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Deep Tissue

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Dear Samara,

I can either bring a table or we can do it on your bed or somewhere else. I am wearing sheer pants and no underwear. You can see my cock outlined in my pants but our massage begins with professional and courteous conversation. I am wearing a form-fitting black t-shirt. You can see that my body is hard, smooth, and fit. I ask you what kind of physical ailments you're facing, what areas you would like me to focus on, and whether you have any injuries that I should be aware of. We begin with quiet relaxing music--perhaps some scents or incense if you prefer. I tell you that you may undress to your level of comfort, get under the sheet face down, and that I will be back in a moment. While I am away you undress entirely pausing for a moment to decide whether you should remove your thong. Your body is beautiful, smooth, and in need of a full massage. You decide to get completely naked because that is the most relaxing state for you. You catch a glimpse of yourself in a nearby mirror and you are aroused by your feminine curves, your breasts, your waist, the shape of your pelvis, the firm roundness of your ass. I knock and you tell me to wait just a second. You climb under the sheet, take a deep breath, and close your eyes to relax. We begin with you lying face down. Your man can either be a part of the massage experience or we can begin in a very professional manner and have him walk in once we have really gotten down to things. Your choice. You are under the sheet, warm, calm, relaxed.

I roll the sheet to uncover your shoulders. Warm lavender oil and cinnamon oil touch your bare skin. You feel my hands glide over your as I uncover different parts of your body, focusing on releasing tension in your muscles. I use different deep tissue methods to ther*peutically release tension in your body. My hands are strong, warm, and pulsing with blood. You feel relaxed and electric at the same time. You begin to feel wetness between your thighs but tell yourself that I am only the masseuse and not to get excited. I focus on your shoulders, your neck, your mid back, arms, hands. I slide the sheet all the way down to the curve of your ass-those beautiful dimples at the base of your strong back. The cotton arouses you as if passes over excited nerves.

At this point your entire upper body is uncovered. You have goose-bumps. So do I, but we both try to convince ourselves that this is a professional massage and nothing to get overly excited about. You are relaxed, feeling the tension in your body releasing in many ways, but the tension between us building. You are aware that I can see the soft curve of your breasts, the sides just showing as you lie face down on the table. You are aware that your are gorgeous, that I see your body as precious, that I admire your shape. Every man or woman who has seen you this way has. As I cover your back with the sheet again the glow of oils pulses through your upper body and your lower body longs for the same touch. Your loins are warmed, moist, pulsing.

As I pass by your side my hard cock gently grazes your hand which rests still at your side. All at once you feel my throbbing engorged 8" inches. Thick with veins, muscle, blood, smooth skin. You imagine the head deep inside of you. You imagine the feeling of penetration--the gasp of air that we both release as I enter you. The arch of your back as you take all of me inside of you for the first time--touching spots that you didn't know were there. You imagine the feeling of my 8" inches entering your lips. The drop of cum on your lips. Your first taste of me. You imagine taking me all the way. Me not being able to resist the back of your throat. My balls in your hands, pulling me closer, fingernails in my back, your thirst for more of this smooth hard cock. Your thirst for the way I seem to keep getting harder in your warm mouth. Your thirst for the way my abs tense under your touch when you spit on my cock and take it in both hands. Thirst for the feeling of my strong arms pulling you closer as I lose control.

All of these thoughts occur in a single moment, a single brush of the length of my cock, a single rush of blood to your clot--your inner thighs. A single rush of wetness that emerges from the smooth lips of your pussy. You don't know it but I am imagining many of the same things. Wondering about the warmth of your lips, the taste of your wet labia, the ridges of your wet pussy. I am wondering whether you can take all of me into your mouth. Wondering whether you will choke a bit on my cock and push me away, covered in spit, your eyes watering, your body craving more. Wondering how long it will take you to beg me to fill your pussy with my throbbing cock. Wondering how long I will tease you until I let you have it.

But this single moment passes. I am still clothed. You are wetter than before, your clit is swollen, the air is humid. My heart is racing. My hands are firm on your back. My cock is still hard. My hands are still covered in oil. The sexual tension is palpable, the air is to saturated with our lust, our respect for each others' bodies, our desire, that we both have to exhale so that we are not consumed by the oxygen that surrounds us.

I try to tell myself that this is inappropriate. I am your masseuse. I am here to heal your body. To ease your tension. I continue to touch you. Savoring your skin, pressing deeper into your muscles, listening for your light muffled moans, the sound of your voice as you bite your lip--denying your desire to turn over on the table and take me right there.

