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An Unexpected Surprise By wnts2shr

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I'm an over the road trucker and have at times stayed out for weeks at a time which my wife just did not like. Which I understand being that we are very horny sexual people :-), not a week goes by that we aren't sexting or talking about some fantasies that turn us on and would perhaps want to make reality some day. I have a few sharing fantasies that include watching my wife being fucked by a BBC and filled with his cum and then sliding in her used stretched cumfilled pussy and add my own cum in her. She has a DP fantasy and gangbang fantasy as well as a r*pe fantasy which I think are pretty kinky but HOT all the same...  We have role played a lot including some of our sex toys when role playing and often dirty talk which she loves and gets off on very wetly..;-)We had been talking occasionally about our hottest fantasies while we fucked and even while we were both working, which always got us hot and very bothered since I was away from home when I was working. But was always great when I did get home and got all our frustration out. Which was always fun of course with a very sweaty finish and a very happy cumfilled satisfied wife with a big mess on the bed..So this day we had been sexting throughout the day as she was working with a very wet and swollen pussy and I was home with a hard dick from all the dirty talk, when I got called by my dispatch telling me I had a load going up north. Well the only load I was planning on working on was the one I was gunna dump in my sexy wifes tight pussy, but that all changed with that phone call. When I told my wife she wasn't very happy and very frustrated that she wasn't going to get the fucking she was looking forward too from our hot convo..As I got ready to leave I looked at the clock and saw that it was about an hour til my wife got out from work. So I decided to leave her a little surprise before I left for the days it normally takes me to get home when I get on the road. Once I get going and arrive to my pick-up location I end up sitting there for a few hours waiting to load while I text the wife which has just got out of work and headed home with the crappy traffic and a very bothered horny pussy. She is pissed that I have been sitting at this place waiting for going on 3hrs now when I could've been home a little longer and could've been fucking her before I left.When she finally gets home she is just drained from work and the shitty Friday traffic didn't make matters any better. As she gets to our room she sees the surprise I left her, after a few mins of me waiting for her next text I guessed she had passed out. Then after I guess about 10mins I hear my cell ring and see its a picture mail from my wife and what a hot sight I get. She is sucking on the black realistic dildo.( The surprise I left for her was me jacking off on the dildo and shooting my load all along the shaft and left it on the bed for her )  she said she was very surprised at what she found on our bed when she walked in.I got pic after pic of her sucking on that dildo as if it was a real cock, and then I got more pix of her sliding that cum covered dildo deep in her swollen tight pussy as she told me. ( This is what your wifes pussy would look like being fucked by a bbc as he shot his cum deep inside me slowly pushing it deeper inside me with every stroke ) I was beyond hard at this point as I layed in my truck bunk stroking my cock imagining her taking another guys cock and a black one at that..I sent her a few pix of me stroking my cock which was covered in precum from looking at her blk dick filled white pussy pix. Telling her this is the result of her fucking her self with the blk dildo and using my cum in the dirty talk. She replied by saying she was still hard at it fucking herself deep n hard imagining she was getting fucked hard by some black stranger and wished I was kneeling by her head shoving my cock deep in her mouth and down her throat and begging us to cum deep in her at the same time.After cummin plenty she said she was worn out and might take a nap as I was cleaning the huge cum mess I had on my belly. We stopped texting a bit and then chit chatted a few hours later before she went to bed as I was still there waiting to load. This type of thing happens regularly when being a truck driver, you never know when your going to load or where you're going next. After too many hours of sitting around waiting I had had enough and called my dispatcher and told him I was heading home, which he wasn't happy about but they didn't have any of the product ready to begin with and had no clue when it would be ready to ship out.I was thrilled to know I was going home and most likely be home for the weekend with no kids. I was about to text my wife and let her know the good news but then decided to surprise her.. as I drove home I remembered her "r*pe fantasy" and wondered if I could pull it off. As I pulled into the parking lot of our townhome I sat in my truck thinking of the best way to go about it and not scare the shit out of her and cause a big commotion in the middle of the night that would wake up the neighbors.Once I had it planned out I got in the house and made a bit of noise to make it seem as real as possible, and with that I ran upstairs straight to the room just as she was about to get up to see what the noise was. I jumped on her pretty hard to cover her mouth as she was just about to scream. I flipped her over and pushed her face into the pillow to muffle her screams as I pulled both her arms behind her back to tie them up, once I had her bound I grabbed her by her hair hard and yanked her head back and told her if you make a sound I will knock yo ass out bitch. U hear me?!... mmhhh was all she could manage to get out as she still had partial of her mouth in the pillow. I then grabbed a shirt that was on the bed and blind folded her so she could not get a look at me. She began to beg to take anything I wanted but to please not hurt her. One thing about my wife is sometimes after she showers she will just dry off and jump in bed in the nude, which is what I was hoping for... as I pulled the covers down I acted surprised to see that she was naked underneath the covers..  Mmm what do we have hear.. I guess you were waiting on my visit I see. Or its just ma lucky day.. noo please don't... my husband will be home soon she began to say as she was hoping that would scare me off.Well I guess I better hurry up then before he gets here.  