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Anis Escape

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This is not going to start out as most SLS sexual tales go, but please be patient, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I! If you think the story starts out poorly, we agree.


In the beginning, we never imagined our relationship would go anywhere and are amazed to discover our relationship, and thirty-three-year marriage, still intact in this crazy world. I wanted to write about a different event, but after beginning, I realized that I had to tell this one first in order to fully understand the impact on us. This tale had to be shared first in order to completely understand the story I wanted to write, “Ani’s Cruise”, coming later.

I’m David, at the time of this event in my mid 50’s. I enjoyed growing up and attended college in the 1970’s when the sexual revolution was in fashion and crazy parties abound. Gray hair early on, 5’ 8” and a little heavy at 195#. In my mid 30’s I had a good job and was moving along. I had given up on any long-term relationship and found myself content to live my life as a bachelor, until I finally met Ani. Ani has a smile that will light up a room… seriously.

I first time I saw her on the other side of the lecture room- she was the first person I noticed. Blond, pretty, well-styled, thick hair, awesome eyes, and “the smile”. Blue-tint contacts were popular at that time and they made her eyes really pop, but they could not outshine that smile. Well-dressed, having just come from her second job, she was pretty impressive in my eyes. She had an athletic body, about 5’ 2”, 125#, and she was trim and fit. Her upper chest and shoulders revealed her as an athlete, either a gymnast or a swimmer. I found out later that she was a master swimmer, ran triathlons, played volleyball, coached, and was basically a very healthy woman. She did have that swimmer’s body… there is just a different stride for good swimmers. She is very much the girl-next-door sexy angel type, but never views herself that way. I very much do. Neither of us has ever possessed a lot of confidence.

Ani, at first, did not much care for me. I was a bit of an instigator in the class with the teacher, a young 20-something with no real-life experience, and I was not happy to be there. There was very little contact between us. She did not like me, and I noticed a wedding ring on her finger. C’est la vie.

A year later, we again shared a class together, but the stage had completely changed. She had gone through a divorce and was at a tough place in her life. I had also calmed down from my previous mental state and was better behaved with the new teacher, mainly because he seemed to know more about what he was discussing. We struck up weekly conversations at the vending machines and she shared her story. She worked two jobs while attending grad school; he laid on the couch. Sex was at his leisure and she was not really enjoying it. After sex with him, she would often go off by herself and reach her orgasm alone (this came up much later BTW). She finalized her divorce on St. Patrick’s Day, walked out of the courtroom and went to partake of a green beer. At least one. She was pretty down, unsure to celebrate or mourn.

I have known and dated several divorcees, and no matter what, there is a lot of baggage, even if the divorce is for the positive. I was not looking for a long-term relationship anymore. I was hesitant to get into that situation, but those eyes, that smile, made me throw caution to the wind. I did not want to add more stress to her already frustrating situation, but I had tickets to a local concert and no date, so I thought she might like to go as “just friends”. Neither of us was sure of what kind of date we should consider it, but I really liked her and was willing to keep the pressure off by keeping it casual. I hit the john when we got there, and when I came out, there stood Ani waiting for me with two large beers, and that smile. I liked this girl. I liked her so much, we followed with several other dates, each fun and enjoyable. She loved sports and knew what she was talking about, big points for a woman in those days! Conversation flowed easily and she was willing to laugh at my corny humor. And… her looks had me at hello. Soon the landmark third date came, and we almost hit the wall in our relationship. It was horrible, maybe Guiness World Record horrible.

That night, we were finally naked in bed and in the missionary position. I like to start there and explore, but soon discovered that was the only position we would see that night. She was hardly moving and I kept checking to see if she was still alive. There was no noise from her and very little movement, which I believe were just to get comfortable. She lay very rigid and tense. Ani later told me she was laying there thinking, “What the fuck am I doing? I just got out of a divorce and am now having sex with a guy I hardly know!” I drove home later thinking, “There is absolutely no hope in this relationship, that was my worst sexual experience ever.” Another short relationship in the books, in my mind.

But I really did like her, she WAS fun to be with. We continued to date and spend the night. The sex did not get much better, but she started to at least feel more comfortable. It was depressing because I really did like her, but I could not imagine going through life with this level of passion. She seemed uncomfortable and tense with sex, not relaxing and enjoying it. She would occasionally, but briefly, talk about some of her bad experiences with her few former lovers, so I had clues. I hung in there because she was really a lot of fun and that smile would hit me just right… but I still did not see much of a long-term future.

In ways, she seemed like a virgin, unsure and bewildered. Of course, I worried it was all me. (Note: married 30 years now, I know it’s always all me.) I am not without guilt; I was not very adept with relationships and I had a pretty solid wall built to keep Cupid away. Yeah, that idiot dream where you look for love and block it when it comes. I wish I knew then what I know now, but then if I had, we may not be where we are today.

After a couple of months, we traveled to another town for a popular street fair, reserving a hotel to spend the night. We both had a lot to drink and were having a lot of fun in the wonderful fall atmosphere. Ani was in a great mood and getting really silly. When she gets to a certain level of intoxication, she can get really loosen up, imagining herself more humorous than others may see her at that moment. I have come to enjoy that part of her after all these years. Other men do too, I see it often. Ani has misconceptions about flirting. She thinks it’s like a movie with the obvious signs, not realizing it’s more subtle... like her. She doesn’t even know she’s doing it. Strong eye contact, beautiful eyes, silly laughter, it all attracts men, especially me. Her petite body makes the package even that much more desirable. I adore when she chooses to not wear anything under a sleek summer dress, but it’s hard to talk her into it.

When she is like that, men start moving closer to the flames. She is seldom aware and would feel uncomfortable if she knew what was in their minds, but if they behave, they can take part in an evening of fun, just no sex. She loves hugs and touching, but if it reaches a sexual tone, she is gone and they are out of luck. I have learned that when in this mood, she can hit a stage that can be tenuous. One moment she will be talking dirty about everything she wants to do with me when we get home, and the next… asleep in the car seat.

It’s a crisp fall night, bright moon, and I have a nice-looking lady on my arm. Out for a cool evening with a lot of beer and celebrating, something we still enjoy after all of these years. We had been dating for a little over a month and things were going well, we were enjoying the party and each other.

That night she was particularly aggressive, and I was enjoying it… a lot. When we returned to the hotel, Ani really took control of the situation and was in rare form with her aggressiveness. She assumed the cowgirl position, taking full control of our desires. She controlled it all, the movement, the direction, the depth of penetration to hit the right spot. Ani was moaning and making sounds I had never heard from her before. She was in control, but also losing it. I was in awe of this new person and trying to process it all while trying to hang on for the ride.

Suddenly, I felt her body quiver and without warning she released a flood of cum over me. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably and she continued to flow and shake all over before collapsing on top of me as we both tried to breathe again. She had drained me also and I was stunned by what had just happened. After a short pause to recover, she kept going, smearing the fluids all over us, leading to several more orgasms, including mine. THIS was a different person altogether! The corner had been turned and we married two years later. We still love to go to fairs. I have always thought that sex should be fun. My motto is, “if you can’t be good in bed, at least be funny.” We tried to do add things to shake up the routine and explore different directions. We set a goal of having sex in every room at any location we were staying (that did not have others present). We planned sex under the Christmas tree after the kids had gone to bed. We made love under the stars… on the roof of a two-story home. We once had a string of 45 days in a row with sex. It was not planned, but when we realized the streak we had going, neither one of us wanted to give it up. We got so close that she named my cock “Freddy” and I named her pussy “Pearl”. So, thus, our life together started.

Over time, I noted that Pearl is pretty small. Not being judgmental, (I have no room to talk with an average size), just an observation. I realized that Pearl needed a while to warm up. With patience, she got to a size where she was sending strong messages to Ani. I discovered that Pearl was “slow to grow’, but once she did and joined the party, Ani was off. Good skill to learn.

Our situation was like a lot of other people. Marriage, kids, work, bills, and all of the other things that fill our lives came in play. Over the years, while life was good, our connection was not what it once was. I would sometimes reflect back to our comfort level with our bodies. Like too many, we were uncomfortable with our self-esteem and body image. We have seen each other naked thousands of times. I have seen her give birth. She has seen my doctors stick things in inappropriate places.

I loved her body, but hated mine, and she liked mine but hated hers. We had little self-confidence and, while we talked about it, could never imagine being on a nude beach or in any way naked around others. Being in front of others in our birthday suits… no way. In my fantasies I often imagined us walking on that beach, with pride and confidence. In reality, we would cover up in front of each other just to walk to the bathroom. Our life together grew and we seemed to be concerned about everybody and everything more than ourselves. The whirlwind took its toll on us both. Speeding along life’s path, we began to drift apart a little. Ani was losing “Ani” in some ways. She was mom, employee, maid, lover, cook, weed-puller and volunteer whenever asked. She was feeling the pressure. She loved our life, but she had lost her concept of “her” in the middle of all of these other things.

