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Cruise on the Med

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My wife and I have been happily married for more than 20 years. She is 44 and I am 48. My wife is the most gorgeous woman I know. She is a mousy blonde with a gorgeous figure, she is full of fun and she is never scared of a party. Even though Tina loves a party, in some ways she is quite conservative. She is always called a MILF although she likes to deny that this is the case.

Tina and I recently took a cruise round the Med on a well-known Cruise Liner. Although it was over New Year, one of our destinations was Tenerife which (even in winter) stays warm enough to swim and tan. As it got warmer, we were able to dress in clothes more suited to a cruise, instead of being wrapped up against the cold. Tenerife was a full day and a full night's sail from our previous destination and so I suggested that we should take the chance to explore the ship because up until then we had not really had the chance to see all the bars and clubs that were on the ship.

The day that we were at sea on our way to Tenerife, we slept in late and then dressed to take advantage of the warm weather. I told Tina that we should use the day to catch some sun and swim. Tina put on her bikini and then put on a dress over it. We then had a late breakfast, and I watched with a grin as the men's eyes followed Tina when she went to go and get food, checking out her shapely legs and great ass.

After a leisurely breakfast we went out onto the deck and looked at a plan of the ship. The 8th to 12th decks were all cabins, but the 5th, 6th and 7th decks as well as the 14th and 15th decks had a number of bars and clubs which we wanted to check out in addition to those we had already been to. We decided that we would start on the 5th deck and we would work our way up to the 15th deck, which was the top deck on the ship and then take in some sun and swim.

We found a club on the 5th deck, but because it was during the day, the club was empty. We also found a bar on the 5th deck and we decided that we would have a drink at each of the bars that we found until we got to the 15th deck. We had a number of drinks at various of the bars and lounges on the ship and then went in search of some sun. On the way up we stopped off at our cabin on the 10th deck and picked up some sunscreen. By the time we got to the 15th deck we had both quite a few drinks and we were both feeling a little tipsy.

As we walked towards the very front of the ship on the 15th deck we noticed a member of the crew standing in front of some stairs which were closed off with a gate. On the gate was a sign which read "sun bed rental Adults Only". As this was not a lifestyle cruise we did not expect an "adults only" area on the boat.

Tina confirmed with the crew member that there was a pool upstairs and then turned to me and asked "shall we?" She asked me in such a way that I knew that she was looking to tease the hell out of some guy, or find herself a young stud. When Tina is looking to play we will often play a little game when we go out to a bar or where we are with complete strangers where we will pretend not to know each other. This allows guys (who Tina approves of) to approach her and flirt with her in a much more open way and without being concerned at my (the husband's) presence.

The adult deck was all wood, and in the middle was a reasonable size pool surrounded by sunbeds. There was only one other person already there who was (in my view) an unattractive woman who was lying on her front but clearly topless. She hardly even glanced in our direction. The fact that the place was almost deserted clearly disappointed Tina but we made ourselves comfortable on two sunbeds anyway. Tina took off her dress so that she was in her bikini but she did not take the top off.

After we had sat in the sun for about half an hour Tina asked me to go and get us a drink from the bar downstairs. I was walking down stairs and I was starting to think how lame the adults' area was, but when I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed a guy of about 30 walking towards the area. He was in a pair of boardshorts and had a towel slung over his shoulder. He was very toned and had the look that I know would get Tina's blood flowing. I mumbled a greeting and continued to the bar. There was no que at the bar but I knew that it would take time for Tina to strike up a conversation with the guy and I did not want to rush back up and possibly spoil things. I ordered myself a drink and sat at one of the tables downstairs near the bar where I took my time drinking it.

After about 20 minutes I had finished my drink and so I went back to the bar to order a drink for Tina and I. I ordered two Sex on the Beach - it just seemed appropriate.

As I wondered back upstairs my mind was racing. Would this guy be game? Would Tina have been able to start a conversation with him? Did he have a partner? Etc When I got upstairs I saw that Tina was lying on her stomach with her head facing the guy and he was sitting on the sunbed which was next to hers. They were chatting, but I could not hear what they were talking about. I walked past them to another sunbed but I made sure that Tina would be able to see that I had returned. I also made sure that I chose a sunbed from where I could both see and hear them without being obvious. As soon as Tina saw me, she asked the stranger if he would mind rubbing some sunscreen on her back. He quickly agreed and Tina handed him the bottle of sunscreen.

