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Adventures in Playing - Meet-Greets 1

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We hadn't been in the lifestyle long, still trying to figure everything out, we thought we would try a more upscale meet and greet this time. The last couple of times, we had joined a fairly established group that was known for their house parties and they were so large they tended to fill up a whole section of any establishment they frequented. We were always secluded in our own section and so everyone we approached had seen us around and recognized us or was quite receptive to starting a conversation. This upscale group wasn't quite as established and although they too had their own secluded section, they were meeting at a wine bar and the section was tiny in comparison. What was very clear, they dressed better in this part of town and it was fun seeing Ferraris and Porsches parked out front. What wasn't clear was whether we were comfortable in this group, would we be accepted by this group, and most importantly, we weren't quite clear what we wanted from the lifestyle and what we might expect from attending this meet and greet.

On our profile, I had her designated as bi-curious, but after hearing her thoughts for years prior to setting up a profile, it was clear she would have preferred I designated her as straight. She knew I could not get enough of beautiful women, but for her, she was just interested in men that knew how to kiss. Fortunately for us, well me, a few of the couples we had played with previously showed up and before long it was me and three women sitting at a table, as their husbands were out mingling. My wife, not so interested in girls was somewhat bored so she left the table as well, ventured out on her own to see if she could get a handsome guy interested in kissing her. So here I am with two women, each of which I had been with intimately and they both have no qualms about pushing the limits of propriety in a public venue.

I should be very clear, this is a very public setting, anybody walking through the front door of the wine bar and looking to their left into a room containing their selection of South American red wines and all sorts of desert wines would come across a guy sitting with two girls, passionately kissing one, then turning around and passionately kissing the other. There was no question it was inappropriate for the setting, but this flood of beautiful memories overwhelmed us and we were lost in the moment. I was quite pleased that one came wearing a skirt and this allowed my hands to wander a bit whenever I focused my attention upon her. Every once a while a couple would come over to the table and see if they could join in, but once again, fortunately for me, these two girls were being quite entertained by my affections.

Now, my goal upon going to the meet and greet was to meet one or more couples that might be interested in joining us at our home to taste some wonderful gourmet meals, some intense full bodied wines, and some exciting sexual exploration. One thing was for sure, as long as I was distracted by these two women, I would end up leaving the bar having had a wonderful experience very few men on this planet could claim to have experienced and yet completely have failed in achieving my goal. In all actuality, these girl's husbands were doing a better job of reaching their goals that I was reaching mine, and I started to feel a bit antsy and that I had to bring this very fun part of my evening to a close.

As I start scanning my surroundings looking for attractive women I would like to experience I could see my wife working her way through the crowd making her way towards me with the biggest smile on her face. It was obvious she had been at the main bar as she had a fresh glass of wine in one hand and what seemed like a beautiful blonde in the other. She reaches our table and the first thing out of her mouth is "look hunny, I found you a girl". Her name was Sherri and first thing she did was walk around the table, came right up to me, worked her way between me and one of the girls, gave me a very nice kiss, and said "your lovely wife has told me all about you". Well, at that point, I had so many things swirling in my mind; wow this girl is pretty, my god she has huge tits, I love my wife, how awesome is it of her to find me a woman, what must these other two girls be thinking, no one is ever going to believe this.

It wasn't long before my two lovely previous companions left to reunite with their husbands leaving just the three of us to get better acquainted. Where I am thinking I just swapped one pair of girls for another pair, and that I don't see anyone else in the bar having anywhere near the luck I seem to be having, my wife gets up and says she sees a cute guy she wants to mess with. Sherri proceeds to sit on my lap, starts stroking my hair, clasping my face between her hands and moving in to kiss me over and over. In between tasting her lipstick, I ask her "exactly what did my wife tell you about me?". She said "you have a big one and you last a long time" followed by "I want to feel you inside of me".

Well, this was my cue to find my wife and figure out the logistics of getting this girl naked. Upon locating her, she was just finishing up a conversation. Just as I approached her to let her know of my good fortune and high hopes, we were pleasantly surprised to be met by another couple, good friends that we had now known for a few months but had yet to arrange a play date. They were an older couple and one where my wife was less than enthusiastic about because he was a smoker and in previous bouts of kissing didn't impress her much. Rob and Jaclyn were quite interested in my good fortune as well; they found Sherri equally appealing and did their best to get acquainted. I moved in real close to my wife, gave a luscious kiss, letting her know full well how pleased I was with her initiative in finding me a woman and to find out if she was ready to leave and head over to Sherri's condo. She told me that she wasn't feeling so well and that she was going to head home but that I should go and enjoy everything Sherri had to offer.