It was all very good, but life just gets… hectic. Teens running all over the place in all directions, work, volunteering, other commitments, making cupcakes, it was all good and she enjoyed, but the girl I had met so long ago was struggling with the overwhelming impact of life. I started to become more and more aware of it.

We tried to go out on a regular basis, but no matter what the environment, Ani still returned as “my wife” or “mom”. We had become a part of her, which is amazing, but we also both had become unsure of “is that all there is?” She wanted moments to just be her, and were seemingly unable to find them.

We both knew we are in an awesome space, but Ani seemed a little sadder sometimes and I was starting to miss her out-of-control laughter. Unbearable to me. I wish I had an answer. When you are single you have an awful lot of time to do whatever you want, when you want, and how you want. Marriage, kids, jobs, dig into that. You sometimes want a moment without all of that, even if you adore it.

So we take vacations! It helps, but doesn’t solve the problem. You come back more exhausted than when you left, with more bills! Date nights are good, but all too short. Also, I was still across the table from her disrupting her matrix. I was the reminder that it was all still the same back home, even if she wasn’t aware of it at the time.

Mom Goes Out:

We talked, but without a solution. I finally suggested that she could have some time for herself on occasion, I was more than willing to take everything off her hands for a time. What would that look like? We had no idea, but we considered it. Being single is not an easy thing unless you have been there for a long time, and you likely would prefer it different. A single woman on her own? Bar? You know what will happen. Dinner? Fair, but not the best. Movie? Bowling? Definitely not. She had been attached for almost 20 years and had lost the touch of being by herself… we thought.

I think an underlaying thought was that if we did this, it would be a signal that our marriage was not solid. We discussed this fear and agreed that was not our situation, but we also did not want to mess up a good thing. Neither of had a lot of sexual and physical confidence. Would it make it worse or better? We finally got serious and put our worries aside and decided to make the leap.

Requirements: A night out (really, “away”), nice music, and nice dinner that she did not make and have to clean up. People-watch, some recognition from others that she looked nice, flirting, being in a different kind of crowd than soccer moms (no offense, we are) were all positives. The plan did not include any anticipated sexual escapades. We may have been idiots.

Now don’t get in a hurry! It wasn’t like that. Up until now in our adult lives, we had never jumped in without carefully checking the temperature first. Too many bad experiences in a wide variety of situations. But we did start.

Ani researched appropriate places and had a list of requirements: alcohol (bonus for happy hour), music (bonus depending on her mood), good food options (bonus if health), not super-young, and not an abundance of couples. She didn’t want to stand out any more than she was already feeling she would. We talked it over regularly, confirming we were still in love and wanting to be together, this was just exploration.

As responsible adults, we went over emergency plans; promises to keep the phones on, and her to check-in on a regular basis. I thought every five minutes worked, but she felt only on the way home (she did say that with a smile). We negotiated to about 45 minutes and it would be a short text. The day finally came and Ani decided on a place in a larger town about thirty minutes away with a safe drive. She has been there before and felt comfortable. They have great music, although a limited dance floor. Having covered all of our bases, her escape was on!

Now don’t get in a hurry! It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t horrible like our first sex, but it was more deflating than inflating. She was understandably a little uncomfortable. She walked in and earned some nice smiles from men in the room, and even a couple of women near the bar, where she sat. The music was as good as she had hoped, her drink was exquisite, and she finally started to relax. As the evening went on, she had brief conversations with several people and was feeling calmer. A lady sat next to her and they discovered they went to the same high school. Ani felt better and enjoyed the visit, the music, and the meal. By the time she was really comfortable, it was too late to stay. Her plans weren’t for the late-night partiers, she was looking for something different, still not sure what. She admitted to having a nice evening and new sensations. We were satisfied with the first draft, but we were both a little disappointed some handsome spy hadn’t walked up with an offer to buy her a drink. The worst was over. Ani’s awkwardness subsided and she grew more comfortable. I thought her growing confidence was very sexy. She often showed her appreciation, and I loved her increasing self-worth. Her escapes were only every other month and everything seemed to be going better. I enjoyed watching her prepare for an evening out! With each escape, wrapping my day up, I would find myself wondering how she was doing. Would she get hit on? Flirt? Dance? Run naked through the dance floor? I loved my images, but I mostly hoped she was safe and having fun. As we continued to plan her breaks, Ani got a grasp of what nights to avoid and areas of nearby towns that were safer. She was more comfortable sitting at a table alone, but was confident at any location in the restaurant or bar. She mentioned that she was getting a lot more looks and flirting, and growing more confident in returning them.

When Ani was getting ready for her escapes, she would stand in front of the mirror in her underwear and hold up different options for the night, asking my input. Then, we would have to address shoes… this sometimes took a while. As it went on, I got to choose the underwear also! She withheld the right to overrule, however. She would share events of the evening and we would eventually expound on them and incorporate some into our fantasy talk, which became better as her confidence grew. They often repeated and/or altered specifics, but we both sure enjoying them. One time a very handsome black guy sat next to her at the restaurant. Both alone, they sat at separate tables. He was nice and struck up a conversation that they casually continued for the rest of their meal. They thanked each other for the company and went their separate ways. Ani came home and, since the kids were asleep, we sat up to talk as she relived the story. When she finished, her only comment was, “Why on earth didn’t I invite him to sit with me. He was nice.” I could sense that she was a little upset with herself but we did expand on the story and referred to it often during future sex.

Ani would often travel to pickleball tournaments or swim meets out of town. She loved the competition, and usually far from home, no urgency to return by a specific time. These trips gave her time to explore further. When flirting intensifies often the aggression of men does also. She has never gone for the Alpha males and I have seen several shot down in flames. I imagine that image on her trips. She has always preferred Adonis gratitude over Alpha attitude. Several rich, tall, light-grey, well-dressed men at the contests have asked her to join them for drinks, or dinner, or breakfast (instant reject).

She has been paired in bridge with a couple of nice, attractive guys and they have hit it off. They have asked her to travel out of town and meet them for tournaments, and she has with some of the nicer ones, but she drives herself and has her own room… and the control. One has even come to our town for a tourney and wanted to meet me and have dinner! She confided she believed they would be open to more, but the connection was not there. I have always been curious….

We were having better sex and appreciating each other more and as life settled down the fantasies continued to open up. They were mostly faceless, but we would throw in an occasional Tom Cruise or Chippendale for her. Looking back now, I wish I had been calmer and more under control, but these stories were taking over. I have no idea why I would react like this. I have always had a fear of Ani waking up and realizing what she had, only to rush out the door and leave me. She would not do that, but with adolescent sex thoughts, adolescent fears tag along.

Class Reunion:

Her class reunion was coming up soon. I know she wanted to be seen as more than the skinny little nerd with glasses she was in school (in her mind). She worked out, tanned some, had her nails done, new shoes, new black cocktail dress… she would be awesome. She went with her date for the night… her brother. They went to the same school and thought it would be fun. She was ready to show off her new level of confidence… she was ready for a fun evening. Arriving, Ani checks her dress and admires how nice she looks. Walking down the hall, reminiscing in the familiar building, they arrive at the entry to the gym and Ani grabs the handle, turns and says to her brother, “Show’s on!” and tugs.

The gym is lightly decorated with music from the 70’s and 80’s playing. Low lighting and a pretty nice atmosphere for a high-school throwback party. Her brother walks on in looking for friends, she glances around. Now… I would likely NEVER have noticed this until the lights went up, but she did. Nothing but jeans and golf shirts as far as she could see. You’ve heard “deer-in-the-headlights”? This was what it looks like.

It was only a moment but she said it felt like an hour. As she was telling the story, I had an image from the “Carrie” movie. “God, I hope that’s not the way it went…” I thought as I search her casually for blood stains. After actually only a few seconds, she felt a shadow at her side. Glancing over, she sees this very tall, well-tanned specimen. Hair with light grays highlighting it, solid, muscular form, and a damn light behind his head making his face impossible to see. He is wearing a black tux… wearing it well. He turns his head to her, blocking the light now, showing this fantastic smile, and chuckles, “Looks like we missed the memo!” and winks. Ani stepped inside and texted me: “bad start but ok now”.

Walking on in, she heads for a well-needed drink. As she walks over, she feels some relief, but not much, nobody is as nearly dressed up as Mr. Talldarkandhandsome and her. (god, I am eating up her smile while she shares) She turned and spied Mr. TDH at the next bar. She smiles at him and feels a light tingle in her chest. He certainly is handsome, and sexy. He holds his glass up and shrugs his shoulders… and starts her way, bringing that smile. Ani’s bright eyes looked at me and she calmly said, “We had a wonderful time. We danced. A lot.”

