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Faye Giggles (from The Chronicles of Mike Bates)

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Sometimes, the women I engaged in sex with, are met at a party or other kinds of "adult activities". Other times, it was simply out of luck. That was the way it was with Faye.

It was a Thursday afternoon. I was sitting at a coffee shop, enjoying the warmth from the fireplace while drinking some coffee and having a slice of a butter cake. I was simply looking around the small place, glancing at people as they were talking, reading, typing on their laptop keyboards, or just sitting there in the warmth of the place.

A small woman -- I mistook her for an older girl, but she had a face of a woman -- older woman -- sat two tables over, also just sitting there. I looked over at her and then back at other people around the place. I didn't want to get in trouble for "picking up" a teenager, just sitting there. I looked at a much older woman, typing something on her laptop.

"Excuse me," the small woman tapped my shoulder, "do you mind if I sit here with you please? It's a lot warmer over near the fireplace."

"Not at all," I answered. scooting my wooden seat over a bit.

"Let me get my things and come join you."

Once she moved and settled her things, she reached out her hand and introduced herself.

"My name's Faye. I live over in the neighborhood by the middle school."

"Hi Faye," I nodded, "I'm Mike Bates, Glad to meet you! What are you drinking?"

"Just regular coffee with a little honey." She tilted her coffee mug slightly but I could not tell what else other than coffee was in her mug. "You?"

I moved my coffee mug so that she could look inside. "Just black coffee." I then took a drink and sat my mug back down on the table.

We sat there, talking about coffee and sharing coffee stories.

"I am waiting for my roommate to finish before I go home for the day. I work over at Tar-shay", she grinned when she said the name of the big box shopping place down the street. She then giggled, a little girlish giggle.

"My friends call me "Giggles".

"I wonder why, Faye", I also giggled a little.

"Hey want to come over to my place for a bit? I promise I'm not a murderer..." She pressed her hand over my arm.

She then leaned over and whispered, "I give great head, if you're into that. I am horny this afternoon."

I responded also in a whisper, "If you're willing to spend more than a couple of minutes, I'm game. It takes me a long time to cum".

She moved back and looked at me.

"It does," I said in a normal voice.

"Let's go, and you can show me. I'll go as long as it'll take you."

We coordinated the short drive over to her house, which was not too far from the coffee shop but in a cul-de-saced neighborhood not too far from the coffee shop.

"This is where I and Kasey -- that's with a "K" -- lives. Don't mind the place...Martha Stewarts we're not," she said, giggling as she unlocked the door and motioned for me to come in.

"Kacey!", Faye yelled. No answer. "Shoes off into the box, please." There was a box with shoes already in it. I added my shoes to the ones inside. She then took off her shoes and placed them also in the box.

"She must have finished. She had to go to work at 3pm. She had a guest come over, which was why I was at the coffee shop."

I nodded. Faye walked over to the living room area, turned and motioned for me to join her there.

She patted the couch and then the couch seat. It was my signal to sit down on it.

Faye then moved over beside me and placed her little hand over the front of my pants and squeezed my covered tool.

"Ooooh, promising!" she said aloud, as she reached for the remote on the table and turned on the television set. The set came on and showed a business news show. She then placed the remote back on the table and then reached for me.

We kissed -- small pecks at first, but as our confidence in each other (or was it hornyness) increased, so did the fever of our kisses. Soon, the two of us started trading tongues as they entered each other's mouths. She stopped for a short minute and asked "Clean? Healthy? I've got condoms -- just let me know now". She waited for my answer.

"Yes, and other than it taking me a long time to cum -- I'm good. I can wear them or not -- your choice."

"Let's see how much cum you put out before we decide on that. I love a good cum dumper."

She started to kiss me but then she concentrated on my belt buckle and then releasing me, she pulled my pants and underwear downward.

"How tall are you, Faye?" I asked, sitting back down, my pants and underwear down to my socks.

"Four feet ten. You?"

"Five feet seven." I responded.

She looked down and pointed.

"I don't know exactly. I never had it measured," I said.

Faye grabbed my cock with one small hand and jacked it up and down a couple of times, then she slowly took it into her mouth. It took her three long sucks, but on the third downward stroke, she swallowed the entire length to the balls. Her tongue swiped around them briefly, then tugged at my cock.

"Wonderful", I said, also saying the same thing to myself. Faye raised herself from my hardened hard-on and looked at me as she was stroking me.

"About seven or eight inches. It'll fit." She then licked the knob of my cock, making it shiny with her spit and her tongue.

"Do I get to do the same thing with your clit and pussy?" I asked.