The stranger leaned across from his seat and squeezed some sunscreen onto Tina's back. My wife arched her back, informing him that the sunscreen was cold. I had no doubt that she was intentionally showing him her gorgeous breasts. The stranger was rubbing the sunscreen over my wife's back and shoulders when she reached back and unclasped the bra strap of her bikini and untied the part which was tied behind her neck. She told the stranger that she did not want white tan lines from the straps.

When he got to her lower back, Tina reached back and pushed her bikini bottoms down a bit, exposing the white untanned area usually covered by her costume and also exposing a hint of the cleft between her firm bum cheeks. She asked the stranger to make sure that he rubbed some sunscreen below the line of her bikini bottoms because she did not want to get burnt there. The stranger stood up and then squatted next to Tina. Although she had only pushed her bikini bottoms down a little bit, the gentleman not only rubbed the sunscreen onto the exposed part just above her costume, but he also let his fingertips slide under the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Initially, just his fingertips went under the fabric, but when he got no reaction or complaint from Tina he allowed his fingers to slide underneath her costume up to his knuckles and across the top of her bum.

Tina looked across at me and winked. She then took the sunscreen bottle and squeezed a little onto both of her hands and pretended to be trying to rub sunscreen on her sides and on the exposed part of her breasts which had been partly exposed when she undid her bikini top. The gentleman quickly offered to help. My wife naturally agreed and he then climbed over the sunbed so that he was standing with his legs astride the sunbed. He started applying the sunscreen with long strokes up her back and then along her sides. Each time he went up her back, he spread his hands further apart until he was moving his hands up her sides from her waist to her partly exposed breasts. As he became more bold, his hands lingered at her breasts until he was openly massaging the exposed part of Tina's magnificent breasts. Once or twice Tina lifted herself slightly so that his hands could get further under her breasts.

Tina was now clearly starting to become aroused and her breathing began to change. The sight that I was witnessing and knowing what was to come also made me aroused, and as my erection grew, I adjusted my shorts to hide my erection in case the stranger looked in my direction. I also noticed a clear bulge developing in the stranger's shorts.

The other woman who was sunbathing had also noticed what was developing and started to cast glances in the direction of my wife. Then she looked at me and rolled her eyes.

After the stranger had massaged the side of Tina's breasts for a minute or two, she asked him whether he would also put sunscreen on her legs. He squirted a long line of sunscreen up each leg, from her ankle to the edge of her bikini, and then moved so that he was standing at the back of the sunbed. Tina spread her legs until they were resting on the edges of the sunbed. Not only did this allow the stranger access to the inside of her legs but also gave him a great view of her bikini covered pussy area.

The stranger started massaging the sunscreen into Tina's legs. He started by only doing her ankles and her calves, rubbing the sunscreen up her legs to the back of her knees. He was finished in no time. He moved a little further up the sunbed so that he was standing above Tina's calves. Tina must have felt his legs brush against her and she bent her leg upwards and ran one of her feet up his leg until it reached the bottom of his shorts. She wiggled her foot so that she could get it into the opening of his shorts. When she got her foot as high up the leg of his shorts as it would go, she stroked his thigh with her foot, leaving him with no doubt that she was ready to play. I was having a hard time pretending not to stare. I knew that if the stranger caught me paying too much attention he may suggest that they move, then our game would be over.

At this time the other woman who was also at the pool got up and left in apparent disgust.

With the encouragement he had been given with Tina's foot, and with the other woman gone, the stranger started to rub the cream into my wife's thighs. He started with long strokes from the back of her knees all the way up the back of her thighs and up to the line of her bikini bottoms. His thumbs were just barely on the inside of her thighs and each time he reached her bikini he ran his hands outwards following the line of her bikini bottoms up towards her hips, and away from her bum.

After he had rubbed the back of her legs for a number of minutes the stranger picked up the sunscreen and very deliberately allowed it to dribble onto the inside of Tina's thighs. He deliberately dripped the sunscreen all the way from her the back of her knees right up to the edge her bikini bottoms. Then he dropped the bottle onto the sunbed and placed his hands so that he could spread the sunscreen on the inside of Tina's thighs.

Because of the position of Tina's sunbed I could not see the stranger's hands when they were on the inside of Tina's thighs but each time his hands reached her bikini bottoms they stayed there much longer than was necessary. I watched Tina's face and from her expression it was clear that the stranger was touching her pussy. I did not know at the time whether his hands were on the outside of her bikini or whether he had slipped them under and was touching her directly. Tina told me later that he started by allowing his thumbs just to brush against her cloth covered pussy (as if by accident) and when he got no complaint from Tina he became bolder. Each time he returned to the top of her thighs his thumbs got closer and closer to my wife's bikini covered pussy. Each time he increased the tease and heightened her arousal. She told me that he continued the tease for a number of minutes and that just about every time his hands got to the top of her thighs he would lightly stroke her pussy through the fabric of her bikini with his thumb. Then he would run his hands back down her thighs, giving her a sensual massage on the pretext of rubbing in the sunscreen. Tina also told me that once he even slipped his thumb underneath her bikini and stroked her lips.

