more truths tonight. Angie did not protest and Kim proceeded with her dare. Kim thought for just a second and said she thought I felt a bit left out and the Angie was to come over get my dick out and see what she thought of it up close. Now to this time everything had been just visual but Angie was being told she had to get my dick out. I thought for sure this would be the end of this little fun adventure. But, to my surprise, Angie got up and came over to me she said stand up. I stood up and she got down on her knees in front of me. She unzipped my pants, reached in and grabbed my dick. As she started to pull it out she said oh my god it?s so big around! She got my dick all the way out and looked at it for a few seconds and looked at Matt and said I can even close my fingers around it. Before she could get up I decided to go for it. I said well since it?s my turn my dare is also for Angie. I continued, I dare you to suck my cock. Angie looked up at me and licked her lips then looked at Matt and said I really want to I am sure this is only going to get more interesting if I do. So Matt, can I suck his dick. Matt only thought for a second, then said well since that is his turn then my turn would be to dare Kim to let me eat her pussy. Without any hesitation at all Kim got up removed her pants and thong walked over to him and sat on the table in front of him. She put her feet up on the arms of the chairs and said dig in its time for desert. Angie licked up the shaft of my dick and then engulfed the head with her mouth. She did her best to get as much of my cock in her mouth as she could and stroked the rest of my dick with both hands. I was really enjoying having my dick in yet another women?s mouth and Angie was working my shaft like a pro. I started to hear Kim enter that phase where I knew she was getting close to orgasm. Just the sound of this almost immediately made me want to cum in Angie?s mouth. I pulled my dick from her mouth and stood her up. I moved behind her and bent her over the table and started to unfasten her jeans. She looked at me and said that she did not know if Matt would be ok with me fucking her. I looked at Matt who still had his face buried in my wife?s pussy and said I don?t think he will mind because Kim will be sure to take care of him. Angie seemed to relax a bit and I pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and spread her legs. I got my first look at her wet pussy. You could tell she was very ready as you could see the moisture starting to run down her thighs. Her lips were swollen and she was very hot. I lined up the head of my dick with her entrance and started to push forward. Angie looked back and said to please be gentle right about the time that my dick started to enter her pussy. Her eyes glazed over a bit and she inhaled sharply. I decided to hell with gentle and just kept pushing until I was buried balls deep in her. She started to moan just a bit and then went completely silent with her mouth open. I could feel her contracting and releasing rapidly around my cock and I knew she was having her first orgasm. I looked up and saw that Kim was moving to straddle Matt and I watched as he sank his long dick into her pussy. I waited until I thought Angie was done with her orgasm and started to slowly work my dick in and out of her. I have to say she was much tighter that Kim was. I could not believe the pressure her pussy was putting on my dick. I was fucking her pretty hard now and she was responding in kind. She finally looked back at me and said to stop holding back and fuck the shit out of her. With that I started slamming away at her. I looked up to see Kim on her knees in front of Matt sucking his dick. I could tell by the look on his face he was close and knowing that Kim loves the taste of cum I knew she was going to finish him off with her very talented mouth. I slowed my pace just a bit so I could watch the final moments of Kim and Matt. Matt shut his eyes tightly and started to grunt just a bit. A couple of more strokes and I could see Kim?s cheeks bulge just a bit and could tell she was swallowing his hot cum as fast as she could. The sight of this sent me over the edge and I buried my dick as deep as I could in Angie and started to cum myself. I must have shot 4 or 5 ropes of cum deep in Angie?s pussy. When Angie felt the first hot blast of cum in her she started to orgasm as well. When I finished I held my dick in Angie as long as I could and watched Kim slowly release Matt?s spent cock from her mouth. I finally pulled my dick from Angie and she stood up. She leaned back into me and whispered that I was only the second person to cum inside her with Matt being the first. Kim stood up and looked at the two of us standing there. She grabbed Matt?s hand and said we are going to bed in our room you two can have the guest room. She grinned and said Matt and I will see you two in the morning. She finished off with have fun. Angie and I gathered our clothes and went back to the guest room. We fucked one more time that night and then again the next morning. Both being equally as good as the first time we had enjoyed each other. When we finally got dressed and went into the kitchen we were greeted by the sight of Matt filling my wife?s ass with cum in the middle of the kitchen floor. When he finished he looked up and said we got bored waiting for you two to come to breakfast. He pulled his now flaccid dick out of Kim?s ass and they both got up. Kim had a huge lump of cum fall out of her well used ass and run down her leg. With that Matt returned to the bedroom to get dressed and we said our goodbyes to them with Kim still stark naked and Matt?s cum running down her legs. When they were gone Kim told me that her and Matt had fucked all night and that she was going to bed. On her way down the hallway she looked back and said if you want some sloppy seconds come and get them??.Now that is another story in itself!

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