"One at a time, and I get to go first. I want you to concentrate on getting a dynamite blow job from a very horny blonde short-haired girl. You can think of me as a little girl...most men do...but I want your cum, Mike. Not on my body but either in my tummy, my ass, or my puss. Or all of the above."

Okay, I said to myself, then aloud. She did not give me much time to decide otherwise, as she returned to swallowing and sucking my cock down her mouth and throat.

Kaye took the next eight minutes sucking, licking, and jacking my cock while talking with me.

"Giving up?"

"Fuck no. You're going to cum down my mouth and throat, Mike," She continued back sucking me.

It felt at times like she was a milking machine, the way she would swallow and then come back up and suck, then licking the shaft, then polishing my knob. She would pause and tell me things like "this is going to go tight up my coozie" and "you're almost there...I want every drop of your juice...:"

At the bottom of the hour the television program reset itself and I started getting those feelings that I'm about to start to cum. Kaye must have felt it also, as she stopped her stroking and started sucking half of my dick down her mouth and into her mouth.

She stopped long enough to command my dick to "Cum mutherfucker...shoot your cum in my mouth...I can take it!"

As my cock obeyed, the first shots hit the back of her throat and then somewhere in her tummy. She emmitted a loud groan and then as I pumped my torso into her face, I deposited wave after wave -- I lost count after four -- into her mouth and throat.

She left her mouth and throat down against my balls, which were getting smaller as she continued to milk me. After two more minutes of her sucking everything it felt like out of my body, she slowly sucked/licked my cock back up out of her throat and mouth.

Faye then looked at me.

"About 27 minutes from start to finish. Not 45 but definitely not 8 or 13 or 20. We don't need the condoms as long as you can fill my holes full of the same stuff you filled my tummy with," she said, reaching over to grab my face and kiss my lips.

"Ever taste your cum?" I nodded up and down and she stopped my nodding long enough for her to kiss me deeply, our tongues searching out for the few drops of my cum. She ended the kiss and said "all gone" and then giggled.

The laughter was infectious. She had me giggling too as she started to strip. I took my pants and underwear from my feet and placed them on the other end of the couch.

"I am going to take a shower...want to come join me? Faye was down to her barely A-cupped bra and a pair of laced panties. She pointed out the toilet and the kitchen before turning on the shower room light and then started the shower.

"Hot or cold?" She waited for instruction from me.

"Warm. Almost hot," I responded. She adjusted the temperature and waited for me to walk into the shower. She then removed her undergarments, placing them on a table or stool or something in the room.

Faye appeared and stepped into the shower with me.

This was my first time seeing her naked body. She had a page-boy hair style, which made her look even younger than she was. As she had the warm water pour over her blonde hair, I looked downward. I couldn't tell if she colored her hair but her eyebrows were a dark brown and her eyes were a nice bluish. Could have been contacts. She had nice legs, with tats on her calves -- no "queen of spades" or "queen of diamonds" but she did have a small tat of a reddish kiss on her left leg.

She loved pussy.

She moved back toward my black body as I felt her up. She had tits, but they were small, with hard nipples. I slid my wet, and soon, soapy hands, my first time to feel every bit of her. Faye had some actual curves that felt great in my hands --she was no beanpole, but she was well off from being stocky. We playfully washed each other between kisses and swipes on our bodies with the soap bar.

I was getting hard again, and she bent slightly to suck me deep and skillfully as the warmed water ran down us. When I felt I was rock hard again, I stopped and pulled her head off my cock and turned her around. Faye knew what I wanted, because she wanted the same thing. but it took a bit of figuring out exactly how to stand, with the difference in our height, so that I could push into her pussy from behind.

We finally got the logistics down and I entered into her cunt. She was wet on the outside, wet on the inside, smiling and almost giggling with happiness as I held her hips and fucked, getting my cock all the way inside her.

"Yes, this will do so fine, Mike. Are we going for the record or is this going be a quicky fuck?" Faye asked, then giggled "either is good with me." She bent over, eventually holding her legs open with the water pouring off her shoulders and back, as she took my jack-hammered jabs deep inside her. She would bounce back against me, telling me to fuck her harder and to cum inside her.

"Do it, Mike, Fuck me!" she said as I started to really fuck this little woman.

She seemed to be getting close to cumming, but my legs were getting tired. I stopped and let her back up. We embraced, kissed a bit, and then I walked out of the shower and then led her out. I found a bath towel and started to dry her head, then shoulders, and then the rest of her body as she found a towel and did the same to me. I let her go so she could get spots I missed. I dried myself off more, and then she took me by the hand and led me to Faye's bedroom. She knocked on the door and silently said her roommate's name. Not hearing her respond, Faye moved onward to her bedroom and opened the door.

There, on the bed, was Faye's brunette roommate Kasey. There was a guy also there, on top and covering much of Kasey's body. Faye flinched, then giggled.

