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Febuary 14 fun

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I am on the prowl tonight. Tonight is one of those night J my husband and I will think about to have hot sex. Tonight I am dressed in a short red dress, it?s made of and fairly tight and short. I have on a very light sheer Italian net bra to give me some support but, light enough to let my nipples be visible. I walk into the club out of the cold night air with my nipples fully hard, my jacket covers them now, I?ll wait till they settle down before I remove it. I normally don?t wear panties but the bra and the panties were gifts from J for this valentine day outing. The panties are made of the same material as the bra, completely see thru in a G string style. Wearing these tonight almost makes me feel more of a bad girl than when I go without.

I always enter the club first, J follows and sits at the opposite end so he can watch the show. The show he watches is his fondest fantasy, I sit by myself and tease the fellows, I chat, flirt and dance with them. If decide that I have found one of them I like I take it to the next level. J has no say in what I do, he can just watch and try to guess my next move. We have been doing this for a while, we do it when we travel or if we are at home. He knows I love the feeling of excitement when other men fawn over me, when they dance and caress my ass. J knows when I am dancing close on the floor that I can feel these stranger?s cocks pressed against me. He knows they are running their hands all over me, he knows if they reach down to kiss me, I will kiss them deep and long. J enjoys it just as much, and when I?m done for the night he knows I always come back to his bed, our bed and share the nights follies.

I have finally warmed up, so I give my coat to the girl and take a slow walk down the bar room. My nipples are still slightly visible as I swing my ass along. I make sure my titties bounce a bit as I go. I watch to see who is watching me, men or women, boys or girls, they all play a part in the night. I brush by one young fellow and I feel his hand slide across my ass, I turn back to him and shake my finger at him, with a big smile. I notice that J has found a spot at the bar and, already has a young lady chatting with him.

As I walk a little further a nice gentleman offers me his stool, I accept and tell him what a nice guy he is, he buys me my first drink. The young bartender leaves the couple he is waiting on to grab a drink for me. Everybody have dealt with tonight has greeted me with a big smile, this is how it always goes. I sip my drink and look to see who is watching me now. I catch the eye of a guy up the bar and he raises his glass to me. Off to the my right, a couple watches me and whispers to one another, I smile and turn the other way. I turn completely around on the stool and see a table of golf buddies watching me, I smile and turn back.

The table of golf buddies buys my next 2 drinks without saying a word to me. Different fellas stop and chat, and move on. Some ask if I am alone, I always tell them yes, I stopped in to check the place out I am here on business for a few days. As the music starts I look for my first tease of the night, he comes up from my left and ask me if I would like to dance, I tell him I like the slow dances and we head to the floor. He embraces me not to tight at first but as we dance we get closer. I can feel the heat coming off him. My legs straddle his right leg, I can feel him try to rub my crotch with his leg, I step closer to help him. As we dance I feel him getting hard, I look up at him and he smiles. At the end of the music I go back to my stool and he goes his way, he will be back. I have two more drinks at the bar when I get back.

I catching a pretty good buzz and becoming very horny. I notice the golf group have left their table. I ask the bartender if there is a place I can smoke, I don?t really smoke but it gives me a excuse to walk around. I walk to the back and I find my guys, all puffing on big expensive cigars. I walk right up to them and tell them thanks for the drinks and scold them for getting me a titty bit drunk. The oldest one says that was the plan, we all laugh and I touch him on the arm. I tell them their cigar smell good they ask if I had ever smoked good cigar, I said I have not. One of them offers me one, still in the wrapper, I tell them no, he offers it again and says go ahead there is a first time for everything. I tell him I defiantly wouldn?t be able to smoke the whole thing and I tell him I?ll take a puff off his, he smiles and hands me his cigar. I put the cigar in my mouth and take a drag and blow it out quickly, everyone laughs. He tells me to try again only slower I do. The others say I should have a scotch with it and they all leave to get me one, some head to the bathroom. While I stand and talk to the one who stayed I play with the cigar in my hand, I take another puff and put it deeper in my mouth this time. I remove it from my mouth and tell him I got it all slobbered up and ask him if he mines, I put it back to my mouth and lick it to clean it off. He watches me closely and smiles. He takes it back and immediately puts it back in his mouth. He leans down to me and tells me he has never kissed a girl who smoked cigars, I look up at him and run my tongue around my lips and reach up and kiss him. We break the kiss, and he bends down and kisses me again, full on deep tongue kiss, it lasts for 10 seconds and he breaks it, I tell him that he is a great kisser, and he says among other things. I wink and grab his arm and ask him what the other thing may be.