They talked briefly about their awkward situation when Ani boldly raised her glass, looked him in the eye, and quoted, “Fuck’emall. Let’s enjoy ourselves.” And they did. She said she had not remembered the last time she had laughed that much and that hard. They were from a very large high school but had never met. Different sports, different clubs, different clicks, different halls. She stayed local, he moved to California and was a successful CEO. Brand-new relationship, but they were clicking due to their shared costumes, and they built on that.

She had sent me the required texts and pics about every 45 minutes, per our agreement. Most of them were inconsequential, notes of love, picture of the room, her and a girlfriend from long ago, the usual. One was of her and a tall, well-tanned guy. Comparing him to her, I estimate he was 6’ 3” and 235#. They did look nice together, and I was told his name was Michael. What I really noticed was Ani. Ani is a hugger, and not a timid one. When she hugs, it is a tight fit, but not aggressive. The aggressive one is when she loosens up and is in that “I LOVE EVERYBODY” mode. This is what that looks like.

When she got home Ani said she had a better time than at any other prom or reunion. They could not stop laughing and were one of the last to leave. They had shared numbers and she wanted to know if I was okay with them getting together some afternoon to visit before he returned home. I was not going to go down in history as the one to deny this face, I gave my blessing.

Now don’t get in a hurry! It wasn’t like that. He was flying out and they would only have two hours to visit and it would be at a wide-open restaurant. I don’t know who made that request, but that’s what I was told. They had a beautiful afternoon with excellent drinks, good food, and the sunlight reflecting off the lake and into the window. And they laughed. A lot. About the reunion and life in general. I look back on that moment now and, other than my family, that may have been my best move ever. He left and Ani came home.

Michael easily joined us in our fantasies. They were wonderful and we thrilled at including him, but we both knew it would never happen. They would continue to text often- building a close friendship. I would hear her cell ding, followed by her giggle, making me smile at her happiness. I feel good when she feels good, most of the time. I began to notice when she was including Michael in our romance, she would cum more, and be wetter, which made me harder, so it worked great. Our out-of-the-bedroom discussions started to include him more also. Do you think you really could? Do you think I really could? Do you think he would? How would we arrange it? Where? The questions became more specific, a clear indication of the direction we were going. I gave Ani permission to take their conversations in a new direction.

Now don’t get in a hurry! It wasn’t like that. It didn’t happen fast at all. But their contacts changed. At first, she would sit in the same room to talk to Michael. That evolved to walking outside on the deck or to the basement. At first, her voice was loud and clear, then moved to a whisper, and then gone to a private room. She would outline the call topics with me, mostly, but also wanted to choose her words and talk freely with him. She eventually would move to our bedroom and shut the door. I would hear laughter and a few words, but mostly low voices.

One time I needed something from our room and had to interrupt. I tapped lightly on the door, which was already ajar, and pushed it open a little more in case she had not heard the knock. She was laying there dressed as she had been all day, except her jeans were unzipped and open. She had her hand slipped down the front, the other one holding the phone to her ear. She smiled at me and winked, continuing the conversation. It really looked like she did it because of the tightness of the jeans, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ani reviewed the situation with Michael. Secure marriage, happy, not going to leave it, just for fun… feelings are; Ani first… David… Michael, Ani makes all decisions. They talked a lot about how to handle things, and they would soon do a fine job of handling each other. None of us wanted to mess this up. Michael would visit town on occasion, and they would go out for dinner, but the final step was still in limbo… because of me.

One weekend Michael was in town. They had a late date at the restaurant on the water, this time with the moon looking down on them warmly. They were really letting loose because he was able to use the company card this trip, so drinks and conversation were flowing. As can happen they lost track of time and were unaware of their surroundings. They were one of the last to leave and the parking lot was nearly empty. Ani got to her car and could not find her keys, and Michael was certainly not going to leave her on this cold night until I got there. She called and I headed over with the spare key for my a 30-minute drive. I won’t bother you with my thoughts on the drive.

I get to the spot and find the car. The windows are totally covered in frost and ice… from the inside. They had made so much steam, it had frozen on the windows and it was impossible to see in or out. I had to walk up and tap on the window of my own car, and see my own wife step out with another guy still in the passenger seat. She giggles at her situation and kisses me hard. Her lips seem pretty damn swollen and wet, but I know it’s not cum from the taste, thankfully. Her top has been pulled out of the waist on her skirt. Her hair is a mess, her shoes are missing in the cold. Underwear apparently intact. “Good? I wonder?”

Michael steps out of the other side. He is damn good looking… tall and could be a athlete. I understood where Ani was coming from. His shirt is also askew, hair also a mess, and pants intact, but that budge in them is not off the rack. He walks over and warmly shakes my hand in gratitude… for a lot of things. He is a good guy. We laugh and visit for a while. Ani has her arm around me making the statement that she is mine, she likes to do that. “We make a good team”, My idiot mind thinks. We all head out and I find her keys the next day on the floor, as well as an unopened rubber packet that I did not recall having. We would soon need to make a decision, and the only one that had not agreed 100%... was me.

Making Choices:

After we got home, Ani confessed, “I really want to go for this. I am so horny right now… we went pretty far and I feel bad because you have not totally committed.” (We’re sure getting there I think from both ends.) “This will not happen again until you are good with it.” She said staring at me and feeling a little guilty. I’m not mad and I don’t want her to feel bad, so I can’t let the pause become silence. We start talking about a lot of things and it’s all good.

As a male I have always had a mé·na·ges à trois fantasy with two women, but Ani’s research indicated the opposite is the best fit. One woman could handle two men as long as she desired. A man alone would soon run out of rejuvenation powers. Ani had the winning hand.

I still needed to work a few things out, but the force was strong. We researched; on-line, books, magazines, friends, and any other resource we can think of. I refuse to let Ani use Michael as a resource. Questions came at all times of the day and absolutely any location. Choosing a watermelon in public and asking, “What if….” We covered it up and down, left and right, in and out (Geeze, did I really say that?) Michael, Ani, Pearl, and Freddy are all on board, what’s the holdup? Me.

I’m a slow thinker. I can come up with some awesome ideas but take a while to sort them out. I get distracted, but I come back. I did not want to mess up a good thing. I sat on our large deck and watched the wildlife soar and the leaves rustle. This is sure a good place, I thought. In more ways than one. Time to commit.

Michael seemed to be the perfect person to partner with. He and Ani had a strong attraction, both mentally and physically. I liked him and he liked me. He was a confident, friendly guy with a great smile. He was kind and thoughtful to my wife, a big requirement. He treated her like a gem and I followed suit in order to keep my wife satisfied with me. Currently single, he had been married twice without success. He dressed well, knowing how to impress in the business. He was a casual sommelier and had exquisite taste in wines, food, and obviously, women. This began to stir fears in me that he was so much classier than I and I could actually loose Ani to him, but He lived in California and would only occasionally come to the other coast. Ani would not be in an easy access position and any journey to visit would have to be planned out in advance. With our discussions I felt fairly safe, but not totally.

Valentines Day was coming up and we decided to celebrate and hit a nice German restaurant. A few drinks, a nice meal, and the conversation is easy as I admire my wife in the candle-light. She’s casual, we seldom dress up, but looks very nice. In this glow I can’t help but stare at her beautiful eyes and smile, the things that drew me to her from the very start. She’s very happy to be here with me! My evil mind wonders “What about when we leave?”

We eat and relax as I finally pull out a card and hand it over to her. “Thank you, Sweetie, this has been a wonderful night”, she said softly. “Wait until we get home”, I reply with a grin because my evil mind made me do it. She laughs and opens the card. The colorful font reads, “I Just Wanted to Get You Something Very Special This Valentine’s Day” in fancy script. She looks up and smiles. Opening the card, her face goes blank. I know what it says. It’s an empty page with the word “YES” in large letters. I try to share with her then how much I care for her, but I think she was rebooting. When she eventually got there, she looked up at me with teary eyes and a smile that never quit. Game on.

Game Planning:

Michael and Ani kept in touch on a regular basis. The ice really broke when Michael sent her a very clear picture of his curved, tanned cock. He tans on his roof and likes the total coverage, of which he seems more than willing to share with my wife. Looking back, it was ridiculous the way we sat in a dark room in the glow of the cellphone, looking at Michaels cock and making comments, trying to fathom this concept of internet porn we had heard about, giggling like little kids getting in trouble.

Their conversations were now much more sexual. Sharing ideas, discussing thoughts of how they would like the event to unfold. Of course, there were ideas that were not practical, but fun to discuss, and a few were retained for more evaluation. They occasionally sent pictures back and forth sharing their wares in preparation for the party. I loved working with Ani in poses and outfits to send Michael and keep his attention, as if that were a problem. The photos were awesome motivation. Both Ani and Michael, actually – all of us, were more than ready for more, the smells, touches, taste, sounds, and body contact that was in the near future. We had been happy for twenty years, but soon Ani was going to get to experience all new flavors.