I massage your head, your scalp, your earlobes, your temples. You can feel the electricity of my cock close to your lips. You bite your lip harder--all that you can do not to lift your body from the sheets and take me in your mouth. Your nipples are hard, even against the moist cotton below you. Just as your will yourself to reach for me I move around the table again, this time I do not graze your hand, but you can feel the heat coming from my body against your palm anyway.

I roll the sheet to your knee and slowly rub oil on your calves, your feet, your knees, the soft skin behind your knees. I begin to massage your feet, focusing on tension-relieving pressure points, stretching your toes, rubbing them slowly. I work my way up your calves, pressing with the heel of my hand, deep. Your fire is still burning. You pelvic curve is still swollen with desire, your lips still longing. I rolling sheet slowly up to reveal your thighs, smooth, toned, fit. You feel my cock against your hand again as I work my way up the side of your body. You do not pull away. You press so slightly against it, feeling it grow.

I massage your thighs, aroused from the simple touch of the back of your hand. Your thighs are warm. The muscles are tight. I work slowly closer and closer to your inner thigh, pausing to apply oil, you are growing wetter and I can feel it. I work my hands closer and closer to the muscle of your groin, careful not to get too close to your pussy--out of respect for our professional relationship. As I roll the sheet to expose your hip flexors I am surprised to find that you are wearing no underwear at all. Your bare pussy is exposed to me and the emerging wetness glistens on the surface of your swollen lips. Deep breaths keep my hands moving, stroking your thighs with strength and precision. I hold your pelvis and press firmly on your hips to readjust. It's rare that clients are fully naked and I'm not sure if I should stop or keep going.

I massage your inner thighs and my fingertips begin to feel the wetness that has accumulated over almost 30 minutes of agonizing restraint. I hesitate and begin to cover your body with the sheet, but I am arrested when I hear you "yes". "Excuse me ma'm?" You move your body down the table closer to me so that my hand collides with the dripping lips of your pussy. It's a subtle move and I'm nervous, but I don't want to stop. You say it again "yes".

I take the cue, but I take it slow. I begin to massage your inner thighs and lightly apply the oil to your pussy and the introductory curve of your lower back. You feel my warm fingertips graze your clit. Neither of us speaks. I begin to massage your groin. It's smooth and delicate, so I am delicate with my touch. Slowly my hands move onto the lips of your pussy, I massage you with a firm touch. Oil, your wetness, my sweat. The smell of our pheromones. I am massaging your pussy, rubbing your clit with both hands. Your back arches. You reach for my cock. Your hand finds my ass and pulls me against your side. My cock is full against your ribs. You can feel the head. Your imagination lets go and reality takes hold.

You tell me "more" and I slowly insert one finger while I massage your ass, wondering how far this will go. You pull me closer against you. I put another finger inside and reach for your g-spot. You are still face down and I long to massage your breasts. "Should we stop? What about your husband?" You don't say anything. You just pull me closer, your hand gripping my ass. Suddenly you grab my pants by the waist-band, leading me around to the head of the table. I follow your lead and begin massaging your lower back, my two fingers still in your pussy, lightly rubbing against your asshole. But you have been thirsting for this whole cock. You can feel my length, my girth. You wonder if you can take all of it.

You pull the waist of my pants down and pull yourself up slightly onto your knees. As your body creates a v on the table I can see your beautiful breasts, curves articulated by gravity, nipples hard. Slowly, and with your eyes on my for the first time you take me in your mouth. I am shaved, smooth, hard, and just as large as you had hoped. You sigh as you take my deep and I continue to massage your back. I reach for your pussy but I am just out of reach, gripping your ass and lower back.

Your hands take mine as my cock reaches the back of your throat. You guide them to your beautiful breasts, which feel perfect in my hands. Then you take your hands and hold my lower back, while I massage your arched back. You pull my closer, deeper, you want more of me. You pull me closer and turn over, keeping my cock in your mouth as you rotate, sharing your gorgeous stomach breasts with me. From here I can touch you better and see you better. You feel me tense up, my ass firm in your hands, my abs hard against your touch, the base of my cock smooth and sweet tasting. You lean your head back to take me deeper as I put two fingers inside of you again. My muscular arms are warm against your skin and hard against your breasts. My forearms rest against your abdomen, warm and solid.