We wander to the pack of the club where they have sofas and tables. It?s a quieter area, not walled completely off. He sits in the one chair and I set on the sofa across form him, we have a coffee table between us. As we chat I pull my skirt up higher, without him noticing and cross my legs. From his angle he can see my whole thigh till my ass blends into the sofa. I bounce my crossed leg to draw his attention. I ask again what are the other things he is good at. He smiles and turns his face away, I notice that he is blushing. I laugh and ask him why did your face turn all red, he smile, shakes his head and says, I guess I?m just a little shy. I tell being shy is a attractive thing in a man, he laughs and blushes again. He looks at me says, you don?t have any problem being shy, do you. I laugh and tell him a couple of drinks stops my shyness and a couple more lowers my inhibitions. He asked me how many drinks I have had, I tell him, maybe 7, with that he asks, what does that do for you, I laugh and tell him at that point my inhibitions have melted away completely.

He says he in wondering what that means, exactly. With that I get off the sofa and walk over to the chair. The chair has huge arms on it, so I set on one of the arm side of him. I throw one leg over the arm as if I am riding a horse, and say, well I don?t know. I letting my one leg swing and I tell him in a soft voice I like to have fun. It?s loud and he didn?t hear me, so I get off the arm walk around in front of him lean down and whisper in his ear that I like to have fun. He says what kind of fun, knowing quite well what I mean. Out of the corner of my eye I see the others coming back, with that I turn around and fall back into his lap ass first. I plop down in his lap and feel a sizeable lump under against my butt. He wiggles a bit, shifting his bulge to more between his legs, I feel his hand go under my ass to adjust himself. As he pulls his hand out I can feel his hand turn over and palm my ass, with that I wiggle my ass and look at him and smile.

The guys sit on the sofa that I had been sitting on and start to chat with us. I have my legs both thrown over the arm of the chair facing the wall, my skirt had slipped down so the front was a couple inches below my crotch. As we all talked I lay back on the other arm, and turned my head to talk to the fellows. T can see that J has found a seat at the other end to watch the goings on. Every so often I grind my ass into my friends lap, and turn and look at him. The other three guys are checking me out, I see their eyes move up and down my body. I have my right arm around him now and I am pressing my right tit into his chest. His breathing has changed and I can tell it?s bothering him in a good way, I notice that he isn?t following the conversation very well, which doesn?t matter because the guys are looking and talking to me. Every time I move they watch me. I look over my shoulder and tell my friend that zi have to pee and I will be right back. I swing my legs off the arm of the chair toward the guys and sit up. I slide off my friends leg, rubbing my crotch against it while pushing myself off with my left hand in his lap, my palm land on his cock and I pull my hand away. I straiten my skirt, Ask if I look presentable and swing my ass to the powder room. I run into J on the way there and tell him that I have found what I was looking for tonight, he smiles and goes back to his seat.

On the way to the restroom, several guys smile and wink. One steps off his stool and steps right in my way, we run in to each other and his arms go around me, He says ?oops!!?, there was no oops about it, He asks where I am headed, I tell him, he asks if I would like a drink when I come back. I tell him that I am with a group and have to get back to them after I pee. We break away from each other and I continue on. There is a bit of a line at the women?s john, no line at the men?s. A guy standing by the door ask if any of the girls want to use the men?s room, I here, no?s and yuck?s from some of the girls, but three of us say ok. Before the guy at the door has a chance to check and see if the room is empty, the first two girls go in and I follow along. The guys in the room are startled but get over it quickly, the tall blonde walks up to the open urnial turns around lifts her dress and starts to pee, the other takes the next opening and does the same thing, I use the toilet. I come out of the stall and see the two other girls chatting the guys up by the sink. I push my ways past, feeling hands brush my tits and butt. My guy from down the bar is standing waiting to go in.