I took a moment to reflect on the life I was living. I have a beautiful wife, I can't get enough of her nor enough of making love to her, she not only lets me play with other women but she went out on her own and brought me back a really pretty one to enjoy. Her only concern was that I wouldn't come home at a reasonable time, wow; I am living an amazing life. I gave her another one of those luscious kisses, held it a little bit longer this time, said thank you one last time as I headed off to recapture Sherri from those predatory friends of mine. I snuggled up to her, and asked if she was ready to go, and come to find out, they had found out our plans and managed to invite themselves to the party. Well, not exactly how I envisioned the evening going, but I was soon to be in the arms of a tall naked blonde girl with big boobs and I was rather excited and having troubles not letting the rest of the wine bar knowing it.

We followed her to her condo, I felt like I had a tail, walked into her condo and there was her boyfriend Dave in the kitchen making himself a drink. I was now one more step removed from thinking this was going to be the most amazing night of my life, but I am not about to turn back now, I have to see her naked, taste her pussy, play with those boobs, then I will decide. I sit down on one side of the sofa, Jaclyn on the other side and Bob stayed around the kitchen striking up a conversation with Dave. Sherri fumbled around a cabinet looking for her favorite porn DVD, upon loading it up I noticed that she had the biggest TV I had ever seen. Flat screens had been out a few years now and a large one would be 40" or so, well this one had to be over 100". It took up a whole wall, and now I am trying to figure out where to place much of my attention, the girl with her legs spread fingering her pussy or the real live girl coming to sit next to me on the sofa. Jaclyn is also a pretty woman, but by this time, I only had eyes for Sherri and the girl with fingers in her pussy.

Sherri sat right next to me, really close, looking right at me, almost like she was about to devour me. That smile on her face was both very pleasing and very disturbing at the same time. She started unbuttoning my shirt and asked me if I liked what she put on and if it was getting me excited yet. As she reached for my belt, she said she has been wondering how big I could get ever since talking with my wife and she would rather not wait any longer to find out. As she unbuttoned my trousers and unzipped me, she leaned close and whispered in my ear "it is all about you tonight". I didn't embarrass myself and apparently I didn't disappoint Sherri, she smiled that smile at me again and reached into my pants to grab ahold of her new toy for the evening. I wasn't really hard, but it was good enough for her, for now. She started lightly stroking my cock as she leaned up to go for a kiss. I finally figured out why this whole thing was so weird for me, I felt like the girl in this relationship, Sherri the boy and she was making all of the traditional moves that would end up with me being the one having been seduced.

She liked my kisses, she liked how I felt in her hand but she wasn't impressed with my ability to remove her blouse so she got up and asked me to follow her to the bedroom. Sherri got up from the sofa, I got too got up, but couldn't make the decision as to whether I should pull up my pants or take them off before making my way to the bedroom. So there I was, holding my pants and underwear from falling down, semi erect as I walked right passed Jaclyn as it would be the first time she had seen me without clothes as well. I was totally oblivious to what was going on with Jaclyn, Rob, and Dave, and up to that point I didn't really care.

I made it to her bed; I finished getting undressed while she visited the restroom. I get on the bed, completely naked, and in walks in the rest of the group and what I am hoping will only be spectators tonight. They gathered around the bed, equally as uncomfortable with the entire situation, but I think they realized that since they invited themselves to her home, they shouldn't be completely surprised that they weren't the main course on her menu. Dave of course was a different matter, I could see the expression on his face, looking at me as if I was about to have the ride of my life. Sherri came out of the bathroom stark naked and it was the first time I got to see her boobs in all of their glory. I knew they were pretty big, what I didn't realize is how big and how firm. I was expecting them to have fallen quite a bit and I was ready for that slight bit of disappointment. I can't get enough of firm perky breasts and so I generally don't seek out women with big ones, and these were huge, these were fabulous, cantaloupe fabulous.

