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Cinderella And The Not So Ugly Sisters

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Third and final? part of the fairy tale

CINDERELLA AND THE NOT SO UGLY SISTERS I was another three weeks before I saw Hazel again and this time she was on her own, well at first she was. We were sat in the bar when Jacquie and her other friend walked in. Immediately Hazel was on her feet and over with the girls before they had a chance to reach the table. I could see they were excited as they got their heads together and they kept looking across at me. I got the feeling I was going to find out whether I could manage three women after all!!!

After a couple minutes all three of them returned to the table and I was introduced to Doris. Doris was much older than Hazel and Jacquie, probably in her mid to late sixties but she still oozed sex appeal. We shook hands and I instantly began to wonder how that hand would feel around my cock. As I listened to the girls chatting, my mind was elsewhere.

I began to fantasise about fucking her, tasting her cunt and her sucking my cock. I may have been premature, but a guy can dream, can't he? I'd already enjoyed Jacquie and Hazel and the thought of Doris joining the party soon had my cock hardening in my jeans. I knew Hazel and Jacquie were bi-sexual so I guessed that Doris, being a close friend of them both would be the same. Now, as I listened to her talk, I couldn't get the thought of Doris joining us out of my head. ?Mike?? I snapped out of my fantasies. ?You're miles away, where were you?? Hazel asked, looking from me to Jacquie to Doris and back at me again. ?Sorry,? I said. ?That's okay,? she said sweetly. ?We've decided to go back to our place for a nightcap.? When I heard the word nightcap I knew another fantasy was about to be realised. I remembered the last time Hazel had invited me back for a night cap!!!

No sooner were we in Hazel's hallway, I found out that my assumption about Doris was right. Hazel grabbed her and pressed her lips against the older woman's, and began kissing her passionately. Then Jacquie, who must have been feeling left out, joined them and soon the were locked in a three way kiss. It was really hot to see and I was now fully hard. After they'd finished putting on there show we headed for the lounge and the real fun began.

As soon as we got into the room Hazel came straight for me, pausing only briefly to remove the loose fitting dress she'd been wearing, lifting it over her head and dropping it on the floor. She was naked except for a pair of pink lace panties, which she quickly removed then pushed me back onto our couch. She was straight into me, unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out and slipping it between her lips. She was soon sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow, with one of her hands was between her legs, stroking her bare pussy.

I began to wonder what I'd got myself into as I turned my head to see Jacquie and Doris kissing again. I watched as Doris slid her hand up under Jacquie's. Jacquie was now moaning loudly and Doris smiled. ?You're so wet,? she whispered. ?Do you want to come, baby?? Jacquie nodded her head and sighed. ?Yes. Ohhh yes please Doris.? Without removing her hand from under her skirt, Doris took Jacquie's blouse off with the other. Pulling it over her head, she continued to finger her cunt as the blouse dropped to the floor. Jacquie, like Hazel, wasn't wearing a bra and her tits stood out, the nipples fully erect. Doris lowered her head and took one into her mouth. She bit down on it and Jacquie cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I was about to come in Hazel's mouth when she stopped sucking me and stopped stroking herself. ?They're beautiful, don't you think?? she said. I nodded and tried to push her mouth back onto my cock. She pushed my hand away and smiled. ?Let's just watch for a bit,? she said, nodding towards Jacquie and Doris.

The pair were both nude now, and I could see Doris's cunt was shaved. Another new experience for me.

Hazel and I watched as they sank to the floor and Doris moved between Jacquie's legs and began to lap at her cunt, she dipped a finger between her own fuck hole and she showed us her pink pussy. It nearly sent me over the edge. Doris licked and sucked Jacquie's cunt for what seemed like an eternity. I was seriously in need of relief, but I didn't dare do anything about it, I knew I had to save myself for later.

Hazel took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. ?Do you want to fuck her Mike,? she said. ?Which one?? I asked, breathlessly. ?Well we've had the pleasure,? she replied, ?but Doris hasn't. I think she should. Don't you?? I didn't need telling twice and stripped out of my clothes. I was the only one in the room with clothes on anyway. I walked across the room with my cock in my hand and moved in behind Doris. She lifted her head from between Jacquie's this and smiled over her shoulder at me just before I slowly slid my cock into her. I grabbed hold of her hips, as she returned to eating Jacquie's cunt. I pushed my cock into her cunt really slowly, prolonging the sensation for both of us. Inch by inch, my cock disappeared into her more than willing cunt.