I come around the corner and go back with my guys, they say well that didn?t take long, I tell them we were given the choice to use the men room. Some of the guys were shocked that anyone would do that, I turn to my friend in the chair and wink. When I walked up their conversation had stopped and a new subject had started, I tell them you don?t have to change the subject because of me. They all laughed and said yes we do. I ask if they think I don?t know about sports, and I tell them that I could join in. One says we were not talking about sports, Then I ask what then, one of the guys says never mind but, the one that has really been eyeing me up says we were talking about you and sex, he says what I mean is we were trying to guess what you liked in sex, ahhh your preferences. I just smiled and said what make you think I like sex. One of the guys says lets talk about something else, but the bold one continues on. I answer, well I do like sex, all types, I have tried just about everything but, now I find what really gets me hot is being a submissive. Two of the guys look at me like they have no idea what I am talking about, the bold one just smiles. One asks me how such a thing works, I tell him I like being submissive to a man or woman. I like being told what to do, I like, and this might sound harsh, being used. I like just being a thing of pleasure, a sex toy, you could say.

With this all said I get hit with questions, how long have you done it, how many times, how many at a time, and when will be the next time. I laugh and tell them you ask to many questions. One of the shy ones ask me how it all works and gets started. I turn to my friend in the chair and ask him to tell me something to do. He looks at me puzzled and says what ! I tell him again and I tell him to do it, he tells me to walk around the sofa, I do. I say another thing, he says walk to the end of the room and back, I do and tell him he can do better than that. He says sit back down on my lap, I do. I tell him he is really bad at this and everyone laughs. I tell one of the shy ones to tell me something to do, he tells me to kiss my friend in the chair, I give him a little peck. He says no really kiss him, I do, full tongue, deep, and wet, when I leaned forward for the kiss I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other in his lap, with that hand I grabbed his cock while we kissed, I wonder if anyone noticed. I give the bold one a chance, by now we have drawn a little crowd and they had blocked the way so others in the bar could not see the goings on.. The bold one tells me to take off my undies, I look at him like this was one question that was out of bounds, I look at him again straight in the eye, he says do what you are told. I step to the center lift my skirt and pull my panties down, he says step out of them, I do, he tells me to give them to someone in the crowd. I pick them up and walk over to J, I hand him the panties and give him a deep kiss, I whisper to him if what going on is alright, he whispers back, if you are having fun go with it.

I walk back to the sofa and tell the bold one that he was luck on that one. He looks at me funny and I walk over and whisper in his ear that I usually don?t wear panties, and kis him on the cheek. One of the shy one tells me to remove my bra and throw it on the floor, I unbutton my blouse and give it to my friend in the chair, I unsnap my bra and do the same, my tits floop out for everyone to see. I pick up my bra and take it over to J, I tell him he might as well have the bra that goes with the panties, he winks. I tell J he gets a turn to tell me what to do, he says you have to let anyone who wants to touch your tits do it. He also says I should stand so people can walk by and do it. I walk to a open place and stand.. First person in line is the bold one, he holds them in his hand and sucks the nipples, I stand there and let the people go by all feel my titties, some kiss them some kiss me. This is making me crazy horny. After that is done we hear the bartender call last call. It really couldn?t go much farther in the bar. My friend in the chair is finally getting in to it, he suggests that we go to their hotel room and continue, that?s if you want to, I tell him I will under on condition, I get to pick one guy and one girl to go with us, they agree. I point to a cute little blonde, I tell her because you sucked my tits so nice I was wondering if you would join us. She smiles shakes her head yes, I ask how old and she says 25, my next pick is J, I ask the blonde if she finds J attractive she says yes, I tell her he will come along and make sure nothing happens to her that she doesn?t want it too, she agrees. I put on my shirt and we all head to the hotel.