Taking on the role of the female, I just lay on the bed as Sherri crawled onto the bed to take me. Staying true to her primary ambition, she took me into her mouth immediately, oh that felt good. I was consumed with wanting to feel her boobs, in my hands and I took that opportunity while I felt her lips and tongue gliding up and down my now very large erection. It was fun to see her try to take all of me. Dave was quite impressed, he, normally blessed to have a girlfriend that can deep throat his, wanted to get up close to see Sherri make it just a little bit passed half way down mine. I was trying to figure out where I stood with her boobs, I had never been with a girl with such big ones and where I thought it would be the best thing in the world, I just didn't know what to do with them all.

This turned out to be another moment of reflection; I am naked on a bed with a beautiful blonde with big beautiful tits as she is forcing herself upon me. It is not really as pleasurable as one might imagine, deep throat actually can be quite painful but it is such a rare experience for me, I won't be discouraging her at all. Her boyfriend Dave is right next to me, his face a few inches from her face and amazingly enough, I see his hand on top of her head forcing her to take it deeper and deeper down her throat. I look over and see Jaclyn sitting on the bed, she is now only partially dressed, Rob completely naked but just standing around like he is waiting his turn. I don't know if I like being the girl, I wonder what I am in for, what will happen to me next.

Well, Dave apparently was the one setting the agenda; he said he wanted to see if she could take all of me in her pussy. Sherri, always eager to please her boyfriend nodded her head while still bobbing up and down on me with those full lips. He said but first he wanted to make she was all wet enough to mount me. He maneuvered himself behind her and while she was in the doggie style position, he buried his face into her ass and started to lick her pussy. I could tell every time he shoved his tongue deep into her hole as she would force herself deeper onto me. I did my best to resist uttering an ouch, I figured it was my job to shut up and enjoy my good fortune. Dave emerged with a very loud gasp of fresh air and while still going for more air stated she was ready.

It was time for my most desired position, Sherri climbed up on to me, put her fabulous boobs into my face as she positioned herself to swallow my erection with her now very wet pussy thanks to Dave. What I wasn't expecting was that Dave was going to be such an integral part of her enjoyment; he reached for my cock and aligned it for the ideal angle so that she could easily slide herself onto me. Yes, she was nice and wet but I was completely disturbed by having been "manhandled" by another guy. Once again, I had to concentrate on enjoying my good fortune and remind myself I was the girl at the moment and this must be what it is like for girls when they are not in control.

As was expected, this felt great, nice warm, wet pussy, big boobs in my hands, my tongue and lips encountering her nipples each time they wandered into the sweet spot. Dave too was enjoying the view as Sherri would lift herself off of me just so that the tip of my cock was still barely in contact with her inner lips and then shoved herself down onto me so that my pelvis got pushed into the bed a few inches. It was her turn to muffle her ouches but you could see it in her facial expressions. Yes, I could see her face, it wasn't all boobs. She has very pretty eyes.

I didn't want this to end so soon, as it was feeling so good, I could feel my excitement level rising and there was so much more I wanted to do with her. I told her I wanted to taste her pussy, and so I decided it was time for me to take control for a while. Sherri and I switched positions so that she was on her back, I moved myself down to her sweet spot, and took a few moments to take in the aroma of that lovely shaved pussy. What my wife didn't get a chance to tell her was that licking pussy was my favorite sport. Sherri was going to be the first person to orgasm and I would be the one to get her there. It was obvious that Sherri fully enjoyed being licked, she would squirm and buck, she was very vocal. I couldn't really see her facial expression, you know the boob thing, but it was fun to see her jerk a bit each time I darted my tongue inside of her the same way Dave had previously. Speaking of Dave, he had finally gotten naked and snuggled up to Sherri in such a way that she could take him into her mouth. I looked in the other direction and I could see Rob mimicking everything I was doing but to Jaclyn.

