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Four-Handed Massage (Part 1)

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My lady friend Lisa has become addicted to my massage technique over time, and it's a regular part of our lovemaking now. In fact, we have to be careful because she gets revved up even if we're out in public and a couple times we couldn't wait. A few months back, we were exchanging some racy texts, and she was telling me how much she wanted a massage. I answered by telling her she should have a blindfolded, four-handed rubdown, in which she wouldn't know whose hands were touching her and where. She was intrigued by the idea and agreed to try it. I called my friend Brian, and told him what I wanted to do and he was all for it. I bought a sleep mask Lisa could put on so she would feel comfortable and not too confined, and told Brian to follow me to her place and wait about 20 minutes before knocking. Lisa answered the door in her short silk robe and showed me in. I let her check out the new massage oil I bought and her pink sleep mask, and we went in the bedroom. She lay down on her stomach and I started running my hands lightly up and down her back. The silk warms to my touch, always a big turn on for me! After a few minutes of this, I told her to put on her sleep mask. She was a little nervous and I told her she could stop if she wanted but she said she wanted to go ahead. She put on the mask and pulled her robe off and lay back down when Brian knocked softly. I kissed the back of her neck and whispered, "Ready?" I went to the door and let Brian in, and he was already sporting a bulge in his pants. we went to the bedroom. I gave Brian some oil, and we each took a foot and began to rub. Lisa relaxed immediately. She loves having her feet rubbed, and I thought it would be the best place for us to begin. We moved up to her calves, then the back of her thighs. By this time, Lisa had begun to moan with pleasure as two pairs of hands caressed her. She had never been naked with two people before, at least not intimately, so it was a very intense experience for her already. We reached the top of her thighs and she spread her legs open, and I slipped my hand up her slit. She was already wet, even more soaked than she had ever been. I moved my hand up to her ass and massaged her cheeks, while Brian slid his finger into her pussy. Lisa started whispering, "Oh God" over and over again, as another man played with her, while her lover massaged her. I told Brian to massage her ass cheeks and I moved up to her shoulders and upper back, and he oiled her ass while I spread it on her back. Then we began to move our hands toward each other, Brian's up and over her cheeks while mine moved down to meet his at the small of her back. Lisa had stopped whispering by now and was moaning as two men explored her body. She gasped, "I can't wait any more!", but I said we weren't finished, and it would be even better if she let us finish the job properly. I told Brian he and I should get more comfortable, and we both stripped before continuing. Lisa heard the clothes coming off, and slid her hand underneath to finger herself. I told her to turn over, and she did, and I leaned down, and told her she was naked and spread open for two men, and we were both hot and hard for her. Lisa moaned again, and Brian and I went back to work, spreading oil over her breasts, stomach and the front of her thighs. Brian moved around to rub her breasts, and I was working on the inside of her thighs. Lisa always gets very wet, but she was wide open and dripping now, an amazing sight I worked on her stomach, hips and thighs, then slid two fingers into her as Brian gently made her nipples stand up. She reached up as Brian leaned over her, and gasped as she took his cock in her hand.

Pages: 1

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