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Craps table fun!

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Craps Table -

Long day of fun by the pool and now in my cute short sun dress, tiny black thong and flipflops we are off to gamble. I had a manicure and pedicure so feeling extra girlie tonight. My husband and I hit the slots and now for some craps. I always get nervous to throw the dice because I don't want anyone to lose and we were at a crowded table. I hear "now it's the pretty ladies turn." I think to myself, I hope nobody bets to much. My husband rubs my ass and pats it and says "go on baby it's only money". I throw double 3s and we all move on. Money is going all directions and my hands are sweaty. I get the familiar rub and pat and, "great job baby, do it again". I roll and close my eyes "6 for the lady!" We are win, phew. I hope again people bet low, I say..."where's my rub and pat?". "Oops, sorry..." He rubs and pats... I throw double 4s, we all advance...chips are flying. "Pat please?" I say. "Boys, you heard her...let's rub and pat we all need some luck!". I couldn't believe my ears, much less what happened next. I got about 6 rubs and pats! I throw and it's 5's, more pats coming my way I think to myself. My butterfly's are replaced with anticipation and that familiar tingle in my pussy. Yep, 6 or 7 more. All very gentle and sweet. I love this this dress, I can feel everything. I throw and it's doubles, win again. Now I'm thinking, I get more pats!! This is great! My pussy is starting to get wet, which leads to imagination. I think as they pay up, what if I had a bare ass like I did in my thong by the pool, now that would be fun. More pats and more rubbing and I throw...I hope I win, I really like this attention. Win! Oh my, maybe someone will sneak a feel under and get hard... Wonder if any are getting hard? This is so fun, let's roll! By the time it ended I was so wet and near orgasm that I thought if this doesn't end soon all these people are going to see me cum right here.

I rolled for almost a 45 minute streak, there were 50 people around the table. I had my ass fondled by 20 men and loved it. I'd even bend over the table enough when they did it that occasionally they got a little wetness on those hands. I was in heaven. Not only did my ass get fondled, pussy was wet and we won money but a big winner thru me a $500 chip and said "thank you, that was the most exciting roll I've ever had". Little did he know, it was nearly orgasmic for me. Now off to cash out and get my sweet husband laid! Okay, really it was get me laid.

We get our winning a combined $5000! Yet another turn on. We start towards our lobby and elevator. Men are clapping as I walk through. This is awesome. Before the elevator there's a bar, we steer off for one celebratory drink. As we sit there, more men come by and say thanks. One very distinguished older man in particular stood out. I remember because each time he rubs my ass he whispered a dollar amount, I think it's what he won each time. He came to the table and said, $15,000... I said "congrats sir, that is a tremendous win".. He said "It's all yours for 5 hours alone."

Now, I was a bit offended but somehow knew he wasn't trying to be ugly. I said "I'm sorry, I don't have sex for money and this is my husband but thank you for the generous offer". He immediately apologized "I really meant no disrespect to either of you and wasn't even thinking of sex just the amazing spirit of fun and happiness was something I've not felt in many years. I have money, grown kids, my wife passed to soon and at 62 I gamble for the thrill and this time was different. It was fun. Thank you both and I'm sorry".

I explained time with us wasn't paid for and he was welcome to have our celebratory drink with us and we can all laugh and relive the moment. He happily sat and asked if he could at least buy the drinks. We had a few rounds, talked life, love and money. It was fun to make a man smile by being me, it was like looking at my husband in 20 years. But I really needed to get laid and was still squirming in my seat. Then my brain wandered to, I wonder if he can still get it up or even wants to. He was handsome, bald but built well. I decided to touch his leg, I felt his hand go to to mine. I had a man on each side both touching my legs. I texted my husband that Charles was touching my leg. He texted back, it's ok he's harmless and needs a I'm rubbing his too, I text. Now the thrill was on. Could I make him hard?

I moved my hand higher, I alternated with rubbing his leg and squeezing his hand and moving it higher. My wetness was starting to go through my thong. I pushed his hand into my wet area and guided his fingers under my panties and to my dripping pussy. I rubbed his dick and found him arroused. Meanwhile my husband had found his way to the small of my back and top of my thong where my round ass was sitting squirming in my chair. I reached for his familiar crotch and found my hard dick as always... I've aroused 2 men! I must get laid and it's now 1am but in a city that never closes. Could a pool be open? Would it be crowded, maybe a late swim would cool me off. I ask the waitress, is the pool open too? She says yes, the topless pool is open 24/7 if you are in the suites tower.. Yes, we are!

I ask the men if they like to swim or drink that I am headed to the pool because I need to cool off. Hubby is always up for a swim, Charles initially declines and says he's not staying here so not sure he can get in. We say try. He explains he has no trunks but is wearing shorts so I tell him wet shorts will dry. He says "what the hell, I feel more alive than I have in years and can't stop now".

At the pool I figure my thong can be my suite and it's topless so I am good. The boys are in shorts and get in quickly. There is one other couple in a far corner so we decide to stay away to give them privacy. Charles can't take his eyes off me and I like it. I am feeling flirty and I make sure to touch the men a lot, lean on them so they feel my breasts, let them run their hands on my ass. I know they are both hard again and can see them shifting because of the wet shorts pressing against their hard dicks. What a turn on. I sweetly suggest they could go to their boxers and nobody would notice as there's only 5 people in the pool and the other 2 are equally occupied. I knew my husband wouldn't hesitate, Charles slowly followed suit and his reaction had a bit more heavy breathing. I helped him a bit so he knew it was all okay. I rubbed his cock through his boxers when I helped and made sure to rub my hard nipples on him. He was fully aroused now and had nothing to be ashamed of for sure! As we chatted and moved around the pool I pulled their cocks through the holes in the front of their boxers, I gave them both the hush sign with my fingers to my lips. I was thinking it was my chance to stroke them and possibly get this urge I have to an orgasm before I bust. I stand with them facing me leaning against the side as I talk to them and slowly work their hard dicks in my hands. I need one in me now... I move forward and guide my husband behind me as he takes the hint quickly, never letting go of Charles I lean my head on his chest and stroke his dick as my husband moves behind me and starts to fuck me slowly. I almost orgasm with the first stroke and then do quickly and powerfully as I feel my legs quiver I squeeze Charles dick and here him moan. I say sorry, is this okay "oh yes he says!". We go at this for a full 10 minutes before I stand straight up to let me husband out. He then spins me and kisses me and puts my hand on his dick and guides my round ass towards Charles. I feel him rub my ass, slide my little black thong over and insert his hard dick... I cum and shudder... I feel him pumping me with long deep thrusts... He says he's about to cum and I push against him and feel him lose himself inside me for what seemed like a minute... He pulled out and leaned back. I turned and kissed him... He whispered "thank you for the best night in 15 years!" And he gathered his clothes and left. We stayed and my husband fucked me like never before.

In the room I said, sorry we went there. He said "baby, it was hot, sexual and turn on that man and this man will never forget it. Worth every second!"

When we went to check out the next day to head home our bill had been paid and an envelope that had a note and it said "Thank you for including me and for the lesson that money couldn't buy happiness and you made it real and incredible. You will both be in my life memories. Thank you, Charles".

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