Ten, fifteen minutes had passed, I had been alternating between long tongue strokes starting from inside of her pussy to the tip of her clit with moderate pressure and with very light fluttering flicks concentrating only on her cute little pleasure zone. She was getting rather close to orgasm so I inserted two fingers into her and started to apply significant upward pressure hoping to put her over the top. As expected I was rewarded with a woman convulsing uncontrollably, screaming wildly but in a muffled voice because I could see Dave had buried himself as deep as he could down her throat just as she started her convulsions. What was not expected was that as she was cumming, with my fingers still in her pussy, my lips and tongue cradling her clit, she squirted all over my hand, my arm, all over the bed, and I was doing my best to get out of the way. My god, this brings a new meaning to a girl cumming in my mouth. I am used to an increase in juices flowing and a little bit of a different taste in my mouth, but I certainly was not ready for massive amounts of liquid splashing off of my palm and covering my neck and chest and even some bouncing back up into my face. And there is Dave, fully expecting that to have happened, smiling, and almost laughing at my astonishment.

Dave, knowing what he wanted to happen next, pulled out of Sherri's mouth, came over close to me, asked me if I was up for fucking her some more, for which that didn't even require any form of an answer and proceeded to lay down on top of the wet spot so that his head was almost hanging off the end of the mattress. Sherri knew exactly what he was about to ask her to do, so she positioned herself on top of him so that they could each continue giving each other oral pleasure. It didn't take much for me to figure out my role in this next experience so I got off the bed and situated myself to start fucking her doggie style. As I was about to mount her, I couldn't stop thanking my luck stars that I didn't have a large nut sack, because all I could see was Dave looking up at me while is tongue was licking up what was left of her squirt from deep inside of her pussy lips. I had to wait for him to moved down to her clit before I could insert myself inside of her and hoping beyond hope my balls wouldn't be slamming up against Dave's nose each time I buried myself into her.

One thing was for sure, I no longer felt like the girl, now I felt like I was on a porn set and I was the talent. My job was to fuck Sherri long enough for her to cum a second time because Dave was in the perfect position to satisfy his personal fantasy. He wanted to be as close as he possible could to Sherri's pussy as it was being fucked hard by a big cock and enjoy in the inevitable drenching that he so loved. Sure enough, after a short time, he could feel Sherri coming close because she had increased the pressure upon his own cock in her mouth, so he reached around me, grabbed the back of my legs and forced me deep inside of her and held me there as she once again convulsed and started squirting again. This time, instead of splashing all over my neck and chest, it was splashing all over my belly and balls, and all of it falling straight down right into his awaiting mouth. Next thing I heard was Dave coughing and spitting up some of her squirt as it was just too much, too fast. Nuts, just nuts.

Sherri collapsed on the bed, exhausted, Dave turned over on to his side to clear his airways so that he could start breathing again and I was there standing up with an erection wondering what was next. I looked over and Bob and Jaclyn were equally stunned, amused at everything they were spectating. Sherri looked towards my direction, motioned for me to come lay on the bed, and said that she wanted to taste my cum now. This was turning out to be quite a night for me, my wife doesn't squirt, and she definitely doesn't swallow. I jumped on the bed (carefully) and started to get my mind to focus on exploding into her mouth. It has been a very long time since I have been able to do this, and the last time it took me a long time to get there. I really wanted this and I wanted to cum quickly just in case.

Sherri took me into her mouth again, lovely, and this time I wasn't screwing around with her boobs or anything else. I was concentrating on cumming into her mouth, I was replaying a particularly hot experience that had happened a few months earlier when a couple had come over and I got to do another thing my wife doesn't let me do and cum in the girl's ass. I needed to get myself super excited and that little girl's ass filled with my cum is getting me there fast. Dave could see that I was getting close too and he wanted to get right up into the action as before, so he put his head on my thigh thinking that would give him the best vantage point in watching me fill up her mouth with my cum. That was seriously uncomfortable and I lost my concentration, it was going to take a little bit longer, I am going to have to put up with a guy hugging my thigh for a bit longer I guess. About this time, Rob had had enough of being a spectator and made the comment "if you need any help let me know". I didn't know if that comment was directed towards me, or towards Sherri. I didn't really know Rob all that well to begin with, I actually didn't know Dave all that well either. What I did know was that I was no longer comfortable in finding out what Rob meant nor what Dave would do next, so I told Sherri that I didn't think I could get there and that I was concerned that my wife was in a panic that I wasn't home by now.

I got up rather quickly, got dressed, gave Sherri one last luscious kiss and waved goodbye to the others and I rushed out the door.

Years later, I came across Sherri's profile and saw pictures of her again, what a beautiful woman and I don't think I fully appreciated the magnificence of her boobs at the time; they are stunningly huge and firm. What an amazing experience.

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