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First Swing Date (First Time Swingers)

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We had always joked about swinging or given each other grief about being swingers. It was always the he-he, ha-ha can you imagine type of joking each with other. Our marriage is solid, there have been ups and downs, but we have hit a rhythm over the past year or two. Sexually we have our great nights and our just get it done nights. There is the occasional time we have both rolled over afterwards and given each other the ?should have taken tonight off? look. For the most part things are good in the sack.

Over the years we have been married we are at a place where I trust my wife more than anyone in the world and much more than I thought I could ever trust anyone. We have talked openly about things that I could barely admit to myself when we first married. As a couple we have discussed fantasies like me watching her being taken by another man. Janice has admitted that a gang bang is a huge turn on for her. Going to adult stores to look at toys is one of our date night rituals. Instead of being embarrassed my wife heads right in and starts browsing. As with any man watching two girls (or more) together is a huge, huge fantasy. Although Janice can appreciate a hot chick she has never kissed a girl.

With all this I being said I did a little research on swinging. Basically, as with everything, the internet makes it a lot easier. By using the internet swingers can be much more discrete and groups have sprung up everywhere. The rules of swinging are just like internet dating, keep it in public and don?t share personal information until you know the person. This brings me to my wife. She is hot. She wears sexy underwear. She runs and keeps in shape. Her chest is a 36D and her panties are small. At 5?7? she is above average height with naturally curly dark hair. The downside is Janice rarely dresses to her assets. A lot of turtle necks and sweaters in her closet. This is not to say she doesn?t get a lot of looks. I might be jealous if she was more outgoing and flaunted herself more. Either way I notice plenty of guys checking her out or glances lingering a little too long. We do not run together, but I run and keep in shape as well. My most striking asset is my height as I am significantly above average.

After thinking a little about how I broached the subject of setting up a profile on a swingers site to my wife; I jumped in and ask what she thought. To my surprise she said it might be fun and we could look around at least. At least our web search would count as foreplay; we both found the prospects exciting and arousing. Janice sat down on my lap at the computer and we did a search for swinger groups in our area. The top hits were national groups with local chapters to our area. There were teaser pictures (likely professional models that look almost normal, but slightly better), but to go further and see profiles required creating an account.

I ask if she wanted to go on. At this point curiosity had gotten the best of her. We were both curious as to what swinger couples looked like. Was it all porn star wanna-be?s in leather or just ordinary Joes? We would have to wait until we set up a profile. To keep it discreet we set up a generic user name and password with no relation to anything about us. It wanted basic information like age, weight, and height. No problem there. Next it wanted ages and interested parties. We picked ages within 10 years above and below us. As my wife was not ready to commit to any Bi action and I figured that single guys were a bad call we picked to be searchable to only other couples.

The final section was our interests and the descriptive texts. There were three basic levels: mild, medium, and wild. We both picked ?mild.? Getting down in the same room with another couple or voyeurism sounded possibly feasible from my side. We weren?t sure about what our tag line should be so we kept it simple ?Newbies looking to spice it up.? For our longer description we went into more detail that we were new and wanted to keep it casual. We weren?t looking for the hedonism experience just looking to add some adventure into our married lives. There was the option to add pictures, but we weren?t quite ready to jump that deep into the pool. With some trepidation we clicked ?enter? and our profile added the database of swinger couples.

Finally, we got to the main event. Most of the profiles were ?normal? looking people. For the most part it was wives in lingerie with heads cut off. There were some porn wanna-be?s that I suspect were professionals trying to get gigs. Average Joes were represented, but for the most part the couples were clean cut, fit, and attractive enough. We perused the profiles as I felt up my wife?s erect nipple while she sat on my lap. Clicking through profiles she wiggled her ass bringing me to attention. I slid my hand down her pajama bottoms and found her silk panties to be a little wet. She let me finger her while checked out some couples that might be our speed. We finally got carried away with each other and ended up going at it on the floor in front of the computer. I shut down the computer when we were done and went to bed wondering what become of the profile.

The next evening we checked our profile and there had been some lookers. In the message box there was no one was reaching out. Our curiosity was getting the better of us. We decided that if we really wanted to see what was available we were going to have to put a little more out there. All the profiles that we were interested in had pictures and the pictures were heavily skewed towards wives in various states of undress. No nudity, but certainly on par with a Victoria?s Secret catalog. Lingerie and bikini photos of herself is not Janice?s favorite. To my knowledge she had only done it a couple of times and always for our personal viewing. Janice was not thrilled, but she agreed that if we really wanted to know it would have to be done. That her head would be cut out also helped convince her. She said she would take her bath and then pretty herself up. I suggested we do a couple of outfits and post two or three of the best which she agreed to.

