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Finding out that I’m Bi

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Finding out that I?m Bi I found out that I am Bi one day when I was still dating my girlfriend which is now my wife. I was home on my day off from work, when my buddy came over to talk and drink; we were drink for couple of hours. I needed to use the bathroom as well as he did, I only have one bathroom so we went at the same time. For what reason I forgot about that moment, maybe we were too drunk to understand what was happening. He looked at my cock and said that I have the biggest cock that he has seen on a white guy, for some other reason he showed me his, and it was smaller than mine. He asked if he could hold onto me cock I had no objection to it, once he grabbed it started to grow. To me that is weird to happen when another guy touches another cock, without asking he bent down and kissed my cock started to suck my 10inch thick long cock. It felt weird to have a guy suck your cock; he was taking my cock and deep throating it like it was nothing.

This thing was going on for about a month before my girlfriend found out, she came home for lunch one day and Luke was going down on my cock. Yumi saw what was going on; see Yumi is the sexiest cutest little Japanese girl, which I have been dating. She asked me what is going on here John, I looked at her and said Luke is giving me a blow job. She had a dumb found look on her face and asked if I had returned the favor to him yet. I said no and there is nothing wrong in getting some head once in a while sweetie. She said once he is done you are going to give him some head for the lost time that he has done that. I looked at her and said I don?t do that kind of stuff sweetie, today is your first lesson in cock sucking babe. Luke got done and he got up and sat on the couch and I started to kiss his cock, then I took his cock into my mouth and started to bob up and down like he done. After about three minutes he blew his load down my throat, his cum tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Yumi asked me how it tasted, it kind of tasted sweet and salty sweetie. Well I will have a surprise for the two of you when I return from work.

As the day went on I was wondering what Yumi had in mind when she said that she will have a surprise for when she return from work. When Yumi got home from work she told me to go clean up and clean up everything from top to bottom. I went and showered, and while I was showing she was getting ready for the surprise that was waiting for me. I get into the bedroom and find Yumi on the bed with a strap-on that was 10 inches long and thicker than my cock. She told me to come over and suck her cock; I did as she told me to. I took her cock into my mouth and for some odd reason it tasted just like a real fucking cock. She told to take the cock and deep throat it; I had a hard time to take it all the way into my mouth. I worked it slow and I was able to take it all the way to the hilt. I could smell her pussy juices and she was getting turned on by seeing me sucking a cock. That is when she had Luke come in and I heard him come in and to my next surprise I felt him around my anus. I lube up his cock and my ass, than it was the biggest surprise that I had gotten in a long time he started to enter my ass to fuck me in my ass. I looked at him as said what the fuck are you doing dude, didn?t I tell you that I am gay. He started to fuck me slow with long strokes as I got used to him in my ass he went faster. After about two minutes I was loose then I shoved his cock hard into my ass and I was fucking surprised. I was rock hard and about to cum from him fucking me, I was screaming with delight and saying fuck, fuck, fuck it fucking feels so fucking good. I want you to fucking cum inside me fuck; I want that cum of yours right now. He swelled up and blew his load into my anus, he felt relieved that he came so hard.

He pulled out of me and that is when I turned him around and lubed up my cock and put my cock in his ass. He was tighter than me and then Yumi got behind me and placed her fake cock into my already lubed ass, as I was fucking Luke I was getting fucked by my sexy girlfriend. She was going deep inside me and hard, it made me rock hard again. Luke was eager to see that I was rock hard again; he got under me and started to clean my cock off as Yumi was fucking hard. I said I was going to cum again she went faster and harder, my cock swelled and I blew my load all over Luke?s face. She told use to take a shower and clean up and there will be more fun after you two are done in the shower. We got into the shower together and cleaned each other off and sucked each other again. When we came back into the room she had on a black leather corset, black leather knee high boots with six inch platform high heels. She had another dildo that was hooked up to her harness, it was shorter but it was a little wider than the other one she had.

She told me that I need to make love to my new lover as well to my wife, I looked at her and I was in disbelief that she wanted to make love to Luke. I told her that I am not gay; I just like to have my cock sucked on once in a while. If you can have your cock sucked by a dude you can make love to him, which is when she pulled out a large butt plug. I asked her what that is for; it is for you if you don?t want to make love to Luke I can this placed in your ass for two hours while you suck his cock. So I decide to make love to Luke and I would like to have that butt plug in while I am making sweet love to Luke. Luke said that he would like to put in my ass, she gave him the plug and he lubed up the plug and started to put it in my ass. It went in a little tight but it went in and I heard a sucking sound when the base was at the hilt.

Then Luke reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock and started to stroke it, Yumi placed the blind fold over my eyes so I was not able to see what was going on. I felt something strange go over my cock and I heard a locking sound, Luke to the blind fold off and I found a cock cage around my cock. Yumi told me that I am no longer to get hard any more tonight; I was place a sex swing where my arms and legs were strapped to the sides. Luke came around the front and placed his cock in my mouth, and forced me to suck him again. But this time my head was bent back, his balls would hit my eye and it made it easier for him to shove his thick fat long cock down my throat. Then I felt the plug get taken out and Yumi started again to fuck me in the anus, as I was sucking Luke I was moaning in delight from the ass fucking I was getting from my hot sexy dominatrix wife. We fuck the whole night and into the weekend. I woke up to some strange noise thinking it would be my wife, to find that it was Luke sucking me and feeling the soreness in my ass from all the fucking we did. I turned around so that I could be in the sixty-nine position with Luke; I started to suck his thick long black cock, and then I saw my wife get up and go behind Luke and started on his anus. That morning we fucked until it was time for Luke to leave, I can?t wait for Luke to return on his next trip out here?. Next time it is the wives turn to learn about bi-sexual sex.

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