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First Intense Sex!

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We wanted to watch “Ghost” on HBO. After talking about it, we decided to watch it together in Nancy’s room. We had known each other for three days and had gotten along quite well; had even worked-out together in the hotel’s equipment room. Nancy always wore a high cut leotard that drove me wild. And we had spent a long evening talking on the couch in the hotel’s lobby, late into the night. At the door of her room that night we kissed. A great, romantic kiss.

I got to her room at the appointed time, ten minutes before the movie started. Through the door I could hear the shower running. I knocked. And knocked again. The shower shut off and almost immediately the door opened. Wide. Not just a bit. Nancy stood there wrapped in a towel. She invited me in and did not back away as I came thru the door; I had to brush past. OK, so I’m not too quick on the uptake. We chatted and joked for a few minutes. Nancy stood close enough that I could have reached out and . . .

She gave up . . .uh . . . excused herself to go get dressed. It took her all of 10 seconds to dress in a sweatshirt and sweat pants. We set side-by-side watching the movie, joking, chattering, watching, and getting into the emotion of the movie. A number of times I would put my arm around her, and she snuggled into my chest. At the end of the movie, I turned to her and gently reached up to brush and kiss the light tears from the corners of her eyes. As I held her face with both hands and stared into those beautiful eyes, I leaned forward. We met with a passionate kiss; four lips parted, exploring.

Recklessly, we moved to the bed while still kissing and hugging tightly. Nancy fell onto the bed on her back; I fell on top of her, still kissing franticly. The kisses turned more and more passionate. Neck and ears. We started exploring each other’s bodies. I ran my hands up to her breasts. When there was no resistance, I ran my hand up inside of her sweatshirt. Her tits are large – 40DDD with large nipples. Shortly she was tearing off her sweatshirt and I my polo shirt. Our chests crushed together; her now-hard nipples felt hot and poked noticeably into my chest. I couldn’t resist and went down to take first one and then the other in my mouth, all the while, massaging both, starting with the outside, coming up from the underneath and finally rolling her hard nubs between my fingers.

After a bit, I sat up, straddling her groin, to get a full view of those wonderful breasts, her face, hair tossed across the bed. Her eyes were slightly glassy with lust. My hands started to creep down across her flat belly to play with her bellybutton and hips. As my hand started towards the drawstring of her sweatpants I thought, “I hope she doesn’t try to stop me now; I don’t think I can.” Reaching inside for her crotch, my eyes went wide with total surprise as my hand encountered a shaved pussy. Not totally shaved; a trimmed triangle above her clit. Never having seen a shaved pussy, I had to see this. Nancy lustfully helped me strip off her sweatpants. The minute that they were gone, I stared at a beautifully shaven, smooth pussy with trimmed reddish-black hairs on a prominent mound. My hands explored her mound, and outer lips. But only for a little while. I stretched out on the bed and applied my tongue. Her aroma was the best. Her taste even better!

For perhaps half an hour I licked and sucked on her pussy, in between her puffy outer lips and long inner lips; and uncovering her hard clit. Nancy was wild. Thrashing up against my face, holding my head against her pussy; sounds of pleasure and more coming from her. I was so aroused! My cock was aching and pressing hard between the bed and my belly, still constrained in my pants. I was content, however, to continue this form of pleasure. Nancy however, had other plans and needs.

Suddenly, she pushed my head up from her lap with amazing strength; pushed me backward and with all the speed of a racehorse, tore at my belt, zipper and pants. She made a frustrated face when she encountered my briefs and I had to help her. Well, they got hung up on my raging hard-on. It has been said “she hungrily took it in her mouth.” No where was this more true than this night. Up until this experience, I had not been very fond of oral. Neither giving nor receiving. Giving oral to Nancy had intoxicated me and now I found out what receiving good head was all about. She put her whole body into it. Instinctively she would bring me near the brink of cumming, but not too near, and back off. She was up on all fours, at a bit of an angle to me. When it got thru to me that she was paying attention to me in a way that was going to prolong the ecstasy, I turned my attention back to her pussy. I slid my hand up under her belly and slipped a finger into her dripping hole. We locked eyes. After a bit, I pulled her over into a 69. I was amazed at our passion and stamina. This went on and on and on. We changed to side-by-side 69 and finally changed to me on top. In this position, my tongue gave her the first orgasm. Her thighs contracted and lifted me off the bed.