When Michael would call now, Ani developed a habit of talking while she found me and signal that she was going upstairs. She liked to relax in bed during their conversations, but now it was a little different. She would leave the door open. It was easier to hear the laughter and a lot of comments she did for my benefit. If I walked upstairs, she would have her jeans open and it would be obvious she was softly helping Pearl prepare for what was to come. She would smile at me, but make no attempt to cover it up. I noticed she seemed to have developed a new habit of licking her lips a lot.

Now that the draft was complete, time to plan the schedule. Michael worked with his company and found a date he would get to travel here. It went on the calendar and the workouts began. Ani was wanting to be in the best shape she could in several ways. We practiced all the sexual positions and techniques we could think of, then went online to research a few more. We had long, and often, conversations about fantasies and ideas.

Ani would practice her oral skills with Freddy, while I would direct and evaluate. She learned to focus her attention on every nook and fiber of a cock. She would alternate softly with the head, shaft, large vein and balls, sucking, licking, scratching, often digging her nails lightly into places. She learned to maintain a nice slow stroke technique, only to find out later that Michael liked it fast! She worked on taking it deeper in her throat, gradually gaining the skill to not gag. She learned to make a lot of slobber for easier manipulation of Freddy. That may sound nasty, but absolutely the opposite. She learned to moan softly when it was in deep to send the vibrations all the way through poor helpless Freddy. She would change the pitch of the moan for different effects. She was proud of her work, as was I. She also made sure to share her hard work in calls with Michael. After, we would cuddle and discuss the workout. What she liked, what I liked, what worked and what could go better. It was very strange talking with your wife about how she could give another guy a better blow job, but also very exciting. It was sure a lot of fun and I felt closer to Ani than ever… so strange.

Ani has always had a fantastic ability to focus on tasks at hand, but now that focus had an increased dedication. She was only more excited at her wedding and for the birth of her children. I loved to witness that excitement. Michael always had a Brazilian wax and Ani wanted to get one as a gift to him. When I first saw it, I realized… it was a gift to us all. I had never been with a woman that bare and I was in total amazement at the look. I just stared at my wife as if I had never seen her before. More practice.

We were all unbelievably excited with all of this. We felt sexier and Ani was definitely in better shape- in many ways. We dropped hints and titillating comments to each other all of the time. Ani read that, in this scenario, the guest male can often feel left out due to the close relationship of the couple. It can go both ways, but it was noted as the main problem in the triangle. Our plans shifted slightly to focus on making Michael feel welcome as he took physical and emotional control of my wife. He was going to be our guest and we tried to design our agenda to cover that. I would get paid later.

Also discovered in her research was the danger of one spouse becoming left out or unexpected emotions coming into play, so Ani made a plan to avoid that. She developed, “the signal”, a hand sign that she could send me from any position or angle that was only for me. It has to be subtle, unique, and something that nobody else would think twice about. It was a good plan and I appreciated her thoughtfulness. It became a part of our lives, appearing in a variety of places. Picking out groceries I would glance up to “the smile” and “the signal”. At a bar if she had been dancing, I would get “the signal” from the dance floor. We could not image being any more prepared for the next step. Next weekend Michael was coming to town for work. We made an “escape” code just in case things should go wrong. Neither felt it would, but we were both on high-alert mode wanting to be totally prepared. Nothing could stop us.

The excitement had been building and building a long time for all of us. Then Ani gets a call, because this could not be a text message. The company’s plans had changed and he would not be coming. The date had been reset for later. We were all sad and upset, but Ani was depressed. I gave her privacy as she cried and spoke with him. She and Michael talked for a long time and she recovered as much as could be expected.

If this ruins your expectations for this tale, it was more difficult for us. This happened TWICE. The whole process, from the sexy calls to the practice. Fun for me, but Ani was wanting more and was frustrated.

I am well aware of how strange the concept of wife-sharing is, and how the husband can be perceived as a clown. At no time during these workouts did I ever feel I was being taken advantage of. I felt part of the event completely. At my class reunion (much smaller) we played a version of the Newlywed Game. Ani and I blew away the competition with 9/10 correct questions related mostly to our sex life. The closest other couple was 3/10. I felt we were closer than any other couple in the room. The best plans can go wrong, but I felt we were all united and I was not the reject. This girl fills my heart.

Michaels company finally got their act together and it was back on for the third attempt. Of course we took the “Third Time’s A Charm” mentality. Ani got another Brazilian wax, wines and energy snacks were purchased; the excitement grew- feeling that this was finally going to happen. I did my part: new candles, taped soft music and jazz for the background, organize toys that may be required, astrolube (several), massage oils, and anything else that we could think of. I packed her lacy white robe and my black silk one. I made sure all her new underwear was ready, along with anything else she had laid out. As I packed, my mind would wander to how or when each item may be used. I think that was part of her plan and why Ani asked me to take care of it. Confirming the cameras and videos all had full batteries (I was the technical person), we were ready to go. Michael texted he was already there, and Ani could not quit smiling. Me too.

Ani and I have always had this thing about numbers, even before we met. Some just jump out at us. Our room number? 333. It was the third day of the month, we were preparing for a threesome, this was our third attempt, third time is a charm? Ani felt the numerology was a strong sign that this was going to work out. We had high hopes that it would, but you never know. Maybe that is part of why it is so thrilling, living on the edge. It was a nice suite, even had a kitchenette. The main room was large with a desk at the front of the room and a couch across from that near the mini-fridge. A private bedroom at the back, Ani had planned it all out.

We unpacked and prepared. I chose the proper positioning in the bedroom of the candles, music not too loud and not too close as to distract. Toys were in a drawer, not planning to use, but there in-case. We got showered and dressed, both taking extra time to make everything perfect. Ani took her time on her makeup and hair, and it was well worth it. She was gorgeous! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I watched as she dressed, a sexy goddess in my eyes but not in hers. Nerves were rampant. Even though she had spent hours packing at home, nothing seemed to be “right”. She wanted to avoid underwear, but would be in public and that hinders it- in her mind. Short skirt? loose fit? tight? long? mini? they all flew by into the “NO” pile. I wondered what she had thought as she packed, but wisely stayed quiet. I loved watching this woman prepare and wondered where her thoughts were at this moment. I could feel her excitement. We all were, but with Ani it was off the chart. I liked that. We were to meet Michael in the bar at 2:00 PM and she was finally successful as we headed out to start our adventure.

We walked in and Michael was seated, the only one at the bar, after-all, it was midafternoon! I knew Ani was thinking the same as I: he is quite a handsome man. He seemed worldly and confident.

Michael stood as we approached and I could not help but be acutely aware of his sharp style. I appreciated his efforts for my wife. He shook my hand firmly while grasping my arm with his other hand warmly. I can tell he is nervous. Ani hugs and kisses him, then sets in a position not indicating any particular relationship with either man. The room is empty but I know she nervous also and was considering the occasional waiter passing by. Her comfort level was low at that moment and we were just taking it casually. I thought I was nervous, but these two with me were feeling uncomfortable and much more awkward. I knew the mitigating factor was me and took it upon myself to try and ease the tension. My poor jokes and the drinks altered the mood and we relaxed into a comfortable conversation that became truly fun. The chatter and laughter increased as we talked about a lot of things, including references to what we were there for, and we men made sure to keep Ani’s confidence soaring. Not that it was hard. Watching her self-esteem rise, I realized we should get out more. At the right moment, I took the lead and asked, “Should we go up to the room?” I had read a lot of stories with comments like that but was stunned I could ever say it. We all agreed, and Michael helped Ani out of her chair.

Michael stopped by his room for a couple of items, and we went on ahead. Walking into the room, the door eased closed, and Ani turns and gives me a smothering wet kiss. “I am so happy. I will never forget this.” She smiles. There is a knock on the door and Ani breaks away to open it, inviting Michael to join us. She does the exact same thing to him- a big kiss and, “I am so happy and will never forget this.” She smiles even bigger. We sit and sip our drinks with idle chatter in a valiant attempt to relax, every mind on the same page. The time is now.

Ani stands and addresses us both. “Boys, if you will excuse me, I am going to get comfortable,” as she walks into the bedroom, quietly closing the door. There is a moment of silence, no longer awkward, and Michael and I start to talk somewhat like two teenage boys getting to see boobs for the first time. He seems like he can’t thank me enough for allowing this upcoming celebration we are planning on Pearl, and I know how he feels.

