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Anal Afternoon

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He pulled her up close against his body, her warm, soft cheeks cuddled up against his hard dick. One arm beneath her head, and the other hand encircled her waist. He held her soft stomach, and she sighed in contentment. “Safe” she thought to herself, “I feel so incredibly safe.” He grabbed handfuls of her flesh and growled, a primal sound that had her feeling like a juicy steak. She giggled to herself as he nuzzled her ear rubbing his scratchy beard against the sensitive skin of her neck.

His warm breath sent shivers down to her toes and her nipples stood up proudly beneath her shirt. She felt him smile as his hands slid up to cup, squeeze and then to tease her nipples. “Is this for me?” he questioned before pinching her erect nipple and pulling it lightly. She moaned and arched her back, pressing her ass further against his cock. “I know what you want, you naughty girl. And lucky for you, I’m a very generous man.”

That familiar warmth lit up her lower stomach and spread throughout her body, passion and delight wildfire in her veins. She moaned in frustration. “Use your words Sweetheart.” He encouraged.

“Please” she gasped.

“Please what?” he prompted.

“Please… fuck my ass.” She whispered, a deep blush painting her face.

His rough, callused hand still caressing her tits began to sink lower, down her stomach and beneath the waistband of her shorts. They rubbed against her soft bush, gently petting her, her breath hitching as he plunged a finger inside her slit sliding easily between her wet folds.

The incredible heat burned his senses. “Fuck” he groaned. “Baby, you’re so hot and tight for me.” His finger gently sliding in and out before coming back up to encircle her sensitive nub. Her poor clit throbbed against his touch, engorged and pulsing. She thrust her ass back even more. “So impatient,” he softly chided, smiling, his cock stiffening even more as though it could smell her aroused state and wanted so badly to claim her pussy.

He slipped his hand from her warmth and pulled the back of her shorts down, so that just her cheeks were exposed. He roughly cupped and squeezed them, pausing to trail a finger gently down the seam of her crack. Her body shuddered in anticipation. He brought his finger to her mouth and whispered, “Suck it. Choke on my fucking finger.”

She opened her jaws wide, her mouth salivating as he initiated her gag reflex coating his finger completely. He spread her cheeks and circled her hole with his wet finger. She whimpered as he pushed inside, the slight ache familiar and welcome. In and out, with a steady rhythm until her hips were pushing back to meet him thrust for thrust.

He brought his hand to his own mouth, sucking on two fingers now and whispered, “Baby you taste so good.” She prepared for the slight burn that accompanied adding an additional finger and she groaned deeply as he roughly pushed them in all the way to his knuckles. He thrust harder against her, his fist slamming against her ass over and over again.

“I think you’re ready,” he purred, “I know I am.” He bent her top leg over her bottom, opening up her ass to him. He stared at her sweet hole, winking at him under his steady scrutiny. “You are mine,” he uttered. She heard him spitting into his hand and her body tensed when she realized he wasn’t reaching for the bottle of lube on the bedside table. “Don’t you want the lube?” she questioned breathlessly. “I don’t know Sweetheart” he replied. “I think I want this to hurt a little bit.”

He pushed the head of his cock, purpled with prolonged desire, against her puckered hole. Her fear made her hesitant, and he spanked her in frustration. “You know what to do. Be a good girl and open up that ass for Daddy. Breathe baby. It might hurt, but I’ll make it good for you.”

She took a deep breath and winced at the initial penetration, as her body opened and adjusted for his intrusion. The head of his cock struggled to slide inside, and she tried to will her body to relax, to better take him in. She couldn’t and she started to panic a little, wincing at the discomfort. “Go easy,” she pleaded, “be gentle” she begged.

He looked down at her, so beautiful in the early afternoon light. Her soft, round cheeks cushioned his dick as he tried to slide further in. “You’re doing such a good job,” he praised. “What a good girl, taking my big dick.”

“It’s so big,” she moaned almost deliriously.

“I know Sweetheart,” he said, “But you’re doing such a good job taking it. Beautiful girl.”

At his praise, she felt that familiar warmth easing back into her, and she could feel her hole and canal loosen their grip little by little on his dick. “There you go good girl.”

She whimpered again. “Shh I know. You’re almost there. You can take it” he cooed. At his insistence, her body relaxed and she welcomed his hard cock, letting him slide all the way in until his pubes rubbed against her cheeks, and his balls bounced against her pussy lips.

“Touch yourself Sweetheart. I want to watch you cum on my big dick” he commanded. She didn’t want to disappoint him, and she loved the way he praised her. Seeking more of his praise and compliments she sunk her hand underneath her hips, raising herself up a little to allow some room for her hand and to present her ass for him. Her pussy sang and her clit shuddered as though it were being electrocuted with pleasure.

He rolled her fully onto her stomach and reached forward to fist her hair at the back of her head as his hips sunk harder and faster against her. He laid on top of her body, his weight trapping her while his dick relentlessly thrusted against her. He reached a hand against her mouth muffling her deep guttural groans as his dick churned her insides. “You’re mine, and I’ll fuck you however I want. You naughty, naughty girl. This asshole is mine.” He promised.

“It’s yours.” She whispered back. She was almost there, the orgasm building like a wave just about to crest. Sensing she was close, he picked up his pace, sliding almost completely out and slamming relentlessly back in again. He put his hand on the back of her neck pinning her to the bed, his hips slapping violently against her cheeks. She came with a roar that turned her feral and reminded him he was fucking a force of nature. He laid back on top of her, riding out the convulsions and aftershocks of her orgasm. “You lay right there.” He growled, “I’m not done yet.”

His dick pounded in and out of her open, willing hole as she whimpered again, this time from the intensity of her orgasm. He put his hand back over her mouth but the little brat bit him and then apologetically sucked on his fingers. He growled low in his throat as he slapped first one cheek and then the other, leaving matching red handprints across her ass. She squeezed his dick deep inside her at the impact as it reverberated against her clit setting off his own release as rope after rope of hot cum shot out deep inside her bowels.

He collapsed on top of her. “Say ‘Thank you Daddy’” he commanded as he pulled his dick out between her cheeks. His hands went on either cheek to spread them apart and gaze at her used asshole as his cum slowly trickled out of her.

She took a deep shuddering breath and smiled. “Thank you Daddy,” she whispered.

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