Even the excitement of feeling her cum and her continued sucking on my dick didn’t cause me to cum. Which was good, for the best was about to happen. No sooner had her orgasm subsided than she pulled my cock from her mouth and asked – demanded really – that I fuck her. Quickly moving around into missionary, I slowly – ever so slowly and carefully – least I cum – entered her. I got all the way in and still did not feel like I was going to cum despite my state of arousal. She was so hot and wet and tight! I experimentally took a couple of strokes. Still it didn’t feel like I was going to explode. Soon I was fucking her with long, full and deep thrusts. And still I felt good. She would meet me at every stroke with an up thrust of her hips. We moved with every thrust. Soon I got into a kneeling position to watch my cock disappear inside of her. What a turn-on to watch the biggest hard-on I could ever remember having, disappear inside of her shaven cunt! And watching her tits bounce around with every thrust and seeing the smile of lust on her face was a huge turn-on.

We had been talking a little bit – just given each other directions and asking if “that feels good?” Now we started really talking graphically. She would lift her hips up to meet my thrusts. When I needed to slow down to keep from cumming, she would massage my cock by contracting her kegal muscles. Finally, she came a second time – the first while fucking. I could feel her already wet hole flood with hot juices. She bucked even more wildly than previously. And her kegals clamped down around my cock. That did it. With a loud guttural moan, I withdrew from her cunt and before I could even put a hand around my cock, started shooting streams of cum. The first couple of pulses went up to the top of her tits. Then more on her belly. What an orgasm! And still I was hard. Unheard of! She massaged the cum all over her breasts and belly, tasting some from her fingers. While still wet, she pulled me down to her and we slid chest-to-chest with that slippery cum; our mouths locked together. Feeling my still hard cock on her belly, she reached down and worked it into her cunt.

I started with gentle thrusts while we kissed, but that didn’t last long. We rolled over with Nancy on top. She sat up in cowgirl position and started bouncing up and down on me, then grinding her hips back and forth. I could feel the tip of my cock rake back and forth against her cervix. Whether from the intensity of this action, the intensity of our sex talk, or the intensity of our passion, I felt a climax coming after only 15 or 20 minutes. Nancy was doing more with her PC muscles and the tip of my cock was being stimulated almost constantly. I told her that if she didn’t stop soon, I would cum inside her. She gave me the strangest look and said that she couldn’t quit. And not to worry about cumming inside. A couple of minutes later we exploded together. Yes, I know how often people write about simultaneous orgasm, and how often they really happen. This time it did happen.

After resting, snuggling, and a lot more kissing, we screwed one more time – doggie position – and collapsed in each other’s arms. Long embraces. I left to go back to my room at 5:00 am. We had to get up for work at 7:00. We tried to avoid each other at work as much as possible and when we could grab a couple of seconds alone we flirted like crazy people.

The next night we got an early start in the gym – feeling each other up while exercising (no one else in the room), and giving each other a relaxing back rubs and not so relaxing front rubs. During the back rub, I would let my fingers creep under the crotch of her leotard – just enough to feel her dampness. She reached inside my shorts to rub my cock.

After an hour of this, we went back to her room and showered together. We soaped each other up and rubbed together. I started things in earnest by going down on her while she was standing; then she returned the favor. She quickly performed her daily pussy shaving while I watched closely and stroked myself. We then screwed once in the shower while standing up - she put one leg up on the side of the tub and I had to bend deeply at the knees, and once with me laying on the bottom of the tub while she stradled me cowgirl fashion. Neither time did either climax. Rather than dry off completely, I sat her on the vanity and entered her by standing in front. We watched our genitals as we fucked, and took turns inserting fingers alongside of my cock, and then offering them to the other to suck the juices off. Finally, we returned to the bed so that we could go wild. I just had to eat her pussy for a while. Then an intense fuck. She lifted me right off the bed when she came; then I filled her with hot cum of my own. We continued to fool around on the bed for a while.

