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Experiencing is Better Than Watching I

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I love watching my wife get fucked. It started simply enough but became an art form.

When I watched her fuck Bruce the first time I stood in the same room and slowly jacked off as they fucked on the floor. It was such a beautiful sight watching her whole body spasm as Bruce's cock slid in and out of her pussy. She would raise her hips up to meet him as he firmly pounded into her juicy pussy.

I got close to their union so I could see his cock as it plunged into her pussy. She rolled onto one side so I could see the pussy lips pull out in the back as his cock came out, only to plunge back in. The skin went back in so sensuously.

As other screwing sessions happened Barbara would have me near enough for her to jack my cock while she was getting fucked. Depending on the guy she was fucking we would get pretty close together.

Some weren't at all afraid to have my cock close to theirs. I have fucked Barbara in the pussy at the same time as her lover was fucking her. It is a wonderful memory, the feeling of our juicy cock skin rubbing as we stretched Barbara's pussy to the max. Sometimes we would come in her together. It is a wonderfully different feeling having two men spurt their cum into the same pussy at the same time. I love it.

During a private love making session Barbara and I discussed a special ceremony we wanted to do. So we did it the next time we group fucked.

We got together for a fuck session. This time there was two guys plus myself.

Barbara got the guys extremely hot and wanting some pussy and ass. We had fucked both of them before so they knew the routine.

We explained the ceremony to them and they were fine with it. Here's the way it developed.

Barbara was already naked. Her bare pussy was wet and she was writhing in a sensual and hardcore dance routine. She was smoking. The guys were made naked at the speed of light. Barbara and I both stripped them down, touching them sensuously as we did so.

After the guys were as hard as granite Barbara laid down on the bed. I was also naked. I called the guys to the bed. They knelt on the bed close to Barbara. She was instructed to not touch them until I had done my part.

First I went to Jim. He laid down beside Barbara about 18 inches away. I got down on my knees and took Jim's cock in my hand. I closed around it and firmly but gently stroked it. It got even harder. I leaned over and took i tin my mouth. I sucked down on it slowly but gently and firmly. I left as much moister on the shaft as I could. I did this for about one minute. I then took his cock and led it to Barbara's pussy. I slid it in and kept my hand at their union as Jim slid in. I encouraged him to increase his speed and held Barbara's pussy and leg open so he could get in as deep as possible.

Then I turned to Rob. I did the same routine. He was all about it and so was I. His cock was just as wonderful as Jim's but because he was watching everything go on he was out of control.

I directed him to Barbara's other side and after arranging her legs and Jim's I was able to get him to the opening of her already full pussy. After some special adjusting I got his cock in the same sweet pussy. They moved together for a while but the arrangement became too uncomfortable too soon.

I then had Jim get on his back and Barbara slide down onto his juicy cock. Then Rob got behind her and slid into her pussy again. They were able to get some speed and Barbara was just out of her mind.

Then the final act: I had Rob pull out and move away just a little bit. Jim stayed in. I got down and licked Barbara's pussy which meant licking on Jim's cock as well. I took Jim's cock out and sucked it down my throat. He was appropriately appreciative. I slid it back into Barbara's pussy. Sweet sounds came out of her sweet pussy.

Then I turned to Rob. I sucked his cock down my throat and worked him over in ways he hadn't felt before. Then I turned to Barbara's asshole. I lathered it up with juices and make her squirm as I pushed my finger in.

Then I took Rob's cock and slid it to her hole. I helped as he slid into her tight pussy. The rhythm began and the ceremony was in its final stages.

I moved around so Barbara could service my cock, which she did gladly.

I have never seen Barbara more ecstatic and otherworldly than now. She was having every nerve ending stimulated and her mind was almost not able to comprehend the pleasure she was experiencing.

Then it happened. Barbara began to spasm in her stomach. She began to shudder starting from her stomach and moving out to her limbs. Her legs were shaking, her arms were shaking, her eyes were rolled back into her head. Her head was now screaming and shaking and moving uncontrollably as she flew over the top and into the most massive orgasm she ever experienced.

I looked down to see her pussy and asshole both gushing liquid. She was uttering sounds not possible to describe. I stood up and watched as she continued this for about one or two minutes. Then she collapsed onto Jim and Rob was right behind her. As this happened Jim and Rob came.

You could see that they were totally out of control of their bodies. They unloaded into Barbara's pussy and ass with not just their sperm. They unloaded their entire nervous system into the respective holes they had just pounded and filled.

I was the luckiest man in the world. I had just prepared two cocks for assaulting my wife's body. I facilitated sending her into another world.

My preparation of her body and preparation of her instruments of pleasure plus plugging them into her were it was to happen made this very special.

After we all rested about 30 minutes the time had come to say good bye.

The guys had to dress because they were going out. But, Barbara didn't and wouldn't.

She did put on her 5 inch high red heels and a pearl necklace I bought for the occasion. She stood and posed as they got ready.

As they went to the door Barbara led them. She opened to door wide and stood in full view of the outside. She crossed her ankles as she stood there. She was a sight for sore eyes.

Jim and Rob left after kissing her and gently sliding their hands down to her sweet and juicy pussy. She spread her legs some at her knees so they had good access. As they walked out she dipped her fingers into her pussy and ass and sucked it into her mouth.

The door closed and she strutted over to me, grabbed me, kissed me on the lips and said nothing, just led me to the play area and had me unload my load anywhere I wanted it to go.

I didn't miss a hole.

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