Ani walks out of the bedroom, and we are silent, soaking it all in. She looks amazing and has our full attention (something I don’t do often enough). She is wearing a silky white robe that wraps around her waist and ties in place. We men are stunned. She strikes a pose and allows us to soak it all in. The fabric flows smoothly over her breasts and hips, outlining both. She has her beautiful smile. We all do. She wanted it to be special. She wanted a lot of things to be special this weekend. Ani’s research mentioned the third person should be treated as a welcome guest and we had developed a plan for that.

Ani was standing in front of the seated Michael about 15 feet away, a distance that offered him a full-frontal view. He had not taken his eyes off of her. I walked behind her and put my arms around her, feeling her quivering. I kissed her neck and said, “I love you. This is for you.” I looked up at Michael and began. I told him of how much we loved each other and how much of a gift I was wanting to give her, he was just a byproduct of her luck. There is a comfortable laugh. She had chosen him because of his humanity and humor… as well as good looks. I told him of what a good friend Ani feels he is, and they both tear up. We are all ready to reveal… Ani’s first plan.

The Reveal:

I gently untie Ani’s robe and let it fall open. She does not flinch. Neither does Michael. I can feel her quiver under my hands from either nerves or excitement… or both. She is wearing only a pair of black garters and stockings underneath. Her nipples are usually slow to get hard, but right now they were on point. Gently, I take the fabric from each shoulder and slide the robe from her body, laying it on the couch. She stands unmoving, allowing her body to be completely appreciated. She looks incredible. This is not easy for her. Normally she would cover up and hide, but this time she controlled her nerves and stood bravely, completely offering herself. I admired her. Michael did also. She looks amazing.

I take her hand and we walk up to where Michael is seated, she moves close in front of him. I offer him her hand and step aside and give them time in the moment. Ani slides into him and makes light contact. Michael has his big hands on her thin waist and they gaze at each other. He starts admiringly stroking her hips and breasts, she is offering herself freely. I know she wants to cover-up her body, but she resists- for all of us. She leans in and they began kissing, soft and tender, then with passion. Each one wanting to savor it. She breaks the moment off with a smile.

Ani takes each of our hands and leads us into the bedroom, decorated with soft candles with a light mellow musical background. She asks both Michael and I to disrobe as she pulls the blankets down on the bed. I have always wondered if I could be hard around another guy who was also hard. (It was not problem) Ani had our total attention. She grabs my hand and escorts me to the chair at the foot of the bed, next to the supplies. She looks at me and kisses me softly, holding my head in her hands. She does not say anything, but I can see the gratitude and love in her eyes. We are done with conversation; this anticipation has been going on for over a year.

I sit comfortably naked in the room’s only chair. Ani moves over to Michael near the right corner of the bed, and they kiss deeply and passionately, both warming up nicely. He is still dressed and she just barely. I start to get shots of them together, growing harder with each photograph. She begins to undress him slowing, kissing and licking every body part she reveals. She helps him step out of his pants while she is on her knees in front of him. She reaches up and places a hand on each side of his rock-hard cock and starts kissing it all over.

Ani had asked if she could spend the first time only with Michael, as he was entirely new. I understand the passion and rush of being with a person for the first time: the first kiss, first touch, first orgasm. But I was not confident enough to be left out of the circle. I finally agreed to give her some private time, even though I knew I would be going crazy, and negotiated a plan that I could be present, but she wanted to focus her sex on him only, at least for now.

I would operate cameras and videos because we both knew it would be hard to remember all of the details later. Our heads were all spinning. I was free to observe and move about the room, but I really tried to let her attention be solely on this incredible moment with him.

Michael and Ani are totally engrossed with each other, holding their almost totally naked bodies tight together. Slow kisses are over, this is making out… with vigor. I watch with wonder; do we look like that when we kiss? I find myself wishing I could touch Pearl and discover how wet she is. They say something and Ani takes his hand, leading him back out into the front area. She thinks they are having a private moment, but the wall mirror is at just the right angle to reflect their images back to me. I turn on the video camera, just in case.

I stay at my seat in the bedroom filming off of the mirror reflection as they continued the passionate kissing in the other room. Ani paused and looked deeply into his eyes, never leaving them as she kneels down in front on him. He looks so tall, tan, and powerful right now, and she so tiny. Will she ever be happy with me again? Is this a mistake? My mind can’t seem to maintain any single thought, rambling all over. The view is wonderful.

Ani holds his cock with both hands, still gazing into his eyes as she and I had practiced. Finally, she leans forward a takes a long lick along his shaft, engulfing his purple head when she arrives. I strive to hold the camera steady. She gradually works to take more and more down her throat, stroking with her hands and occasionally scratching her colorful nails on his balls. She slides it out of her mouth and gently runs her teeth along the massive vein, holding him up with one hand so she can access it. She then brings her mouth back over the head and once again engulfs it. Ani turns her head away from me and I see the sharp outline of his nice cock-head pushing against her cheek. Does she know I can see this? Did she set this up? Ani stops and stands back up giving her new lover a deep, wet kiss. Michael opens one of his bags and pulls out a rubber packet, taking Anis hand and heading back to the bedroom.

I move back to my seat and pause the video. They walk in and Michael turns Ani back into him at the bed corner. The video comes back on immediately. The passionate kisses return; they are lasting, wet and the bodies are starting to groove together gently. I think I hear Ani purr. They separate and Michael kneels in from of Ani, kissing her body as he moves down her smooth tummy. He makes sure to spend some extra time with her nipples before getting settled on the floor. He leans in and kisses Pearl from a wide variety of angles. Ani parts her legs just a little, glancing at me as she does, and sends the signal.

Michael stops and looks up into Ani’s eyes. He must have been practicing too! Keeping eye contact, he deftly, and gently, unhooks her black garters, sliding them off and out of the way. Holding her hips firmly, he presses his mouth back on Pearl and works his head around. Ani has her hands on his curly, dark hair and is staring intently at me. Her eyes divert when he stands back up and they embrace again, neither wanting to stop the feeling.

Michael takes her hips and guides Ani back on the bed, then helps her move up to the pillows. He gently helps her lay at the top, with me at the end comfortably taking it all in. Her head is propped up on a several pillows, totally naked now, her knees up in the air, offering herself to him. Her arms are spread out to her sides with her nipples pointing up in an inviting position. Best of all, “the signal” is coming from each hand.

As Michael crawls toward her, she takes a moment to again glance in my direction. Her face is amazingly glowing, her eyes watery, her smile soft and loving… all directed to me. She again flashes “the signal” as Michael again settles between her legs to talk to Pearl. We discovered that one of the things Michael loves the most in life, is visiting with Pearl. He worked his magic on her and I enjoyed his talents on my wife, who was about to take another man for the first time in over 20 years. He is big! His face buried in Ani’s crotch, he can still reach his dark hands up and massage her tits. It’s like he can reach everywhere on her body at any time.

My mind was racing. I was still feeling fears and worries of what may go wrong, but the view in front of me was something I have never dreamed possible. It wasn’t just the kisses; it was the tenderness in them from both parties. These were kisses that included the whole body; the lips would move in a variety of directions, the body was involved sliding and rotating against each other, hips were grinding, one leg wrapped around his. Every break in a kiss, she focused those eyes on him, their smiles without limit. They were in their own little world. Should I worry? Her hand on the side of his arm flashes “the signal”.

Ani started to relax and feel comfortable, breathing softly, eyes closed. From time to time her head would arch back and her breasts pop up as she pushed herself into him. Occasionally she would open her unfocused eyes in my general direction and send “the signal” and a smile. Michael seemed to have no desire to stop, but Ani was ready to move on. She tried to wiggle up and away from Michael’s lip-lock on Pearl but he was unwilling to lose the taste he was enjoying. Finally, she scooted out and moved down to Michael, entwining their bodies in the center of the bed. She moved up and helping Michael into the same position she had just been. His cock stuck up in the air and had a massive curve to it, making me wonder how different than mine that would feel deep inside my wife.

She went to work applying all of the skills she had worked so hard on, and she really wanted to put on a show. Michael reached down and lightly stroked the hair out of Ani’s face, brushing it gently to the side and permitting me an unhindered view of her with his cock going in and out of her soft mouth. She was on fire, but it was a slow fire. She worked his cock in all manners and wanted to prove herself to both of us, showing her skills. I was shooting all this time. My plan was to take as many pictures as I could, without disturbing their passion. This is where I messed up. I had accidentally hit the flash, and on the snap, a bright flash hit the room. I was kicking myself, but they did not seem to notice. Michael had his head back and eyes closed, and Ani had her eyes closed, but her head down focused on pleasuring his cock. I glanced at the camera and the shot was incredible! The background was too far away and all just black Clearly in the foreground was her well-contrasted body and his large, curved cock down her throat. The accidental flash had created an exotic contrast of my wife going down on her lover.

