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Conrad Days

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We have been in the lifestyle now for many years now, the excitement of all things new and different long past. We had our fair share of FMF, MFMF, soft swap, full swap, same room, separate rooms, and parties, and short of the winner of the state beauty pageant walking through our door, we are starting to wonder whether all of the effort is worth it anymore.

We got into the lifestyle because my wife wasn?t so interested in sex, and I of course wanted a threesome. My wife being such an understanding and sympathetic woman completely understood my plight and gave me her full permission to go pursue my fantasy with the caveats that she not be included and that I not pay for it. On my first venture into the lifestyle, I brought home a single girl and our lives changed ever since. Thereafter, there were many more single girls and a huge number of couples, but it didn?t change the fact that my wife didn?t have the same level of interest in sex as I. Little did I know at the time, but it was her hormones that were out of whack and all that is changed now that she saw a doctor about a year ago.

These days, my wife is a sex maniac, a porn star level sex maniac, god I love it. Now my problem is that I am afraid I am losing control of my marriage and what if I am not enough for her? I mean, we had single guys come over a long time ago, and she really enjoyed all the attention they gave her, but when they left, to her, it was just a momentary distraction. These days, there are signs everywhere that she has been in communication with many guys and who knows if she has had some of them over while I was at work completely oblivious to it all. I figured I needed to get out in front of the situation and did something I normally would not do anymore, I accepted an offer by a local single guy to join us.

We met Conrad at a restaurant, and right away, he told us he had ?lied? to us, his real name was Conrad and he wasn?t really single. His wife is no longer intimate with him and has given him permission to find intimacy elsewhere. For whatever reason, we decided to not hold these revelations against him, primarily because she found him handsome and intriguing. Over lunch he came to find out that we weren?t as interested in an MFM as it would just be the two of them. You see, I have been a boy-toy to an older couple now for about a year, and she has come to want a boy-toy of her own. His question to me was how would this work? Would we be calling him up, would he make arrangements through me, would he be able to communicate directly with her? She promptly gave him her card with her phone number and email address, and that settled that.

The first time he came over, that was painful, at least for me. We cooked a nice dinner, we had a nice conversation. After dinner, she jumped onto his lap on the sofa as I tried to continue with him the conversation that had been started at the dinner table. It was quite obvious she wanted more from him than just his thoughts. She soon took his arms and escorted him to the spare bedroom barely acknowledging me along the way. She just left me there in the living room to fend for myself. Remembering all the previous guys that she had been with, mostly from couples, a lengthy session might have lasted for an hour or so, and I was holding up pretty good for the first hour. The second hour though, I had to start to wonder, what were they doing? More to the point, what was she doing with him that she doesn?t with me? When the third hour rolled around, now I was not a happy guy. Sure I liked that my wife was having a grand time, but somewhere between getting lonely and a rising level of insecurity, I was not longer enjoying my life. It was either going to be that he left the house immediately or I would have to go get a late night drink somewhere. Fortunately, it marathon session had come to an end, those two emerged from the room with smiles on their faces and I pretended to be all calm, cool, and collected. It told me it was literally a pleasure to have been invited over and that was the last I have ever seen him. That is not to say that my wife hasn?t seen him anymore, he comes over once a week or so, just while I am at work. It turns out, I am perfectly ok with him coming over in the afternoons, I am distracted with work, and I know what is waiting for me when I get home.

We call it Conrad Days. It starts a few days earlier, they start emailing each other, once a day of the week has been worked out, they might continue with some occasional sexting. She will let me know what they are planning and what they are talking about, she will even engage me in a conversation about what she will wear that day when she greets him at the door. On the day of, I will come home for lunch, and it will be the only day where I am on my own, she will be taking a shower or putting on her makeup, barely a hello much less a huge hug and a kiss like normal. She is always is a rush, the house will be all ready, clothes put away, bathrooms cleaned, dishes washed, it is as if her boyfriend is coming over or something. She has been thinking about all of the things he will do to her for a few days now, and she can barely wait for him to come walking through that door. As for me, she knows that I will be well compensated when I come home after work.

It is amazing how much faster I drive home on Conrad Days. I come in the door, and instead of seeing her in the kitchen making dinner, I end up finding her on our bed already, still in the cute outfit she put on earlier, her legs slightly spread and with that sexy voice of hers, letting me know that she has been a naughty girl and that she is ready to accept whatever punishment she has coming. These days, what she has coming to her is what I used to only dream about. It would be an extra special birthday present when she would finally relent and allow me to fuck her in her ass, and extra special meaning once every couple of years. But on Conrad Days, with the aid of some anal lube (gift from god), her punishment is that I am going to fuck her in the ass as hard as I possibly can, release all of my pent up aggressions and indignities I had to suffer as she thought more of her boy-toy than of me for the previous few days, and then come to find out, that while I am thrusting myself deep inside of her such that I feel my pelvic bone slamming up against her soft butt, she is moaning into the pillow in between screams that she was hoping this is what I would do to her the whole time he was fucking her.

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