"I guess we have to switch bedrooms. She'll owe me!" Faye spoke, before closing her bedroom door and moving to the other bedroom.

"This is Kasey's bedroom. Hopefully she didn't get her bed all wet." Faye walked around and then plopped onto the large bed.

With Faye's assistance, I moved her legs, spreading her out on the bed to lick and eat her pussy. I got to examine the primary hole I am to couple with.

The small woman had an equally small pussy hole. It has been used -- by me -- so the vaginal lips were covering the actual opening but was larger than I am sure normal. Her clit appeared to be standing at perfect attention and that was my first target. I kissed the clitoris hood and then licked.

"Oh yes, do that!" Faye spoke, as I continued to lick the hood, then the clit, and then back and forth finally landing my mouth and lips onto her clit. I sucked it into my mouth, using my tongue to work it back and forth to the joy and yips from Faye's mouth. She then covered her mouth as she started to scream out "FUCKKKKK" as she started to buck her hips up and back to match my sucking and licking. She also started to leak her cum as she continued her orgasm.

"You sound like a woman who has never had her pussy sucked, but I know otherwise," I said before going back to continue my assault on the top of her pussy.

"OH!! OH!!! Not like THIS!", Kaye said, then bucking back up, "Don't stop....don't stop Mike..."

"I have no intention on doing that unless you want me to...", I answered, adding my thumb to her little pussy tunnel as I continued to suck and lick her clit.

"Ummmm YES! I'm gonna cum again!!!" she said, bucking her hips up and down as she fucked my thumb while I was licking and sucking her clit. Pussy fluid flowed from between her legs as I continued to grab her clit while ramming my thumb up inside her. She was good for two more orgasms before I slowly pulled out my thumb and moved her around the bed a bit.

I moved up and sank into her quivering pussy, which felt like it was cumming again as I place my hardened cock into her. We fucked like two horny bunny rabbits who could not wait to mate. We fucked at first very fast, with Kaye constantly telling me to fuck her and fuck her deep. We slowed down and kissed each other as my larger body overshadowed her much smaller one. She would raise her legs and wrap them and unwrap them around my midsection. She played with her smallish tits, yelling "FUCK! FUCK!!", twisting and fingering her large nipples as she welcomed the fuck she was getting from me.

She stopped and turned over onto her belly and opened her pussy with her hands. "Stick me, Mike. Stick me deep in there!"

I moved behind her and entered into her small opening which was made larger with her hands and fingers. We fucked in that position for a few more minutes before she came again, her body ready for my cum and her vocalizing the fact that she was getting fucked.

"Don't worry...I can't have kids...just fill that cunny with all of your cum, Mike!! Fuck it deep!!", Kaye screamed.

Her face was an expression of lust, delight, appreciation, love. That's a really wonderful thing to see in your sexual partner. We plowed onward, and I lost count of her orgasms.

I groaned as I couldn't get out the fact that I was cumming. My body did the announcement for me, as my cock finally fired out five massive jets of cum and then several smaller ones as Faye felt my warm thick cum inside her warm love tunnel. I finally collapsed on top of her, feeling her small frame against my much larger, my brown skin against her peach skin.

We lay on the roommate's bed, probably like how her roommate fell out on Kaye's bed with her lover. We cooed and held each other for about an hour, talking and giggling about our own lovemaking and that probably of her roommate and her guy.

"Why did you tell me that you can't get pregnant?" I asked.

"Some guys get soft when they think about it. I had everything tied or removed when I was 28."

"Just how old are you, Faye?" I moved and looked at this little woman as I asked.

"39. I'll be 40 next month. Can't you tell??"

"Not in the slightest. But then, people say I don't look 53 either..." I said in response.

"How did you know about me liking pussy?" Kaye asked me as we were laying there.

"Your advertisement. The kiss".

"You know about that? I didn't know until Kasey told me about it last month. No wonder I've had a lot of lady dates lately!!"

I smiled.

"So okay. We have to time this next time, but I'm sure that this lasted more than 30 minutes, not including bath time." Kaye leaned on one elbow and shoulder, looking at me.

"I'm sure. This was great. Outstanding, even!!" I thought to myself, "Her husband or boyfriend must REALLY enjoy this!"

"I want to do this again."

"When? Now?" I asked, rolling over on the large bed.

"I want more than an afternoon with you, Mike. You, my coffee friend, is what I need on a regular basis," Kaye said.

"May we please do this again next Thursday -- or is there another evening we can do this again please?" she asked. Kaye then sat up, looked at me, and said "Once a week would be great for me and those silly ball games are on Thursday evenings."

"Next Thursday is just fine until March" I said. "The season will be over by then."

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