Each time he ran his hands up her thighs he became braver and more confident until finally he slipped a thumb into her sopping pussy. Tina told me that when he put his thumb inside her she was very aroused that if she had allowed him to carry on she would not have been able to stop and so she decided that it was time to drag the stranger to our cabin.

It was then that she extracted her foot from the stranger's crotch and said in a voice which betrayed her arousal "Let's go to my cabin so that I can get rid of this costume". Tina re-tied her bikini top and stood up. As she stood up, I also stood up and Tina said to the stranger "you and my husband are in for a wild afternoon". The stranger's draw dropped and he started to say something, but I quickly intervened and said "Hi - I 'm Jay, I'm the husband. Let's get her to the cabin before she changes her mind." The stranger stammered and then introduced himself as Mike. He asked whether we were for real, and after I had assured him we were, Tina grabbed his hand and led him to the stairs.

When we got to the door of the cabin Tina took Mike's crotch in her hand through his shorts and said "Aw, he's gone soft. Now we will have to start all over again." Tina put a towel on the bed and then lay down on the bed on her stomach. Mike turned to me for approval and then started to rub the top of Tina's thighs as he had been doing earlier. I untied Tina's costume and pulled it out from under her. Although the sunscreen tasted horrible I started to lick the sides of her breasts. Mike slipped his hands under the fabric of Tina's bikini bottoms and began massaging the cheeks of her bum. He was kneading her cheeks and moving his hands slowly down and inwards towards her pussy. I fondled my wife's breast and watched as Mike's hands came to rest at the small crease where her thighs met her bum. He slipped both thumbs under her costume and stroked the length of her pussy. Then he pulled her costume to the side and eased two fingers into her wet hole. He waited a few seconds before he started working his fingers in and out. As he pushed into her each time he pushed against her pubic bone and gspot and I could hear Tina's wetness. Tina's breathing became ragged and she muttered "God that's good".

I commanded Tina to turn over and told Mike to take off her bikini bottoms. As soon as they were off and Tina's smooth shaved pussy was exposed Mike grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders. He then bent towards her exposed pussy while fumbling with the string on his shorts. He wanted to screw her but Tina loves her pussy being eaten and held up her arms towards him. She guided his face down to her shaved pussy and Mike needed no second invitation. Tina held the back of his head with one hand and reached for my cock with the other. After jacking me for a bit, she opened her mouth and pulled my cock into her mouth. As I knelt next to her I watched as Mike was eating her. She mimicked the movements of Mike's tongue on her pussy with her mouth on my cock. When he thrust his tongue deep into her pussy she sucked me deep into her mouth and when his tongue was flicking her clit she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. It was sensational.

Tina loves the feel of a tongue deep inside her and she guided Mike's head down so that he would give her what she wanted. While Mike was plunging his tongue deep into Tina I guided Tina's hand to her clit. She spread her fingers and placed her middle finger on her hard nub and started to rub it in small circles. As her pleasure started to build she closed her fingers and began rubbing her clit from side to side with her hand. Her tummy started to quiver and tense as she approached orgasm. She began to gasp and moan and ignored my throbbing cock against her lips. I lent down and began to assault her nipples with my tongue, flicking them with the tip of my tongue and then sucking them hard and deep into my mouth. Her hips began to buck and her stomach muscles tensed. Her moans got louder and more guttural and then she clamped her legs against Mike's head and she shuddered to an orgasm.

Mike stood up and I saw his cock for the first time. His cock was impressive. I am not going to bullshit you and tell you it was ten inches, but it was at least eight inches and it curved upwards. He was impressively thick too. Tina grabbed a cushion and put it under her bum and spread her legs wide. Mike placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Tina's pussy and slowly began to work it in and out. Tina was not satisfied with just the head and grabbed his ass pulling him into her as far as he could go. Her back arched and her head flew back as his cock filled her. Mike pulled all the way out and then plunged his cock back into Tina as deep as he could go. He did this a few times, each time trying to get deeper than before. Tina was loving it.