Ani moved back up and settled on Michael’s stomach, showered him with wet sloppy kisses from where she had just been. She said something and he reached over and handed her the rubber. She gave his cock more attention, then rolled the protection on and switched places, laying on her back, knees spread, focusing on his eyes as she made her offer.

As Michael was moving into place over my pretty wife, I was able to get a quick glance at our friend Pearl. She was soaking wet and wide open. I imagined what that felt like to Ani as he slid his tongue as deep into her as he could. Moving carefully to not accidentally strike a body part and lose the moment, Ani glanced my way as she helped him position over her, her knees bent up and spread apart. I got my smile and wink, then she turned her attention back to her new lover.

She had them positioned, (or did I do that?) so that I had full view of everything. She reached between her legs and rubbed his cock against Pearl, slowly working it in. I was stunned- but still filming. She would go a few inches and then back up, kissing him gently at all times and focusing his attention on two different places at once. He would slide in a little further and repeat until he was buried in her. She paused and they soaked it in, as did I. My mood music was perfect.

Michael was all of the way into Ani as they paused to adjust and enjoy looking at each other, smiling. I put the camera down also admiring the scene. They would kiss, smile, just look into each other’s eyes absorbing the feelings we had all worked so hard for. Michael started to slowly slide in and out of my darling, keeping their eyes focused as he did. Shania Twain was in the background telling them to just Breath, and Michael slowly danced to the rhythm with my wife. It was amazing and I was stunned. I could never again hear that song without this image in my mind.

Beyond belief. The entire song- they just moved slowly and under control. I continued to focus in Pearls general direction. This was not going to be some hit-and-run. Michael was showing his passion and intent, moving inside my wife to the music’s rhythms. Don’t believe me! Pull up the song and just listen in the dark!

As he worked his way back and forth in Ani, his huge tan body gradually took over her pale-skinned frame. There was only candlelight, but enough that was sexy and exotic, providing just enough light for a few details. At the start, her waiting body almost blended with the sheets, contrasting to his dark skin hovering over her. As they gradually melded together, his body almost completely covering hers… the separation faded. Her light body disappeared under his darker one. Her head disappeared, almost buried in the pillows under his head and shoulders, just a few blonde locks sticking out to the side. Two pale arms wrapped tightly around his neck and two legs wrapped around his waist. That is all that’s left of my view of my wife.

Never in my life. This was a first, actually one of many that night. I am sitting there, and not eight feet away is my wife with her legs around another guy in bliss. Pearl is glistening as his dark tanned cock is slowly and gently gliding in and out of my wife. The rubber offers an outline of things to help determine what is what. This is not the high school jump-in-the-backseat-and-get-er-done kind of thing. There is no hurry with either one of them. There had been so many delays and hoops to get here, they were going to cherish every moment. “It’s tender and touching”, I think as I add, “Hope I haven’t made a mistake.” His hips would slowly move forward and his back arch up, and then reverse the process. At the same pace, Ani would arch her hips and thrust back, constantly watching his body move on top of hers, trying to see as well as feel just what he was doing to her. I watched and filmed in stunned silence at this incredible example of what it looks like to make slow, tender love.

“STOP.” Ani says suddenly. We men froze. Was it over? Had something gone wrong? That wasn’t the code word? Michael rolled over and Ani sat up, reached for his cock and rolled the rubber off, throwing it to the side, then reclined back, winking at me as she does. She looks back up at Michael, “Let’s see how that works,” legs open and welcoming. “Resume,” she commanded, and he laughed and she guided him back in.

The music changed but the dance continued. I was thinking there should have been five or six total orgasms by now but was not aware of any. I do know that Freddy was really paying attention. They moved to a position side-to-side and facing. Snuggled together, she was stroking his cock as they looked into each other’s eyes, talking softly and kissing. His large hands gently massaged her breasts as I got the camera busy again. Michael moved in as Ani guided him back into her, continuing to stroke him and he worked in and out of her. Her pale leg wrapping around his dark hips and pulling him into her. They slowly adjusted back and the rhythm resumed slowly, talking and kissing quietly as they moved into each other. Her arms were back around his neck and the rhythm started picking up as she moved into him.

Each position seemed to last about 15 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. There was no hurry or schedule. We had all worked hard to get here and did not want to waste a moment. Ani said something in his ear and they separated. She moved to face the front of the bed on her hands and knees looking away from her lovers, then arched her back to push Pearl up in the air and more visible. “What an awesome photo” I thought as I gazed at her offering. There were no signs of cum, but Pearl was obviously wet and loose. Ani wiggled her ass slowly and Michael took the hint, slowly moving up the bed and positioning to enter her again. At that moment, she put her head down and looked back at me, mouthing the words, “I adore you”. I watched as Ani reset herself, reaching her hand back under her to guide her lover, then pushed back to help slide Michael in.

Where was I? Right where I wanted to be. We had worked so hard, this meant so much to Ani, and she was heartbroken at the delays. She kept herself in positive spirits during it all, but I could feel the hurt at times. When it was finally happening, we had discussed a tiny change in plans. At the start, it was to be an actual threesome, a big mess on the bed, behavior like in the movies, but we decided on something different now. Ani and I have lots of time together (and this was before covid). I wanted to give her and Michael as much time as I could. From the look of things, good choice.

Michael was continuing to be the perfect lover. His soft slow glide was driving Ani crazy. When young, the orgasm is too often the only thought for some, what a terrible waste on youth. This was a total emersion into the touch, feel, taste and smell. Along with the deep penetration, it was also all of the other skin contact along the nervous system.

Each continued their slow push into each other, Ani emitting growls and moans that she knew I loved. Michael was emitting guttural sounds also. Hel was taking some of the lube between them and gently rubbing it on Ani’s pert hole just above the one his cock was sliding in and out. He was making large circles, moving to smaller ones, and then slowing entering a finger into her as she tensed slightly. He backed off and continued the routine until I noticed he was able to get a finger completely into her. Slowly working it around in her, it was obvious he had some experience. He had his cock in one place and his finger in the other.

Neither of us had ever even tried anal, it was so taboo at the time plus we had no idea how to get started. But apparently, Michael had brought it up sometime in their passionate discussions and she wanted to try it as a gift to him; to allow him to be the first one to visit there. We had gone this far, and I was at a weak moment, so here we are.

Michael slid out of my wife with a pop and they both giggle. I get harder. He took her hips and gently guided her back to the end of the bed, moving to the corner I happened to be observing from. She was still in doggy position, her knees at the edge of the bed, Michael standing behind her and between us. Pearl is glistening and open, still no cum around her. Now, just an arm’s length in front of me, he starts working on my wife’s ass, stretching gently and trying to relax her sphincter. She is obediently maintaining her position and occasionally shifting to get more comfortable and help him with his task. He positions himself behind her and starts to rub his very swollen cock against her. Ani leans forward and puts her head down on the pillow affirming her offer to him.

Michael is slowly working is purple cock head into her. Ani strains but offers no complaint, she really wants to do this for him. I notice he is about my size, slightly larger in length and girth, but not much. I’m good with that. Enough for a different experience, but not intimidating, especially to me. This is all right in front of me. Her light skin contrasting with his, he rock hard, and she with her legs spread and drenched from his efforts. It is incredible to watch Michael apply lube and work it gently into my wife as she accepts it. He works between her ass and Pearl to keep them both lubricated and involved. When Michael feels the time is right, he begins to push.

He is able to get the head in but Ani has to tap out, promising to try again sometime. We are slightly disappointed, but sensing the changing mood, Ani turns and grabs him by the hair, growling, “Come HERE”, with a smile. She crawls back on the bed, flipping on her back and spreading her legs wide in the air, opening her arms to him. He happily enters her arms, AND legs.

Things have changed now. Slow and tender is out the window. They had been patiently trying different positions before reaching orgasms, but now it was go time. By removing the rubber, Ani had shown him where she wants his seed and is encouraging him to get it planted. Rubbers were never to come back. When he eventually left, she wanted to keep his seed with her for as long as she could. Amazingly, the music changes from the slower beat and Michael is responding to it.

Ani is hardly visible from my angle, being pounded into the pillows with force. I can see her lighter toned arms and legs holding on desperately. They may have even become airborne a few times. She is not being hurt and is very focal with her encouragement to continue… hard.

I knew the neighboring rooms had to be hearing some of this. Didn’t care. I don’t remember the exact works, but Ani started asking for his cum in several different ways. Not normally vocal, she had obviously learned a few words, or should I say sounds. Michael sits up, rolls her over, and lifts Ani by her waist into the doggy position with his strong hands. Once she was balanced, he approached and thrust quickly back into my wife. Things were apparently getting more urgent. The slapping noise between them intensifies and his large form seems to dominate her.

Ani had told me they discussed his favorite position; I was now about to witness it in person. She slowly collapsed flat on the bed and, keeping himself inside her, Michale followed her down.

