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Conference to remember

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This story is true and happened last September 2013.

I work for a company in Northeast Ohio and was sent, along with a female co-worker to a conference in Florida, right near Tampa. Sharon is 50, married and is very pretty but as with lots of people over 40, carries some extra weight, especially in the boob area. I am 54 5'8, 180 and have a slight gut, but not like i used to be when i weighed 160 a few years back, and i am also married, and to date never cheated on my wife.

We arrived at the hotel where the conference was to take place, on a sunday afternoon and scheduled to stay until thursday afternoon. The hotel was right on the beach overlooking the Gulf. Very picturous place. So after checking in, and getting our rooms, which were right next to each other and even had an adjoining door in the room, we said we would meet up by the pool area.

We decided to go check the beach out and walked to the beach and enjoyed the warm fall air and sunshine. We both were wearing Khaki shorts, with me wearing a polo style shirt and Sharon wearing a white tank top that definately showed off her chest area, which are at least 38DD.

We stayed out on the beach for at least an hour and a half just talking and getting to know each other better than we already did. We've worked together for like 10 years but in different departments but always talked and sometimes flirted with each other over the years.

After coming back to the hotel we decided we should get dinner, and settled on the hotel restaurant. Dinner was very comfortable between us and probably helped out by the wine we were consuming. Over the course of the dinner we talked about home life and she explained that her hubby wasnt to thrilled with being out of town, only because she did everything for him, which meant cooked and clean, and all that type of stuff. she then said that they haven't had sex in 4 years because he just isn't interested anymore. I understood where she was coming from because my wife and i hadn't been active for over a year, because she has to take meds for the change of life she was going through. before that we were very active sexually. we both said that we miss the intimacy and also the sex.

After dinner she suggested we go use the pool, so we met up like fifteen minutes later by the pool and hot tub. She had on a black two piece and even though she is a little chunky, she looked great and i said so, for which she rubbed my arm and said thanks. We swam for like 45 minutes, with alot of playing around, splashing each other and dunking each other too, she even played a little grab ass one time, so i naturally returned the favor. She laughed and said that i hope you enjoyed your feel, to which i smiled and said most definately. But i could tell she was enjoying all the attention i was giving her and i definately enjoyed the attention she was giving me, and had she looked at my shorts, she definately would have noticed my hard cock. She then said that she could go for some more wine, but i told her there was none around here, but she said that was cool because she brought two bottles with her. So we decided to go back to our rooms. Luckily there was no one else out in the pool with us so when i got out she saw the tent in my swim shorts and just smiled.

After getting to the room, i said i was going to shower, and she said she was too. After my shower i headed out onto the balcony my room had and was enjoying a cigarette. About 15 minutes later Sharon came out on her balcony and asked me to let her in through the connecting door. All i was wearing was a pair of silk boxers. She came through the door wearing only a short pink robe type cover up and i could definately tell she wasnt wearing a bra. But she also looked upset, then explained she just got off the phone with her husband who was still bitching about her being gone and was drunk. I dont know why but i just hugged her gently and held her for a few moments. She smelled so good and felt so good in my arms and i could feel mister happy starting to grow. We broke the hug and headed back out to the balcony, which overlooked the beach and Gulf, but since it was now dark, you could not see much of it.

Now i did pack the little blue pill, which a friend of mine gave me about a year ago. He works for a drug compnay and has samples of all types of stuff, but thought i could use them one day. I had little use for them at home though, but wasnt going to tell him that, LOL.

We had just settled into the chairs when she pulled out a bag which had weed in it and asked if i minded. To which i said hell no, butit had been ages since i smoked some. She said the wine wasnt going to do it for her. I said that's cool, but i made a joke and told her that weed usually makes me quite horny, to which she just smiled. After smoking a bowl, i excused myself to pee and also took one of the pills, not knowing if i really needed it but figured i did not want anything not to work. When i came back out she was lighting another bowl, which we shared and talked more. Finally she looked at me and said when the hell are going to kiss me. I leaned over and started to kiss her, and then started to kiss more passionately, with tongues exploring each other. I felt her hand on my thing then and was inching its way up my leg. As we kept kissing my hand slipped under her cover and started to massage her breast and nipple. Sharons hand went under my boxers and found my cock, which was extremely hard at this point. We hadnt broke our kiss as her hand started stroking my cock and my hand found its way down to between her legs to find her very mosit love hole. As my fingers played with her clit, she moaned pretty loudly and grabbed my shaft even harder. Our lips never let each others during this whole time, until she broke away and said that we need to find a more comfortable place. With that we got up and went inside to the bed.

