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Part two if the fairy tale CINDERELLA I went to the little bar almost every night after that but didn't see 'Cinderella' again until a month later. It was again a Saturday night with the same DJ and the same crowd of students and she walked in with one of the friends the last time we'd met. They spotted me immediately and made straight for my table, luckily it was early and there were vacant seats. ?Good evening 'Cinders',? I laughed, ?did you come in your crystal coach.? ?No,? she said, ?but I don't think I'll be needing a lift home tonight.? My heart sank, she was, I thought, telling me any fun for tonight was off. How wrong I was!!!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting and I found out that 'Cinders's' real name was Hazel and her friend's name was Jacquie. Jacquie was a bit taller and heavier than Hazel but to tell the truth I'd have fucked either of them given the chance. Anyway, to cut a long story short we chatted, danced and drank until closing time and I fully expected to be going home alone. Wrong!!!!

As I stood up to say goodnight to the three ladies, Hazel suddenly and unexpectedly suggested that we go back to her place for a nightcap. She explained her husband was away on business and wouldn't be back until the following Wednesday so the house was empty. I still didn't think anything was going to happen as Hazel had a chaperone. Again I couldn't have been more wrong.

Once we got inside Hazel's house she showed me into the lounge and told me to amuse myself while she and Jacquie went and freshened up. I must have sat there for a good twenty minutes twiddling my thumbs before I heard giggling coming from the bedroom above me. The giggles turned to soft moans, the obvious sounds of sexual action and I began to think that maybe Hazel's husband wasn't away after all.

I decided to take a look and tiptoed up the stairs. Once I got onto the landing it was clear which room I wanted the unmistakeable sounds of sex were coming from the room at the end. Walking slowly towards it I stood outside for a minute, listening to the low moans coming from inside then holding my breath, I quietly turned the knob and opened the door until I could see into the room. The sight that met me stopped me dead in my tracks and my cock instantly stood to attention. Hazel's husband wasn't there, but the girls were and they were both completely naked and on the bed. Jacquie was sitting with her back against the wall with her legs spread wide, and Hazel was lying on her stomach, her face pressed against Jacquie's cunt. She must have heard me open the door but she just turned her head toward me and flashed me a big smile then went back to tonguing Jacquie's cunt. Two women together was something I'd fantasized about so many times and here it was, happening right infront of me. I stood there for a minute or two just watching them then stripped down and joined them, my erection leading the way.

As I approached the bed I was stroking my cock and Hazel looked up from between Jacquie's legs and smiled and got up onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me. I didn't need telling what she wanted and climbed onto the bed behind her and rubbed my knob up and down through her pussy lips. On one pass over her fuck hole, she pushed back and I was inside her before I knew it and began fucking her as hard as I could. She was crying out as I pounded her cunt relentlessly and the vibrations she was causing on Jacquie's cunt cause Jacquie to come. Now the room was full of the sounds of raw sex. Jacquie moaning as she came into Hazel's mouth, Hazel screaming as I hammered my cock into her upturned cunt and my grunts as I tried to drive it even deeper into her. It was like a scene from a triple X rated porn film and I was one of the stars. I was in heaven!!!

Just after Jacquie filled Hazel's mouth with her climax I felt Hazel begin to shudder and my cock was suddenly bathed in her warm thick juices. This triggered my own climax and I gripped her hip and drove into her to the hilt as my cock bucked inside her as I pumped an obscene amount of cumm into her hot, spasming cunt.

We were frozen in position for around two minutes, each of us panting like old horses but finally we pulled apart. My cock was glistening with a mixture of Hazel's juices and my cumm and I saw Jacquie sit up and smile when she saw it. ?Mmm, that looks like a nice cocktail,? she laughed as she crawled down the bed towards me. Hazel also turned round and I was treated to the unforgettable experience of having two sexy, mature ladies sucking and licking my cock clean.

Once they'd made sure my cock was squeaky clean, Jacquie turned her attention to Hazel's cunt and gave that the same treatment, licking and sucking every last drop of my cumm off her cunt lips and out of her fuck hole. I think she was expecting me to give her the same as I'd just given Hazel but I needed time to recover, I'd never come so hard in my life and just couldn't.

Instead Hazel and I shared her between us. Hazel sucked on her nipples while I moved between her thighs fingered and tongue fucked her cunt till she too climaxed. It was like a thick, salty honey pouring into my mouth as she filled it with her juices. Then we all switched round and Hazel became the object of our attention, Jacquie sucking and licking on her nipples, while I gave her cunt the digital and oral treatment. Oh I wish I'd brought one of my friends from the photography course!!! Now that's an idea!!!

Once we parted again, the girls looked at each other and smiled then pushed me over onto my back then both began taking turns at licking and sucking my cock till I was rock hard and ready again then Jacquie climbed on top of me and guided it into her cunt and started to ride me. Hazel also got up and straddled my head facing her. So while, my cock was being fucked by Jacquie riding it, I was eating Hazel's cunt at the same time. While all this was going on, the girls kissed and groped each other's tits.

When Hazel was satisfied and had filled my mouth with her juices, she got off my face and told Jacquie to get on her knees and for me to fuck her from behind. Once we were in position and my cock was buried in Jacquie's cunt, she slid underneath Jacquie between her legs and began to lick and kiss both Jacquie's cunt and my cock as I slowly fucked it in and out of her.

At one point, Hazel and lay side by side, heads together, alternating between kissing each other and licking Jacquie's cunt.

We went on like this for hour after hour, all night long till it started getting light. We did so many things and were in so many positions I can't even remember them all. The only thing I do know is that it was the most amazing night of my life. I think I came four times that night. The last time I'm sure I was firing blanks though I felt the climax but I don't think I delivered, the girls had left me cum-less.

Hazel went down stairs to fix breakfast and left Jacquie and I to get dressed. When, half an hour later we were sat at the table tucking in to a full English. Hazel smiled at Jacquie. ?Wait till we tell Doris what she missed, she'll be gutted.? Jacquie turned and smiled at me. ?Do you think you cold manage three of us Mike,? she laughed. I didn't know whether I could but if they wanted me to try I was more than willing to give it a go!!!

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