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All Over Tan

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Returning from 10 days at Desire Resort Riviera Maya was not good. An incredible vacation with friends was over, single digit, snowy weather greeted us when we got home, and we found out we had lost power while away. All that with the return to work had me down.

I work in an industrial plant as a mechanic. The work is hard, especially in the winter months. Long hours and dirty jobs are never ending.

Since I was well tanned with no tan lines, I held back from the normal community shower, not wanting to answer the questions that would surely come.

One afternoon after a really bad day, I filled out my time sheet and headed for the locker room. Stripping down I headed for the shower, not thinking of my tan.

A usually loud shower room was quiet as I entered. Thinking nothing of it I showered, shaved, and dried off. My buddy said to me "nice tan". "Tanning beds" I replied. "Liar" he quipped. I went to dress and head home.

The next day, our Administrative Assistant, Marcy passed and said hello. Her smile is infectious, but today, more so. I asked her why so happy today. "No tan lines"? "that is sooooo hot". I was floored. Nothing is sacred in the plant, not even the shower room.

I explained the circumstances, nude vacation with friends in Mexico. She wanted more details, but we were interrupted. "We'll talk later". She winked and went on her way.

Lunchtime came and I called my wife, told her what happened, and asked how to handle it. All she said was be careful, let her lead the conversation.

Marcy found her way to the shop late in the day. At 5'3" about 115 pounds, nice smile, great ass, she always draws attention. Discreetly she had me follow her away from the shop. "Call me" was all she said, handing me a post it note with a phone number and a time to call.

6:45PM on the dot I called the number. "Right on time, I like that". She wanted to know if we could meet and talk. I told her that was possible, when would be good? "Anytime that you can get away" I told her I am free to meet right now. She gave me her address, near us, and said she would be waiting.

Fifteen minutes later I was inside her home. Nicely decorated, on a cul de sac, in a fairly upscale neighborhood. She had done well for herself, having never been married. I complimented her on her home.

She asked me to explain the resort, our "friends", how we met, nude resort protocol, etc. "You sound very interested" I said. "I am" was her reply.

I explained that it was a couples only resort, but in the summer there is a nude beach that we frequent. She said that sounded good. I asked if me seeing her naked would make her uncomfortable. She looked me in the eye, started with the top button on her blouse, removed her blouse. Next her Jeans hit the floor, she stepped out of them. Her lacy bra was next, revealing beautiful, perky tits. Very nice nipples, not lost on a breast man like me. Slowly, painfully slowly. she peeled her panties off, letting them drop to the carpet. "Does that answer your question"? I was hard as a rock and showing the results of her strip tease. "wanna show me that all over tan"? she asked. I couldn't be more eager.

Now naked, I approached this beauty that I had lusted after for a number of years. Slowly, we probed each other for a more sensual experience. "The bedroom" she said as we passionately kissed. I was in a trance, following her to the master bedroom. Once there, I had her lay on her back, massaged her tits, sucked her nipples, licked all over her breasts, trailing my tongue down her flat belly, stopping at her navel. From there it was a short trip to her thighs. Teasing her, I kissed near but not on her clit. She Begged me to eat her. I was more than happy to fulfill her wishes. Licking her pussy was amazing. She was multi orgasmic, which I love. Cumming in rapid succession had me soaked and enjoying my good luck.

"Your turn" she stated after numerous orgasms. I rolled on my back, cock pointing upward. "Very nice" as she held my cock in her dainty hands. Stroking me gently was awesome. Her tongue on the head of my cock was marvelous, her warm mouth that engulfed me was great. I was sure to lose it if she didn't let up. She must have sensed this, easing her oral attack on me. She moved to straddle me, lowering herself on my dick. Slowly, she adjusted to me being in her. She started slow, then quickly began to pound me. I knew she was close and so was I . She came, soaking my thighs, then collapsed. I moved her off my thighs, rolled her over into doggie position and pounded her to an orgasm just before I came. I was so hot!!!

We recovered, she asked me about our "friends". I told her the wife and I can fill in any questions you might have. "Your wife"? she asked. You are going to let her know about this. "I might" was my answer. A quizzical look came over her face. I can explain, our house, Friday night, 7PM. See you then. We showered, dressed and I took my leave she had just enough information and just some questions left to be answered. I can't wait until Friday.

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