After some 69, I volunteered to shave her. This would be the first time that she let anyone shave her.

As I’ve said, she had always kept a medium sized triangle of pubic hair that pointed to the top of her slit. We went into the bathroom. Nancy sat on the large counter to the right of the sink, facing me and spread her legs, resting her feet on the edge of the counter with her butt thrust forward so that I could get at her pussy. She told me to get her fur hot (like I needed to be told!) -- No, she meant with hot water! I covered her pussy with a hot washcloth. She seemed to enjoy this, so I tried it on me -- it was great. It was stimulating and almost the feeling of being inside a pussy, without the tightness.

Next, I took the shaving gel and started to massage it around. Just doing this, I got so excited that I started shaking a bit. Nancy started to roll her eyes back and close them, and kept trying to move around. I used one hand to finish smearing the foam between her legs and inserted a finger of the other hand in her soaked pussy and started sliding it in and out.

She wanted me to leave her Dorito-shaped hair – she had never been bald. I started shaving, slowly. She had to direct me on which direction to pull the strokes and how to shave her outer lips. Her voice was husky with sex; and her breath came in gasps. I had to get down on my knees and up close. Her aroma was sooooo great! It mixed with the shaving cream smell, but her scent was overpowering. I could have shot a load without any touch just then!

I concentrated on her pussy lips. The shaving cream kept dripping down into her slit. Which she said felt much different than water – a little tingling from the foam in the lather. That gave me an idea. When I finished shaving the lower part of her outer lips, I stood up. My raging hard-on was close to her hole. She was squirming around. I said that I'd have to pin her down, if she didn't stop. She looked at me with a puzzled expression. I took some of the shaving cream that was running down her thigh, and used it to lubricate a couple of fingers and pushed them into her, hard. She came immediately! Her bucking caused her feet to slip off the counter and her butt came to the very edge. I immediately plugged my cock into her. All the way to the hilt. I was the hardest and longest I had ever been in my life! Larter, she said that she felt more of my cock than ever – and it did feel bigger than before. I could feel every vein in my cock and every fold in her pussy. Then, her powerful orgasm contractions began; the muscle contractions pulled me deeper into her. I could feel every part of every contraction. She later said that all she felt was this intense wave of one big orgasm.

When her bucking orgasm quieted, we got back to shaving. Only, I stayed plugged inside her cunt. We were so hot and the felling of my rod buried deep in her was so incredible, that I didn't want to quit and she didn't want to let me go. She couldn't stand the thought of having her pussy empty just then. So, I continued to shave while she told me how incredible she felt. She said that every time I took a stroke with the razor, she could feel it inside! With every stroke of the razor (I didn't dare move my cock), more of her brunette triangle vanished. Finally, it was all gone. We both started wiping the remaining shaving cream away and stared at the first bald pussy that either of us had ever seen. A visual treat for both of us – seeing her smooth skin – her clit sticking out, and my pubis pushed tight up against her skin. It was beautiful. Then, she grabbed the baby lotion and poured it all over our joined area and started to massage it in. The velvet smooth of the lotion was a great contrast to the slightly rough towel that we had just finished using. Then, she inserted her fingers – one on either side of my cock. The feeling of her fingers sliding in and out against my cock and the walls of her vagina was too much! I was still straining hard and now two fingers enhanced her contracting tightness. We both came. I had only thrusted once – when I entered! I could feel her muscles contracting in waves and she felt the underside of my cock pulse as my balls emptied their contents. Even after we both finished coming, it felt so good to stay locked together that we just stayed in this position, locked in a hug and tongue-fucking each other's mouth, for a long time.

As incredible as this was, it was only a prelude to even better sex later that evening.

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