Just as slowly, I pulled back out and then pushed back in, sliding in and out of her cunt at a pace that felt comfortable for me. Doris moaned into Jacquie's cunt and she moaned back because of it. I moved faster, matching Doris's head movements as she slid her tongue up and down through Jacquie's cunt lips.

Suddenly Hazel was in front of me, her legs splayed as she stood over Doris's back. She pushed her cunt against my face then looked down at me and groaned. ?Eat me Mike,? she whispered. I stuck my tongue out and parted her lips and she moved forward until I had my tongue inside her. As I fucked my cock faster and faster into Doris's cunt, Jacquie was almost screaming under her and Hazel's legs were shaking as I fucked her with my tongue. We were all moaning, groaning or grunting as we shook with a mutual orgasm, my load shooting deep into Doris's cunt.

We collapsed to the floor afterwards, each of us laying next to each other, our hands all over each other's bodies. ?That was fantastic,? Hazel gasped. ?You haven't seen anything yet,? Jacquie said and rolled over, moving her head between Hazel's legs. ?No, no more, please!? Hazel gasped. Doris ignored her and covered her cunt lips with her mouth, gently sucking on them. ?Go ahead,? Jacquie said, looking over at me. ?She hasn't had nearly enough yet.? She was talking about Doris but I was nowhere near ready to fuck anyone else just yet. Instead, I slipped a finger down through Jacquie's cunt lips and found her clit. She shivered and groaned. ?Not what I had in mind,? she said. ?But go ahead.? I slid my finger into her cunt and felt how wet she was.

A minute later, I was fully hard again and moving in behind Doris, who was really making Hazel scream. If she really wanted my cock who was I to deny her? ?Give it to her Mike," Jacquie said, lying beside me, ?give it to her good and hard.? I did as she asked slipping inch by inch into Doris's cunt again. I don't know why Hazel and Jacquie had left Doris till the last of the trio for me to enjoy, her cunt felt heavenly around my cock. She reacted immediately, pulling her face away from Hazel's crotch. ?Yes! Oh fuck yesss,? she yelled.

I fucked Doris slowly like I had the first time, except I stopped every twenty or so strokes and fed my cock to Jacquie's waiting mouth. She would then put it back into Doris's cunt and I'd fuck for a while and then pull out and repeat the process. All the while I was fucking Doris, she never stopped eating Hazel's cunt, until Hazel told her in no uncertain terms that she was going to come. Doris was nearly there, too according to her own cries. ?When she really comes, squirts," Jacquie said. ?It's one of the reasons I love her so much.?

Doris was also screaming now. ?Oh, fuck yes, yes!" she yelled as I slammed my cock into her. She tried to pull away but I pulled her back onto my cock, fucking her hard and fast. ?Fuck! Oh, my god yesss!? I pulled out just as she squirted all over the carpet, her orgasm forcing her face-first into the floor. She rubbed her clit as she continued to squirt and then she told me to fuck her again. I did as she asked and it didn't take much for me to shoot a second load into he soaking cunt.

Hazel was recovering on the couch and I joined her. ?If I had known how this was going to turn out, I would have done this a long time ago,? she said as she kissed me hard. Later, when all of us were good and horny again, the three women decided to treat me to a thorough fucking. Jacquie sat on my face while Doris told me to finger her and Hazel rode me first cowgirl style then reverse cowgirl. At one point, I had Jacquie on my face, Doris on my hand and Hazel on my cock, my tongue working overtime on Jacquie's cunt. Doris was the first to come, drenching my hand in her juices. Jacquie came next as she kissed Hazel as they both rode opposite ends of me. Her juices coated my face. When it was just Hazel and me, Hazel leaned forward, in cowgirl again, and licked them off me. ?Faster,? she said and I thrust my hips upward. ?Yes, oh fuck, yes!? Hazel shook and shivered as she came but I was too tired to come a third time so just let her use my cock until she'd finished. I'd been right, three women were too much for me but I'd given it a good try and I didn't get an complaints.

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