When we get to the hotel, the bold one tells me to get naked, I walk over to the corner that J is standing by and strip off my clothes and throw them in that corner. Now I am the only one naked in the room of 5 guys and one girl. I walk over to the blonde and ask her if everything is still ok she says yes, I tell her again that when ever she is ready to leave tell J and he will let you out, she says cool. I give her a deep kiss, she reaches out and runs her finger up the slit in my pussy, it makes me quiver and shake, I bite her tongue, she put her finger on my clit and pushes it left and right, I cum big, it?s been building all night. I caress her tits through her blouse, she not wearing a bra, her huge nipples run across my palm, she bites my tongue hard. I ask her if I can unbutton her blouse, she says please. I set her tits free, they are perfectly shaped, between a c and a d, they are firm young and natural. Her nipples are an inch long, perfect for rolling between you finger and thumb. When I do this she throws her head back and moans. She is already red faced, the room is warm and both of us girls are starting to sweat. I drop her top to the floor, she stands in front of me topless if front of these 5 guys. We hug and kiss, lick each other all over. I look over my left shoulder and the four friends are standing with there with there mouth hanging open. I turn and tell them, you are all in for a enjoyable night, I am into this 100%, but our blonde friend, which now I find out her name is Patty, P for short, may not be, things you are going to do to me may not be what P wants, you must ask her and not force her to do things. I ask if every one understands, they all say yes. I tell J again that he is to make sure she is safe, he shakes his head yes.

I back up holding P in my arms, we fall back on to the bed I spread my legs and immediately P face is buried in my pussy. Her soft tongue is darting in and out of me, she licks my slit form top to bottom. She crawls up between my leg puts her hands on my face and asks if we can take a shower together. I look at the guys and tell them we are headed to the shower. P stands at the end of the bed and drops her skirt to the floor, her panties fall next. The guys just stare at her 25 yr old body. Her ass is full and round, her pussy is shaved clean with fat lips. She is not a slim girl but not fat either. Her ass is thick just like her thighs. Being a true blonde her pussy is a very light pink, her lips fat and deep. She leads me to the shower, she soaps up my entire body, I do her, she pays special attention to my tits, ass, and twat, I feel one of her fingers run up into my ass, I cum. I do the same to her, she cums hard. We took a hot shower and P skin is bright red and hot, I ask her if she is ok, she smiles and says she is ready to party. The guys have been watching the whole shower scene, and are all standing at full mast, all still have there clothes on but you can see their boner through their pants. J stands off to the side excited but no where as much as the others. P steps up on the end of the bed and asks if the guys would like to dry her off, she dances around on the bed, her titties bounce and jiggle. Two of the guys dry her and two dry me.

It?s time to let the guys strip down, they all drop their clothes on the floor. Funny, the bold one has the smallest cock of the bunch at maybe five and a half inches and medium girth. The two shy ones are large average size, my friend in the chair is the largest of the four at seven inches and fat. J naked and I know what to expect, 8 and a half inches and very fat. I notice P checking the men out, J is sitting on the sofa watch, P walks to J drops to her knees and drives his cock into her throat. Apparently this is not the first dick the girl has sucked. The boys tell me to lay on the bed, I have a cock poked in my mouth, a cock in both hands and a very educated tongue licking my pussy and my ass. I cum three times in a row from the licking I am getting. My pussy was a sloppy mess from P licking it and washing it in the shower, now I can feel my ass cheeks completely bathed in my juice. I can feel my licker rubbing his face in my cunt, he pulls my legs up and rubs it all around., I cum again and again and again. The guy whose cock is in my mouth has his hand on the back of my head, pulling my hair, He is pushing my head back and forth, his cock goes from my front teeth to well down my throat. I am gagging, but if that?s what he wants I let him. I feel my licker get up, he lifts my legs in the air holds them together and rams his cock inside of me. With every pump he jars my ass, and if forces his friends cock farther down my throat. I am getting pounded at both end, and I am squeezing the shit out of the two cocks I have in my hands.

