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An Electrifying Meal

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Its evening. I?m sitting in my den, lights low, only one small lamp on next to me as I read my book. A nice, warm, soft glow illuminates the room. He stands outside my house seeing that glow. He knows that I?m inside, He knows I?m reading as it?s a passion of mine. He just looks at the window and smiles, he thinks to himself?.she has no idea what?s coming. I hear a knock at the door, and get up to answer it. He is standing in the doorway, looking quite handsome in a suit with a gorgeous smile. ?Hi!? I say ?what a nice surprise!? ?Go get dressed,? he tells me, ?I?m taking you out to a fine restaurant. I pause a moment. It?s not really my thing, I am so much more of a simple girl, finding myself uneasy in ?high class? places. He sees my hesitation. ?Trust me, go get dressed? I turn to walk to the bedroom. ?Wait? he tells me. I turn and look at him. He holds out a small velvet pouch. ?Take this, take what?s inside and insert it deep inside your pussy. Don?t ask questions, just do it? he says still smiling. He?s such an evil guy! I grab the bag, ?ok Master? I go to the bedroom, open the pouch and find a silver bullet, maybe a touch bigger than ones thumb. I push it deep inside of me and get dressed and head out.

We pull up to the restaurant and he comes around and opens the door for me, taking me by the arm to walk in with me. I have to admit, I?m feeling rather like a princess! ?Enjoying?? he asks. ?So far? I whisper, almost afraid to admit it. We sit at a table. The restaurant is dark, lit only by the soft glow of sconces on the walls and a candle at each table. The linen table clothes that cover the table are adorned with fine silver and china. I guess I can?t help but be a little impressed. The waiter comes over to take our drink order. Just as I start to order, I feel a strong vibration in my pussy, which makes me jump, voice cracking. What the hell was that? I think. I open my mouth to order again, and once again BAM strong vibration, my pussy throbs, I have no clue what?s happening but the sensation is wonderful. He orders the drinks for us. The waiter walks away and he looks at me with a huge smile. I whisper to him, ?what is going on?? ?Come now, give me a kiss? he tells me. I lean over to kiss him and as soon as my lips touch his, BAM another jolt. ?What is that?? I ask. He shows me a remote control. ?Whore, this is just a reminder, I control you, much like this remote. I push your buttons? I sit in silence, his cock is getting hard watching the excitement wash over me. He can see my hard nipples poking through my blouse. Another jolt. ?Trust me, this will be fun? he says as he leans in to kiss me again. The waiter returns and places our drinks and asks for our orders. I begin ordering as he gives me a long jolt. I can barely talk, eking out words. ?Something wrong Darling?? he ask coyly giving a show for the waiter. I can only shake my head. I clear my throat and try again, he turns it on and leaves it going for the duration of my order. Somehow I manage to finish, my pussy is soaking wet. The waiter leaves. I turn to look at him and open my mouth to say something. He turns up the remote to full speed which throws me for a loop. I grab the table which begins to shake as hard as me, throw my head back and let out a moan. A few heads turn. He turns it off immediately and laughs. I look at him and smile. ?You are SO evil!? He laughs again. He conveniently knocks my spoon on the floor. ?Get it? he tell me. As I bend down to get it, he tells me, ?get under the table and suck my cock?. I scramble under the table, so excited at our dangerous situation! Hidden by the tablecloth, he watches as I unzip his pants and pull his hard cock out. I hungrily lick and suck it as he provides long spurts on the bullet. I slide his cock deep in my mouth sucking long and slow, hard and fast then slow again. He has a hard time containing himself now. His breathing has become very rapid. I pull his fly open a little more to get at his balls, licking and teasing them as I stroke his rock hard throbbing cock. I pop them in my mouth giving him a strong massage with my tongue. Switching back and forth between his balls and cock, a hand and a mouth always on each one. ?Fuck? I hear him mutter. I know that means he?s about to cum. I grab the base of his cock to steady it and suck the remaining part as fast as I can, he?s the one who now accidentally let a loud groan escape and at that very minute I let go with my hand, plunging his cock all the way down my throat as he cums. I wait until he is done then slowly release him from my mouth with one last long, slow suck. Then I lick it all up and down, making sure I have gotten every drop. I return to my seat just as the meal arrives. Not being able to eat yet, he slides over next to me, his hand disappearing under the table. He pushes my panties aside and thrust 2 fingers in my pussy loving the wetness he feels. He slides his fingers in and out for a few minutes but he knows I can?t keep quiet so he laughs and pulls them out. He can barely eat now, smelling my sweet scent all over himself, that?s the only thing he wants. I get jolts now and again throughout dinner, as he see fit. It only ensures him that I remain wet. We finish up and head home.

Once back at my house, he asks me how I enjoyed myself. I turn to look at him. Much to his surprise, I lunge at him which makes him laugh. He knows how badly I want him. We kiss as we make our way to the bedroom, stripping our clothes as fast as possible. I finally pull the bullet out as he lays me down, spreading my legs wide open, pushing his cock inside. I let out a loud moan as this is what I have been waiting for. He pounds me hard as he can for a few minutes then pulls out, smacking his cock onto my swollen clit. He thrust back in, pulsl out again, slap my clit again, plunge back in. His hand reached up, tightening around my throat, weakening, yet exciting me. I start to raise my hips to meet his thrusts as we pound each other so hard. He releases my throat long enough to slap my face and tell me ?Cum for me?. I start to shake and release a big orgasm from the buildup I?ve had all night. He pulls out and tells me to turn over. I get on my stomach as he reaches in my nightstand and pulls out a vibrator, he keeps them there for use as he sees fit. He pulls my hips up so I?m on my knees. He slides back in my pussy and use my juices to lube his hard, throbbing cock. He pulls his cock out and sticks just the tip in my ass, slowly and gently fucking me with just the tip. He gives me the vibrator and tells me to put it in my pussy. I stick the vibrator in my wet pussy right as he pushes his cock all the way in my ass eliciting a cry from pain. He wraps his muscular arm around my throat, his forearm choking me, my eyes roll back in ecstasy. My ass is very tight and he loves how amazing his cock feels inside me. He puts his hand on my back just above my ass as he slowly goes a little faster, a little harder. I fuck my pussy with the vibrator the same way, following all his moves. My moaning and writhing is making him crazy! He fucks me fast and furious. He starts to smack my ass over and over never stopping fucking it for a moment. The vibrator in my pussy with the attached butterfly vibrating my clit and his cock pounding my ass is just too much. One hard pull of my hair and I let out a scream that excited him so much, he wants to just rip me apart! My cum starts to slide down my legs right as he lets out a yell himself. He shoves my head down on the bed and cums deep inside my ass. He leans down and wraps himself around me still thrusting until he is totally done. He falls to the side, onto the bed, I roll over and gasp for air. We both stay silent. The only sound is out rapid breathing. I scoot over and lay my head on his chest, so comfortable. Last words I hear as I drift off? ?good girl? mmmm yes, I am!

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