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Dinner With Her

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The day starts like any other day Then about 3:00 I get a text from a sexy beautiful lady that's says today is your day. Meet me downtown at 6:00 for dinner and drinks when my mind starts running and the thought of this beautiful lady telling me that she wants to meet makes my heart race I hurry to finish my day before running home to shower and shave so I could be ready to see this beautiful erotic lady. I arrive down town and walk in to a club and let her know I have arrived and I await her beautiful smile knowing she that she looks so sexy when she smiles She replies to my text to say she is close I get a table and order her a drink and wait to see her. When she walks in the room every body 

notices she is in a black dress that shows her sexy curves and textured legs with a pair of 4 inch heels Her hair is perfect and looks like silk her eyes sparkle with a erotic gleam and her skin has a glow She knows she has my full attention as she enters and smiles that smile that makes me crazy. I stand to greet her with a quick kiss on the cheek and pull out her chair as I slide her drink to her she smiles and said bet you thought this would never happen. I smile and say its been a fantasy of mine a while. She just smiles a sexy little grin and says yea you have told me that once or twice.

We have a few drinks then i ask would you like to have dinner she accepts and we walk a few doors down to a nice restaurant where we eat and have small talk After dinner is done she ask so can you tell me what it is that makes you think you want me so bad? I just smile a evil little smile and say that your sexy beautiful erotic and have always been kind to me and that watching her walk by and smile made me crazy. I wanted to see if she was erotic as the look in her eyes or if I was just seeing things. With that she just smiles and says well today is your lucky day lets see how just how erotic you can make me be With that i smile and ask for the check and escort her out the door as every one in the place watches her walk by We take a short drive and talk as she explains that she wants to be pleasured and pleased it has been a stressful week she is always In control and wants me to take control and let her enjoy We arrive at the house as I open her door she kisses me a slow lustfull kiss that makes my cock twitch as if seeing her in that outfit and those sexy legs as her dress rode up when she sit in the car was not enough that kiss made me want to take her right there. We enter the house and close the door l guide her to the wall as I slowly pin her facing the wall and move her hair over her shoulder and slowly kiss up her neck and press my body against hers so she can fell how hard she has made me is I feel her heat off her body and hear her gasp and moan lightly as I run my tongue up her neck. Standing in the hall way I release her and hear her heels click against the hard floor as I lead her into the room and again pin her against the wall and kiss those sexy lips I have been thinking about since I saw her. She looks in my eyes and sees the passion I have had stored up for her as she takes a deep breath and her beautiful breast rise in the low cut dress and almost escape the confined bra that holds them in my face.

I slowly lead her to the lage bed with black silk sheets as she looks over the bed she sees the restraints and ties that I have laid out along with a bottle of oil in an warmer she looks over her shoulder and says is that for me ? I just smile and say yes mam tonight you will be the only thing that matters and how much I can please and pleasure u. I hope you are ready boo it's gonna get a bit wild. She just looks at me with a little smile and says hope your ready.

I laugh as I slowly unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor as I admire that sexy ass and legs in those heels that I have wanted to devour for a while now. Oh i am ready I say as I turn her around and kiss those sexy lips looking in her eyes as I push her back into the bed.

She watches as I undress infront of her taking off my shirt she smiles as I unbutton my pants she watches the bulge in my pants when I pull the zipper and let them fall she licks her lips and crawls over to the edge of the bed and licks me from balls to the head of my throbbing cock and smiles as the precum lingers on her talented tongue. I slowly crawl on the bed as she lays there smiling in her bra and g string. I take her right hand and place it in the silk ties then reach for left as she slides down and licks the moist head of my cock causing me to shutter as I take control and tie her left hand She looks and says aww you left clothes on me in a teasing tone I look at her and say bra panties and high heels mmmm let's see I reach over and grab my knife and slide it between her large breast and slice the strap between them as the bra fall apart I see those sexy ripe breast and her nipples grow harder as I lean down and lick each nipple slowly circling them as she moans. I reach down and cut each side of ur sexy panties as the cold steel blade touches her skin she get chills as her breathing rate elevates. I close the blade and take my finger and trace down from her sexy belly ring to her pubic mound and feel the heat coming of her hot mound. Leaving her heels on I reach over and get the warm oil and slowly drip it down her sexy legs as l enjoy the look of sexy heels and her soft skin and muscles i make slow long strokes untill her leg is nice and slick from foot to her sexy hip not touching her sweet little pussy then reach for her other leg to do the same. She is relaxing slowly letting go letting me take control of her sexy body as my hands massage her legs she takes deep breaths and moans lightly. Next I take the warm oil and run a light bead from her neck to her sexy belly button crossing those big sexy breast and her eyes shoot open when she feels the wam oil on her hard nipples. I slowly rub the oil in to her soft hot skin making sure she is all slick and shiny before leaning down and whispering in her ear this is where it gets fun.