Half an hour later she was clean, shaved, and prettied up. We started in the bedroom in a simple black string tank top and matching black boy short panties. The tank top was about 2 sizes to small and Janice could barely stuff her boobs in it. I was more than happy to snap away some great cleavage shots. We tried to emulate some of the standard poses. Chest out, boobs up was popular with the busty crowd. Ass is always a big seller and we did the rear standing, rear bending over, and straight on all fours ass. In all the shots were great. I knew it would be hard to narrow it down to a couple of favorites. I even got her to pop out the twins for some topless shots that might go out to the private gallery.

I moved into the bonus room and waited for her next outfit. I was not disappointed. My beautiful wife had changed into a black satin thong with matching bra and thigh highs. We repeated the poses using the couch when needed. This shoot was much harder due to the raging erection that my gorgeous wife was giving me. Several times I had to keep my hands to myself as she bent over in her tiny little panties exposing her luscious derrière. Finally, I could take it no more. The photo session ended abruptly as I through her down on the couch. She spread her legs eagerly for me enter her. She was as turned on as me. I yanked off her little thong and dove deep inside of her. It was not my longest performance. In just her black bra and thigh highs I rapidly plunged in and out of her unable to contain myself. I ignored prolonging her pleasure to satisfy my own carnal needs. Her nails scratched my back, urging me on faster and harder. Janice understood how desperately I needed her right then; as much as a castaway needs food or water. I climaxed violently inside her. Holding our embrace tight as the waves of my please subsided like the tide returning to the sea. Relief turned to embracement as I realized she was not fulfilled. Taking her to the bedroom I returned the favor she had given to me.

The next day we checked the pictures. They were all great. I could not have picked out the best 2 or 3. We agreed that since Janice was the main attraction my wife should pick what we post and I would crop them before we posted. It took her a long time, but she finally went with a tank top cleavage, thong shot of her laying down on her stomach propped up on elbows shot the foot side, and a full frontal in the tank top and boy shorts. I posted them in a public area and we agreed to give it a day or two before we checked again.

A couple of days later we checked our account. We had received a fair amount of mails and invites. Most were to local or regional swinger parties at hotels or resorts that promised to offer a wild time for everyone. This was a lot more than we were both looking for so we deleted them and moved on. Remaining were emails from other members. We checked out the different profiles. Most were looking for ?wild? times or full swaps on certain dates so we deleted these as well. Finally, one of them was listed as ?tame? just like us. By their profile they were around our age, looking for couples not parties, needing discretion, and listed as ?tame.? Pictures on their posting were similar to ours. It was just two shots of the wife one in a bikini and one in bra and panties set. She was a more petite build then my wife, maybe a B cup or so. I thought she was cutie, and my wife agreed.

We read their email. They were looking to go slow, start with emails, work up to pictures, and maybe have a meeting in the future if everyone gets along. Lots of warnings that they had work, family, etc and limited time so they did not need the drama. Both of them were new to the ?lifestyle? and wanted to be very discrete. It was exactly what we were looking for in potential ?friends.? My wife and I emailed back that we totally agreed and had the same issues. We warned them the farthest we wanted to go was sex in the same room or bed as another couple, but no sharing partners. If that sounded good they could contact us back.

Over the next couple weeks we emailed back and forth mainly just feeling each other out and getting to know one another. We finally trusted each other enough to post pictures to a private gallery with our faces. I was lucky and the Mrs was a cutie. She was a petite blond with medium length blond hair (dyed I am sure). The Mr was attractive enough. Short dark hair appropriate for a professional, he had a little gut but not too much. They were both college grads like us so we had that in common. We found out the other couple had never actually hooked up. They had been through the email, but usually the other couple lost interest or time just got in the way. So far the schedule had been working great for us. Sitters are an issue so getting away can be tricky.

The emails were getting more provocative as well as the pictures. We had flirted back and forth about trying to make a date to meet up and see how things worked in person. It finally worked out where we had sitters for a weekend and were going to get a chalet up in the mountains. This could be perfect for everyone. We could meet on neutral ground and if it didn?t work out we could go our separate ways with no harm done. In the next email we proposed they meet us out for dinner in the mountains the first night and if it worked out we could meet again the next night somewhere more intimate.

A couple of days later they emailed back that they could fit this in their schedule and they were looking forward to meeting us face to face.

Leading up to the dinner date the emails were actually a little giddy. Everyone was excited and nervous. It was a lot like dating again, although the end payout was more defined. We had all admitted early on that this was real life and not an erotic novel so toys were allowed and encouraged if the ladies needed a little more than the men could give to get them over the edge.