Tina was moaning and telling Mike how good he felt. Mike pulled his cock out and told Tina to get onto her hands and knees. His cock was slick with her juices and standing straight up almost touching his belly button. As soon as Tina was on her hands and knees Mike grabbed her hips and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Tina's soaking pussy. Tina was begging him to feed her his fat cock and pushed her hips back to try and take him into her but Mike moved back, just keeping the head inside her. When Tina was literally begging for him to fuck her he slammed his cock back into her with a force that made Tina's arms collapse. She was now face down on the bed with her ass and pussy in the air. Mike pulled her hips towards him with each thrust, fucking her harder and harder. She was meeting each thrust with one of her own. I could hear his balls slapping against her ass and the wetness of her pussy as he pumped her hard and deep making her pussy squelch with each stroke. Tina's groans had been muffled by the bed but now she lifted her head and gripped the sheets as the exquisite pleasure of another orgasm started to build. Her eyes were tightly closed and she grunted and moaned with each thrust of the savage fucking she was receiving.

As her orgasm started to build Mike released her hips and pinched her nipples. I saw Tina's arms start to tremble and her stomach was tensing wildly and I knew she was now starting to cum. I knew that her pussy would be contracting in tight spasms against Mike's cock as her orgasm peaked. Then I heard a low guttural groan that I had never heard from her. Her words of passion became clear groans of complete pleasure. "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God." Tina bucked and fought trying to get away from the intense pleasure that this big hard cock was giving her but at the same time she also reached back and pulled Mike harder against her pussy. I knew her juices would be running down her legs. Oh God, Oh Godddd uuuurrrgh she moaned as she exploded in orgasm. Her body twitched and jerked and her juices gushed onto the bed in a powerful orgasm. I moved off the bed intending to rub Tina's clit to prolong her orgasm but as I stood next to Mike he grunted "I'm going to cum!" Then I saw him push forward with a final thrust and his butt cheeks clench as he pumped his cum deep into my wife. His cheeks clenched over and over and I knew that he was flooding her with his warm cum deep inside her, in a place where my cock did not reach. Tina collapsed onto the bed as she felt his hot cum flooding her pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled him as deep as he would go as her whole body shook.

Mike slowly withdrew his cock out of my wife's pussy. As his cock slipped out of her a huge glob of white cum appeared at the entrance to her pussy and then oozed out of her and down her leg. Mike's cock was still twitching and it was covered in a mixture of Tina's juices and a thick gooey layer of his own cum.

Tina flopped over onto her back and grinned at me. I noticed that Mike's cock had not got soft but instead of sticking straight up it now stood out in front of him. My own cock was aching for release and I spread Tina's legs and ploughed into her used pussy. It was slick with a mixture of both Tina's and Mike's cum. Tina pulled me into her and then raised her legs which she then almost closed and rested against my chest. In this way she ensured that her stretched pussy was still tight for me to fuck. I alternated between pushing my cock between her legs along the length of her pussy so I could stimulate her engorged clit and ramming my cock into her. Soon her clit became too sensitive and she begged me to fuck her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her against me each time I plunged my cock into her.

Mike had been watching me fuck my wife and was now ready for some more action. He climbed onto the bed and knelt next to Tina and then rubbed his gooey cum covered cock all over Tina's face. Tina slurped at his cock each time it went near her mouth until her entire face was covered in cum. As I continued to pound Tina, she was desperately trying to keep Mike's cock in her mouth. I then felt that exquisite feeling starting in my balls and rising up my cock and I so slowed the pace and then stopped. Tina used this little break to take Mike's cock deep inside her mouth and sucked him like a pro. As soon as the sensation of wanting to cum had dissipated I started to fuck Tina again and got into a great rhythm. I pulled almost all the way out of her and then drove back into her sopping hole. I drove upwards each time I thrust back into her making sure that I used the entire length of my cock to push up against her gspot. Tina gripped the sheets and arched her back, pushing her head against the bed and her eyes rolled. Mike grabbed his cock and started jacking off furiously inches away from Tina's face as I felt her pussy start to contract against my cock and my gorgeous wife started to orgasm again. Her pussy pushed outward and gripped my cock. I yelled out to Mike to watch as she started to shudder and cum in a mind blowing orgasm - I knew she would squirt all over me. I looked down to as she started to squirt. Her cum was gushing out all over my cock. This sight pushed both me and Mike over the edge and I erupted. I shot jet after jet of hot white cum deep into my wife's amazing pussy. Mike also started to cum. Even though he had already cum once, he was shooting a huge load of cum which he aimed at my wife's face. Cum spewed onto my wife's face and ran down onto her tits.

As her orgasm subsided Tina rubbed Mike's cum all over her tits, while a mixture of my cum and Mike's mixed with her juices own poured from her pussy. My wife was now satisfied and totally covered in cum.

We collapsed onto the bed. All of us completely spent.

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