Standing in front of it, i slowly removed her wrap, and she in turn slid my boxers down and i stepped out of them. She gently pushed back to the bed where i sat down on the edge and she fell to her knees and engulfed my cock into her hungry mouth. She was sucking me like i was the last man on earth, and it felt terrific. She stopped at one point and said she has wanted to do this for years with me, so she is taking advantage of it. After about 10 more minutes of this i stopped her for fear of shooting my cum and then i would be done. I had her get on the bed and i laid on top of her, kissing her more. My cock was rubbing against her pussy, which was cleanly shaven. I then started licking my way down to her breast, lixcking and sucking both of them. Her nipples were huge and about an 3/4 inch long. The more i sucked on them, the more she squirmed under me, and her moans grew louder. I finally couldnt take anymore and headed down between her legs and slowly started to eat her. My mouth kissed and sucked her clit then i tongued her wet pussy. She later told me it had been years since herpussy was eaten, because her husband didnt do it often and when they fucked it lasted like 10 minutes tops until he came, rolled off and went to sleep.

The more i ate her the more she moaned and then started telling me yes baby, eat my pussy, make me cum. I ate her for almost 30 minutes and she came 3 times, with each time being more explosive. After the third time she said i need to suck your cock again, so i suggested we 69. She said she didnt think i could handle her weight onme like that, to which i said bull and lets give it a try. We got into the position with her on top and i really went to town on her pussy again, but also started to lick her ass. At first she lifted up off of me, and acted like she didnt like it. So i asked her if it felt good, to which she answered yes but i was the first to ever do that to her. After another ten minutes of licking and probing with my tongue, she came again and told me it was time fuck, she couldnt take it any longer and needed me inside her.

She repositioned herself so she was now facing me and straddling my cock. She slowly guided my cock in to her sopping wet pussy. Once i was fully in she gasped and told me how great it felt and told me this is the first cock she has had in 4 years, and the biggest. I'm a little over average at 7 1/2 inches, but she confided that her husband was only 5 inches and never got her off when fucking. Once we started moving to a nice rythym, she leaned down to me, placed her arms around my neck and kissed passioantely. After a few minutes her body started tensing up and i could feel her tight pussy grab my cock harder and she exploded with an orgasm. The whole while she kept saying oh fuck, over and over. After she came down from her orgasm, she sat back up and really started grinding her pussy onto my cock, tell me, Oh Tom my pussy loves your cock, dont stop fucking me all night.

After hearing that and all of her playful talk, i grabbed hold of her brought her back down to me then we rolled over so she was on the bottom. I positioned myself so her legs were dr*ped over my arms and just started pounding her pussy. I told her how wonderful she felt and that i haven't felt a pussy this tight is so long. She started begging me to fuck her harder and you could hear our bodies slapping together and my balls slapping against her ass. She started moaning even louder, which i am sure the whole floor could hear us. Then she let out a long ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeah babyyyyyy, fuck that pussy, then she came, which then caused me to cum deep inside her. After laying there a few moments to catch our breath, she said she hopes i wasn't done and that she wanted to swallow my cum at some point tonight. So i told her to rest easy, then slid down her body so my mouth was on her pussy again. I was licking and sucking our cum from her pussy. god she tasted so good. I could hear saying that no man has ever done that to her. After licking and holding some of the cum in my mouth, i came back up and shared it with her in a long kiss. As we were kissing, i put my half hard cock back in her and started rocking with her. in no time, my cock was back to being hard.

We fucked another half an hour, but this time she was on top when i was ready to cum, and when i told her i was going to, she got off and immediately put her mouth over my cock, and started sucking me, and her hand started stroking me fast. In less than 30 seconds i shot another big load into her hungry mouth to which she didnt let a drop out of her mouth, then came up and kissed me very hotly.

It was around midnight, and we both thought it best if we got some sleep, so we weren't dragging ass at the conference the next morning. I suggested she just stay with me, which she did. We spooned together, after turning off the lights and i couldn't resist having my fingers play with her nipples a little more. Her hand came back and she found my shaft which she started stroking gently, until i was hard again (little blue pills really do work well). After a minute, she lifted her leg and helped guide me back into her wanting pussy. She said she always wanted a man in her when she fell asleep. Although it was hard to do, that's what we did. I did feel her get up about 4:30 to go to the bathroom, and then 20 minutes later i did the same. But wheni came out, she had the light on and was playing with herself, so i naturally came back to bed and had my breakfast. She came twice and then we fucked a very nice slow session. Afterwards, we showered and got ready for the conference.

The rest of the time we were there, we were like two teenagers, and couldn't wait to get back to the room and fuck more. The one evening before going to dinner with a bunch of the people from the conference, we decided to get a quickie in and as she was riding me, her phone rang, and it was her husband. As she was riding me she was talking to him. Of course, the conversation did not last long, as he was still bitching about her not being home. Right after she hung up she started pounding my cock and came really hard. She said that it was so hot for her to be talking to him and having my cock deep inside her.

By thursday morning, we fucked a total of 15 times and my dick was like hamburg, LOL. I could tell her pussy was sore too, for when i entered her that last time, she flinch and said it was sore, but a good sore.

Since that time, we meet at least once a month and spend the day in bed.

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