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Fill My Crack

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My husband and I have just retired and have talked about spicing things up by exploring couples play. Jerry is all for it and I?m the opposite. I don?t believe that it will spice anything up in the bedroom like he says it will. I can only see this driving a wedge in our marriage. As far as I know there have been no ?flings? in our 35 years of marriage.

Jerry is very fit at 57 years old. He played recreation basketball well into his 30?s and competitive softball well into his 40?s. One he quit playing softball he continued his work out routine and is nearly what his weight was in college, where he played basketball at a small college in NW Iowa.

I?m not bad either for 57 if I do say so myself. We?ve always been regulars at the gym in the winter and I walk and jog 7-8 months out of the year when the weather is good. Jerry says I am still ?hot? although I don?t think so.

One day, about a month ago, I said to Jerry while pointing to the ceiling, ?I need to have someone fix my crack.? The crack I was talking about was a crack in the ceiling dry wall and I wanted someone to come and tape and fix it. Jerry responded, ?You want someone to fix or fill your crack?? Of course I just rolled my eyes.

Several days and weeks passed and he kept asking if I wanted him to find someone to ?fill? my crack. Last week Jerry had grilled a couple of fillets and we had fresh Iowa sweet corn. He fixed a couple of drinks and we had a lovely meal out on the deck overlooking the lake. Once again he asked, ?Do you want pre-approval of the person I find to fill your crack or should I just surprise you?? ?Also, should I have him come when I?m here so I can watch him work or would you prefer me to be gone??

I?m not sure if it was the drinks or the mood I was in but I smiled and said, ?Just surprise me and I?ll make sure he completes the job.? ?You don?t have to be here.? He smiled and we continued to chat and I didn?t think another things about it.

At the end of last week a guy knocks on the door and introduces himself as the guy who was going to fix the dry wall crack. His name was Jim and I?d put him around 40 or so. I?d never seen him before and he said he was from the area. It?s not that I was looking but he was a very nice looking man. When he had taped and applied the mud to the crack he left and said he would be returning again to sand it down.

Jerry came home and we discussed the repair job. He said that Jim was from a neighboring town but played in the men?s golf league and he kind of knew him. He played in the same four-some a couple of times and said he was a good guy.

Jim showed up on Monday around 1:30 p.m. to finish the job. He worked for a while and it looked like he was done for the day as he gathered up he tools and began to pack up. I asked him where he was headed next and he said it was too late to start a new job so he would likely head home.

He caught me by surprise by saying; ?Jerry told me he was having some fun with you over this job.? I replied, ?Oh he did?? ?Just what did he tell you?? Jim smiled and replied, ?He said he was hiring someone to fill your crack!? I said, ?So you volunteered to come by and do the job?? I can?t believe I said that but it came out so there wasn?t any taking it back now.

Jim walked over closer to me and said, ?I?ve volunteered for worse jobs.? I thought ?Oh shit, where is this going to go?? I was not prepared for this nor did I know how to get out of it. Like a dip stick I said, ?I bet you say that to all the time!?

He walked closer to me and said, ?No I really don?t.? He then put his arms on my shoulders and bent down and kissed me. I said, ?Jim I really shouldn?t do this.? He put his finger on his mouth in an effort to tell me to be quiet and then kissed me again. This time I didn?t fight it and kissed him back. We stood there and kissed passionately and I felt my juices start to flow.

Jim let his hand move down my shoulder and cupped my breast. He rubbed my nipple from the outside of my blouse and my nipple tingled as it became hard and protruded through my bra and top. I said, ?Jerry are you sure about this?? He just said, Trust me? and continued to fondle my breasts. I could feel changes starting to happen and I knew I was wet as well.

There was no turning back now and I unbuttoned my blouse exposing my bra and said, ?Is this what your are looking for?? Jim said nothing in return and reached around and unsnapped my bra. I removed my blouse and bra and let them fall to the floor. He let his tongue and teeth nibble and tease my nipples and it was driving me crazy. We kissed passionately again and I reached for the bulge that was now evident in the front of his pants. It was obvious that he had a full package and I was dying to explore the area farther.

I unzipped his pants and reached inside. He was wearing boxers and that made it easy to navigate and find his shaft. ?Oh my? I thought to myself, this is a big one. He let me play with his tool before stepping back and removing his pants and underwear. I?m sorry but I couldn?t help but stare at what had to be 8?+ and hard as hell.

All I was wearing was a pair of shorts and I quickly dropped them to the floor. For the first time in my married life I was standing totally naked in front of a guy I just met a couple of days before. Jim removed his shirt and pulled me close to him. He reached between my legs and discovered the dampness. He used at least two fingers and easily slid them in my pussy.

We were standing only a few steps from the bedroom so I grabbed his hand and led him to the bed. Jim kneeled next to the bed and put my legs over his shoulders and began to work my clit over. He used his fingers again to explore my pussy while his tongue circled my clit over and over. I couldn?t help but push my pelvis into his face as I had my first orgasm. He let me sit up on the edge of the bed and moved his cock within inches of my mouth. Without hesitation I took his cock in my mouth and firmly grabbed his sack as I gave him the best blowjob I could deliver. He stopped me and gently pushed me back on the bed. I scooted back on the bed and grabbed my knees to spread my legs apart. Jim licked his way up my body and then slowly drove that shaft in my pussy. My eyes nearly rolled back in my eyes, as I?ve never had something that size before. He pounded me for some time and then deposited a huge load of love juice.

We fucked for quite awhile and then cleaned up and got dressed. As Jim was leaving he asked, ?Did you get your crack filled?? I responded, ?Oh baby you do great work.? ?I?ll make sure Jerry knows to recommend you.? He smiled and said, ?I think he already knows to recommend me.?

Well, I wasn?t sure what that meant but I brushed it off and went on with getting dinner ready for Jerry. When he arrived home he smiled and asked, ?How did your day go?? I said, ?What is that smile for?? Now I?m really pissed as he proceeded to tell me that he set all this up and that Jim was a friend of his. He told him about the crack joke and talked Jim into carrying it further.

Well, I was half pissed but then I remembered the afternoon. We ate dinner, had several drinks, and had a great romp in the bedroom that night. Life is good! ?

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