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A noon to remember

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By now I was looking more and more on the computer and talking to several men. One in particular caught my attention and instead of waiting after the fact I called Donnie and asked him if it was alright if I had a nooner. This took him by surprise and he said ?a nooner huh, well I guess it won?t hurt anything? and then said have fun and hung up.

I got on line and my luck was with me as the one I wanted to have a nooner with was on line also. I did not blurt out ?You want to fuck? but after only a few minutes he asked me if I wanted to meet today. I said ok and asked where. He suggested a small café and said we could eat lunch first if I wanted and he only lived a mile from there. I told him I would meet him and he gave me directions but the fact he wanted to go to his house bothered me.

I went in to the bathroom and took a shower and washed my hair. I took extra pains applying my makeup and doing my hair. I styled it a little different than usual and thought it was a sure turn on for anyone who paid attention to women?s hair and makeup. I decided to wear a black jumpsuit that showed a good bit of cleavage. I added a pair of six inch heels and topped it all off with the diamond teardrop necklace Donnie bought me for my birthday and a tennis bracelet. Diamond studs for the ears and I was ready.

It was about twenty minutes from the house and as I walked into the restaurant all eyes turned to look at me. He had gotten a table and got up and came over and seated me at the table. It was a small restaurant a mom and pop sort of but it was decorated nice and clean.

He leaned up and told me in a whisper that I was beautiful more so than in my picture and he was glad we was meeting. Again all eyes were on us. We had told each other our names earlier. We made small talk and ordered lunch. I just ordered a salad and he had a hamburger and fries. I did not want to feel bloated before we had sex.

He was a real gentleman and a bit shy. His eyes were large and blue. He wore a pair of slacks and a short sleeve polo which showed off his muscular arms. His hair was short and had a blond cast to it.

I picked at my salad as we spoke and told about ourselves. It was not a good place to discuss sex, too many ears. As he finished he sensed I was ready to leave and paid the check and took my arm and led me out to where our cars were parked. I asked him if he ate here often and he said yes he was a regular. He asked if it would be alright if we both drove to the motel so prying eyes would not know what was going on. I said yes I would prefer that.

He had already booked a room in the rear portion of the motel. He pulled up to the room and I parked next to him. He came over to my car and opened my door and as I was getting out he leaned in and kissed me. I knew he was on fire and I sure as hell was so we wasted no time getting into the room. He cuddled me into his muscular arms and kissed me. I could feel his manhood raring to get out of his pants. I unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper. I reached in and took hold of his member and it was big and hard. He had unzipped my jumpsuit and lowered it enough to expose my tits and was running his hand around them and flicking my nipples. I pushed his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. I allowed him to finished taking off my jumpsuit and now he was running his hand between my legs as we continued kissing. I took hold of his hard and throbbing member and lowered my head down and took his member into my eager mouth.

I felt a finger slid into my wet pussy as I sucked and licked his balls. The moan he was emitting told me he was enjoying every minute of my handling of his member. I did not want him to come so I allowed his member to slide out of my hungry mouth. ?Fuck me? I said and he laid me back onto the bed. He held my legs apart and inserted his penis deep within me and began fucking me hard. My breathing was hard and I yelled out ?fuck me, fuck me hard don?t stop? ?Oh yes, yes I love it? He rolled me over and started fucking me doggy style. He was long and big around and filled my pussy up. I felt my first cum beginning and I told him to fuck me hard as I was Cuming. He did and in a couple of minutes he said he also was Cuming and I felt streams of his semen hitting my inner walls. He shot stream after stream of his hot liquid into me. Finally he collapsed onto me and again rolled me so we were facing each other. He kissed me and asked if I enjoyed it. I said very much but I wanted more.

He began kissing me, his fingers rolling my nipples and then tracing my tits. Our tongues were dancing with each other and then I felt his penis getting hard again. I slid down and took hold of it and guided it to my eager mouth and began sucking on it. My tongue played with his balls and then slid up his shaft on its underside and he jerked a little and I knew he liked every stroke of my tongue.

I continued to lick and suck him until he was as hard as before. I wanted more of him inside me. I moved up on his body and positioned myself above his hard penis. I took hold of it and guided it into my very wet pussy. With one hard push I had him all the way in. I began fucking him, my hands rubbing at his hard nipples. Each stroke made me want more. I stopped and turned away from him and again began fucking him. I heard him moaning and I felt his hands on my waist helping me to fuck him harder.

It came all of a sudden and I shuttered as I stopped and told him to be still. My body was alive with sensations tingling every inch. As I came down he rolled me off him and mounted me. He drove his penis in me hard and fast and in no time he said he was going to cum again. The first burst out of his penis hit and then several streams came afterwards hitting my insides and giving me a tingling feeling.

This time it was enough. We lay there a few minutes making small talk and then I said I had better get dressed and leave. I got off the bed and picked up my jumpsuit and slid it on my tingling body. He picked up his slacks and shirt and put them on. I went into the bathroom and straightened my hair as best as I could. I applied lip gloss and a little masquerade. I walked out and he again wrapped his strong arms around me and gave me a kiss.

He told me I was the best he had ever had and wanted to meet again sometime soon. Even though I had the policy of only a one time affair with all men I gave him my cell number and told him he could call sometime. It was not a cut and dried policy but no matter what, I did not want to have an ongoing affair with one man. I felt this would change things from occasional sex to maybe permanent feelings. I loved Danny and did not want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship. Sex was just that sex and nothing more.

I arrived home and immediately jumped into the shower. I allowed the warm water to cascade over my body. I applied a small amount of body wash onto the sponge and began cleansing my entire body making sure to clean in between my legs good. I thought about how good the sex had been and wondered to myself if I would ever allow myself the pleasure of meeting him again.

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