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Dawn Tells Jill a Story

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We posted Chapter 1 under our old ID, search for "Jack and Jill Visit a Swingers Club" to read part 1 if you haven't.

Jill heard the knock on the door and answered. Dawn stood at the door and Jill thought she looked sexy in a dark red skirt that stopped just above her knees and a pink, long sleeve t-shirt and red sneakers that matched her skirt pretty close. Jill had put on a skirt and blouse that were black and light blue respectively and was bare foot. She invited Dawn in and wave to Craig in the car, Jack walked by with his golf clubs. Jill and Dawn were going to visit while Jack and Craig played a round of golf. Jill had realized she only learned Craig’s name after they had their fun at the swingers club. She had learned Dawn was 39, Craig was 45 and Bill was 38. She never learned about the third guy in the group but Dawn had started talking about a new friend Daryl who was 35. Jill laughed to herself at that moment realizing at 54 and Jack at 58 were the oldest of this unique group yet the least experienced in the swinging lifestyle. Jack and Jill were discussing next steps and watching a lot of mfm porn and swinger porn. Jill had an idea that Jack and Craig’s golf game may also involve some discussion about future plans. Jill looked over at Dawn and wondered if she could actually watch her Daddy fuck the sexy woman standing next to her. She would enjoy watching Jack play with Dawn’s tits.

Jill led Dawn over to the couch and went and grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses and poured them. Jill and Dawn talked the next hour about careers, politics and other idle topics as they drank wine, Jill got up to grab another bottle and returned, the wine was giving her that lightheaded feeling and she could tell Dawn was feeling pretty similar. “Bill wants to fuck you!” Dawn suddenly blurted out. Jill blushed deeply, she had thought of how she almost had Bill in her mouth while Jack had been fucking her. She masturbated occasionally thinking about being spit roasted by Jack and Bill. “I want Jack and Bill to spit roast me,” was Jill’s reply. Dawn smiled and said, “Yeah, Craig is talking to Jack about a little 4 guys and 2 girls party while they golf.” Jill smiled back, “4 guys? Who else?” “Daryl,” Dawn replied and continued, “Craig has brought him into my life as a regular participant for me to enjoy. You will be busy enough with Jack, Bill and Craig. Daryl is all mine.” Dawn laughed as did Jill.

“I have a little story to share,” Dawn said. Jill poured the glasses and replied, “Do tell.”

“You know how Bill and Craig spit roast me pretty regularly, well last weekend Bill and Daryl showed up for a visit. Obviously Craig planned it and I played dumb thinking the guys were just going to hang out and drink beer. They actually did that for an hour until Craig pulled out the tequila and asked me to take a shot. I of course did knowing Craig wanted to get me tipsy, but really I was already wet just thinking about being shared by the 3. After the 3rd shot I walked over to Craig and straddled him, pressing my tits against his face, my blouse letting his hot breath flow through the fabric. I unbuttoned the blouse and removed my bra and again shoved my tits against his face. I sensed Bill and Daryl moving in behind me and smiled to myself. I stood up and facing Craig removed my skirt and panties and kicked off my sandals. I slowly turned around so all 3 men could admire my curves and as I did I saw Craig pulling off his clothes, his cock already hard from my teasing him. I was so wet that I faced Bill and Daryl, both of them rubbing their cocks through their pants and lowered myself onto Craig’s cock. God his cock always feels so good to me. I looked at Bill and Daryl and told them I wanted to suck their cocks. They dropped their pants and lost their underwear and I took a cock in each hand and started stroking the erect dicks while rock on Craig.” Dawn looked at Jill and smiled before continuing, “You have seen Bill’s cock, it is so perfect for sucking, not to long but long enough and not to thick. I took him into my mouth and I felt Craig’s hand on my hair pushing me further onto Bill’s cock. I continued to stroke Daryl and released Bill from my mouth and took Daryl in as I resumed stroking Bill’s cock. Daryl’s cock was a dream to suck as well, thicker than Bill and just as long.”

Dawn was feeling herself get wet just reliving the experience and saw Jill was leaning in to listen and Jill’s legs were now parted. Dawn smiled again at Jill and resumed, “We did this for a bit and Craig finally motioned for me to stand up. I did and then he told Daryl to lay on the couch. Daryl went an laid back on the couch and I saw he was looking right at my tits. Craig told me to be a cowgirl and I obeyed and went over to Daryl and straddled him lowering my self down taking his incredible cock into my pussy. Bill came and stood at the edge of the couch and I took his delicious cock into my mouth. Craig moved in behind me and urged me to lean forward and he pushed into my ass.” Dawn paused a moment and Jill could tell she was considering her next words. “It was almost like sensory overload, I mean I have been DP’ed and spit roast a lot but 3 cocks at once? I found myself bucking like a wild mare being broken. I swear I came like 4 times and just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore all 3 men came within like 20 seconds of each other. Feeling both my pussy and ass and mouth all shot into at about the same time was so fucking incredible.” Dawn paused again and then continued, "Craig and Bill backed off and I lifted myself off Daryl. I had to get to the bathroom. I mean have you had cum shot in your ass, it can be like a weird enema sometimes. Anyways after I had finished and collected myself, I went back to the living room and Craig was leading Bill and Daryl to the door. I smiled at the guys and said goodnight. Craig took me to bed and fucked me good. It excites him a ton to share me. He is certain Jack will get excited to share you.”

Jill smiled, “I think you are right and damn you have me so fucking wet now!”

Dawn grinned, “I know you are straight and really I pretty much am with only maybe a little curiosity, but would you be open to having us watch each other finger ourselves.” Jill grinned back stood quickly removing her panties and sat back down skirt hiked up, pussy exposed and reached down to oblige Dawn with her request. Dawn likewise pulled off her panties and followed suit. They both masturbated watching each other until they came simultaneously. “Fuck that was hot!” Dawn exclaimed. Jill nodded and hummed out, “Mmmmhmmm.”

They sat and drank more wine until they heard the door open and Jack walked in. Dawn stood up and headed for the door, giving Jack a hug on the way out.

Jack smiled at His girl as Jill got up to hug him hard. Jack softly said, “Craig said Dawn wants me to fuck her. He also said he and Bill want to spit roast you while I fuck Dawn. We need to discuss what we want and be clear with each other.” Jill replied, “Yes Daddy.” The two separated and Jack looked at the floor and saw two pairs of panties. He smiled at His sweet slut and said, “Looks like Dawn forgot her panties.” Jill smiled at Jack and whispered, “Can we watch some porn Daddy?” Jack replied, “Of course baby, Daddy needs to enjoy His little girl before He shares her.” Jill smiled to herself as they retreated to the bedroom.

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