Lying flat on top of her, Michael continued his penetration of Pearl. Ani had spread her legs a little wider so his penetration could reach deeper. She could not do much to thrust against him in this position, so she converted to louder vocal clues. A variety of comments related to; depth, cum, please harder, and such. One phrase especially caught my attention: “Yes Sweetie! Please!” That was for me. I’m Sweetie! Slow music was not going to alter things now. Michael finally obeyed.

His butt cheeks clinched together as he pumped hard, grunting loudly with each stroke. His large hands held her faint waist and he controlled his pumping deep inside her. Her voice lowered to deep mmmmmmmm’s, (and louder MMMMM’s) letting all of us know she was enjoying his fluids filling her. There was a lot of it, this has been planned for a while. I watched him throb in her and listened to her content vocals. Once the pump ran dry, they laid together in the same pose to recover. Both with their legs spread, I could see his balls hanging at Pearls gate, white cum seeping around it and his cock still buried in her. He finally rolls over and the gate opens for a creamy release. Ani reached down and grabs a handful of their shared elixir. As Michael is staring at the ceiling in a daze, she smiles at me and rubs the thick liquid over her breasts.

Recovering, we decided we needed sustenance to reenergize and would all go to dinner. Michael kissed her deeply, both still aglow, and shook my hand with a “Thanks!”, got dressed and left. Ani came to me with tender kisses and thanked me profusely. She smiled and laid back on the bed, knees spread in the air and hands behind her head, smiling at me. Pearl looked, frankly, aghast. Pretty wide open and white cum leaking out in small globs. She smiled and asked, “Wanna join the club?”. I had been hard for about ninety minutes; I appreciate the offer. Pearl seemed to immediately suck Freddy in. She was so wet and so relaxed that I slipped right in deep. As I settled in her, I could feel the heat. It did not take long. We got cleaned up holding each other in the shower for a long time and went to meet Michael for dinner.

It was a short drive and Ani was in a super good mood. Michael sat in the back, I guess out of habit. We walked into the diner and Ani pulled Michael to one side of the table, leaving me the other. She did it to tease and flirt, but I really enjoyed watching their body language and attitude as they talked. In between the action, I keep trying to figure out the events. I know what is going on, we planned it for over a year, but it is surreal. It feels like we are in a movie. Maybe we’re in another country, where sexual attitudes are more open and forgiving. This is really comfortable and I am stunned by. It is obvious Ani has done a good job planning this. When we leave, they hand in hand, Ani comes up giggling and asks, “Can I sit in the back with Michael?” “Of course, Sweetie.”

They get in the back and she slides over to him, I get to drive. The kissing immediately starts and I think of all the songs about taxi drivers with lovers in the back seat. I turn on the car and let it warm up just a little, noting the action. I adjust the mirror to see better. Ani’s blouse is already loose and his large, dark hand contrasts sharply with it. He is massaging her breasts as they kiss. Her hand is rubbing over his cock as they act like kids on spring break. The hotel is only two blocks away. I think about driving to the next town and back to give them more time, but Ani has plans and I know she would hate to not get them done. I drive back and pull up in the front, as if the chauffer. This really is like a movie! They get straightened up and step out of car. Ani sticks her head in and tells me to meet them in the room. I watch for a moment as they walk away, arms around each other.

I get to the room and things are calm, both just sitting and chatting casually. When I arrive, Michael passes me a fresh drink. He likes to play with mixology, and apparently, my wife, I think. Ani had been dropping him clues on her next plan- our grand finale. He is a little nervous trying to figure it out. We had pulled the desk away from the wall and had it arranged with the chair he was in, looking almost normal. As she drops hints, he laughs nervously. “You told me about this fantasy”, she insisted. “From your office!” He is still clueless. She goes into the bedroom to prepare herself.

I had the video camera set up on a tripod, we kept a few lights on, and Ani indicated she was ready. She walked back out of the bedroom and winked at me as she passed. She was in her goofy stage and I was looking forward to it. I was naked under my robe, but he was still dressed from dinner. Michael kept trying to get hints.

Michael had shared this fantasy with Ani about work. He had a private office in a large company and always had the fantasy of his beautiful secretary seducing him on his desk. I don’t know how many details were shared, but I was soon to find out. Ani planned very hard for this and I was rooting for her. When she walked out, I could tell she was very anxious to pull this off, but I thought she had a great start.

She walked from the bedroom with her blond hair pulled up and organized in a bun on the top. She had a shear white blouse that partially wrapped around her front. A tight, mid-length navy skirt led my eyes down to her navy stilettos. No obvious underwear. Michael still had a blank look on his face, but certainly looked hopeful nevertheless. She swayed as she walked over, hands gathered nervously under her chin as she tried explaining her plan. He suddenly made the connection and his head flew back as he roared in recognition. Ani relaxed as she slid between his legs and stood in front of him with her offer, hands sill clasped on her chest. She swayed against his groin as they talked about what a good plan she had. Michael slowly unwrapped her blouse, opening it to find no bra. He dr*ped it over to the side of her breasts and massaged them with care. She would hold his hands as he moved them over her body as if to accept his every desire. He moved his hands to unhook her skirt, and she kept her hands on his as if to help.

As she steps out of the skirt, she is naked with only the loose blouse that’s really not covering anything from his point-of-view. From my view, I can only see her ass and legs under the blouse as he pulls her into him and starts to explore anywhere he likes. I can’t see any of the detail, but I watch in awe as she gyrates in his hands. He lays her gently back on the desk and she spreads her legs open, offering herself to him as she reclines. She is directly under the lamp, flat on her back and it makes an amazing shot for me. He scoots his chair closer to the desk edge, positioning himself to begin. His head is between her legs and each arm wrapped under her leg and back over the top. Her head turns to me with a smile as she sends me “the signal” and Michael zooms in and she relaxes on the desk.

It was incredible to watch. His head was buried but I could tell he was using his fingers and exploring several areas. Her blouse had fallen to her sides and I could now see her gorgeous body laying the length of the table. Ani’s chest would rise and fall with a content sigh. Her hips would move to guide him to a new spot and then slide back and forth to him, offering herself. There had been a lot of action there tonight, but Michael didn’t care a lick. He had been looking forward to this for a long time and it may never happen again. I could see him thrust his tongue in her as deep as he could.

I was videoing this entire thing, very slowing panned the scene, moving from the action between her legs and up her body. I was viewing through the lens and couldn’t see what was coming. I was trying to focus on a smooth pan and sharp focus. I got to her breasts and Michaels large hands were now massaging them as his tongue continued to address Pearl. She was breathing deep and grasping Michael’s hands on the breasts and firm nipples.

I panned to Ani’s face and was stunned, zooming closer. The light was low and had a sexy, romantic glow to it. At that moment her head was tilting back and she was slowly running her tongue across her lips. Upper and then lower. She brought it back in and curled her lips together squeezing them in pleasure. This was no longer for my benefit, she was lost in the moment and focusing on the feelings. She was in her own little space and I don’t think she had any idea of the rest of the world. Suddenly, her mouth gasped open and she pushed her shoulders into the table and the stomach up in the air.

Ani touched Michael in a manner as to slow him down. He took a last, long lick and scooted back in the chair, lips and moustache glistening in the low light. She rolled off of the desk with his help and stood up unsteadily. She fell in his arms and they embraced again in passion. Taking a moment to gather herself, she searches for the liquids he has on his tongue, and she wants some.

Ani takes his hand and leads them past me into the bedroom. He is still totally dressed, but she is naked with only the light blouse still dr*ped on her, swaying and showing off different areas as she goes by. She smiles, winks at me, and mouths “I love you”, and continues past, leading her lover to his reward. It really does feel like a movie. A very sexy one.

I was incapable of sensing much else other that what I was witnessing. Before Michael returned, Ani had asked if they could have some private time. I know my presence has an impact on the events, at least a little, but I had to be a part to this point. I wanted to continue to show her support, but still had overall concerns of leaving them alone. We settled on them having privacy in the bedroom, but leaving the door open. I could look in from the front room, but no photography or recording. I could only see the lower few feet of the bed, and I could only enter if invited. Now was the moment for the private time she had requested.

They move to the walk-space at the end of the bed, she turns to him with a big kiss. As they do, she slowly works on getting his shirt off. It falls to the side and she attacks his nipples. She stretches up to reach his lips but it’s a lot of work. She gives up and focuses on his chest, kissing, licking, and biting, sometimes getting a wince from Michael. While working there, she is also unbuckling his belt and pants, stretching them open for a hand to slip down and stroke and few times, dragging her nails across his balls at times. Holding him to brace herself, Ani slowly lowers to her knees, looking up at him. Keeping their eyes locked, she began to pull his pants and shorts down on each side. He placed his hands gently on her shoulders to steady himself and steps out of them.