I can hear P moaning, but I can?t see her, I am sure J is taking real good care of her. The guy at my head is thrusting harder and deeper, he is ready to cum, with one more deep thrust he fires his load down my throat, his cum is salty but tasteless otherwise. He keeps his dink pushed against the back of my throat till his cum quits pumping, he leaves it in my mouth till it softens and shrinks down. He slaps me on the cheek and tells me good girl, I have a hard time closing my mouth. My licker is pounding like no tomorrow I can feel and hear the wet slapping sound as his hips make violent contact with my ass. I feel his cock growing bigger, I let go of the cocks in my hands. I cum deep and hard, my pussy is burning, I cum again so hard the room goes dim. Another time I cum, my pussy is burning, but the pumping feels so good, I have one more massive, toe curling , screaming orgasm and I feel him pull out and shot his hot cum from my forehead to my thighs. The front of me is covered in cum. He drops my legs to the floor and walks away. From my ass to my head I lay on the bed, my feet are on the floor. I can feel wet under my ass, and I am as sweaty as I am cummy. I can barely focus on the ceiling, I can hear them talking around me. Someone grabs my feet another grabs my hands and pulls me up on the bed.

I feel soft hands on my head, I look up and focus on P kneeling over me, she asks me if I am alright, I tell her to give me a minute. She lays beside me and talks to me. I can feel her hot body against me. She takes her finger and drags it through the cum on my belly, put it in her mouth and sucks it clean. She tells me I still have two to satisfy and they want me to get up. From across the room I hear somebody say get you ass out of bed. I raise my head and tell them that I will. I roll on my side, I feel hands on me they roll me on to my stomach. Someone pulls my ass up, I feel two hands on my hips, a cock is rubbed along my aching slit and then pushed inside of me. While he is fucking me he plays with my asshole. His finger in one hole, his cock in another, it doesn?t take him long to cum, thank god, and his cock was pretty small. He blows his load deep inside, it was good for me I came three times during that quick fuck. He no more leaves and I feel hands again, a cock rubbed up and down, it penetrates me, it?s pulled out, it goes inside again, and again it pulled out. I fell maybe three fingers in me, these fingers go right to my asshole, I feel the head of his cock push against me. He spreads my ass cheeks, I hear him spit on his cock. He is slowly pushing into my ass , it hurts but I cum as he works it in. As soon as the head pops in he drives the rest of his cock all the way in. I moan, my ass is tight, if he has been watching all that has been happening he should cum quick. Three thrusts later I feel his member shot a hot load in my ass. He pulls out and I feel his seed run out of me. I collapse on the bed. I can hear the guys talking. I turn my head and can see P riding J on the floor, grinding her pussy into him. The other guys are standing and watching her. She has nice form on top, her tits are bouncing and swaying, her thick ass is jiggling as she moves it back and forth. I can see J raise his hips off the floor, he is way up, more than a foot and a half, this is going to be a good one. P rides him harder now, I see his face grimace, he lets out a loud grunt and pumps every thing he had into P. They both settle back to the floor, P works up the power to stand, as she stands she holds her hand over her pussy. Two guys roll me over, P comes up on the bed, directly over my head. She squats down above my face, I hear a voice tell me to open my mouth, I do. With that P removes her hand and J?s sperm runs into my mouth and down my throat.

The guys leave us two girls in the room alone. P helps me up, I?m pretty dizzy. I must have cum 200 times last night. I ask P how her night went, I ask her how many of the guys she fucked, she said only one but he went three rounds. She says he made me cum with every pump, and shot every load deep inside. I did let the other guys jerk off on me, they seemed to enjoy it. She asked me if that was alright. I told her everything was up to her, and as long as every one had fun and nobody got hurt it was a good night.

She told me J told her to clean me up so we could go home. I said that was nice of J. She smiled and said it was a nice night and I?m glad you let me fuck J, I enjoyed him very much, in fact best I have ever had. Now she says let get to the shower and wash the fuck off of you. I thanked her for the help and she thanked me for letting her fuck my husband. I asked her how she knew, she says she had watched us work this bar before, and knew we came in together. She said she made J tell her on the second go round. She says she hopes to become a part of our play time from now on, I?m pretty sure J enjoyed her, she?s a keeper.

The end

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