So with that I gagged her as I began to pinch and play with her 38DD's while she squirmed trying to get away from me. I laughed as she tried to get up using her upper body, when she got her ass in the air I smacked her hard on her sexy big ass 1 then 2 smacks til she whimpered in pain. I then grabbed her legs as she layed face down and spread them to give me access to a very wet pussy.. hmmm I think you like this. Don't ya.. smack !!!  Answer me!  With whimpers and cries she shook her head and muffled mmhhm. Yea I know you do bitch. ( Now this whole time I still had my clothes on so she wouldn't get suspicious and recognize me )I then had her get on her knees and push her ass up to give me easy access.. I then turned her so her ass was on the edge of the bed waiting to be fucked. I then began to tease her by probbing and rubbing her swollen pussy lips and clit, I was at the same time grabbing for one of her thick dildos which has a suction cup to use one her well wanton pussy. Once I got it to stay in the fly of my pants I grabbed her by the hips and would slowly slide between her wet slit to get the head nice and wet for her tight little hole. I did this for a minute or 2 til she began to gyrate her hips wanting to feel a cock in her pussy, you want this big dick?.. huh tell me you want it. She hesitated for a sec before whispering I want your big dick.I again teased her some more by sliding just the head in her tight pussy while she pushed back wanting to get more inside her. I could hear the frustration in her breathing as she would try and get more of this strangers cock in her married pussy. FUCK ME she yelled as she was at the point of begging for this dick... I slammed her pussy as hard as I could with this thick cock, which took her breath away and she let out a loud yelp/grunt as I held still so she could get accustomed to its girth. I then grabbed her hips tightly and began to fuck her long and hard as she moaned, grunted and hissed while her pussy most likely was convulsing as she orgasmed time and time again..I'M CUMMIIIINNNN....OH FUCK ME...FUCK ME....  Yea take this dick deep in yo married pussy..! Fuck you tight..  Yea fuck me fuck me..harder deeper.  I started pounding her ass so hard that her big sexy ass began to jiggle and her huge tits swung back and forth as I kept up the hard fucking I was giving her. I could see her hands were closed hard and her body got very stiff and I knew she was about to have a huge orgasm.. I abruptly pulled out of her very wet pussy with a loud squishy sound and heard her unhappy whimper, nooo why you stop?... I think its time I go.. yo man might be close n I aint tryn go to jail. No fuck me he's proly not close yet.. I stood there leaving her wondering if I was really getting ready to leave her with her unsatisfied gaping pussy, noo keep fucking me I want you to fuck me til you cum...Oh yea... you want my cum in yo married pussy..?! Huh..  Mmhhh fuck me. Say it then bitch.. tell me want my cum in yo married pussy. I want you to fuck and cum in my married pussy. With that said I dragged her as far to the edge of bed as possible and put the head at her gaping hole and told her to fuck herself on my dick. She didn't even let me finish my sentence when she pushed back as hard as she could and sank her wet pussy to the hilt, once she felt she had all of it deep in her she began a steady rhythm of back and forth. I could hear her breathing speeding up but knew she couldn't get to the finish line on her own.. fuck me please. Fuck me hard and deep like you did before and shoot your cum deep in my married pussy please...I knew she was so into it and so lost of control that she would proly fuck a line of strangers and have them all shoot their spunk deep in her wet tight pussy... I did as she asked and had her grunting and hissing, talking dirty and saying " yea yea thats it harder harder..fuck my married wet pussy with your big cock, stretch me and cum deep inside it...Harder.. IM CUMMMMIIIINNN AGGHHHH... AGHhhh... she was convulsing and gripping the cock so hard I could feel little jerks on it as if she was trying to pull it back inside her. She came so hard and so much that the whole front side of my pants were wet from her pussy juices which I could argue was her squirting for the 1st time ever...She just layed there shaking and enjoying her hard long orgasm and I was pretty sure from seeing how wet her pussy, bed and I was that she would be able to tell if I had cum or not. By this time she was still by the edge of the bed but was splayed out on her face as her pussy was almost touching the mattress wet and dripping from the long hard fucking her "rapist" had just given her. I zipped up and walked out of the room and closed the door hard enough so she could hear I had left. Once 20 or 30mins had passed I got out of my truck and slammed the door as if in a rush to get in the house and walked straight into the bedroom to see my wife still in the same position she was when her rapist left. Hands tied behind her back and blindfolded. Damn baby looks like someone had some fun without me.. she jolted up or at least tried to with her hands tied behind her back and was dumbstruck as she wasn't expecting me home for at least a week. I I hey babe... umm..   She fumbled with her words as she didn't know whether to tell me she had been r*ped or if she should say she allowed and wanted it just as much as her "rapist" had. As she tried to get her hands loose to sit up and explain, I said wow baby looks like you went through a lot of trouble to have some fun. Just as she was about to get free from her restraints I grabbed her arms and told her to stay as she was. She tried to stop me but I smacked her ass hard and told her to not move as I had my hard aching cock out and rubbing up and down her very wet sloppy slit.I slid easily into her very stretched out pussy and began to fuck her hard, imagining another guy fucking her with a cock as thick as the one I had used on my helpless little wife. Dam your pussy is loose and sloppy baby.. if I didn't know any better I'd say another guy was just fucking it with a pretty big dick.. mmm this pussy so hot n wet. You like it babe? Asked my wife. Fuck yea...  What would you say if I told you some stranger broke in and fucked me deep and hard til he shot his cum deep inside of your wife...  I'd say I wish I would've been here to watch and hear you grunt and moan like he made you when he rammed his big fat cock in my wifes tight pussy.As I said that she held still with my cock deep in her. I got up behind and whispered.. did your friend fuck you nice and hard til you begged him to shoot his cum in your married pussy...  I could feel her pussy convulsing and gripping me as I asked her that. She then knew it had been me who had r*ped and used her tight pussy...

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