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Afternoon with Master 2

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So it has been a week since my incredible encounter with that beautiful black man that made me call him Sir! His mails since stated he also liked the term "Master". Since being dismissed from his suite at his hotel, and subsequently summoned to his work to be ordered to suck him off in the parking lot, I haven't heard from him. My husband returned Fri and I gave him more sexual attention that he had received in some time. Did I appreciate his lovemaking? Yes. Did I also recall/fantasize about my black adonis? Yes. And so it was yesterday that I was surprised to get a call on my cell from Sir. He was short and direct; "I will be arriving the airport in an hour. Pick me up". Uh, but I'm at work (at 11 a.m.) and just replied; "too bad, take off your panties and wait for my text to pick me up at arriving flights" click. OMG! Without thinking, I stood at my desk and pulled off my panties over beige thigh highs under my conservative peach suit. I was at the airport as told, and when he text to pick him up, I pulled up to the luggage/arrival area in my beige Cadillac and couldn't miss his large frame and broad shoulders at the sidewalk with an overnight bag and small suitcase. He handled his belongings to a valet and got into my passenger seat and directed me back to the office that he did work for. He explained the valet would send his bags to his hotel where he was checked in and he had his keys. I started to chat but he cut me off with grabbing my crotch as I drove through airport traffic and ordered me to start telling him why I wanted his cock! I started to blither like, "Uh, yes I want your beautiful cock and want to feel it back in my pussy". Working his fingers between my legs it was so hard to drive but I kept babbling, "yes Master, I want your cock and.." Then, at the light we stopped at, he pulled his fingers from my crotch and jammed them in my moute ordering; "It's a CUNT! So lick it off my hand!" When the light turned green I was gobbling and licking my CUNT juice off his fingers which he quickly returned to my CUNT. 20 min. later we arrived at his office complex and he told me skip the lot and drive into the underground garage. I drove into the back part of the 2nd deck and ordered me to park and get out and into the back seat. I did, and when he got into the back seat from the passenger side he snarled, "don't sit there, get on your knees with your ass against the window and pull up your little white cunt skirt and get my cock out!" Of course, I did just that (thankful for Florida tinted windows) He had been wearing a grey suit, white shirt and tie but had taken off the jacket and I leaned in to unfasten his belt and pull down his grey slacks. With my ass in the air in my back seat I pulled his shorts down exposing that beautiful flaccid but still large cock. He grabbed my hair and shoved my face into him and I took his cock in my mouth. The same feeling of submission and humiliation blasted into my brain and I rejoiced in feeling his cock inflate in my mouth. I licked, sucked, and rubbed across my face but when I dived for his balls he pulled me up by the hair and said, "not now bitch, just suck" and I did pumping that cock into my mouth. At some point he grabbed his cock and holding my mouth on it said things like take it bitch and swallow and.. I felt it start bursting and I couln't keep it in my mouth and it jetted from lips and I slobbered his cum over my face which rolled onto my blouse. Finished, he reached behind me and shoved 2 fingers into my pussy (er, CUNT) and one in my ass! In seconds I was gushing on his hand. He held his hand up for me to lick clean and then said, "get back in front and leave my cum on your face!" I scrambled out, skirt around my waist and jumped behind the wheel of my car. He came around to my window and when I looked up at him, he snapped a picture from his phone of my cum covered face and ordered, "here's a key card to my room #717 and be there tonight at 6 o'clock sharp. And there's an envelope in my bag for you. Open and do what it says." With that, he put on his suit jacket and walked his beautiful broad shouldered Master self to the elevator to work. I drove out of that garage past the attendant, and through traffic to my office with his cum on my face, the taste in my mouth, and the spots on my blouse. In the back door to my office I sadly cleaned myself up in my private bathroom. I missed him already. I WILL be there tonight!

To be continued.....

Evening with Master

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