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Baby Bump Can Increase Your Love Life

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Hi again, Lauralee here. It's been almost 9 months after my husband set me up at his office party. And 4 guys and 2 women had their way with me. All the guys dvp'ed and dvp'ed me in both holes. While the women would eat me out and suck on my breasts. Basically making me feel really really good! Lol! Well Larry paid for a maternity test and yes the baby is his. Paul thinks it's his but no need to tell him. I've been maintaining my sanity and counting the months until the big day happens. Many people say that pregnant women are very attractive and it must be correct because I seem to get more looks than when I wasn't. This one day I was taking some packages to the post office when my life took a turn. I was walking up the steps to the post office then I tripped, all the packages went everywhere and I landed on the ground. A guy rushed over to see if I was alright and helped me up. I said that I was alright,ore embarrassed than hurt. I thanked him and went inside to send my packages off. When I left the building, he was outside on the sidewalk waiting. He said that he would love to get something to eat with me, I didn't see any harm in that so I agreed. We went to Dairy Queen, it's basically across the street. We talked about everything, marriage, kids, my pregnancy, everything. Then he suggested that we go to his place, it wouldn't be long. He was meeting some friends there to make their football fantasy picks. I said okay. When we got there, his friends were asking him why he was so late. Then they saw me and knew very quickly. You were trying to get some, then they looked at me and said, or did you get her already? I spoke up and said, no he didn't do this. My eggo was prego 9 months ago. They were must have been fun to get you in this condition. Then I slipped up saying, yes they had a fun time. They were they? I was shit! They, a couple said again. I finally spit it out, yes I was gangbanged by 6 people, 4 guys and 2 women. I didn't know if I should've told them because instantly after, it took a turn. So you like getting fucked by many guys, one guy said. Then he got out of his chair and got beside me. Well I didn't plan it, but it did happen, I uttered. I must say you look so fine, very pregnant but you are a fine piece of ass! I nervously smiled and said thank you. He dropped back behind me and placed his hands on my waist. As soon as he touched me it reminded me how it all started at the office party. Then he slid his hands up to grab my breasts. Omg it was happening all over again. The 4 others got out of their chairs and walked on over. One started to kiss me as the others undressed me. Within a minute, I was nude. They squeezed my breasts and started to suck on them when they discovered a surprise treat. I started to lactate, they were drinking my milk as they all started to take turns fucking me. They just had me place my hands on the table and they took me from behind. Omg each one seemed bigger than the one before. My breasts swayed with every punishing blow of their hips. One said hold on let's replace the table with the chair. I didn't see the reason, but after they did, I know why now. Me holding on the chair, another could mouth fuck me while my other holes were being assaulted. And they could continue sucking on my breasts. I was thinking that my boobs would be tiny after this event, the way they would latch on them. Then one picked me up, me facing away from him and went in me. Omg he got deep in my pussy. I yelled out , Yes! She likes this shit, a couple said. Here, turn her around. Now I was facing him, still off the floor though. He started to pound me good, then I felt another going in my backdoor. Omg, yes! I was being dp'ed, and I was loving it. The harder and faster they banged me, the more I liked it. I was passed around like a joint, everyone had a turn taking a big drag of my holes. They continued to milk me and I continued moaning, cumming and squirting on everyone, all of my essence was leaving me and running down their legs. We all loved it , for how long, I don't really know, but it couldn't be long enough. I realized at this moment that I was a nympho, a little submissive nympho slut. But I was good with that and I continue even today. To fuck as many men and women as I can, wherever and whenever I can. This is my story and it's a certified fact. I'm a slut, and a damn good one!

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