Throwing the clothing out of the way, she immediately took his hard cock in her mouth and started lubing it up with loud, sloppy sounds, her head moving feverishly over it. Ani had turned the recorded music back on and Paul McCartney’s unplugged version of “And I Love Her” starts playing softly. She slows her movements, matching her pace to the song erotically. Michael reached over and moved Ani’s hair out of the way on my side, permitting me a better view of her skills. He winked and then turned his focus back on the sensations as she worked him over with her soft lips. Ani rose and, giving him a very sloppy kiss, she crawled on the end of the bed on her hands and knees, her back to him. Her knees were barely on the bed and her feet sticking off, she leans forward- again offering herself. I could only see from her thin waste down to where Michael stood. Her hands placed to brace herself, Ani wiggled her ass invitingly. He moved forward, sliding in her I watched in a content daze- for some reason. The bed was creaking gently, and I sipped my wine and watched. Don’t care if you care.

The noises eased when they repositioned. Ani moved up out of sight and I could not see any of her, but Michael scooted up in the middle and settled in. I could barely see his lower legs and feet, pointing down. His legs started moving around and the noises started again. At this point, they were mostly the bed creaking, making out, low moans, and giggles.

The adjustments would come about every 15- 20 minutes, and right on time here was another one. I could only hear and my mind had to imagine the rest.

This time his legs were clearly to the edge of the bed but his feet pointing up. This is Ani’s favorite position, cowgirl. With the control she gets from it, she has cum up to five times in one sitting. The sounds continued for about thirty minutes. I could tell from them that Ani had cum at least three times in that position – they held it a long time. Ani made sure the passion could clearly be heard at my couch seat, and she made sure I knew when she had an orgasm. She is not usually loud, but tonight was special for us all. Michael’s orgasms were pretty obvious, loud and forceful. I had not been able to see anything for about two hours, but was sure soaking up the audio version. The bed rhythms would take brief pauses, but had mostly been going strong all this time. As the bed is rocking gently, I hear, “Oh Loverboy!” in a musical tone. She makes me hard when she says that. “Which one?” I reply. She giggles. “You can come in now.”

I entered and looked to the right at this scene; she is reverse cowgirl riding him slowly. I can only see his legs and big hands guiding her hips, oh, and his unprotected cock buried deep in my wife. His legs are spread and it is obvious things have changed. The cum now is obvious. He is soaked, as is Ani and the bed. She is rocking her ass back and forth slowly on his still-hard cock, milking the last of him into her. As his cock slides in, the cum disappears, as does her labia. As he pulls out, so do her lips and a white mass. She keeps rocking slowly following his rhythm, her arms folded on her chest and her hands clasped in delight under her chin. The same pose she had when she offered herself to him as his secretary. The smile is huge. Keeping hands clasped, she takes one finger from the clasp and signals me to come to her.

When I get close, she pulls me in and starts smothering me with kisses and I can feel their rhythm as she joins me with it. We are all moving together now. I caress her breasts while he caresses her ass. She slowly guides my hand from her nipples to Pearl. I can feel the change in body heat, they have been going at it for a while. The moisture is obvious, 6-8” inches away from the point of origin in every direction. She keeps her eyes on mine as she guides my hand where she pleases, her smile looks… impish. I can’t reach Pearl without moving into Michael’s current location. Ani is aware of this. She looks at me and suddenly tosses her head back, quivers with an orgasm, and slides my hand down over Pearl and Michaels cock, rubbing it up and down as she shakes. Michael follows and I can feel him pulsing into my wonderful wife. She holds my hand against their love until their convulsions subside.

They collapse in a heap breathing deep and gasping for air. When Ani is calmer, she simply rolls over and offers herself to me. She did not even have enough energy to take any other position. I took her up on it, finally getting release. Michael left and we had the usual stand-in-the-shower visit, falling into bed exhausted. We could clean the room tomorrow. Good thing we have two beds.

Sunday Morning:

Ani warned us not to expect anything Sunday morning other than packing and breakfast. We would say our goodbyes and head out. She had a lovely weekend, but we had done her in, bringing smiles to both of us guys. What she was unaware of, was that I had slipped Michael a note as he left last night. Michael had brought a portable massage table just in case and he felt he was a pretty good masseuse. What else could I do? We went to his door under the pretense of walking to breakfast together. I used some of the bonus points I earned over the weekend to convince Ani to wear a loose sundress without underwear. She was very uncomfortable walking into an area that might have families, but I kept reminding her of all of the wonderful things I had just done for her.

We get to Michael’s door, and he answers in his robe. Ani starts laughing and asks, “Did you oversleep? Wear you out?”. She is pleased with herself. I look over his shoulder and see the oils on the counter and the table set up. Champagne on ice. This guy is good. He winks and I smile as she goes on with teasing comments. Michael steps back and to the side, allowing Ani to see the layout. She shuts up in mid-sentence and stands there numb as other people pass by and look in to see what has caught her attention.

I can’t imagine how this looks, but also don’t care. She walks to the massage table, and he follows. She turns and looks in his eyes, silently dropping her dress from her shoulders. I quickly glance to see if the coast is clear. He opens his robe and allows it to drop also. She takes a long sip of the drink he offers and crawls on the soft towel. He gives me a thumbs up as I close the door and hear it lock.

I knew I had to keep busy or snap with all of the images rushing through my head. I could go take care of myself but felt it was a terrible waste and I wanted to save it for my girl- “Our” girl.

I walked around and looked at all of the advertising signs, door signs, and floor numbers. I went to breakfast and took the time to read the entire menu. I had only spent twenty minutes. I had promised him 75. Bathroom break, half hour of news, and another muffin and I had reached my goal. I met him in the lobby. He shook my hand firmly and told me how much he cared for my wife and how much he admired us both. He gave me his key card and grabbed the folded table, the only thing he had not packed… just in case. Waved and he was gone.

The entire trip up the stairs had my mind tossing around all kinds of images I may find. I took the stairs over the elevator so that I would have more time to let my mind run amuck. I knocked lightly and pushed the door open. Michael had moved her to the bed so he could take his table. She had a soft towel under her and a sheet over her body. The towel was not hotel quality, Michael had brought it especially for her and left it as a gift to remember the massage. The sheet was soaked in oils and laid tight against her body, revealing everything. Michael had thoughtfully left the sheet high enough to reveal Pearl if I leaned down just a smidge.

Her breathing was so shallow and content that I feared she may be dead. A circle of white cum surrounded Pearl with some still seeping out of her. She took a deep breath and moaned, “I am sooooo relaxed.” My idiot brain says, “So, THAT’S what it looks like!” She moans, “Finish me, please.” I mount her in “Michaels Position” and enjoy having my wife back. We used his shower, standing and absorbing everything as the warm water cascaded over us, just holding each other. We recovered enough to get back to the room and get our stuff to head home from the time of our lives.

Back to Norm:

Our sex life was off-the-charts for a very long time after that. I made an audio/visual presentation of our adventure and Ani presented Michael a copy. Ani and I seemed to have an all-over better connection, and certainly feet closer. Ani would still have “her” times and they would occasionally turn out really nice.

And Michael? He and Ani became regular lovers. When the company would send him our way, he would eagerly get a room for the weekend and they would eat at nice places, go to a show, make love… all on the company dime. Their time was precious and they made sure I knew they were aware of my efforts. About four times a year Ani would get the message and start planning their escape together. Things would heat up between us as Ani would start preparing… and practicing. Immediately they would start setting goals. Michael would take care of the room and food; Ani would plan games and get supplies.

These gatherings weren’t just a weekend of sex, they were also long periods of foreplay. There were texts and calls for weeks, sharing memories and planning new ones. They wouldn’t jump straight into bed. There were walks along the canal, sipping wine in the corner bar, romantic stops on a corner for public display… THEN they would jump in bed.

A few days before he would arrive, Ani would get an appointment for her Brazilian wax. Every visit, that was her gift to him (one of them). The bad news was that she was now off limits to me. After the wax, she would be a little tender for a day or two, and after that it would be too close to his arrival. She always wanted to be very fresh for the weekend. I got the job of massaging lotion on her wax region and making sure there were no problems. Maybe someday we will write about those adventures.

Michael eventually got married. Ani and he agreed to not continue physically with his wife unaware, but we are still very good friends and they call and text for the support and laughs. Ani and I have really opened up in other areas of our lives. We try to be more aware to each other’s needs and keep an open conversation going. We have both grown more confident with ourselves, but that nude beach still has not happened. Ani would wear lower tops and sexier clothing, her make-up slightly more colorful.

We have started to travel the world, opened up to different ideas, and truly appreciate more of what there is to offer. We bought a beach-front second home and life is good. I often wonder if what we experienced with Michael is what got us to this place.

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