My cock is warm, throbbing. Hard against your lips, against the back of your throat. I am gentle but I fill your mouth, and you want me more while I am still massaging your abdomen and fingering you.. My fingers are large and strong and they fill you, but not quite the way you want to be filled. You moan as I pull out, wondering whether this is forbidden, but you grab my balls and pull them into your mouth, sucking hard and I moan as you tongue them with my cock hard and wet from your spit, filling your hands. I realize that I don't even want to escape this moment and that I really want is to taste the pussy that I've been imagining the entire I've touched you. I massage your breasts as you take me back in your mouth, tilting your head back again.

Suddenly, you feel my cock shift angles in your mouth and open your eyes to see that I have climbed on top of the table and am kneeling over you, my eager mouth reaching for your pussy. Slowly I hover as you take me deep. But it's too deep as my breath grazes your clitoris and you take me out of your mouth, gasping for air, feeling the saliva drip from my cock. You feel my breath, warm, slow, heavy. You feel the oil still lingering on your inner thighs as I rub you. You grip my cock. Hard. With one hand as you press my face between your legs with the other.

You feel my humid kiss on your pussy. It tastes sweet and ready. Ripe and knowing. Slowly I work my tongue around your clitoris, breathing heavily, tasting your wetness. You take my cock back in your mouth, wet, hard, eager. We don't realize how loud out breathing is, how heavy our muffled moans are, mouths occupied but never satisfied. You hold my ass and pull me deep into your mouth with one hand and bury my head between your legs with the other. You pull my out of your mouth, letting my cock rest hard and wet against your neck so that you can concentrate on the feelings pulsing through your entire abdomen by now.

I insert one finger, then two, then three--deep while I slowly massage your clitoris with a hard flat strong tongue--building speed, building force. I curve my fingers toward your stomach, finding you g-spot, massaging your lower abdomen with my other hand. You feel it building, slowly, both hands press my head down hard into your humid loins. I love the way you taste, the wetness the fills my mouth, wonder if you would enjoy a lubricated finger in your ass, wonder if I should wait for your signal or slide you to the edge of the table and enter you with my cock, wondering if I should give you a heavy warm load of cum in your mouth, on your breasts, on the lips of your pussy, before I enter you--or if I should save it all for one climax. I decide to wait. You deserve everything I've got, though it's hard to control myself.

You reach for my cock with your mouth again, but I pull away, holding back my cum--you are pleasuring me so intensely that I have to tense my abdomen to keep from cumming all over your face right there. I begin to pleasure your clit faster and faster, your back arches, you are speechless. Your body is lifted by a warm effervescence. Your legs shake as I press hard against your clit, my tongue now moving rapidly and rhythmically. Suddenly you grab my head and bury my face in your pussy, my fingers deep. You are cumming, hard, long, a sine wave of full-body pleasure, your breath dangerously fast-paced. You gyrate your hips, pulling my face hard against your pelvis, grinding against me. I feel a new wetness emerge, sweet, hot, flowing with the rush of your breath. I breathe in, only growing harder from your ecstasy. I give you a moment, wanting you to enjoy the phosphorescent glow of your orgasm while I savor the taste of your wetness on my lips. I massage your abdomen. Breathe deep with you, look into your eyes. Just then I spin you around to the edge of the massage table, and slide my throbbing cock deep inside of you, your lips closing gracefully around me. Finally. We both gasp--deep and exhalting, an ecstatic disequilibrium overwhelms our bodies. We have craved and now you cannot have me deep enough, you crave, hunger, the taste of my cock still in your mouth. I kiss you long and deep with a heavy tongue, the same tongue that pleasured your clit. You taste your own cum on my lips and tense around my cock.

I take you here, on your back, wrap the sheet around your lower back and lever our bodies against each other. The slap of my balls against your ass makes you long for things you've never done before. The scent of our sweat is deep in your nostrils, the glow of your fist orgasm of the night still pulsing through you with every thrust. I go slow, move my hips, hold your legs above your head, tease you with the tip until you force me back inside, deep, filling. I pull out and rub the head of my cock against your clit. Slowly at first, then faster as your breath builds, leading you to the edge of orgasm but plunging deep inside of you just as you are about to cum, teasing your nipples with my tongue.

Suddenly I thrust and you feel a weightlessness, a new depth. I lift you off of the table and suspend you, my hands gripping your ass from both sides. I fuck you here like this, fast, hard, deep. I slow, thrusting deep, deliberate, with a hard staccato--pulling all the way out and entering your lips over and over, lingering just above your clit. Suddenly I raise you to my face. I want to taste you again, cannot wait to taste you again. I turn you so that you can take my cock back in your mouth while I taste your sweet pussy again.