I then slide down and wrap my strong hands around her ankles and lift then up and attach them to the other ties attached to her wrist her sexy g string is Layin on the bed where it fell as I lifted and spread her legs allowing me to see that sweet Little pussy and her tight pink ass Next the oil is back and I slowly drip it across her sexy pink pussy thats wet from the loss of control I have now taken. Oil drizzled across her tight Little ass makes her squirm I then slowly start rubbing it in as her skin shines for the first time I take my finger and run it up the base of her spine dragging it over her pretty pink ass she gasp as I keep moving my fingers to the hot wet opening that I long to devour. Slowly I trace the sexy lips of her sweet flower as she moans and squirms wanting so bad to have me enter her. I just trace till I get to her hard little clit and stroke it slowly up and down and in little circles harder and softer its so slick with oil my fingers just glide over it before I tease her sweet inner folds and bring my fingers to my mouth and taste her sweet honey. The taste of her sweet pussy makes me crazy with lust I slide my body between her sexy leg and lick from her tight little ass to the top of her clit long slow licks as she gasp for air and squirms in the bed trashing her head I decide shes my toy to please now and circle and probe at her tight pink ass with my tongue as she squirms I hold her by her legs and lick her as she trashes in pure lust. She looks so sexy helpless tied wrist to ankles allowing me open access to her body. I slide my tongue up and force my tongue in her hot tight pussy as I feel her muscles try to squeeze my long tongue as it invades her sweet wet pussy she screams and starts to climax. Then back to that hot little ass making her crazy teasing and 

Licking her ass to clit till hot cum runs out of her for my prize mmmm. I slide up her silky body and tease and suck those beautiful breast making her nipples hard then lightly rake my teeth over them as I rub my hard cock on her clit causing her to come again what a sexy site. Ankles tied to the bed and wrist to ur ankles and being eatin alive but highly pleasured it's time to take her this has been long waited but so so worth the wait. My hard cock twitches as I tease her hot wet pussy as she says give it to me I need it now. Reminding her I am in control I lean up and place the head of my cock at the tight pink opening 

Then watch her sexy body Strech to take my hard throbbing cock mmm Her tight ass stretching to take me is so sexy. I have prepared her well by Licking her and smearing her hot cum to make sure she can keep taking me as i take her to the highest hights filling her tight ass full of hard cock as she thrust to me my every move her eyes get darker and she is over taken by her sexual lust to be taken hard as I grab her legs and slam her tight ass I tell her how sexy she is and that now i am goin to fuck her ass untill she cums. With that I slide my finger in her tight pussy and tease her g spot as she trashes and shakes her body betrays her and she starts to cum. She closes her eyes and a long moan escapes her lips as I continue to slide in and out of her ass and stroke her g spot her eyes shoot open as she squirts her hot cum all over my stomach. I look her in the eyes and say that's right baby ur tied I have control and ur cumming and squirting and cumming again. Just like I told you that you would your sexy body has become my play ground and you will cum untill I am tired of making u cum. With those words spoken I pull out of her tight ass and slam her pussy full of my hard cock using her legs for leverage I pound that pretty pussy while she cums and cums again. I can feel my balls getting tighter as I slam her pussy hearing her scream in pleasure I think it's time she taste how sweet that pussy is mixed with me I crawl off or her and began to feed her my cock covered in her hot cum she opens her mouth and takes me to the back of her throat tasting or mixed juices. Then to my pure enjoyment she swallows my cock as I began to erupt rope after rope hot cum As I slide out of her mouth she grins as says I love a big load of cum in my mouth Knowing we are both satisfied completely I 

untie her and pet and pamper her to show her how much I appreciate her allowing me to please her to the fullest. I lay and hold her playing with her silky hair untill she falls asleep in my arms Her sexy body against mine with a smile I fall asleep as well.

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