Finally the big weekend arrived. We met at a local restaurant that was plenty crowded. They were a cute couple and we recognized them as soon as we walked in the door. It was a casual place so they were both in jeans. She was in tight jeans and a tight t-shirt. He was in a solid knit polo. There was a wait for our table so we had a chance to go to the bar to get a little ?social lubrication? before the meal. After all the emails we were surprised at how well we knew each other and had things in common. The date ended up going great, and everyone had a good time. We knew they had to get home that night so we invited them to our chalet to grill the next afternoon. They said it sounded great and told us to email directions.

That night we emailed directions and reminded them about the hot tub in the chalet. As soon as ?send? was clicked on the email Janice and I were all over each other in anticipation of the following night.

We could hardly wait for our guests to arrive. My wife and I went hiking and tried to keep busy. I was able to get in a nap after the busy morning before we had to start getting things around. I showered first then prepped the food and drink while Janice got herself cleaned up and together. With everything prepped we hung out on the back porch enjoying the view until our guests arrived. It was wonderful weather and we were both comfortable in shorts and t-shirts. Pam and Greg arrived right on time. Pam was in a new tight t-shirt and little shorts. Greg was dressed similar to me in cargo shorts and a t-shirt. It was like we had not been apart the past 12 hours. We men grabbed beers and talked over the grill while the ladies sipped margarita?s and gossiped.

Again, dinner was great and everyone chatted comfortably with each other. Post dinner someone suggest we try out the hot tub. We were feeling good, but the time didn?t feel right yet so Janice and I changed in the master while Greg and Pam changed in the guest room. Pam came out in a little bikini. I was totally ogling her. I would have felt bad, but Greg was totally ogling Janice in her black bikini. We made it to the hot tub to continue drinking and chatting. Finally, we agreed it was time to get out. Pam said she was going to dry off and change back into her clothes. I was a little bummed. I figured that the hot tub was the logical extension to getting it on. From the get go we had agreed nothing was carved in stone so if they had changed their minds; what could I say?

There must have been a look of disappointment on my face as Janice and I got dressed in our bathroom. Before we walked back out, Janice pulled me into a deep kiss with her. She whispered, ?don?t be sad, you?re going to get lucky tonight either way.? That lifted my spirits and I stepped back out to the living room prepared for Greg and Pam to give an excuse about having to go. I could not have been more wrong about them leaving.

Greg and Pam were making out on the couch. He was in has boxers and she was in a black thong and matching black bra. Greg was all over her. Her nipples poked through the thin black fabric, aroused by Greg?s touch. They kissed deeply sitting on the couch. Their lips unlocked just long enough for Pam to pat the couch beside her and say ?I thought this was a playdate.? This was enough of an invite for us. Janice and I tossed our clothes off as we headed to the couch. The four of us sat on the couch making out in our underwear. I put Janice on my lap and unhooked her bra to get better access to her ample breasts. I heard Pam?s bra come undone and fall to the floor. I glanced over to see Greg working her tits as she straddled him, grinding on his crotch through her panties.

Janice slid off my lap to kneel in front of me on the floor. I raised my hips so she could drag off my boxer briefs. Dressed in only her red bikini panties, Janice plunged her mouth into my lap and proceeded to pleasure me orally. I saw Pam slid to the floor to perform the same on Greg. She paused a moment to watch Janice perform on me before completely engorging Greg?s eager member into her own mouth. I laid back to enjoy the warm feeling of Janice? mouth wrapped around my own shaft, then took turns watching first Janice them Pam?s head bob up and down. I was starting to get a little too excited. Gently, I guided Janice up by the chin to a seated position in the couch with myself now kneeling before her. Janice raised her hips enough for me to slide off her silk panties. As I spread Janice?s legs I paused to watch Greg follow my lead and go down on Pam. With her legs open, my tongue kissed and caressed her eager crevice. Janice squirmed in please driving herself closer to me, urging me to penetrate her deeper. Pam was already moaning under the spell of Greg?s expert touch. Maybe because of the setting or the adventure it did not take long for the ladies to orgasm. Janice ended with a satisfied ?Uuunnngh,? while Pam let out a satisfied moan.

Catching their breath for just a second, each lady led their man to the master bed room. Janice pushed me on my back on the right side of the bed and Pam pushed down Greg on the left. Each wife mounted her husband cowboy. As Janice bounced up and down on my rock hard shaft I had a perfect view of all four titties bouncing up and down in rhythm. It did not take long for Greg and I to cum. I blew my wad deep inside Janice and pulled her close to me as I unloaded inside of her. On the bed beside us Greg and Pam collapsed similarly.

Eventually, we stirred. Greg and Pam said it lived up to their fantasy, and they wanted to meet up again at another time. We agreed and helped them gather up their stuff. We will just have to see when everyone is free again.

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