But my desire to fuck you from behind overwhelms every other sensation and I turn you back to the ground, pressing you against the massage table, my cock hard between the cheeks of your ass. I slowly rub against you, lubricated by your wetness, your saliva on my cock, and the oil that serves as a reminder of your first thoughts of penetration. Just as the velocity of our grinding begins to peak I bend you over the table, my hands firm against your hips, and I spread your ass cheeks to enter your tight pussy from behind.

From here I am deeper than you've felt me before, the head of my cock soft against your vaginal canal, everything else hard and pulsating. I hold your breasts gently and slowly search for the angle to hit your g-spot. "Tell me where you like it best". You tell me and I continue to build there. I pull your hair lightly, "do you like that?" My breath is hot against your ear. I massage your back heavily, bringing more blood to your pussy, building capacity, wetness, desire. You feel my abs hard against your ass, my hands strong against your back. I reach for your breasts to pinch your nipples. Maybe you've never felt this before but it sends waves of pleasure through your entire body. I am inside of you, your wetness drips down your inner thighs, onto the table. I am moving faster and faster, you gasp for it harder and harder. I slow, to tease you, to delay the wave of orgasm that I know will take you some place you've never been before. Just as I am speeding up again we hear the sound of a closing door.

(from here it really depends what role your husband wants to play. Either he has been watching the entire time or he has been in another room. He enters the scene excited to see you, home from work early, and eager to make love. He is dressed in his work clothes and feeling relaxed.)

We slow, but cannot stop, our senses are blurred by the lust pulsing through our veins. Your husband enters the door that faces us, your face pressed against the table my eyes on the curve of your back. He stops for a moment "what the fuck", frozen. I slow my thrusting to stop. We are all speechless, silent, he feels the air thick with lust. "I thought you were getting a massage..." I begin to pull out but you reach behind you and pull me deeper. "I am". I am not sure what to expect and consider running but your pussy is so tight, so warm, so wet, and I want you more than ever. You notice that your husbands cock has grown hard in the time that he has been in here. To break the silence you motion him over. You grab his cock through his pants and begin to stroke it. I am still deep inside of you, but unsure of what will happen next I suppress my desire to continue fucking you. As you unzip your husband's pants and take him in your mouth you begin to rock against me, feeling my abs against your ass and my balls slapping against your thighs. You bounce against me, alternating between the depth of my cock in your pussy and the depth of his in your throat. All at once you are consumed by an overwhelming feeling of lust, greed for these two cocks that are penetrating you, filling you, you take us both deeper and deeper--all of our breathing collides in the dense air. His moaning louder, my grunts staccato behind you, your moans long unmediated. You instruct both of us that you're close "I want both of your cum" you say, stroking his cock as your lungs reach for air. His hands are behind your head, on your breasts, down your back. My hands grip your ass, maybe insert a finger if you like (you've never been completely filled before you it puts you over the edge). Warmth pools in your abdomen and spills to your thighs, eminating from your heart to the tips of your fingers and toes, warm light fills your body. You pull is cock all the way inside of your mouth and all the way inside of your pussy, all the way to the base for the first time.

As his cum begins to spurt from the tip of his engorged cock your orgasm peaks once, as it begins to roll downwards you feel the warm explosion of my cum in the depths of your abdomen and notice that my hand has reached under your body to your clit, which I am stroking knowingly. Just as you feel yourself full with my hot cum and your clitoris rippling with warm sensation your orgasm peaks again, your legs convulsing and a new wetness emerging from your pussy all over the base of my cock as I begin to thrust again. He holds your head deep, your lips wet and wanting around the base of his cock. You are filled. With both of our cocks. With both of our cum. You can feel my cum beginning to drip from the lips of your pussy, slowly rolling down your thighs. You push him away to gasp for air, satisfied, overwhelmed, perhaps only more desirous than before. You rise to stand and slowly let the full mouth of pearly cum flow down your chin and over the roundness of your breasts. It is hot against your skin, as is mine against your thighs. It almost reaches your calves as the ecstatic glow softens and a deep warmth overwhelms your body. My cock, still hard slowly slides from your engorged lips. You rest against the massage table, your nipples sensitive to the slightest contact. Covered in cum your body is warm, your palms are glowing, your body is still.

From here the question becomes: exactly how insatiable are you? There are two men with hard cocks ready to fuck you again. Your body is more ready than ever. Do you instruct me to leave so that you can fuck your husband properly? Do you instruct me to watch you fuck your husband. Do you instruct us to take turns fucking you? After all of this if you are still desirous what can possibly satisfy you?


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